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  1. Jim Smith

    Property Line Tool

    Thanks Valdo, but this tool just does not work for me. I had been using the tool more or less as you suggested in the past & really never been able to make it work. I've taken your suggestion & not imported the scaled PDF of the survey and after more than an hour my frustration is getting the better of me. The attached illustrates my frustration one may see that the tool is producing segments that have no basis in reality. The set of lines to the right is drawn on a blank file to illustrate the size of the anticipated property lines. The dopey thing on the left is what the property line tool is producing, and I think you can see that the line segment that's nowhere near correct. As you may also be able to see this segment says it's 179.33 M - but it ain't nearly that big. As I said in my first post & you can see from the screen grab I cannot get the tool to produce Azimuth that agrees with the survey call-outs. The tool doesn't work like surveyors work. The East & West survey lines are n7º 53'w but if the tool were to actually accept my inputs properly, to close the survey one would have to start introducing Azimuth that is the OPPOSITE of what is called out on the survey. Thanks for your help, but I'm going to just use lines & text and not waste my time on the tool.
  2. My workflow is to use the Quick Keys to Rotate an object. What happens in 2019 is the object does rotate, but the rotation on screen is not seen until one moves or nudges the object. The truly odd issue is if one rotates an object by selecting the same tool from the tool palette this behaviour does not happen. This is what I see when I use the Quick Key, I can see that the object has been rotated but it needs to be "nudged" for the rotation to "stick"
  3. Jim Smith

    Property Line Tool

    Thanks very much Vlado! I'll be trying this technique later today.
  4. One annoying thing that continues is rotated object don't "appear" to rotate until they are nudged or moved. Refreshing the screen by zooming in or out doesn't help. This can cause many mistakes if one forgets that VW actually did rotate the object, but the the rotation doesn't show up.
  5. Jim Smith

    Working with consultants using Archicad

    We are consulting remotely and have worked on fixing the model to get DD finished. Our participation was mostly due to staff turnover at our client's firm as they are in the midst of some internal changes. They have a relationship with a local firm they want to hand the project off to as the Architects of Record who can both work directly with the local authorities and supervise construction.
  6. Jim Smith

    Horizontal Section Questions

    With new tools come new challenges, & I'm prepared for some time to "hold my mouth in the right way" to get a new tool to do what I want it to do. Here are my questions about the Horizontal Section tool: -Where does the the section marker live? Once created, it vanishes & there isn't a button as with Vertical Sections to indicate where will be displayed. - I've noted some odd / unexpected behaviour in creating these, mostly the horizontal range, sometimes this is infinity sometimes it's 2 or 3 M does not seem to have a control for this. Sometimes a Crop will force this to work, other times, not so much. - Class visibility seems arbitrary, I have both manually and used the eye dropper to have Class visibility correct. Here is the Viewport I used to produce the visibility I want: (Section created in the design layer) Here is what I get: Note the random chairs are in the same furniture class as the other objects & the vertical height is set to infinity. Note that these chair symbols are also reading as black rather than grey. Doors are in the Sills Class, however note the door leaf is visible (the leaf seems to be in a class that's not listed anywhere nor is it visible called <door class> (WETF that is)
  7. Jim Smith

    Property Line Tool

    Thanks Vlado! As with anything in PDF I first open it in a blank file to workgroup into a template, so this is a my blank file with a couple of abandoned attempts. Please see the attached. Sheidan Whitby site.vwx
  8. Jim Smith

    Property Line Tool

    I avoid using this tool as it never really seems to work as advertised. Here's a screen grab to illustrate what I mean. (This is an imported PDF) Also why can't one use a square to indicate segment corners? Every survey I've ever seen uses this standard. I've tried creating these clockwise or counter clockwise but can't get the thing to agree with the survey info. One can see that the info from the editor calls out the property lines as North by East, but the resulting line is South by West. PS: I gave up that's why this example is a triangle but the dimensions on the top & sides are / should be accurate.
  9. Jim Smith

    Working with consultants using Archicad

    Thanks, I did see that when I did a search. In discussions yesterday I think our work flow will be that my client will Lock the 3D model & use it as a "dumb object" that can be used to look at some conditions and the construction documents will be exported from VW & developed in 2D in Archicad by the third from. Our firm will just prepare 2D details as required. Pity there doesn't seem to be a "3D" solution.
  10. Jim Smith

    Electrical & Plumbing going missing in symbols

    thanks a bunch Tim!
  11. We've worked with another firm on a project that for a number of reasons they are handing off to a 3rd firm. This 3rd firm are Archicad users & are telling my client that much of the project will have be be redrawn in Archicad. Understandably there is push back as this would be for the most part re-cutting the same grass & cost more fees. Also, as we've provided some work & know the project, we may be involved in helping produce permit & construction documents. I'd love to continue with the project but need a little advice on a few things: 1) I know from working with ACAD firms that sometimes it's better to start from (almost) scratch. Is this the case going from a VW project to an Archicad project? 2) How well does Archicad play with VW, in both directions? 3) IFC or DWG as the means to import/export? 4) Can things like walls, slabs, doors & other objects maintain there integrity or do they just become dumb lumps of line work? 5) Our VW standard is metric (but we do work in imperial as well) this project would be imperial exclusively; is this an issue for an Archicad user? 6)Lastly, are there any land mines to working on a project like this that I should be aware of? Thanks for any tips in advance
  12. Jim Smith

    Vectorworks to Archicad & vice-versa

    Have you had any experience with this since this post? Any tips?
  13. Jim Smith

    Electrical & Plumbing going missing in symbols

    Thanks Tim. The typical exam room layout has Plumbing, Electrical, & Furniture each in it's own class as required. The symbol is always customized in each layout to match the required space. I have sent copy of the electrical plans. What seems to be happening is that having had the computer shut down overnight, some of the visibility issues seem to have been resolved. TEST FILE.zip
  14. I would like to have these styles of Roofs as a type in VW. At the moment one must model this as even making this as a set of roof faces doesn't really work.
  15. Jim Smith

    Walls disappear in Renderworks

    Stuff just goes away. It's there, but stuff just goes away. Our digital seal for example, it does not show up except in a ghost image that flashes when one zooms in. It Prints, but it's not visible on the screen. Now some viewports just loosed their visibility & annotation layer. Is it gone? WTF knows! I really don't have the time to re-install the software & see if that helps. SP2 seems to have made things worse rather than better. Sigh


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