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  1. I have gotten so I really, LOVE the Resource Manager but I have one snag; Older Versions of VW Files show up in the RM but one may not access them without Batch Converting the file(s) that show up. My suggestion is for older iterations of VW to show up as grey icons in the RM.
  2. Thanks rDesign & Kevin, I think the different coloured icon is what I was getting at. Gives me an idea for a wish list item.
  3. So far so good, it came in very handy on the project. So handy in fact that we caught a major conflict that we'd not foreseen. This had the unfortunate consequence that the client has put the project on hold. I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere.
  4. My old brain maybe playing tricks with me, but It seems to me that in the past, one was able to tell what version of VW a file was created with. If not the case, perhaps this is a wish list item.
  5. You can change the tick marks by making a custom Dimension. I have one that gives "half" of what I need to indicate Joist/Beam direction. I have an old Wish for a way to make a full Joist Direction marker, BUT they have to be the same at both ends.
  6. I was just going to ask / wish for this. It would be super useful in CD as an aid to finding allowable footprints.
  7. Yeah, not ready for: - VW - North America - Prime time
  8. I found the sizzle was better than their steak. The interface isn't ready for primetime in VW2017 on mac IMHO. I really was hoping this was what it sez it is, but the interface is still buggy and the content is far too Euro focused to be useful in the great white north.
  9. Thanks, I'll mention this on my next project. Jim, the pieces have walls only 2mm in thick and a 4mm base. I'm pretty used to getting a file as small as possible as I used to export VW files to a turret punch that had a maximum memory for jobs of 20k. Speaking of a Makerbot, when asked what I wanted for a birthday present, this was at the top of my list; kids got me gear for my Bicycle instead! Watching it at work reminds me of the 1980's when the office I worked in got a pen plotter. When a job was running people like me would take our coffee break to watch it work.
  10. I've been playing with some shapes exported to STL that our public library will print for free but they have a 2 hour cap. The attached is the latest one it's a generic solid, & exported at low quality & that just takes it down to 2 hours. Any tips on how to reduce the size/time? The VW file is only 370kb & the STL file is 432kb.
  11. This is an older request that I can't find: The Object Info Pallet allows one to Copy/Paste information from the OIP; except Area & Perimeter Values. It would be very handy to be able to access this info. One may derive this info in Worksheet but for on the fly info that's overkill.
  12. I know the tool is relatively new, so here are some observations that I think would improve it: - 1) Speed, the tool seems really slow to respond to any changes even looking at the styles & hitting escape takes 20-30 seconds - 2) Make it more like a Section Viewport that allows one to choose where the marker is visible; presently one needs to have a hidden Class (never a good work-a-round) - 3) Also show the plane where the elevation is "cutting" -4) Make the Marker's size be expressed in real world (i.e. 1:1) values so the Marker is always illustrated the same size rather than scaled -5 ) A little more graphic flexibly please, I would like to have the choice if I want the detail called out on a new Sheet or the same Sheet ( I don't use the sheet number in this case it is left blank -6) Make the generated Graphic Marker independent of where the elevations are "cut" & add some flexibility to where each elevation is produced Here are our standard call out vs the generated marker
  13. An oldie but still required. As a job progresses through various stages we save a copy (CD, SD, DD, Permit, Construction, CA). The CA set can have dozens of Sheets, having folders in the Navigation Pallet would be very helpful.
  14. Matt, I gets that, I guess that why I think it may be an enhancement to Multi Viewports; i.e. offering one the capacity to rotate the view produced?
  15. I note when I move a Window or a door the Highlighted object is no longer highlighted when I Temporary Zoom (Z key) in on it. In most cases this isn't an issue, but sometimes it would be an advantage to continue to see the object highlighted when zoomed in.