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  1. @Tom W. , could you post a small sample file where this occurs? I'm not sure I have an answer but might stumble onto something??? Wes
  2. Like this...it uses the GetSpaceNameforObj and GetSpaceNumforObj BTW, this file, Gallery 196 is posted on Vectorworks University if you'd like to see it "in action." https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/page/view.php?id=674
  3. Here's a 24 x 36 sheet rendered at 600 dpi....it's pretty clear... Wes
  4. I get pretty good renderings but they do take a while...even so, if you zoom in, it will pixelate...
  5. To do any investigative work, I'd need an actual vwx file
  6. @Rcox, You can post up a sample here and someone can have a go at it. Wes
  7. You might want to look at Vectorworks University for workflows.
  8. @Mi&D, Hi there...yes, if they are inclined that will happen - Vectorworks cannot produce canted walls. Your best bet is to either model them from extrudes or try a roof face. If you can't get the 3D polys to behave, you may be able to edit the 3D poly and get to the 2D poly that made it (or trace a 2D poly)? If so, I would then try either roof faces of extrudes. Wes
  9. @willofmaine...not sure that you can other than placing the tag "inside" the symbol...I think I'd use STYLED windows Wes
  10. @Cammareri Landscapes - maybe a Vectorworks Preferences thing - General-Background-3D Views - in the attched image, mine is set to white... Wes
  11. @Vesa...not a stupid question at all...I believe the name is the computer's name? Wes
  12. @Markvl, yup, problem is still there...I'll submit a bug...I tried it in a new blank file with a completely UNSTYLED wall and it seemed OK...obviously not! Thank you for bringing this to our attention Wes
  13. @Markvl. I can't get it to mess up in '21...can you attach a messed up file ? Wes
  14. @Ramon PG, here it is in V 2016 format Wes Ugly House Layer Bound v2016.vwx
  15. @Ramon PG, Tech Support may be able to help you with that...
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