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  1. Wes Gardner

    Sand HF hatch weith

    I think you can get into the Hatch Editor and bump the line weight up. Select a hatch in the Resource Manager, right click > EDIT
  2. Wes Gardner

    Data Tag for Finish Floor Elevation

    Here's a Data Tag style that'll return feet/inches that can be used to display the height of a slab. Must have SP3. Spot Elevation for Slab.vwx
  3. Wes Gardner

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    Hi All, Here's an updated Data Tag style that will return the height of a slab. Works in SP3. I posted same in thread called "Data Tag for Finish Floor" Wes Spot Elevation for Slab.vwx
  4. Wes Gardner

    T model window

    Like this? It doesn't have the astragal but close... Window.vwx
  5. Wes Gardner

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    @ Tim, I used a slab as the element to tag and then used Slab > Height. I could only get millimeters (the "native" unit in Vectorworks) perhaps there's a way to convert to feet/inches or another metric unit? Maybe via a script? I'll submit an Enhancement Request and see where it goes...would be cool...(and useful) Here's the file... Wes Spot Elev Try.vwx
  6. Wes Gardner

    Custom shaped gable

    Hi Victor, I assume you first drew this in Top/Plan view...now you need to change the view and rotate the object... If it's 2D or an extrude from 2D, you can simply go to a side view and use the Rotate command to "stand it up" Slabs and floors CANNOT be rotated. However, you CAN slope a slab using the Slab Drainage tool Wes
  7. Wes Gardner

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    Was able to do same with the Data Tag but ended up with mm....
  8. Wes Gardner

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    Hi All, Just FYI...the Space tool cannot "look outside" itself to query information as you've suggested. Will try some alternatives like the Data Tag tool...this is a fair question...a "spot elevation" tool would be cool...it's on the wish list. Wes
  9. Wes Gardner

    Framing member - vertical piece of roof structure

    @ drelArch, cberg is correct, maybe us the column tool or just an extrude? That member might be something like a kingpost and i'm fairly certain the roof framer won't/doesn't create those?? You should be able to class your framing so that you can get the look you're after... Wes
  10. Wes Gardner

    Need to draw a Boat

    Hi All, I've had reasonable success with rhino (although it 's fairly "manual") and there are a few designers, like Bob Perry who use rhino for their design software. Wes
  11. Wes Gardner

    Walls with exterior wainscot ??

    Hi Guy, Short answer - you can't. Long answer - you still can't... Components MUST be offset from one another but CAN have varying heights. As you've seen, they cannot be stacked vertically except by using the method you've described (a separate wall). "Stacked components" is a wish listed item. Wes
  12. Wes Gardner

    Site survey data - do I have the correct data?

    @Nathan_UK - the few site models I've created, I used the polygon approach and then modified it with site modifiers. I know there are folks here and in the Landscape group who have many more tips than I... Wes
  13. Wes Gardner

    Site survey data - do I have the correct data?

    Additionally, you can use the Stake Object tool inputing the number next to the "X" and create a site model from them...and you're probably correct in that "close enough" will work...it's certainly good for horse shoes and hand grenades as they say ūüôā
  14. Wes Gardner

    Window Muntin Line Thickness

    @Lisa I think to take a screen shot on a PC, you hold down the "Windows" key and Print Screen (one of the "F" keys across the top)...I'm not really that PC literate although a do draw in Rhino on one at home. I'll send you via e-mail some info on windows, classes, etc. Wes
  15. Wes Gardner

    Site survey data - do I have the correct data?

    @ line-weight true dat.... So the options are to either compose all the individual line segments into a polygon ( Modify > Compose -hold down the shift key and select lines that are touching end-to-end to create your contour) OR trace over them with the polygon tool...


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