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Apple macOS 13 Ventura Compatibility - Feedback

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En 25/2/2023 a las 21:18, Pat Stanford dijo:

Since the files don't show in the finder on multiple Macs that tell me that it is an Apple (or Microsoft) problem, not a Vectorworks problem. If the Finder can't see them, there is no way that Vectorworks will be able to see them as Vectorworks uses the same function calls as the Finder to access files.


Is there anything similar about the files that are not showing? Are they all big? or small?


Actually it just occurred to me that it is probably a file naming problem.  Try and rename the files with no special characters. Use ONLY A-Z, a-z, 0-9, dash (-) and underscore (_).  Those characters are definitely compatible across both operating systems.  If you have other characters with diacritical marks or slashes, colons, backslashes, $, %, ^, & #,@ those could all possibly be problems.


Good luck.

Hello, following your advice change the size of the file name to a shorter one, before it had 44 characters and I reduced it to 22 characters of only letters and numbers in this way on the Mac if the files were visible.  It had not happened to me before, in my case I observe that in Windows they can have long names but in Mac they do not.  Thanks for the help.

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En 27/10/2022 a las 13:22, MarkHorner dijo:

Seems to be solved by allowing Full Disk Access in Ventura Preferences.

Hi Mark,

are you still having problems with VW2020 running on Ventura? I need to upgrade the system in order to have the new Pages and Numbers versions which I use a lot, but of course I don't need and I don't want to upgrade my VW license.


How is it working for you?

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