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  1. This post right here. x1000. I'd rather have a rock-solid specific area of focus oriented program than one that tries to do everything and fails at most of it.
  2. I think you have these switched, if I recall, hidden line uses the CPU and if I recall correctly it's single threaded and is slow AF. GPU or Multicore CPU would be a vast improvement (unless this changed in a recent version). I agree with your points though, there are a lot of real world situations where schematic view can't handle it, and while I can appreciate the goal of it, it's fairly half-baked. And I don't know what has happened to DLVP's in this release, but they are almost unusably slow in 2020.
  3. I'll give it a try when I have some free time, I have to say, resetting my preferences every time this program craps it's pants is enraging. I can literally think of no other professional piece of software that requires as much preference wiping/reinstalling as this one. It's akin to the mid 90s when Windows was behaving stupid and the canned answer was reformat and reinstall Windows. It became just a thing people did every few months or whatever.
  4. Ditto. SP2.1 seems to be a stability regression.
  5. Fun Fact, same thing happens if you select all, drag down and tab to put 24" in the length. Also happens for a co-worker on his machine using Mojave. UPDATE: The Vector-workaround is convert the truss to a symbol, then move it. Braceworks seems to be breaking it. Completely infuriating.
  6. I'm trying to do something stupid simple and it screws up every time. I'm taking this and trying to move it downstage 2'. So I select it all: cmd + m Then I get presented this lovelyness: W.T.H. how is something so simple broke. I get similar dumbness with the mirror tool. The mirror previews in the correct spot, then it puts it somewhere totally wrong.
  7. Thank you! This workaround did indeed work!
  8. This is still busted for me on Catalina and 2020 SP 2.1
  9. Any chance you know or could find out what the PrefID is for both of those settings? It'd be nice to have a quick toggle script for them.
  10. I've tried both and don't get the same result you do. I dunno if there is a discrepancy on the Mac version maybe? I'm on Mac OS 10.14.6 using VW2020 SP2.
  11. I just did a plugin reset, still there. Here's a stripped down file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1ainp6xdp0l87x/Data Tag Error.vwx?dl=0
  12. I have a seating layout data tag that should show up with the Section Name and then the Seat Count listed below as [number]. This previously worked fine in 2019. In 2020 the ending bracket ] gets omitted. The tag is as follows: I don't understand why this doesn't work in 2020 but worked fine in 2019.
  13. Why do the text labels on the stage tool set have the background fill not actually cover all of the text? Anyone else?
  14. This has been my experience as well.
  15. @Selin, Interesting. I don't know why that's even on, (or how to turn it off actually) I haven't had time to even look at it. I did notice some weird new geometry that showed up in my template file with 2020 but hadn't had time to investigate.
  16. I have studio too.... I don't mind everyone having the same version, makes a lot of sense from a development standpoint. I would be somewhat surprised if VW didn’t do something similar in the future.
  17. Interesting. I'm haven't made the transition to R21 yet, Some of my plugins haven't been updated for it yet. So this is occuring in R20 for me.
  18. I submitted a bug report. Just curious if anyone else has been able to confirm.
  19. Box is indeed checked: Saving the file as 2019, and re-exporting from 2019 works as desired. I was liking 2020 pretty well so far, but that's a bit of a show stopper in my workflow.
  20. No matter what I do, symbols are exported as individual geometry. Anyone else?


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