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  1. @CipesDesign Thanks for taking the time to share your workflow! I still like the 2d/3d hybridity and BIMyness of the roof tool, as weird, glitchy and short of features like gutters and fascias it is, it still saves time especially for more complex roof forms.
  2. @cberg Thankyou! This fix worked perfectly
  3. Apologies for posting this under "site design", ive reposted under "architecture", but cant find a way to remove it from here....
  4. Im sure that i'm missing something obvious here... but is there a way to make the top edge condition of this roof plane finish square (perpendicular to the roof face) rather than vertical, the same as the lower edge? Cheers, Andy
  5. Im sure that i'm missing something obvious here... but is there a way to make the top edge condition of this roof plane finish square (perpendicular to the roof face) rather than vertical, the same as the lower edge? Cheers, Andy
  6. anyone else with this... (clip cube is on) (clip cube is off)
  7. Ive always found the custom stair tool workable for most applications... until today when it went nuts, started renaming its self in oip, oip sometime blank, unable to bring up settings etc... anyone else with a quick fix to this ? deadlines loom as always
  8. Im thinking about upgrading to Catalina with VW2020. Am i crazy?
  9. this then changes the glazing to floor and exterior wall/ roof slab/ Sqm to occupied volume ratios... making the result inaccurate. Changes of surface area to volume have the biggest effect on the Energos results from my experience. What I need to get close to an accurate result is a way to change the climate controlled space calculations, effecting the heating/cooling demand calculations made by Energos. BUT maintain the the building envelope to relevant floor area to keep the passive heating and cooling calculations accurate. For example in my school building only half the relevant floor area is actively climate controlled by the building services. Circulation spaces, storage spaces, toilets etc. are not controlled. Therefore the heating demand results are not reflecting the actual demand (as audited). By giving Spaces Energos controls... for instance checkboxes for whether they should be actively included in building services calculations, a target ambient cooling and heating temperature etc... it would become instantly more powerful... for instance enrgos data for a single space could be called out and then iteratively worked on. dat visualisation could tell us the weak points in a design etc.... the resolution of the tool would go through the roof.
  10. why doesnt curtain wall have any energos settings? this seems like a major problem
  11. I want some space by space energy demand control- for instance the boiler to not be heating some circulation and storage spaces... how would i achieve this? Cheers Andy
  12. hey @Nikolay Zhelyazkov , im pretty time constrained at the moment but i took some time to trial an error with ernegos... results below 1. maybe next weekend 2. Idea....should be controlled by the space objects (as well as heating and cooling requirements etc...) this would make the final info much more accurate 3. Wrong, kind of, the drawing doesn't have to be accurate.... Roof object- no change when disconnected from walls (floating above) Space object - no change if the space object doest touch walls, or is smaller than the slab size, DOES change results if the area is bigger than the slab (ie outside the walls) Slab object- DOES alter results if the slab is more than 10mm lower than base of walls(or space object z value), DOESNT if its 10mm or less lower than walls(or space object z value) Window object- doesnt alter Wall objects- lack of resolved connection to each other doesn't effect results, lack of connection to floor slab or space z value does, lack of connection to 4. another time 5. thanks, thats working well IDEA... it would be great if energos had a function to show us any objects that are thermal bridging (eg structural members for instance, or component to component connections badly organised. 6. Not really (are you talking about the 3 graphic options?), some self generated headings would be a good start to improve this. 7. another time 8. to time consuming, and multiple energos label tools in one viewport seems to make VW lock up and die, i have deleted them all from my document, took about an hour because VW was wigging out as usual, ill just screen grab the info until the soft engineers can make it work properly. IDEA... maybe VW should supply some energos reports preprogrammed for their service select members, something with ALL or MOST the info gathered, which we can then just edit as needed. Thanks for your time though, i can see your dedication and patience above Cheers, Andy
  13. @_James Ive also had fantastic experiences with the distributers in Australia. Their service is the biggest factor stopping me from jumping ship to another set of software. The old user folder rename trick, works for a while then problems return, seems an absurd work around given the length of time that users have been complaining of space tools issues, and how integral a tool it is to so many parts of the software (Worksheets, Energos etc...)
  14. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov. Thankyou for your response. I was asking more generally because my trawling through these forums and the various VW materials revealed a conspicuous silence around Energos. Before I invested to much time in learning the tool I wanted to get some feedback as to how buggy/ accurate/ usable it is. I have had bad experiences in the past (site model etc...). Heres are some initial questions arising from my first few hours of exploration... 1. Any timeline for when Energos will be able to account for shading in an automated way, based on modelled objects and their relationship between the sun the building. This would bring the tool closer to the iterative power of lady bug in rhino for example 2. does the climate data base gathered via heliodon provide wind data? is this accounted fro through the "screening" calcs in "air tightness" 3. do in accuracies in drawing, such as a wall not perfectly connecting to a roof, effect the modelling? 4. When i change my many significant settings, such as boiler settings (my sole heat source in a large building, with predominantly heating demand requirements) there is no change in the various outputs after update. 5. What is the best way to model the air exchange driven performance between an entry way with or without an airlock? 6. Why does the label tool not display a title text of some kind according to its basic oip setting "result value". Then it might actually be a useful data vis tool to decribe to client where various options are working or not. 8. Is there a way to extract the data listed at the bottom of the oip of an Energos Label? (even Copy and Paste would be fine) 7. Is anyone else experiencing the label tool locking up VW every so often? ...more to come i'm sure
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