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stair tool 2020?


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along with no updates to window or door tools (barn door not with mentioning!) 


and to really get the scale of another year lost again and how lost they are, quote below

Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “When we looked at the future of the industry and what our customers’ needs were, we kept coming back to data, 


my favourite  = they couldn't even be bothered to change the 2020 icon !

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 13.41.14.png

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11 minutes ago, cberg said:

Until this is complete, there may not be major improvements to any of the BIM features since they were developed using legacy code and would be quickly become out of date.


I think you are wrong on this unfortunately - my understanding is that these tools are made by other companies and supplied to vectorworks -

as for the listening - seems to be the same things asked for and the same disappointment each year ? think it was 2015 last time stair tool got an update? 

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yeah the stair tool is written by the German distributor as I understand it. It's too rigid, overly complicated, with a serious lack of design flexibility. So I agree, not buying the code argument either. As for stability, don't think for a second that this release will be any more stable than previous ones. Once again, extremely disappointed and frankly not interested in the upgrade for now. 

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I think I'll wait to download the 2020 version, 2019 was very unstable will 2020 be the same. I agree the stair tool is not flexible I tend to used a combination of the "custom stair" and "simple stair" tools to model my own, in fact the custom stair tool is more user friendly its a shame a revamp of the stair tool wasn't done.

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B: The custom stair I believe was original to 2009 if I recall. Maybe even written before the company was sold. Within a year of new ownership we had the new inflexible cumbersome stair tool. Needless to say this has been going on a while.  While the custom stair tool is more flexible, I've had issues with it corrupting in later versions. I suppose it's possible that with the change in kernel that things got more stable, so perhaps taking another stab at it is worth it. Like others on here, its incredulous that the CEO can bandy about claims they responded to the user base in this version when after lengthy posts and in-depth thoughtful responses on this board about what needs to change in the stair tool, that this was a priority for the architectural user base, (it would appear) they flat out simply ignored this pressing need. I'm so not impressed. 

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Stair tool still causing problems in 2020. When I open my 2018 file in 2020 I'm getting this red error message at the stair regarding the posts. A similar error message occurred between 2018 and 2019 stair objects and I had to rebuild all of the stairs. Anyone else having this problem? How to resolve?

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 3.06.59 PM.png

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I hoped for better geometry.

For my migrated files, stair look even more crippled than in VW 2019.


Simplest steel U stairs.

The base story stair is "unbuildable" - or better architectonically would

look ugly  - but VW built it.

If I force similar to a default VW 2020 stair, it will moan, ask for more space,

build it and look crippled though.

But all my others stories VW 2019 stairs are even simpler 3 flight U-stairs,

harmless but crippled handrails in 2019 and bad 3D overall geometry.

Converted to 2020 handrails are still crippled - but now even the stringers

are corrupt in itself.

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On 9/13/2019 at 11:49 PM, zoomer said:

hoped for better geometry.

For my migrated files, stair look even more crippled than in VW 2019.




looks like the geometry got indeed a bit better.

Seems like it is very important to NOT start the Tool from any Presets or

existing older Stairs from previous VW versions.

(Like those Presets I had in my migrated Workgroup Folders)


And at least I find some ways to clean up and solidify their Geometry

from current Presets, after DWG exports in other Apps.

Also Handrails aren't necessarily crippled when using current Presets

AND giving some extra space at Flight's start and end.


In this case I would finally make sense to use them for Visualization

purposes again.

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It's an ongoing disaster and a pain to use. The old one is buried in the legacy folder of you edit your current workspace (tools/workspaces/edit workspace/tools/legacy). Beware it can sometimes get glitchy. If it crashes your file, delete it and rebuild and it will work. 

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Thank you! Good to know it won't corrupt my whole file!


New stair extra whinge (user feedback)  - in case VW is reading this:

I want to be able to make 1 tread stairs (eg: for a floor level change) for starters.

It's really annoying that you can't mass edit the graphic attributes, and that you can't mass open and close the sub-attributes - it should work like classes.

It would be good to know an intended timeline for the overhaul of this awkward tool...

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I have nothing new to add - except spending the day trying to get the stair railings to be smoother and follow American standards for a switchback stair in a multi-story building. I tried studying @Wes Gardner's stair that he uploaded months or years ago, but found on a switch back stair when the offset between the landing and nosing is a small number between flights, the railing cannot seem to resolve itself cleanly. I imported his stair and altered the dimensions to meet my conditions. No avail.

The other frustration is the outer railing. In the US, we'll extend it past the last tread 12" or so, but this tool extends the railing around the perimeter of the entire mid-landing.

I know none of this is new, but I'm adding an update to keep the stair tool noise going. I was told that it's a frustration for the American VW team too, but they're working on getting it updated - sometime...before I retire.


So just like the current mantra is "Stay Home and Wash your Hands," - I'll repeat - PLEASE fix the stair tool. I don't need new fancy tools - I need the tools for basic architectural elements to be wonderful. I'm told or I've read many frustrations that Revit has a horrible stair tool too. No need to follow peer pressure. Be the leader.


Any suggestions are always welcomed, but I messed with this for so long.




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