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  1. fit wall to object

    Move all the wall under the roof and it will...or at least some of the wall has to be lower than the eave and then it'll trim...try experimenting in a front view by moving your bit of wall up and down and see what happens...you can also get it to trim the bottom of the wall to the top of the roof...
  2. Mac Pro - 12 Core, 64GB of RAM, Dual D700 Fire Pro Ghx

    Yep, once you go 5K or even "just" 4K, it's hard to go back...
  3. Door Styles?

    Another way is to drag a door into the file, it doesn't need to be inserted in a wall. Then right-click on the door and you'll get that same dialog "New Plug-in style...."
  4. Join Walls on Different Layers?

    Here are a couple of walls on different layers...they join up fine. You'll need to have "Show,Snap, Modify Others" ON in your layer controls. I'll bet your scenario is a bit more complicated than a simple "L" join. Wall and Layers.vwx
  5. Wall Lines Thickness?

    Hey Bruce, Take a look at the attached file. There are two container classes - Wall-Exterior and Wall-Interior. The other classes associated with walls are component classes. Explore how the classing affects line weight etc. Make a viewport, over ride the classes, etc. take it for a test drive. "Container Class" may not be an "official" Vectorworks name but I think it describes what's going on, it "contains" the component classes. We are working really hard to try and clean up some of the classes, etc. Things take time. Wes Container_Example.vwx
  6. White Door/Wood Trim?

    Yep, The classes under the CLASSES tab are for 3D visualization where you'd set your textures. The classes under the "2D Visualization" or for Top/Plan view.
  7. Hi Dubman, Because of the way the door or window is actually created (it's just a simple extrude), there is no differentiation between rails and stiles. You can "explode" the door and create a custom door but you'll loose the parametrics. Wes
  8. Titleblocks

    Hi AnnaB, Here's a YouTube link that may help you..
  9. Wall Lines Thickness?

    Edit Wall Attributes controls the attributes of the Container Class. The Container Class is determined and set under the Insertion Options tab of the Wall Style. Last year, the engineering team created that button "Set All Attributes By Class" that greatly reduces the time required to create wall styles and their associated attributes. I firmly adhere to the Wes Gardner school of classing everything. Yes, it makes for alot of class but YES you have control over how your output looks. Additionally, IF you are using unstyled walls, in the Class dialog, use the lower section of the texturing dialog box where it says "Left", "Center", "Right" to assign textures to your wall. IF you are using COMPONENT WALLS, use the upper portion where it says "Object and Component Textures" to assign textures to your wall's components. Please feel free to email me any time at wgardner@vectorworks.net Incidentally, I model everything with low line weight (like .05) and then build up the line weight in the viewport with a combination of class overrides and over-drawing.
  10. Turn off selected class..

    Use Saved Views to toggle both Classes and Layers. A Saved View can also be set to take you back to a particular viewing angle, rendering style, etc. The ARE the Class and Layer management system in Vectorworks.
  11. Curved curtain wall with curved elements

    Hi All, I think the decision was made in the design process of the curtain wall to purposely create segments as this is the way a large majority of curtain walls are built. These days curved glass is a rare bird indeed...not unheard of but a bit spendy! Modeling the required curves is probably your best bet... Wes
  12. Using Artistic Renderworks > Lines and Shadows, you can have the shadow be as dark as you want...
  13. ^^ Yep, Jim's correct...this all assumes you've modeled the building... :-) doesn't work so well in 2D... Here's a link to a webinar that describes this... http://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration/industry-webinars/rendering-for-everyday-architectural-drawings
  14. clip cube sections as viewports?

    Clip Cube only does OpenGL and Hidden Line...maybe a combo of roof layer(s) turned off or wall layers and Clip Cube
  15. line weights in elevation

    Short answer - nope... Other alternatives - stacking viewports with their line weights progressively or regressively bumped up (or down) depending on which way you're going :-)


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