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  1. can't seem to add or subtract dimensions from chained dimension by right clicking on the dimension?
  2. are there any videos showing how to use the camera match tool. I'm trying to add a simple 3d Vectorworks drawing of a gate to a photo. I've sent the attached photo to the client to let me have these dimensions, will these be enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated required dimensions.pdf
  3. anyone know how to create a twisted handle as in the attached pdf? gate latch.pdf
  4. I started version 2023 by mistake and then started version 2024 and the icons in the toolsets had changed to the ones from version 2023, I had to delete the file in C:\Users\James\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2024 to get them to change back to the new style icons, strange!
  5. I'm finding version 2024 slow and clunky, screen refresh sometimes only refreshes when zooming, some of the drop down menus when I click on them appear solid black to start with. In general version 2024 seems slower than 2023.
  6. thanks for this, I forgot about this function
  7. is it possible to create a toolbar that has all the views on (top/plan, right, left, back, etc.) to save having to use the drop down menu.
  8. Hi Jonathan Vectorworks seizes, have to do control, alt, delete to exit VW through the task manager. it seems to be the PDF/A1b that causes the problem when I switch to just PDF the publish command works.
  9. since updating to SP 7 the publish command doesn't work, anyone else experiencing this problem?
  10. is it possible to view coffee break webinars at a later date, I always seem to miss them!
  11. just updated to service pack 4 and now some things aren't displaying properly, for example hidden line rendering, Laubwerk trees disappear when editing! also VW crashing after editing texture beds
  12. Am i missing something, door opening seems to be the problem window openings are OK lines missing.pdf
  13. is there VW an addon for vehicle turning circles?
  14. that may be a problem as its a very big file 232,976KB also I have a very slow internet connection 😒 just tried again and it seems to work on the existing contours if I delete them totally and some parts of the proposed but if I just change a position of a contour the alterations get ignored!
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