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  1. Hi, There's some material here: http://www.vectorworks.net/bim You may want to give Project Sharing, our multi-user environment, a look. Wes
  2. ^ This would be a very good idea IF the "Fit Walls to Objects" command was in the AEC menu for Fundamentals...
  3. Experiment with adding wall peaks using the Reshape Tool. Double-click on a wall, this will put you in "reshape mode" where you can then add or subtract peaks. See screen shot - selecting the plus sign lets you add peaks (top left in the drawing window). For model set-up, I'd divide the house into a first floor and a second floor. The second floor walls could be reshaped to provide the dormers you're looking for.
  4. ^ Nice!
  5. @ Boh Yes, the Space tool is a bit nervous. To use the Two-way worksheet functionality, the instructions in the pdf must be followed very closely. The text file is fairly easy to make, in fact you can start with the one that ships with the program, make a copy of it open it and have a look. There are two columns, the first one is the "key" the second is the description. You can have both alpha and numeric characters in the key. You can just "tab" between the key and the description. Wes
  6. Hi Christian, This might be what you are referring to where Vectorworks will give you notification that references are out-of-date. However, you must still actually update them... Wes
  7. Hi All, If I understand the post correctly, this is WAD (working as designed) and has been for as long as I've been using the program. In the target, you must go to the Reference tab in the Nav palette and "Update" the reference. You CAN however, set the FILE to update its references upon opening... Wes
  8. Can you tell us what version of the software you are using? This has been a known issue in the past. You may want to put the version, etc. in your signature.
  9. Hi All, Sorry for the inconvenience...I think in the conversion from old Community Board to new, it stripped away some attachments. Attached here is a tutorial as a pdf and a Vectorworks file in 2017 format with the Custom Housekeeper Schedule and a more standard Finish Schedule included. W Finish Schedules.vwx Two-Way Finish Schedule.pdf
  10. And under the next tab over, the "Display" tab, you need to check "Show Wall, Slab and Roof Components"
  11. Hi, do you have "Show Tag in 3D" checked - see attached screen shot near the bottom of the pane. Make sure to put it in a class and turn the class ON in your viewport(s). Also, in the OIP for the viewport, make sure "Display Planar Objects" is turned ON - you'll need to do this for each viewport you want your tags to show in... Wes
  12. I don't think it's a hatch...I think it's a tile???
  13. Hi Beth, If the framer does not place studs where you'd like them in the corners, you can simply 1) move the ones it DOES create into the proper location 2) duplicate a stud and place IT where you need it to build your corners as you'd like. (Sorry, forgot to "check" double top plate so the framer only created a single plate). I've attached a simple framed model as well as the set-up that created it... Wes
  14. ^ I'm in... Enhancement request submitted...
  15. Nice! Once you've modeled an element, you may want to explore the Auto-Hybrid feature to get your object to appear correctly in plan view.