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  1. Hi Ken, It's not happening as often for me - once in two days instead of every half hour or so, but it doesn't seem to be fixed. I'll try the next try-to-fix option and post back with results 🙂
  2. Not sure if this is already wishlist item (I couldn't find it), but I would like a "make all textures the same" button in the class - texture dialogue box... would save me a lot of clicking 🙂
  3. thanks! good to know - I couldn't find it 🙂
  4. Is anyone else having an issue with open GL roof textures not orienting properly? It seems to switch to correct orientation at 8.10 something degrees... odd.
  5. Hi Ken, I've wondered if its a graphics card too - I'm on a new 27 inch iMac with 8MB graphics card. I've been wondering if the new machine is a lemon as there have also been a couple of minor graphic "mistakes" in safari and system preferences. VW has the most of these however, with both 2019 SP1 and SP2 on Mojave. The most problematic one has been when undo won't work properly - the class and layer setting will change but not the object position. I've noticed it after both mirror and move. It happens randomly. The oddest example was when I manually moved a roof back to the correct position and it showed correctly in top/plan but was stuck at the old position in isometric. I'm not able to reproduce this bug, so it's hard to pinpoint what's wrong. It seem to occur mainly with BIM objects like walls and roofs. When it happens, I just hope I've saved recently, close the file and reopen - a real time waster. The VW distributor suggested I try hitting "reset" in VW preferences. So far so good, I'll post back if the undo bug reappears... Regards, Julia
  6. I had this problem with service pack 1 and OSX mojave. Is it fixed?
  7. Hi Josh, Thank you, that would be great - do you have my contact deets?
  8. Is anyone else having issues with screen objects not showing up in 2019 viewports? Specifically, I've got roof plans set up as "top" views, with background render as open GL, foreground render as hidden line. In 2018 they rendered fine, but in 2019 my property boundary lines are no longer showing up properly - they get turned into thin red or black solid lines instead of being the thick red dashed lines they are supposed to be... 2018 has been running slow on the more recent versions of mac osx... was hoping 2019 would work properly....
  9. fingers crossed emoji 🙂
  10. Does anyone know if this has been fixed?
  11. agreed. thanks BTW Josh, your post saved me hours of trying to work what I was doing wrong...
  12. Same problem in 2018, is it fixed in 2019? It makes for annoying 2D annotations over the BIM model in all my viewports.
  13. Hi, is anyone else having this problem? I can't copy & paste numbers from the object info palette since I upgraded to VW2018. I also updated OSX to 10.13.6, so that might be a factor. Thank you!
  14. I've got the same problem since upgrading to 2018. Very annoying.


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