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  1. Wesley Burrows

    Stage Tool Text Labels

    Why do the text labels on the stage tool set have the background fill not actually cover all of the text? Anyone else?
  2. Working on creating a new title block layout in 2018 and when you edit text it has a ghosting appearance during the edit. Like the attached image. A restart does NOT fix the problem. The text tool only does this when you are in the Edit "Title Block Layout" mode. Images sometimes ghost a rectangle outline with X through it in the images previous location after moving.
  3. Wesley Burrows

    v.2020 now available

    This has been my experience as well.
  4. No matter what I do, symbols are exported as individual geometry. Anyone else?
  5. @Selin, Interesting. I don't know why that's even on, (or how to turn it off actually) I haven't had time to even look at it. I did notice some weird new geometry that showed up in my template file with 2020 but hadn't had time to investigate.
  6. I have studio too.... I don't mind everyone having the same version, makes a lot of sense from a development standpoint. I would be somewhat surprised if VW didn’t do something similar in the future.
  7. Interesting. I'm haven't made the transition to R21 yet, Some of my plugins haven't been updated for it yet. So this is occuring in R20 for me.
  8. @Dave DonleyIt's not, it's Realistic.
  9. @JuanP, DM sent.
  10. I submitted a bug report. Just curious if anyone else has been able to confirm.
  11. Wesley Burrows

    v.2020 now available

    Yes, it's U.
  12. Box is indeed checked: Saving the file as 2019, and re-exporting from 2019 works as desired. I was liking 2020 pretty well so far, but that's a bit of a show stopper in my workflow.
  13. Wesley Burrows

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    Haha! Phew! One less thing to worry about then!
  14. Wesley Burrows

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    This 100%. I couldn't quite put into words what I was feeling since his departure, but this is exactly how I feel about it. For me the seemingly apparent lack of a "man-on-the-inside" feeling around here has made it far less compelling to visit as frequently. And I know that there are many staffers that make appearances on here. and help out. But we all know Jim was a fixture you could almost guarantee a response from, and it was rarely riddled with company speak. In many ways, to us, he was the end-user advocate that made people felt heard and could run things up the appropriate channels. The voice/human touch of a large company. I think we all miss it. I also have no idea who I'm gonna drink/BS with at Design Summit 2020 now. 🙂
  15. Wesley Burrows

    Uninstall to Deactivate

    I wish I could say that it's hard to believe that some sort of self-service activation/deactivation portal hasn't been put into operation in the 5 (quickly approaching 6) years since the original post. But, in general, seems par for the course from what I've seen. I'm not sure why this is such a hard concept. I don't know about everyone else, but 9-5, M-F isn't exactly how the Entertainment Industry rolls. I haven't completely written off VW 2020 yet, and actually have a tiny bit of (probably misguided) hope that it's possible this year. Solely based on Cinema 4D R21's new Adobe style login system. (Of which Nemetchek is also the parent company) Though I know full well both Maxon and Vectorworks operate completely independently from one another. In any case something needs to happen here. Machines crash, Laptops get stolen, usually at the most inopportune time, and an immediate replacement is required (sometimes it might even be a rental just to get you through to the purchase/repair whatever) and there is a pretty good chance that doesn't always fit in to the usual tech support hours when you need to reset your activations. (of which the limit is stupid anyway, if nothing else make it so 2 can be activated, one in use at time and it auto deactivates the oldest one if a new one comes on.) I'm also somewhat concerned that @PVA - Jim was the only real end-user advocate regularly on these boards, reading these things, and sending them up the chain. And if people in the know are reading these things, lurking in the shadows, an update would be really nice.
  16. My experience mirrors Kevins.
  17. Right! I really want to read "All tools/modules/processes are 100% multi-threaded now, we'll use every core you got."
  18. Has the 4 core limit been lifted from the VGM now?
  19. Wesley Burrows

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    I take it, this is the "tease" part:
  20. Wesley Burrows

    Spotlight Numbering

    This is what is stupid about the tool right here. Having seating sections selected and opening the numbering tool it defaulted to this. Why on earth, if only one thing is checked doesn't the tool automatically highlight the checked section. This is how I bone myself on the regular.
  21. Wesley Burrows

    Creating Suite Numbers

    If I'm not mistaken this is exactly what the Data Tag is for. But it has to attach to an object, such as a "space" or whatnot to obtain the info the tag displays.
  22. Wesley Burrows

    Spotlight Numbering

    My complaint with the whole new new(ish) numbering tool is just the fact that it's so easy to inadvertently highlight an unintended field blue and not realized you edited the numbering information for the wrong field until you get unexpected numbering results.
  23. Wesley Burrows

    Spotlight Numbering

    You might double check that you have unit number highlighted blue on the left column when you enter "1". I've had the wrong field auto-highlighted, or inadvertently bumped the selected up to the wrong field bone me numerous times. It's pretty easy to do the way that tool is laid out.
  24. Wesley Burrows

    What mouse do you recommend?

    I will definitely investigate! Thanks for the suggestion!
  25. Wesley Burrows

    Replacing a Braceworks configured truss symbol

    I have used duplicate array with succes.


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