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  1. Thanks Tamsin, Cool, thought it might be non-mac, cos I was... whaaat?, but good to know! I updated my signature, please let me know if it hasn't stuck. The disappearing objects and textures seemed to start happening for me with the combination of a new mac, VW2019 and mojave... I've tried local tech support. Not using objects from older files (not super old, 2015 - 2018 mostly) and deleting user library file seems to help for a while, but not forever, and regular VW cleansing is a bit of a productivity killer... have to draw from scratch, redo preferences and shortcuts etc,. Just hoping for silver bullet.
  2. Hi @Tamsin Slatter I checked my file, origin is close to page centre, and there are no objects kilometres away. I'm getting a lot of disappearing floors still, and textures are buggy - ie: they revert to the current class type, or untextured wireframe instead of keeping the texture of their assigned class. A typical buggy process is objects will be correctly textured, then modify spontaneously when I edit their geometry. The group/ungroup action seems to work sometimes. Could it be a graphics card issue for me? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I'll try checking origin - I updated my profile - I'm on 2019 SP4.
  4. @Tamsin Slatter I've got this with floors too! I'm not sure if it's related, but floors don't behave as expected with textures either. Please post a quick fix/workaround if there is one
  5. This seems to be totally fixed with VW 2019, SP3.
  6. I haven't had this problem since service pack 3. Phew! Thanks VW - this is a much more stable release for me.
  7. I just found in the Render pane for Roof Faces at least if you make texture mode "by object", then select class texture (assuming you have set the roof face components up with desired classes with textures set as "use as creation"), you can rotate the roof face texture at will. Not a bad workaround. Hopefully I can avoid vertical & horizontal versions of textures thus.
  8. It would be good if the rotate and scale options actually did work the way they seem they should tho. It's tedious creating H(horizontal) and V(vertical) versions for each texture... I keep feeling like there's some checkbox buried somewhere I can click to make it work...?
  9. Agreed, I'm sending BIM files to a builder to help them with take-off calculations, and with no textures showing up in viewer, they can't easily see what's brick, what's timber etc, etc. Is this due to be fixed anytime soon?
  10. There was a lot to read through in this thread! Did anyone ask for the tool to allow for a 1 tread stair? This would be great for split level rooms, and a single tread between or at the end of a landing.
  11. It seems Mojave is complicated to downgrade from, so probs a good idea to have a time machine backup or something you can revert to if you don't like it. Also, if your display is not "retina", you may find slightly pixellated text annoying (it's for everything, not limited to VW) ... there are semi-effective terminal commands online to reduce pixellation... search for "fix fuzzy text mojave"... I used some of these on my 2013 imac: https://www.howtogeek.com/358596/how-to-fix-blurry-fonts-on-macos-mojave-with-subpixel-antialiasing/
  12. thanks, you save me from the hassle of trying a downgrade ūüôā
  13. Do you have Mojave also?
  14. I also have problems with undo not working. Undo will still work for pan, zoom etc, but the geometrical changes seems to be stuck through all of it.Always with BIM objects - floors, walls, roofs. My main workaround is to save frequently, close & reopen the file. Here's the bug happening - screenshots on chronological order - when I replace a wall style, one of the actions that are often but not always buggy with undo: Another undo bug is that after undoing a move, a ghost object will appear. This will (usually?) clear up if I close the file and open it again. I think this occurs when I accidentally move something in an orthogonal view when screen plane is selected, then undo the action. (Screen plane is very useful so I hope VW doesn't phase it out. Screen aligned is a pain tho, as you don't know where something will move to in the temporary z plane.) Here's a screenshot of a ghost object created after undoing moving a floor in screen plane mode. I also find textures are buggy - sometimes the texture will go for no obvious reason to the current class, even tho the object class is 100% something else (both the editable 2D geometry and 3D). It's on iMac with Mojave and VW 2019, service pack 2. It happens with both old files and new files using 100% VW 2019 default objects, nothing copied from old files. Happens with both standard and custom workspace shortcuts. Same bug on two different machines, one of them freshly erased with a clean installation of osx and VW - so I believe it is a software issue only. I'm having to do lots of workarounds to deal with bugs, it's not very efficient. Untitled 3.vwx


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