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  1. Jim Smith

    Table of Contents

    Thanks, I note that I used one as an example that really fit the bill of "Quick & Dirty" as the city asked us to include an additional Title page for Zoning so our standard numbering structure got all messed up. ūüôÉ
  2. Jim Smith

    Combine 2 Files

    In the meantime, if one could use the Eye Dropper tool between files, this would go a long way in making combining files less of a pain.
  3. Jim Smith

    Table of Contents

    While I agree, this would be useful, we use a Quick & Dirty technique.Open the Navigation Pallet & highlighting the sheets to print then use the GRAB tool & place this on the cover sheet as an imported Image. Not elegant, but it saves hours.
  4. Client's IMHO can get grumpy if they think they can't change stuff. So we often share the first couple of iterations of SD (especially floor plans) using a Foreground Sketch for that very reason. That said, it would be nice to have some of this candy to play with.
  5. I should think you've hit the nail on the head. Perhaps a Tool similar to the way the Section Tool is visible in 2D, but with a 3D widget that allows one to view the Grid & Label in 3D.
  6. Jim Smith

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    For the longest time Mac OS was using 1960's TV references for the names of their OS. Mojave was the cleanest break with that, & in MHO has been fraught with issues. I would respectfully submit this 1960's TV reference as a name :
  7. Jim Smith

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    - Walls that can be seen in 2D but vanish is 3D (both Hidden Line & Open GL) replacing the walls did fix the problem - Imported PDF's that can be seen in some Viewports but not in others (Works flawlessly in VW 2018) - Crashes in some files so frequently I now save every 30 seconds or so - Imported Image files (eg our digital stamp) that sometimes shows up on the screen & sometimes does not. This is a pain as up until 2019 the default is to have the Stamp grey until the project goes for Permit, but if you can't see the Stamp, inadvertently check sets have been printed with the Seal active, as it's not visible on the screen, well, hilarity ensues
  8. Jim Smith

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    @Neil Barman Not as of yet. I'm going to try a reinstall this weekend to see if that helps. In the meantime I've got to get stuff out the door so I'm doing everything in VW 2018.
  9. Jim Smith

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    An update on this issues: less than an hour & I put together a file in 2018 that took me all day to not do in 2019. Not at all pleased.
  10. Jim Smith

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    I'm really attempting to be restrained here, but I have spend days on different files that keep just being corrupted in some way shape or form and it is not funny! Today I spent the WHOLE DAY attempting to prepare very simple documents and have nothing to show for my efforts. Issue today is imported PDF's cannot or will not show up in Viewports when new Viewports are created to display other PDF's. I've tried giving them either different Layers, or Classes or both to no avail. I have several iterations in new containers. This was a one hour exercise in days of yore; today with no product to show for it, has been a 14 hour day. This version of VW is THE ...... worst since I started using the programme as Mini Cad 3. I really don't know what to do next, and this is not hyperbole. I really don't think that what I have on my machine is worth anything. EVERY File has outrageous flaws & errors it does not matter if this is a file made from our Template that's got legacy items on it or if it's a "clean container" new file. To whom do I send my invoice? It won't be insignificant !
  11. Jim Smith

    Change a viewport's layer option

    One has a choice of Layer Options such as Grey Others or Show, Snap, Modify etc. It seems that if one establishes a Viewport with, for example, Show Others as the Layer Option Choice. As far as I can tell, One may either: 1) Override this temporarily when one enters the viewport or 2) Establish a new Viewport with the a new Layer Option choice if one wants this change to be permanent. So if this is how the programme is designed to work I'll file a wish list item.
  12. Jim Smith

    Change a viewport's layer option

    Short of making a new Viewport how does one Change a viewport's layer option? PS, I know that one may change this temporarily, but I want to make the change permanently
  13. Jim Smith

    Laser Measures

    @RussU That's the one I used & didn't find it was ready for prime time. To be fair that was 3 or 4 years back.
  14. Jim Smith

    Laser Measures

    @RussU @David S Thanks, I will give JimW's video a look
  15. Jim Smith

    Laser Measures

    I've used laser measures & they are ok but I still prefer to carry 3 Tape measures with me in the car (5M, 25 feet, & 30M). I have also tried using several of the apps for iPhones but from what I've seen they aren't ready for primetime yet. On Friday I was on my own having to do a site measure & it took me far longer than I thought it should. So on the way back I was wondering if there was a device or an app out there that VW users have used that not only takes a measure but one that produces a rough floor plan?


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