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  1. beanus

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    How come these problems always arise every time a new version comes out, don't they learn by their mistakes. Do other CAD programs have the same problems?
  2. beanus

    VW 2019 How to import PDF?

    I usually drag and drop it into the drawing space.
  3. beanus

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    this always happens with new versions, I think the end users are the ones doing the testing and it cost us time & money. I think I'll wait until version 2020 comes out before I start using version 2019 the problems might have been sorted by then.
  4. beanus

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    yep the same
  5. beanus

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    2019 is painfully slower on my machine, I've attached two versions of the same simple drawing, update all viewports happens pretty much instantly in version 2018 but in version 2019 it takes about 30secs to a minute (varies) and I've applied SP1 to version 2019 Is anyone else getting speed problems. I don't think version 2019 is fit for use yet and has probably been rushed out, so its back to version 2018. Why are there always these problems on new releases, surely speed is a basic requirement to test. pergola 02 v2018.vwx pergola 02 v2019.vwx
  6. beanus

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    Hi everyone, I find version 2019 is considerably slower than 2018, not only when refreshing viewports but also when editing sections in place. I also have a problem when after certain operations for example joining walls, copying and pasting objects, I have to zoom out and in to see the results, very disappointed with 2019. I've also given up on using the new stair tool gone back to the custom stair tool this really needs sorting out. As for the new 2d components for hybrid objects, don't really see the point of it.
  7. beanus


    thanks again to everyone for their advice.
  8. beanus


    thanks to everyone that replied, very useful. I now just need to decide how much I want to spend
  9. beanus


    does anyone use Vectorworks on a laptop, if so what spec would be good. I do most of my work on a desktop computer from home but I need to get a laptop to be enable me to work from various offices, any advice would be useful, thanks.
  10. beanus

    Graphics not refreshing

    Yep I've had this problem as well also get a problem with the resource manager not refreshing properly, some of the libraries don't refresh until the mouse goes over them
  11. beanus

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    I'm getting problems with the speed at which the items in the resource manager loads, I think I'm going to uninstall VW and reinstall up to SP3 things were better then.
  12. beanus

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    since install SP4 the refreshing of the screen is slower especially when turning classes on and off.
  13. beanus

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    just installed SP4 and now vectoworks keeps crashing, have now re-installed vectorworks up to SP3 and things seem fine, is there a problem with SP4?
  14. beanus

    Wacom tablet?

    I had problems using a normal mouse with my right hand, shoulder seized up, tried using a pen tablet with little success, I now use a Evoluent vertical mouse with my left hand, found it very easy to adapt to.
  15. beanus

    Crashing Problems

    hi, yep I had the latest update installed so I'm doing a complete reinstall of VW to see if that sorts the pronlem


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