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  1. Agree 100% @Christiaan anything that's text related that should be placed on a Design Layer should be scaleable. Your thread is related to a wish list item I posted a few years back about Grid Bubbles.
  2. Jim Smith

    Message Centre Crashes VW

    @JuanP Thanks Juan!
  3. Jim Smith

    Message Centre Crashes VW

    @JuanP Thanks, I'm pretty sure the programme is frozen. Attached is a screen shot, the first time today was soon (less than an hour) after my morning restart. I just know not to use the icon, but sometimes forget.
  4. Jim Smith

    Message Centre Crashes VW

    See next post
  5. I'd like to be able to use Strikethrough font in VW especial in Worksheets.
  6. Jim Smith

    Message Centre Crashes VW

    Every time I choose the Message Icon, VW starts to open said dialogue box then promptly freezes. Anyone else get this issue?
  7. Hey @Jonathan Pickup So we now attempt to have as much notation as possible in the Annotation Layer. The only issue I see as a problem is if the door numbers are to be illustrated in another location, one must have to remember to transfer this information in Annotation Layer AND remember to copy the information if it is ever amended. For example today we have had to issue a Change Order that impacts three doors & these doors all show up on the main plan as well as individual details & elevations. If I use the Annotation Layer I'd have to add this copy & paste to 3 detail plans as well as my interior elevations. Or am I missing something?
  8. Jim Smith

    Exporting to SVG files

    Thanks for the update & tips on using this tool @Brian(J) @Claes Lundstrom !
  9. Jim Smith

    Issues with Wall Component Joining Issue

  10. Jim Smith

    Property Line

    Sorry to say but... The tool just does not really work vis a vis the way that I've read surveys for the past 30 years here in Canada. I've given up using the tool & just use lines with notes. Saves hours of work & bashing one's head on the desk.
  11. Jim Smith

    Issues with Wall Component Joining Issue

    Thanks Adam, Please see the attached Waterdown 3.vwx
  12. Since the latest SP I'm having even more issues with Wall Joins not working properly. Is this a bug or an "improvement "? Here's just one example.
  13. Jim Smith

    Phillips Head Fasteners ?

    How about the best fastener option the Roberson or Square Head?
  14. Jim Smith

    Custom Elevation Tags

    I do sometimes use the US style Elevation Tag but wonder if there might be a way to customize these things so I can get something like the attached as it is a pretty common way of indicating Elevation in Canada.
  15. Jim Smith

    Dual Dimension Scale bar?

    @RGyori I've run into the same problem, but the other way round. The work-a-round I found was to open a blank working file with Imperial units (I think in your case you would open a Metric file), create a scale bar, Ungroup the scale bar then save the resulting objects as a symbol then import the symbol into my document. Not elegant, but it works.


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