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  1. OK, there's a lot of discussion and workarounds here. As an architect who is a solo practitioner, we need tools that are easy, intuitive, and do not require workarounds or special knowledge to use.
  2. That's a great tip @Pat Stanford. I've made the adjustment. Now I need to work back and forth and test it.
  3. I am having oddities occur with fonts between my PC and laptop. This did not happen with VW2019 or 2018 (I cannot remember back before that). I use Text Styles to maintain consistencies with font, size, and spacing. I use a TTF font (Frank the Architect) for somethings. I also use Arial Narrow, but it's not affected. When I work on my PC, then my laptop, and then back again, the text blocks, drawing label and other edited fonts, go from my chosen font, to Arial. However, the OIP reads that the text block is in the correct Text Style. If I select the text block or drawing label and change the text style and then back again, it corrects the font. It happens in all files I've been working on in VW2020. Any ideas anyone?
  4. I remember this tool (baseboard plug-in) from years ago, but either it didn't work for me, or there was some reason I chose not to use it. The idea is great and should be supported in VW. I am still hoping that the wall tool can have this intergrated into it so doors and other embedded features can interrupt it. Drawing in baseboards during design can be a nuisance when doors and openings are still changing and then someone (in my case, me) has to remember to go back and edit the baseboard on top of everything else.
  5. I'm not sure I'm following, but I use the convention AA for sections, but I agree with the legacy of A-A. I just type it in.
  6. I still find this difficult. This should be easier in the OIP and not rely on memory.
  7. This is the best news I've read all week. I know, it's only Monday. Thank you!
  8. I have the same problem. I'm glad to hear it's been reported and will be fixed.
  9. @jnr Yes, please fix the stair tool.
  10. @iborisov, I don't see this as any type of improvement. The previous version was so much easier to understand and transfer notes back and forth. If one were to change a note on the legend, they could update their database in the same dialog box. This version in 2020 is a one way process that is harder to follow. VW stop messing with this stuff.
  11. @iborisov, I checked it with two recent files. It behaves the same when modifying a keynote. Here is a link to a video. I'll upload the video later in case this link doesn't work or stops working. https://photos.app.goo.gl/JR239xHhQs6JmSDD6
  12. I used to use Saved Views and then create a rendering with the batch rendering tool. It worked well, but often took a long time. That view could not be altered and the image did not appear in a Viewport. I did like that the output was a JPEG image cropped to the image boundary. Vectorworks and VW users loudly claimed that the only way to go was the camera object - and then they added photo editing features. I trained myself to start using them with a Viewport. Overall it works well, but fine tuning the view is far too difficult for me and I've been a VW user since 1995 and MiniCAD 5.0. Perhaps I'll go back to my old ways.
  13. I see someone else has problems with the Renderworks Camera - no response yet. Here is today's issue with it. Below are four images or a series of actions with no other in-between clicks, keystrokes or commands. Is this a bug? 1. I set a camera 2. I activated the view 3. I clicked "Fine Tune View" 4. The view jumped to this odd view. I have to move on to something else today. Please help.


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