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    Until Next Time

  2. jnr

    stair tool

    The stair tool sucks and has for sometime. Go look at archicad’s if you want to see something better. There’s a long thread on hear from jim Wilson asking for suggestions to improve it.
  3. So out of nowhere got a message from Mojave that Vectorworks needs to be upgraded to a 64 program. I'm running 2019 SP2. and cloud services decided to blow up. Anyone else seen this?
  4. jnr

    Nomad fubar

    Not sure where to post this, but this app needs to be overhauled. I can't get models to work in AR on a 2017 iPad Pro (two different files, same results). Tried generating them on my hard drive (iMac pro), on Vectorworks cloud (which makes an even bigger file). Either it freezes and locks up or opens but leaves out layers (like floors of a building). No wonder it gets a 1.4 rating out of 5 on the App Store. It simply doesn't work. Navigation in 3d is weird and difficult. Turn on walk thru walls and you get stuck inside the wall. Last Nomad update was 2 months ago. 6.4 iOS 12.1.3
  5. jnr

    Nomad fubar

    Alex: Thanks for the prompt response. So yes it gets stuck with "walk thru walls" turned on, and as far back as I can remember, always has. Incidentally if it were me, I would leave the default with it turned on, and if you did not want it, go turn it off, but maybe that's just me. That said I still think the navigation stinks. I often send links of models to clients to review in a web browser, and its a major complaint for the uninitiated. just sayin'. Thanks for the offer to test it but I think I'll wait until the patch is posted on the App Store. -J
  6. jnr

    Nomad fubar

    Alex: yes. as far back as I can recall, walking thru any wall (web based or nomad), with walk thru walls turned on, you get stuck in the wall and can get out using walkthrough tool. if you spin it however, you can usually get unstuck from the wall. Saw that you all are beta testing a patch for AR. When do you expect to release a nomad update on the App Store? -J
  7. jnr

    General Opinion on VW Architecture

    p: as noted, elsewhere on here, the stair tool stinks, building sections are not multithreaded (yet) so you could go paint a room in your house and be done before it finishes if it has more than one floor, you can’t modify wall assembly components in plan (think brick ledge), the overall structure/organization of architectural resources is a train wreck (there are national us and international standards for this), and the space tool is virtually useless since it bogs flies down to a crawl. Hoping the next version takes care of some of this but if it’s as stable as 2019, gonna be a while before you can use it safely.
  8. I’m having the exact same problem. iPad Pro 2017
  9. In the current service pack SP2, using the architect template stationery for a two story building, I clicked on the title block manager 5 minutes ago. It says it's collecting files from a host of locations. Have not seen this one before. Hit cancel after awhile but did not affect the TBM.
  10. jnr

    space tool sludge

    Anyone else find that file navigation, command speed goes into the toilet when using spaces? I have a two story project that I have to turn off the space class if I want to navigate without waiting for 2-4 second response. It's like trying to drive a go cart around in a mud pit. Reshaping spaces are just painful. Turn on the space in 3D option and it becomes unusable. This is not my first rodeo with this issue. Happened in 2018 as well and with more than one project. And it ain't the hardware (see profile)
  11. jnr

    Vectorworks Performance Benchmarking

    Jim: I would offer that at least for architects, two benchmarks might be to measure say a typical residential project as well as a multi-story commercial building using NNA templates, complete with NNA standard PIO's etc. two projects that might be typical (solicit users? have a competition?) that can then be used to measure versions as time goes on. Having used this since minicad 7, and especially of late, new releases suck, then hit their stride somewhere after SP3. To be honest, the quality control has been shall we say, waaaay less than great. With every release, with every file, something corrupts or drags the file to a crawl as it's developed. In most cases by the time I get to the end of CD's with every project, there's serious molasses. I cannot be the only one who sees this (judging by what one sees on the boards). Over the years, (but not always), I've learned how to figure out where the program bogs down or blows up. While we're at it, for architects, I'm puzzled why the resource browser is such a mess. There are European, Asian, and US standards for product and document specifications and unlike other programs, seems to be missing from the organization. There's no logic in the file structure and a lot of resources come off as half baked. I'm suspicious that legacy objects (+pios), buried in current content, are not policed. As I add in say sinks, refrigerators, furniture, beams, storefront-you name it, are not cleaned up. In sum for my two cents there is a serious lack of rigor when it comes to resources and file structure. From a users perspective, yeah it's tied to speed. I'm really tired of waiting for the software all the time and I can only imagine there are lots of seasoned users who feel the same. I'm hoping NNA will get more aggressive about dumping legacy stuff (like 5 yrs old, not 2-3 yrs as David s noted) and clean out the program with the goal of making it run faster and with more stability. I can only imagine the code must get stupidly cumbersome lugging forward deadwood.
  12. jnr

    Non-CAD software question for architects

    Sole proprietor using quickbooks pro (via parallels on a Mac). Married to a quickbooks professional. Quickbooks for Mac and Quickbooks on-line are a disaster as I understand from accounting world and clients who use both. Time is tracked via iSlips for quickbooks as an app on my phone. Sync with qb works but is not easy if you don't know what you're doing. Timeslips is supposed to be better. online and app based, syncs with QBP. Phone based app allows for mobility (meeting, job sites etc). There is no way I'd tie billing to an NNA program or integrate it given the climate of instability and sluggishness that permeates this CAD software. Don't go there.
  13. Can you all find another vendor for the web viewer? I keep trying to use it and its too difficult to navigate, gets stuck in walls (even with walk thru them on). The interface stinks. Despite reducing files to low size (which oddly omits things like columns) the AR is also a dog. Laggy (yes a residential client needs to see things like cabinets so you can't just turn off PIOs to clean it up). Bottom line is its unusable.
  14. jnr

    BimX for Vectorworks?

    So I happened to look at BimX, the new navigation app for ArchiCad. It looks like a game changer as far as in the field communication goes as well as for client education. Does the mothership have plans to port this to Vectorworks? The virtual reality capability of 2017 is kindergarten compared to BimX. What can I tell my potential client whom would rather stay in a Vectorworks environment that they should not switch to ArchiCad? -J
  15. jnr

    space tool sludge

    Not fixed in 2019. Would suggest it's worse. Like the nightmare stair tool, it needs to be scalable. Most users I would speculate need it for basic stuff like areas, volumes etc which is probably 90% of what it needs. All the other features are probably what slows it down. Wild guess is that it's also written by a third party.
  16. jnr

    grid bubble

    Besides the fact that its a clunky tool, in 2019 a grid bubble on a design layer the dimension text size will not change no matter what size you set it to.
  17. jnr

    space tool sludge

    Not sure what 3D settings have to do with sluggishness in 2D plan but here's a screenshot.
  18. jnr

    grid bubble

    M: that's odd about the profile. What I have under profile/about me is: iMac Pro 2017 3 ghz 10-core Xeon W 32gb 2666mhz DDR4 RAM AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB graphics card + 27" apple display 10.14.2 Mojave Designer 2019 SP2 Turns out the grid bubble in the file has to be corrupted. works as advertised with no text style in a test file. Again, every project every file I work on gets corrupted, slows down, does not function as advertised, the item at hand varies. one file it's the space tool, another doors and windows, this one grid bubbles, another random vaporization/crash, another walls that don't join properly. Bottom line is 2019 is a disaster of quality control and stability.
  19. jnr

    grid bubble

    2019 SP 2 (see profile) Every project, every file with this software has some kind of bug, glitch. This has been going on for years and its getting old. Why doesn't it just work?
  20. jnr

    grid bubble

    Allan: Thanks for the feedback. In the OIP, while the item text works, unfortunately the Dimension size will not change no matter what you set it to. Its a bug as far as I can tell. -J
  21. jnr

    idiot window question

    I'm brain dead. Does anyone remember how to get the cut line of the wall to turn into the window? Window is inserted as a symbol.
  22. jnr

    idiot window question

    never mind. operator failure. Full break with caps was turned off.
  23. jnr

    End of Year 2018

    Jim: If not for you, things like earlier overtake would not happen. I worry that they will promote you 🙂 ! While I know I can be less than pleasant on here sometimes, its always borne of frustration with the software not working as advertised. I appreciate your patience and willingness to try to help. You are an enormous asset to the company (it was a different world in message board land before you showed up). I will say one thing that may be buried in the message board data is that to be honest, 2019 has been a very frustrating release for many (Mojave not helping) and I wonder if the uptick in traffic is directly attributable to that. That said, your efforts to reign in instability and things like the stair tool from hell are very much appreciated. I'm optimistic that this is going to get better and that we can all look forward to less beta testing :). Enjoy your time off! -Jim
  24. jnr

    Imac Pro Vs upgraded/loaded 27" Imac

    The more the merrier. Jim Wilson may be able to steer you but I've seen speed improvements moving from 6 to 10. 14 started to get silly expensive for me. 3ghz and 10 cores vs 3.8ghz and 4 cores. My guess is more speed with 10 as the clock speed is not appreciably different.
  25. jnr

    Imac Pro Vs upgraded/loaded 27" Imac

    I drank the koolaid and ended up going with the imac pro 10 core and the radeon 64. Probably should have robbed a bank but did the Barclay card financing deal so its less painful. some in tech support think that the not pro would do fine. I opted to try to future proof ergo 10 cores (I had 6 cores on the2009 Mac Pro which could not keep up. Its a big boost with rendering but until they go to multi core for building sections (single core), it doesn't matter unless you opt to bump processor speed over more cores. If rendering, four cores ain't gonna cut it in my opinion. Others may have a better technical take. The new iMac has been a significant productivity boost over my 9 year old Mac Pro trash can.


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