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  1. @Boh I am hoping that through these discussions notable improvements are made by VW. I use the NM, but I'm a one-person office, not trying to reference a file that is shared. Sadly, it will get worked out on the backs of many frustrated users who are trying to make this work with a jointly referenced file.
  2. @Jan Sander I've had similar problems in the past - no answer. My theory has to do with a memory loss that caused VW or my PC to stop before completing it. Of course, I could be completely wrong. I rebooted and republished - no time to do anything else. Frustrated? You bet.
  3. @techdef I like this idea, but it concerns me to have another "thing" to keep track of in the model. I do these types of things for this reason, but if you move the actual slab or parapet, you have to remember to move this object as well. Otherwise, I like the idea.
  4. @Pat Stanford YES! Thank you. I don't understand why that feature went away in the translations from 2020 to 2021, but I appreciate the answer. I must have been too close to see the obvious.
  5. Also - Why can I not edit the Room Finishes from the OIP? I cannot see in the Space settings how to add that to the OIP. Why must you change things Vectorworks. @Wes Gardner any ideas?
  6. @Boh I don't see it in VW2021 - Maybe I'm missing it, but I thought you had the magic answer.
  7. Why can I not see or alter the 3D boundary information for a Space Object in the OIP with 2021? Why would VW change that? Am I missing some higher, more sophisticated model method? It's annoying to enter each space object to change the Classes and other information.
  8. Has anyone had a problem with the Redline tool? See the attached image - I do not know why the font appears overtop of itself. I've tried this in a current file, and I've tried it in a new file, and even in a blank file (no template) with the same results. It appears this way within a VP and on a Design Layer. I've even gone into the workspace editor, deleted the tool and added it back in again.
  9. @Tom Klaber It does seem like we are complaining, but it is a critique from everyday users. Vectorworks needs to get the basics right, which includes the UI - (and the stair tool). Why keep adding these complex geometric modeling tools when they base needs attention?
  10. @CipesDesign That's good advice - in fact, it might serve me well to include a small section of each one I create in my template file.
  11. Is there a faster way to assign Class Attributes? At least with Walls, one can click ONE button and assign Class Attributes to the Wall or Wall Components. I generally am OK with the tool, but it needs some help!
  12. @RichPiano That's good to hear. It's well known that the Stair Tool is a horrible tool that VW needs to address before anything else. For now, we have to work with what we have. Now that I set up a series of saved features, it's a bit easier, but I do spend far too much time fiddling around with stairs. What's funny, is the legacy tool, the Custom Stair Tool, was a far better, more intuitive tool and someone decided to fix what wasn't broken. I hope your experience is better.
  13. What are your experiences with doing wall area take offs within a worksheet. I see that it calculates the length of a wall from the center line points. Has anyone dealt with the inaccuracies this affords? For instance, if I have a 10' x 10' room with 6" thick walls, the wall length (which it uses for area) is only 9'-6" long (subtract half the wall thickness each end). Doesn't this cause a problem with rounding area? Do you use a factor to account for this? Do you have any preferred ways of querying the worksheet for the wall data? I can come up with a work around, but others with more experience with this function could really help me save time. Thank you.
  14. @RichPiano Try choosing an arrow type in the class you use for the marker style. I created classes for "Stair Notes." I also set my preferred font and size there too.


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