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  1. I'm sure this can't be the case, but for the life of me I can't find a style for a pretty standard Roof Style... you know, like a stick built home with Asphalt Shingles, Plywood, 2x8 or 2x10? I've been able to edit slabs to they ACTUALLY are the correct assembly on commercial building, but for some reason I don't see anything resembling a standard roof. Am I just not looking the right hidden cupboard?
  2. I have a file where a Roof Object that appears in my Viewports, but does not show up in Design Layers. I suspect that this is a case of evil baked in Auto Classes not being "seen" by the Navigation palette (or anything else for that matter). Any tips? (PS I have done all the usual tricks like turning ALL Classes on in the VP's OIP - all to NFG) UPDATE- So upon moving the walls to a new Design Layer / Creating a new Viewport with that Layer active / the Roof is now visible in the old VP AND the Design Layer WEIRD!
  3. I would like the Polygon From Walls tool to do one of two things; either: A) Tell me that the selected walls will not make a polygon prior to the tool making a polygon or B) If I the walls selected don't create a polygon, at least keep the walls selected, selected so I can find the wall (s) I've missed
  4. Do you have an example of how you like this to look you could post?
  5. That's a good idea!
  6. I would like to be able to convert a four sided polygon into a rectangle or allow the Even Divide command to work with a four sided Polygon.
  7. Creating a Polygon using the Polygon tool should have a kill switch. While this is a great feature the way it operates seems to behave only to rules know to the tool itself and never shared with we poor mortals who use it. As a result, from time to time, despite careful use, the paint bucket seems to think I'd like the entire Universe filled with lilac floor tiles or whatever it is I've got active. Result is BBSD (Beach Ball of Spinning Death) forcing one to Force Quit & Restart. Otherwise, perhaps the tool's parameter could be altered to only fill say, a square kilometre at a time?
  8. Update on the post above. Time to restart after force quit : 1:01.90 - this after hung up with BBSD (beach ball of spinning death) for several minutes BTW - there should be a way to kill the paint bucket mode of create Polygon, this tool, while helpful seems to have rules know only to the gods - adding that to a wish list now.
  9. I find this very frustrating, I too see this when the computron is restarted to get my day started & VW2018 takes 4-ever. As per my routine I also close the programme at lunch & restart VW (without restarting my the computron) with a couple of other programmes open VW clocked at 54.24 seconds to open. For a larff I restarted two more times without other programmes running: 52.14 & 52.19 seconds... Frankly my experience in starting VW seems to be getting slower rather than faster since SP1 & OS 10.13.1 - but that may be a causal connection on my part.
  10. When one changed a wall type back about VW12 or 14 one could use a quick key to set the position of the replacement wall. For the last few iterations, this ability has disappeared, we can still do this for other tools, PIO's & commands, but not the wall tool. May we have this back please, having to mouse over when updating walls is a pain in the poutine. As for a wish: We sometimes have older buildings we need as builts for. These building will often have a dozen or more existing wall thickness. My workflow is to start with one wall say 102mm then as I need a new size duplicate the wall, rename it, & then edit the wall. I would like to be able to duplicate the wall & have the choice between RENAME WALL & EDIT NEW WALL. This would speed up the process of creating new walls immensely.
  11. We often have one or more Context Sheets that have imported image. Our work-a-round it to print to PDF the whole set then print these Sheets sets separately. Having the ability to set some sheets differently would be a help.
  12. The improvements to the Resource Manager are steps in the right direction; adding Resource folders is particularly welcome . Here are a couple of improvements I'd like to see: 1) I would like to have the choice to View Resources expanded from ALL or just one. Think of it as similar to the OIP, one can turn on whatever Layer or Class one want's to view. I'd like to be able to do the same thing with the Resource Manager to turn say Line Types & Hatches on but nothing else. 2) When multiple Resources are turned on, I'd like to be able to choose Alpha sort (as is the case now) or By Resource type
  13. I'll look for that wish & like it. It just seems like how one would organize stuff, but I'm not an engineer for a reason. \
  14. I saw that very thing today where a file had an imported DWG file's layer imported. The text was like 10 parsecs long.