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  1. How can I copy from secured PDF files?

    I have been sometimes able to open a secure PDF in PREVIEW rather than Acrobat & copy & paste text that way. If you just want to show, rather than use the text you could take a screen shot & import the screen shot into VW.
  2. Exactly! That's what I'd like to have for both kinds of worksheets.
  3. Viewport Filters

    Perhaps I'm still not getting this concept. In looking at the Revit Video I guess I wonder how this would be a better workflow than simply making adjustment in either annotations or just changing a symbol or a wall type?
  4. For small projects we often just use a Worksheet rather than a report that's a Database. I just find it's lots faster. Not that this is a work of art, but I would to be able to format individual Rows & Columns in Reports (Databased) so the result could to be more similar to the attached:
  5. Schedule graphic design

    Thanks Pat
  6. stairs

    Years ago I gave up on stair tools. I try them with each version of VW but I don't EVER use any of the stair tools. Modelling a 3D stair as hybrid symbol for me is the way to go as: -Takes less time - Doesn't crash the system - Is less confusing - Allows one to create what should be built - Makes a proper graphic representation - One may duplicate a stair you've modelled both in a document & between documents
  7. How do I create a foreshortened dimension?

    Add it to the wish list, I'd like to see that, as well as other enhancements to the Arc & Angle Dimension tool.
  8. Viewport Filters

    I guess I don't see this being useful in my work-flow.
  9. Schedule graphic design

    For small projects we often just use a Worksheet rather than a report that's a Database. I just find it's lots faster. I would like my Reports to be more styled like the attached & can't really figure out how I achieve this in a Database; or if it can be achieved in a Database. This is how my Door worksheet looks now:
  10. 2D to 3D design times

    We have a small projects client that we have to do this for as all of this Pharmacy "Banner" are owner operated & very cost focused (AKA Cheep!). We always offer a range based on our estimated hours. Our rule of of thumb is add 15% to the an estimate, and about 70% are right in the middle of the range, the other 30%, we (me) end up having to eat hours. Not the best arrangement, but if we didn't live within a range we wouldn't get the "good" half. We obviously have allowances for overages for CO's & other contract admin stuff. My wife is always telling me to estimate the hours required & add 50%, & this might be more accurate for the 30%; but then would we get the 70%? The issue is always attempting to identify who the 30% are. Not sure that helps or not.
  11. Viewport Filters

    A Marionette script possibly ?
  12. 2D to 3D design times

    Very nice work Dave! This speaks to the heart of Bernard's question I think as change is inherent in all types of design and IMHO using VW in 3D as you point out allows the Designer to focus on what's important at various phases of the process.
  13. 2D to 3D design times

    Dave is rich on here, & perhaps a little light on the upside being only 75% quicker. I was asked to assist a colleague as 95% of his drawing was not just 2D but lines, & moving the stairs in the home reno basically meant I had to redo the entire project, with the exception of the Elevations that he messed around with. So that gets near to being 100% more efficient. On a project of mine that's what I'd call BIM-ish for a Garden Centre we were able to solve several Structure /MEP conflicts that in a 2D project would have taken endless meetings & billable hours by the consultants to solve.
  14. Viewport Filters

    If I understand what you're describing it sounds like a set of classes that one may choose. Is that the idea?
  15. a case for browser based cad

    So it comes down to who/what do you trust. Frankly I don't trust ANYTHING online, especially my livelihood.


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