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  1. Hey Mark: Somehow I lucked out and got my hands on the Ultra with 64 gb when they randomly showed up at a nearby Apple store. Lo and behold, all my problems vaporized. zippy, os stable, graphics way faster. Can actually get some work done. Opted for that instead of suffering for another two months waiting for more ram. Drinking the Koolaid and waiting on the studio display. Not sure I could handle a 43"! Now to unload the iMac Pro....
  2. Yup. My world as well. IMO 2022 is a dog. Unstable, SP3 did nothing to stop the memory blood letting. Sorry to see 2021 having similar issues. Question remains, why is this not fixed? Zeno wins the hemorrhaging memory prize. Wear me out...
  3. I'd throw in there that it would be really helpful to be able to hyperlink text in the worksheets (maybe I'm missing something). I use worksheets for outline specs. Its really helpful for clients and subs to be able to click on a link in a pdf. right now I have to add icons in the annotations of a viewport of the spreadsheet then makes those links. Edit the specs, and one has to move the icons in the annotations. It's a PIA. Anyone have another idea how to do this?
  4. L-W: Happens on non apple chips but 2022. Eats 32gb of memory, then I get an entire OS lockup and crash. Usually its on a graphic move (like a pan) but not always. As you mention, just closing the file doesn't help (if I can catch it before it crashes). 2021 was very stable for me. Should have never upgraded but too late now. SP3 next week? (middle of the month fellas).
  5. I drink the service select koolaid and have barked about the complete instability of 2022, sent crash info, and so on to no avail. Maybe I need to continue barking. Seems all the guys who were great at support have moved on (Wilson!!!). Hate to do it but may follow your advice and do a full uninstall but will reach out to tech support. And here's to Epic solving the path tracer for Mac. Lot of chatter in Twinmotion world about the lack of that option. Studio clearly after the trash can market. People like me who can't justify a cheese grater, but now with 27" iMac DOA, need that step above consumer level computing power. We're back to separates. At least the overpriced monitor will last thru a couple of cpu iterations. Apple will give me $1300 for the iMac Pro on trade in. And since I'm already swimming in the Big Sur pond, in the interim perhaps forced to upgrade to Monterey. Fingers crossed that 2022 issues with it were solved with latest 12 version. thanks for listening and the advice.
  6. M: yeah the iMac Pro ran 2021 and earlier without incident. stable. 2022 reminds me of 2009 which was also a crash-o-matic. Twinmotion has only crashed on me, maybe three times in the last 6 months whereas 2022 has already lock up the machine twice today. Am convinced Apple is still pissed at Unreal for the whole fiasco, what 6 months ago? Guessing they won't lift a finger to open the path tracer window. I'm stuck in an apple universe but the lack of AR and no path tracing does give me pause to consider a dedicated windows workstation. All of this makes my head spin. Too bad I can't use the iMac Pro as just a display and save on the overpriced monitor. Thanks for taking time to summarize all this.
  7. So Mark: Interesting conversation. As noted by several (and experience over the years) it seems the central issue is the inability of the software to keep up with advancements in hardware (remember the days when it was the other way around?). NNA was slow to exploiting advancements in GPU processing. I agree that it appears to users that the Semens kernel is a leaking CPU hog. Reading a lot of threads and based on my daily Vectorworks crashing the entire OS, 2022 is an unmitigated graphics disaster. Apparently 32gb of ram, 10 cores, and 16GB of gpu ain't enough. I've stopped rendering in Vectorworks now that the hare that is twinmotion beats the pants off the Vectorworks turtle. But I digress. Not sure 2022 would take full advantage of a $ 6,000 AMD processor. But I drink the Apple kool-aid. So to your point, to Ultra or not. Clearly 64gb ram or the highway, but is the extra $1K for 64 core gpu worth it when renderworks uses what, 8 cores? Can't remember, do I have that right? How many banks am I robbing? My vintage 2017 iMac Pro xeon 3 ghz, 10 core benches out at 11,463 while the M1 max 10 core 3.2 rolls in at 12,402. Pretty much no difference. Ultra on the other hand, doubles the score along with the price. The trade-in however helps soften the blow or at least covers the cost of the fancy dancy $1500 monitor. Thoughts? -J
  8. Dave: Just to weigh in, revising Mac 11.6.4 Vectorworks 2022 files, sending to TM via datasmith link, overrides TM textures every time. Tied the your tricks above. no affect. Limping by, but as a long haul solution, this is untenable. Frustrating loss of revenue. Collapse by hierarchy spits a list 8 miles long. Is there some other means or export in the works that TM will recognize? for example every wall type, PIO etc is broken down into generic solids and other sub components. One does not have time to collapse objects by hierarchy (god forbid you accidentally click on some other component of the heiarchy (aka start over). Maybe I'm missing something but it would appear the issue is the way by which Vectorworks files are interpreted.
  9. inilegnam: Tried the same user folder trick as well. No affect. Having the same issue on an iMac Pro vintage 2017. Large file no problem in 2021. 2022,2.1 an unmitigated disaster for me. Same behavior except its on a simple pan. Crashes the entire OS. 32gb 2.6 ghz. Makes me wonder why drink the service select koolaid. tech support is stumped, reports go to engineering (black hole). No other software on the machine crashes. Costing me thousands in un-billable time. My unsubstantiated theory is 2022 is complied for M1 chips, intel be damned. Somewhere in there it does not want to play with AMD graphics. Perhaps SP 3 will address this, but not holding my breath. ugh.
  10. B: Right there with you. 2022 is a graphics card trainwreck. Freeze, beach ball, Crashes my entire OS. On Big Sur but terrified of moving to Monterey as it sounds like that's a whole host of other problems. Despite multiple submissions, no resolution from NNA engineers. Have tried reseting preferences, non customized workspaces. etc. Locks up. Wild guess is this is compiled for M1 chips, Intel be damned. meanwhile no desktop M1 option from the mothership. 2021 did not have this issue. How many hours of unbillable time does one have to incur? Makes me wonder why pay for service select when the software is broken?
  11. For what its worth, same issue as others; materials reset in TW on datasmith update. Not in love with Keep Hiearchy either. Makes a list of objects 4 miles long. By material so far seems easier to deal with, but then again, am a neophyte with TW.
  12. Beat you. Found 3,644 files repaired. now to see if it makes any difference whatsoever in the graphics sluggishness, instability, etc.
  13. jnr

    2022 Stability

    I could say welcome to the party. Same thing happening on Big Sur. Vectorworks 2022 locks up the OS on a pan. have to restart. no crash report either. I've dug out and sent numerous logs to NNA however. This never happened with 2021. Wear me out.
  14. W: Goes away when the glazing class is switched to translucent. Weird
  15. Wes: Maybe the same thing? Red squares are probably clerestory windows in a wall 20' beyond, but are appearing as in the cut plane
  16. 2022 sp 2. checkbox for printing at on screen resolution seems to not have any affect on concrete hatch (print or pdf). Attached are two screen shots, first is what I am looking at, second is pdf.
  17. Using 2022 on Big Sur. It freezes on a graphics instruction (like pan), then crashes the entire OS. Its costing me a lot of time but at this juncture have no choice but to forge ahead. 2021 was stable on Big Sur. 2022 is M1 chip ready but appears to have backwards compatibility issues with Big Sur. Word is it runs better on Monterey but that has its own set of issues.
  18. jnr

    Vectorworks 2022

    There is something fishy going on with 2022 and the graphics engine. I get whole computer (Mac) lock up and crash panning but have seen this similar phenomena in section and plan viewports. It seems to go away if you update all the viewports on the sheet or close the file and reopen. Smacks of a memory leak but what do I know. NNA says they are having issues with AMD graphics cards but could be others as well.
  19. Try this. In Twinmotion. the direct link starts for a split second, then nothing comes in. As noted, it worked in SP1. Will test other files. thx -J Scarpa VII DD3.vwx
  20. 😧 On an iMac Pro 2017, 11.6.1 . Direct link worked in previous Service pack just fine. It's not exporting any data as far as I can tell. Not twinmotion's fault. If I export as a datasmith file (not linked), all comes in as advertised.
  21. OI palette- texture. "revert to overall" for a side of a wall has gone missing. How does one go about this now? The new texture tool is useless for walls as far as I can tell. Ideas?
  22. Updated to SP2. Appears direct link no longer works. send the file to TM, nothing shows up. Any ideas. Worked in SP1.1 just fine.
  23. Am on an iMac Pro vintage 2017 and seeing the same thing. There's a graphics issue with 2022. Its slower than 2021. Juan also aware that 2022 delays, then locks up the machine and with more use, seeing that its always with a pan.
  24. Happening with any converted 2021 file. Also freezes, crashes then crashes the OS which then restarts on its own. Weird. Not able to get a crash report as far as I can tell.
  25. 2022 designer, SP1. Sur 11.6. Working on converted 2021 files and experiencing random lock ups. freezes the entire OS and have to restart. Cannot find a pattern with executed commands but seems to be graphical ( like say a pan ). Anybody else seeing this?
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