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  1. Wes Gardner

    VELFAC windows

    Correct me if I'm wrong...the GEOMETRY for any window is the standard Vectorworks geometry. The SIZE of the window and the DATA that appears in a Window Schedule will be specific to a selected catalog window.
  2. Wes Gardner

    3D Plants! Options for the confused architect.

    Hi All, You can download the Gallery project by going to our website... http://www.vectorworks.net/bim
  3. Wes Gardner

    Perspective/Orthogonal view issue

    My first suggestion is to RESTART Vectorworks and see if this will clear up. Wes
  4. Wes Gardner

    RFA file import issue

    Hi Hassan, It seems there is some issue with how the file is exported from Revit. There is some discussion of this issue over in the General Discussion section. Here is a bit of the discussion: "Thanks for sending me your file! It is saved with 2D active view (Sheet) which causes problems to Revit Import sometimes. The best approach for Revit Import is to save Revit file in Default 3D View ( for example: {3D} View ) and to use default import options. If you want, I can save and send it back to you, your file in 3D View, so that you can use it." Hope this helps Wes
  5. Wes Gardner

    clip surface not working

    Hi All, If you are trimming 3D objects, you must use 3D objects to trim them. So for 3D objects go to MODEL > Add or Subtract Solid. For 2D elements go to MODIFY > Add or Subtract Surface Scott, for your trim elements, you may just want to use simple extruded objects or Extrude Along Path if you want to run the profile all the way around the room. To make a simple extrude of, let's say crown molding, draw the profile of the crown in 2D making sure it's a CLOSED polygon, then go to MODEL > Extrude ans type in a length. You can change it dynamically once the extrude has been generated. I've included a couple of examples of window casing and base molding. Enjoy! Wes Trim Examples.vwx
  6. Wes Gardner

    Model Set Up

    Hi Inspector.... Yes, that's exactly what I would do with Story Elevation. You ++can++ of course, forgo stories all together if you build your wall styles accordingly...after last year's release that lets us manipulate components on a "per wall" basis however, stories might still be worth getting into...your call. Just make sure your wall styles are set up to deal with whichever system you ultimately go with...BTW, you ++can++ combine "Layer Bound" wall styles in a "Level Bound" model and the wall style will work just fine (don't forget to include a "Layer Wall Height"... BUT you cannot include a "Level Bound" style without stories/levels... Also keep in mind with the whole 2D vs 3D thing, you can always just build a very course 3D model using it to "proof out" floor-to-floors, etc and then use it as an underlay to embellish the drawing in 2D. Wes
  7. Wes Gardner

    Pilaster height

    I think there's been a bit of an oversight here...if you change the "Use Component" drop-down to "Architectural and Structural", that will expose the " Arch Height" field you are looking for. Once adjusted, you can then switch back to just Architectural.
  8. Wes Gardner

    fit wall to object

    Move all the wall under the roof and it will...or at least some of the wall has to be lower than the eave and then it'll trim...try experimenting in a front view by moving your bit of wall up and down and see what happens...you can also get it to trim the bottom of the wall to the top of the roof...
  9. Wes Gardner

    Mac Pro - 12 Core, 64GB of RAM, Dual D700 Fire Pro Ghx

    Yep, once you go 5K or even "just" 4K, it's hard to go back...
  10. Wes Gardner

    Door Styles?

    Another way is to drag a door into the file, it doesn't need to be inserted in a wall. Then right-click on the door and you'll get that same dialog "New Plug-in style...."
  11. Wes Gardner

    Join Walls on Different Layers?

    Here are a couple of walls on different layers...they join up fine. You'll need to have "Show,Snap, Modify Others" ON in your layer controls. I'll bet your scenario is a bit more complicated than a simple "L" join. Wall and Layers.vwx
  12. Wes Gardner

    Wall Lines Thickness?

    Hey Bruce, Take a look at the attached file. There are two container classes - Wall-Exterior and Wall-Interior. The other classes associated with walls are component classes. Explore how the classing affects line weight etc. Make a viewport, over ride the classes, etc. take it for a test drive. "Container Class" may not be an "official" Vectorworks name but I think it describes what's going on, it "contains" the component classes. We are working really hard to try and clean up some of the classes, etc. Things take time. Wes Container_Example.vwx
  13. Wes Gardner

    White Door/Wood Trim?

    Yep, The classes under the CLASSES tab are for 3D visualization where you'd set your textures. The classes under the "2D Visualization" or for Top/Plan view.
  14. Hi Dubman, Because of the way the door or window is actually created (it's just a simple extrude), there is no differentiation between rails and stiles. You can "explode" the door and create a custom door but you'll loose the parametrics. Wes
  15. Wes Gardner


    Hi AnnaB, Here's a YouTube link that may help you..