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  1. leecalisti

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Matt, thank you. Originally I had the furniture on the other layer. I tend to use one layer per floor, but have many classes. I added the FFE layer to deal with this bug. Thanks again,
  2. leecalisti

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Matt, Actually in the file I sent you, I moved furniture objects to a layer titled "1-First Floor FFE" because elements were showing up in the section foreground and background, even though I had turned off those classes. You could copy or move them back onto the "1-First Floor" layer and refresh the section (AA or BB).
  3. leecalisti

    Wall Components not showing in Sections

    FYI, I went to a project created in v2018 and opened it for a test. One of the Detail Viewports, created from a Section VP came up with this. Similar problem, but a different wall component. BTW, I'm still having some issues with the problem brought up in this stream. I posted on it again. _)
  4. leecalisti

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    I opened a project created in 2018 and had this problem again after SP1. An element that was on a separate class was still showing up in a Section and Detail VP despite that class not being turned on in the VP. I had to create a new layer and move it since it was a demo item. Frustrating.
  5. leecalisti

    Wall Components not showing in Sections

    Matt, I tried to upload via the community board (by clicking on your avatar, but it gave me an upload link. I sent a Dropbox link to you.
  6. leecalisti

    Wall Components not showing in Sections

    Matt, can you give me a Dropbox account or other means to upload a large file? Thanks.
  7. Is anyone else having a problem with sections and section detail viewports where some components are not accepting the Class Overrides? This is so frustrating as I've used this method for many years now to create details. In this particular case, the component that is the wall stud is not accepting the class override for a black pen line. I'd hate to draw that in or find a work around. I just downloaded SP1 and it still does not correct it.
  8. leecalisti

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Tom, I'm having the same problem. I just discovered it on Friday.
  9. leecalisti

    2019 where I left off

    Ditto same here
  10. JIm It was just a typical situation of how it is to work with VW on my laptop - not just switching between files, but during heavier graphic redraws. My PC does the same, but has also been crashing multiple times daily. The dxdiag is from my PC.
  11. Jim Here is my dxdiag. I'm not using two cards like Steven, but I'm having similar problems. Lee Calisti DxDiag CALISTI.txt
  12. leecalisti

    Crashing during saving

    Yes, I'm up to date. My laptop doesn't crash, but it's slower. My PC (specs below) crashes many times a day. It just crashed now so I jumped on here while I started VW up again.
  13. I don't have an answer either, but I have this problem myself, in fact for years with many versions of VW. Right now I'm having this and constant crashes. I like the new features in 2018, but 2017 was more stable. At least being on this thread, I may hear of an answer. I've posted a video of the problem with my laptop. 20170919_074120.mp4
  14. leecalisti

    Crashing during saving

    Dear VW How can I troubleshoot why my PC is crashing multiple times a day while saving? I can't get work done this way. I didn't have this problem with 2017 on the same machine. What changed? Lee Calisti
  15. leecalisti

    Curtainwall Tool and Hidden Line

    Dear VW, Is there a reason that the "guts" of a curtainwall do not disappear during a hidden line? They used to in 2017. I find this annoying, but perhaps there's another reason that I can't understand. I've tried to manipulate it, but it seems to reveal the inner lines when only the outline should appear. I noticed that once my model went to 2018, the inner lines started to appear. I opened a new file and inserted a new wall from VW library, but it still shows in the inner lines - not how we would show it or how it would appear. Thanks Lee Calisti curtainwall.vwx - file attached


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