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  1. Stepping a wall is a pain, so that I generally end up clipping a wall & giving the many walls new X values. It's still a pain. I would like a tool that allows one to enter a step or series of steps based on X Y & Z values. For example: were a wall to step from 1220 below 00 to 2440 below 00 over in 8 steps over 5M. Pick a start point along a wall & a direction & plug in the values.
  2. Re-upping this request. The Ontario Building Code & the National Building Code of Canada has required an L shaped Grab bars for several years now. Also, an Ambulatory Water Closet Stall requires grab bars on either side of a Toilet, & ofter we include one that is a folding grab bar. Some tools need to have some flexibility built in, as building codes are alway evolving.
  3. After a rigorous double blind test** I would like to bump this request up. ** Double Blind as I was doubly blinded with frustration after 352 attempts to release the Dimension tool only to unwittingly gab a PDF underlay, typing an X and deleting both as well as one string of Dimension lines I had been working on only to have to UNDO to get back to where I was before attempting to use the Dimension tool. Good thing my UNDO/REDO is set to 400. 🙈
  4. Why do doors hinges swap? -or- Door Configuration Consternation If one plops a door into a wall & gets it all cozy but then later changes the KIND of door (in this case from a simple swing to a bi-fold) the hinge must be re-jiggered. I've noted this for years but thought it needed to be brought up. All that's been done to the door is to change the configuration.
  5. @P Retondo I feel your pain and 2nd your & @Taproot 's opinion. Like the stair tool, I just avoid using this thing as it's the opposite of useful and is a black hole for billable hours.
  6. @JuanP I get that this is an iterative process & I have no idea what's involved in getting under the hood to fix this. But from you comment, it sounds like VW can't "Just turn the old icons back on" for at least two more versions. Do I have that correct?
  7. Maybe these guys could help 🤪
  8. Not to beat a dead horse, but sheesh! Why are there two systems that don't make ANY sense for sizing stuff that should be identical? The font size in both instances are 6 point. A marker size of 4 produces a circle of 600mm or 4mm on the page for the Detail Callout that's generated from a Detail Viewport, but a Reference Marker Detail Callout is completely different with a 2D detail scale factor of 0.6. Also while I appreciate being able to change the Font size from the Font menu, seem like one should also be able to choose the font size in the OIP no? Here are the graphic output for a Detail Call out: Now here are the details for a Reference Marker Detail Callout object:
  9. It would be very helpful to be able to "Hide" a Floating Pane rather than have to close & reestablish. Even with two Screens, this technique would be especially helpful when reviewing documents in another programme open at the same time to maximize screen real estate. See attached altered image
  10. @EAlexander Thanks, one of those things I keep forgetting is available! I does in a pinch!
  11. Here's a pretty common UL detail. Thing is, I'd like to model it in 3D and the fills don't really show up & the column sizes will change on every project. I can use 4 sets of 16mm walls for the GWB but that seems dopey. Any thoughts on a work-a-round other than making symbols that need to be customized for every column?
  12. BTW, I'd also like to be able to see fills to a 3D object in 2D plan view as well.
  13. It seems that a 3D object when viewed in TOP PLAN always shows up as solid line. My wish list item is some way to make a 3D object drawn with dashed lines to show up as a dashed lines in 2D plan. I important for things like existing Structure, HVAC or proposed Furniture/Millwork; stuff I need to note & even show in elevation or section, but only roughly to account for the space an object takes up. As suggested in another post, this could be achieved as hybrid symbol, but that's a work-a-round. Not sure why if one draws a 3D object with dashed lines, they appear solid.
  14. @EAlexander Thanks I did consider this but this would mean every item would require being turned into a symbol & editing the 2D info when the size changes. I'll wishlist it.
  15. This wish is to make every object's graphics to be edited graphically. One may do something similar to a symbol now, where a double click allows one to edit the symbol. Here are two Examples: Doors: Elevation marker
  16. Thanks @Boh I do use that & it does help. I guess what I'm looking for is the ability to have the Annotation visible (or grey) while editing the Design layer & vice versa.
  17. We have VW 2020, and were going to do the change just as our office started working remotely. One of my colleagues is working on a new project and decided to install 2020. He called me in a panic asking if there was a fix the icons as he was embarrassed after the client's comments looking at his screen on a remote viewing app. I happened upon this thread and it seems as if there isn't yet a fix to the Cartoon issue. Sigh. I second @Kees W & @MartinFahrer PoV. I'm an old enough bunny to remember my first "CAD" programme with a black screen & green lines so I'm congenitally opposed to "Dark Mode". So moral of the story is skip installing VW2020 & hope for a fix in 2021? So why am I paying for VW every year if I have to skip interactions that we purchase & never install? Ended up doing this with VW2015, and at least one other iteration prior to that. Edit: I forgot to mention that my colleague has had to save the file as a VW 2019 file to go back to working in 2019. Never a good work flow in my experience.
  18. It seems that a 3D object when viewed in TOP PLAN always shows up as solid line. Is there some way to make this show up as a dashed line? If not I'll wish list it.
  19. At times when I'm checking a Drawing Set prior to issuing, I generally count on an hour or more to try and catch some of those things that time forgot. Often this means moving between a Viewport's Design Layer & Annotation Layer several times. Here's my wish: A Toggle Mode that would allow one to move between a Viewport's Design Layer & Annotation Layer without having to exit one then open the other.
  20. I know there are some advantages to using the tool but having attempted to use it over the years I prefer to have Viewport with a Title Block Symbol. To change things like DRAFT or CONSTRUCTION or TURN ON STAMP we just change the Classes on one viewport then use the Eyedropper tool & it takes about a minute to change a whole set. I just feel more in control if I use a Symbol as I have immediate control of a series of graphic objects. From my PoV the Tool is too much like a database & programming. I do enough of that. I got into this racket so I could draw stuff. @_James I get your idea, but I might use the tool if it were something one could just click on and change graphics. But each to their own.
  21. @Christiaan Were I to start from scratch, I'd like to see notes in the Resource Pallet with Folders similar to Symbols & the ability to pick many Notes at one time. Our work-a-round has been to have many common Notes on an otherwise blank Viewport on a blank Sheet.
  22. Firstly, the folders in the Resources for symbols are a good thing. No, check that! Symbol folders a great thing, not great like a view of Niagara Falls on a clear very cold winter's day, but something that VW has got right! I would welcome the opportunity (perhaps a preference?) to select one's Symbol Folders when choosing to Replace A Symbol. Imagine a set of Mighty, Mighty, Symbol Folders rather than a big long list of symbols. The present function must use a boat load of memory (as it seems to take my computron 4- EVER to think about the process at present). Would it not only improve the process of the steam powered calliope that makes this function go, if it were to only have to glean though one folder of symbols at a time? If nothing else, my life would be more fulsome if I didn't have to scroll through what seems like the CGI credits at the end of a marvel monster movie. If you do change the function you should also rename it to something keen like: Replace-O-Symbol Just imagine an escape from Replace A Symbol drudgery forever with new & improved Replace-O-Symbol ! YOU, your friends & family, AND your pocketbook will thank-you too when you step into the land of tomorrow! With Streamlined Replace-O-Symbol! It's aerodynamic AND Futuristic! All the cool kids will want to be replacing their symbols with the neatest new tool Replace-O-Symbol ! Oh, & if the boffins are under the hood checking on why this "Check Engine Light" keeps coming on, would it be impolite to ask: "is there any way that the actual Change of a Symbol could be completed with one double click rather than several mouse over checks?" Remember KIDS Replace-O-Symbol Ask for it by NAME! Accept no substitutions!
  23. @PeterYip @Phil hunt I see what the issue was. In the documentation the suggestion is to look for the Menu header with the name of: ´panta rhei' Finding the Plug-in "Object to Screen Plane" or "Objects to Layer Plane" does the trick & it works like a charm, THANKS!
  24. I downloaded the script was not able to get it to run on VW2019. The workspace editor doesn't see it


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