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  1. leecalisti

    Vive VR Setup

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not please redirect me to where that is. I'm considering purchasing an HTC Vive VR headset for my business. With it, showing models to clients would be a lot easier and more immersive (and I could play VR games in my spare time). I've researched how Vectorworks interacts with VR and received varying opinions. Many people recommend exporting my project as a web view, and I've also seen exporting as an object and playing around with Unity. The web view option is a lot easier, but would that work with Vive? I've only seen that with cheaper systems that you put your phone in. If not, what other options do I have? I just want to know how much of a hassle it will be to do this as the headset is a big purchase. I'll probably only use this setup a few times per year, but it would greatly improve the experience.
  2. leecalisti

    Curtainwall Tool and Hidden Line

    This many months later with VW2019, I still don't have an answer. According to this model, I have the same wall type inserted twice - one renders correctly, one did not.
  3. VW As I was running a Batch Convert in VW2019 two things happen. 1. It generates duplicate files with a tag (DESKTOP - DMEIHE1'S conflicted copy...date) 2. Eventually, VW closes I chose a folder with all my projects files (years worth) I paused Dropbox from syncing I paused OneDrive from syncing Any ideas? Thank you
  4. leecalisti

    Issue Data / Title Block Manager - CRASHES!

    Nikolay, I sent you a personal message with a file. Today, VW decided to open the TBM for me with the file in question. I'll test others today too.
  5. leecalisti

    Issue Data / Title Block Manager - CRASHES!

    Here's an update - no good news. I let VW run for who knows how long, to see if the Title Block Manager would open. No luck, but I got a message I've never seen before. It wouldn't close, so I had to reboot...again.
  6. leecalisti

    Open GL problem seeing walls

    I admire your tenacity, but that could prove quite tedious and impossible in my current schedule to get things done. Bravo for your attempt, but I hope VW has a more sophisticated approach.
  7. Come on Vectorworks, why must you change everything for no reason? In 2018 (and earlier perhaps) we could include an issue date in the Title Block Border Settings and have it include it on one sheet, all sheets, all active sheets. Where did that go? When I monkey around with the title block manager it crashes every time. It just freezes with (Not Responding). Then I have to Cntl/Alt/Delete or something to get out of VW and start over. If I stop each time I get lag, crashes, or some other oddity to post on this forum, we'll be talking all day. I'VE GOT WORK TO DO! How can I fix this please? Do I have to type in an issue date for each sheet?
  8. leecalisti

    Open GL problem seeing walls

    I have similar problems, but cannot pinpoint specific instances. Today it was using a floating view pane on my other monitor. Glitches like this were happening, things disappearing like section and elevation markers, symbols disappearing and reappearing. I too have a pretty robust computer. It seems to be a lag in redraw ability on the part of VW. << sigh >>
  9. leecalisti

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Matt, thank you. Originally I had the furniture on the other layer. I tend to use one layer per floor, but have many classes. I added the FFE layer to deal with this bug. Thanks again,
  10. leecalisti

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Matt, Actually in the file I sent you, I moved furniture objects to a layer titled "1-First Floor FFE" because elements were showing up in the section foreground and background, even though I had turned off those classes. You could copy or move them back onto the "1-First Floor" layer and refresh the section (AA or BB).
  11. leecalisti

    Wall Components not showing in Sections

    FYI, I went to a project created in v2018 and opened it for a test. One of the Detail Viewports, created from a Section VP came up with this. Similar problem, but a different wall component. BTW, I'm still having some issues with the problem brought up in this stream. I posted on it again. _)
  12. leecalisti

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    I opened a project created in 2018 and had this problem again after SP1. An element that was on a separate class was still showing up in a Section and Detail VP despite that class not being turned on in the VP. I had to create a new layer and move it since it was a demo item. Frustrating.
  13. leecalisti

    Wall Components not showing in Sections

    Matt, I tried to upload via the community board (by clicking on your avatar, but it gave me an upload link. I sent a Dropbox link to you.
  14. leecalisti

    Wall Components not showing in Sections

    Matt, can you give me a Dropbox account or other means to upload a large file? Thanks.
  15. Is anyone else having a problem with sections and section detail viewports where some components are not accepting the Class Overrides? This is so frustrating as I've used this method for many years now to create details. In this particular case, the component that is the wall stud is not accepting the class override for a black pen line. I'd hate to draw that in or find a work around. I just downloaded SP1 and it still does not correct it.


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