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  1. Thanks all. Looks like my GPU isn't supported but I did download VW2022 and was able to use Redshift rendering mode. It was faster then the typical custom renderworks style I use but I think that was due to the settings (fewer light bounces, etc.) I'll need to do some more testing to see if it's any faster with matching settings.
  2. Can anyone out there tell me if my video card will work with the new Redshift renderer? 2017 iMac - Radeon Pro 580 w/ 8 GB. Thanks.
  3. I'm seeing the same thing, even with newly placed benchmarks. Does anyone out there have a fix?
  4. I'm having this problem again in VW2021. I have a script that works fine from a drop-down but will not work from right-click menu. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks.
  5. I agree! Having the same problem with VW2020-SP5. This kind of crap is why I still use VW2019 for most of my projects. Only reason I'm using VW2020 at all is because I'm working with another architect who only has VW2020. Really starting to question why I bother with "Service Select." Would love it if VW focussed on making stable software before they started adding new features. Wasn't the more consistent revenue stream of the subscription model supposed to allow VW to focus on building better software, rather than marketing? Would also love it someone from VW could chime in to help us solve this problem. Being unable to see lineweights in anything other than the "Best Performance" setting is not acceptable.
  6. Can someone out there help me figure out how to deal with multi-line sheet names while using the new (VW2018) title block object? I understand that I can turn wrap on and that any sheet name that is too long will wrap onto the next line. However, I could insert manual line returns in the VW2017 title block object but it seems that I can not in the VW2018 title block object. in order to prevent really odd looking text wraps, I really need to be able to insert manual line returns. I have tried this with the VW2018 title block object and can add line returns in the Edit Title Block Border Setting dialog but the don't show up on the title block - the text is truncated, showing only the first line. Am I missing something. Is there a way to control line returns in the sheet names in the VW2018 title block object? Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. EXACTLY! Pretty annoying, especially because I already have VW2018 installed. Seems like this should be a relatively easy thing to fix. Just add a "Don't remind me again" button/checkbox like there is in every other piece of software.
  8. Is there a way to disable the new version reminder in VW2017? It would be great if there was an option to "not remind me again" after the first notification. I already have VW2018 installed but am using VW2017 to finish projects that were already started on that version.
  9. Rick, Jacob, and Threedot, thanks for your responses. I was afraid that the general message was going to be that Dropbox was better. I'm already paying for a google business account and get 1TB of space on g-drive. Was just hoping to avoid having to pay yet another subscription (also paying microsoft monthly for the pleasure of using their apps) for data storage. Not to mention that I'm sure my drafting contractors are going to balk at the prospect of having to upgrade to a paid dropbox account because we need way more than 2G of storage. In the end, I guess you get what you pay for.
  10. I'm using VW2017 for architectural projects and work with a drafting person who is not in my office. We've started using g-drive to do project sharing but are having some trouble with the lag between saving and syncing as well as some sporadic other strange behavior. Can anyone out there tell me if one cloud service is better than the other for VW project sharing? I'd really appreciate any information or experience any of you have. Thanks.
  11. Is there a way to change the "base elevation" of a site model? I want to set my site model's base z at 0 (so that I can leave the floor elevation of my building at 0) but have the contours labeled starting at 96'. I've tried messing around with the site model settings but haven't been able to do what I want. Thanks.
  12. Almost four years later and this is still an issue. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get "Align Selected Mappings" to NOT be grayed out. I'm trying to get board & batten hatch to align on a series of walls on multiple layers and can't get it to work. I select "Use World Z For Origin" and that doesn't do it. It seems like this should be such a pain. I just want to be able to draw walls, assign a texture to those walls, and have those textures globally aligned. Can anyone out there help me?
  13. You can also use camera effects to adjust exposure. This helps immensely with interior shots. The camera linking thing is a little odd when you start using it and I wish that it didn't make the camera disappear from the plans so that I could adjust and copy them. You can export images from design layers or from sheet layers. When going from design layers, you can choose to export all that is visible or draw a marquee.
  14. I haven't started using VW2017 yet (waiting for SP1 or 2) so I haven't tried the interior elevation tool. In VW2016 & before, I create a sheet layer viewport of the area I want to elevate and cut section viewports from that. Then I embellish those elevations in annotation space.
  15. You could also do shadows cast from a light object in a top (not top-plan) or high perspective view. This could be done in any version of vectorworks.
  16. Also see: https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=201737&Searchpage=2&Main=40630&Words=%2Bdemolition&Search=true
  17. I set my wall class with pen and fill as I want them to be in "new" condition (in my case gray poche.) Then I have separate new and existing wall types. New walls simply use class attributes. Existing walls use white fill. I model existing and new work on separate design layers. I then cut up the existing plan as needed to accommodate the new work, moving all demolished walls to the demolition class (dashed lines, white fill.) Then model all new work on it's own design layer. This allows me to crate a demolition plan and construction plan by simply turning layers & classes on and off.
  18. OMG, Jim. That sounds great. To date, there really aren't any good resources for understanding all of the parameters of textures & noise. Can't wait to see what you have for us.
  19. Also +1 for "small" project. Preferably a residential renovation/addition project in order to show how to deal with existing and new conditions.
  20. Yes, congratulations Jim. You have be a much appreciated addition to this community board and I expect that you are also a great addition to NVW.
  21. I am unable to get class overrides to work in viewports with roof faces in VW2016. I want to have some views use a texture with 3d hatch and some views use a texture with NO hatch but I can't get it to work. Can someone out there help me? Thanks. File attached.
  22. Thanks, Jim. That is what I'm looking for.
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