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  1. Hello, following your advice change the size of the file name to a shorter one, before it had 44 characters and I reduced it to 22 characters of only letters and numbers in this way on the Mac if the files were visible. It had not happened to me before, in my case I observe that in Windows they can have long names but in Mac they do not. Thanks for the help.
  2. 1. I have put the files in USB formatted with Fat32 and ExFat and formatted them with windows explorer. I use Windows 11. 2. I have put the USB on different computers with Windows 10 and 11 and in all you see the files. 3. When you put the USB on Mac not all files are seen. Out of 33, only 18 are seen. I visualize them with Finder and I have also tried with VW as they are not seen. On Mac I installed Windows 11 and I wanted to view them from Windows Explorer and you can not see them all either. 4. I put the USB on another Mac (IMac 2010) and the result is the same only some files are seen and others not. I appreciate your interest. The VW versions I have are licensed
  3. Test on another Apple computer and the same thing happens, the files are not seen, so the problem is on the Vectorworks not on Apple. I have versions 2021, 2022 and 2023
  4. On another Windows computer all files contained in the usb if they can be viewed without any problem. On the MacBook is where only some files are displayed and others are not seen. Format a usb on xFat-formatted MacBook computer and move the usb to Windows computer and copy the files to and then plug the usb into the MacBook and the same does not display all files only a few.
  5. The USB stick is formatted FAT32 and the files I can't see on Macbook computer are less than 1 gb. The removal of the USB from the MacBook I do with the procedure indicated.
  6. The files I copy from the Windows computer to a USB I remove the device following the proper procedure and connect it to the Macbook computer, when the computer recognizes the device I proceed to view the contents of the device and this is when several of the files are not listed along with the other files that are listed.
  7. Hi, I ask for your help, I have the following problem, I purchased a MacBook Pro computer with an M2 processor, OS Ventura and installed VectorWorks 2023. Copy several works files to a USB device that I have done in VectorWorks 2021, 2022 and 2023 in Windows 10 and 11 and when I connect the USB to the MacBook several of the files are not displayed so I cannot copy them to this computer. I do not understand why some files are displayed and can be copied and others are not displayed and cannot be copied, do you have any idea why this happens with the VectorWorks files?
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