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  1. Wes Gardner

    Data Visualisation / VW2020

    Hi All, At this point, Data Vis does not support INOBJECT which is what would be needed to look inside the hanging position for the truss object. Wes
  2. Wes Gardner

    render resolution

    In fact, we recommend doing your rendering in viewports...and as fabrica points out, you can change the DPI of the sheet layer...I usually go to 300 for anything rendered. Yes, it takes a little longer for the rendering...
  3. Wes Gardner

    Creating attic ceilings

    @Josh-gsy...maybe use the Split tool in the second mode and use the underside of the roof face as your guide to split the "ceiling". In this case, the ceiling is a simple extrude
  4. Wes Gardner

    Data Visualisation / VW2020

    @nakedeye...if you can, post a sample file so we can see what's up... Wes
  5. Wes Gardner

    Import Rhino V6 .3dm file fails

    @milezee...since it's not really a bug, the best way is to use the "Wishlist" function here on the Board. Wes
  6. Wes Gardner

    Import Rhino V6 .3dm file fails

    @milezee...sounds like an opportunity for an Enhancement request...I think I'll file one ūüôā
  7. Wes Gardner

    Import Rhino V6 .3dm file fails

    @milezee...yep, I'm a fan of V6
  8. Wes Gardner

    Import Rhino V6 .3dm file fails

    What I would like to see is the import of Rhino's layer structure...similar to how we import a .dwg
  9. Wes Gardner

    Data Visualisation / VW2020

    @nakedeye.....I'm not in entertainment but I know a bit about the Data Viz tool...maybe you need to set your criteria to "Hanging Position" so that the data viz set can "see" it??? Wes
  10. Wes Gardner

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    Not really a preference but...Apple V = Paste In Place - because that's the way I am... I leave "Paste" as a drop-down so that I know that I'm intentionally NOT pasting in place In the "old days", did the number of Undos have a memory usage component? Just as an aside...I do alot of demonstrations, training, etc. where I need to represent "what ships" so my workspace is "stock" - no smoke and mirrors...I also run the "shipping build"... Wes
  11. Wes Gardner

    Shutters different color than window?

    @Inspectorjack, are you really on V2012? If so, there have been a few changes in the Window/Door PIOs (plug-in objects)...maybe post a window in a file... Wes
  12. Wes Gardner

    Shutters different color than window?

    @Inspectorjack...try mine...get into the Class dialog and under Window-Shutter, get into the Texture chooser and choose another one and see what happens Shutter Test.vwx
  13. Wes Gardner

    VW & BIM Certification

    @RussU...I believe we are certified for IFC 2x3...You can find out more from buildingsmart.org Wes
  14. In addition to dimensioning, I think you'll find with the introduction of the Data Tag tool that TAGS, wall tags, room names, door tags, window tags, etc, etc. should be placed in the Annotation space of the viewport. BTW, I DO draw with "control dimensions" on design layers with the intent of "publish dimensions" in Annotation space.
  15. Wes Gardner

    History-Based Modeling?

    Hi Bruce, There isn't really a menu...but there is a history list...double-clicking on the objects "steps" you back through its history...you can then modify the surface/edge for that operation. Tamsin beat me to it...Enjoy! Wes


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