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  1. You're welcome, hope it works for you, we found it was a time saver all round.
  2. Jim Smith

    GRID .... Struggling to get any sort of grid to work.

    There is another recent post on this topic, but I couldn't find it right off the bat. For many reasons I had a manufacture who required drawing to be drawn at 1:1 as it made exporting to his CAM process easier & importing ACAD took less mental juggling. As we produced a large number of 3D symbols for his operation, I found that 1:1 scale drawing in VW made the files marginally larger files but more importantly the files on his system, running a more robust (at the time) Mac Pro was perceptibly slower. So as Zoomer & Markdd have said plan to set your Layer Scale at what you think the Majority of your Output scale will be. So If you are planning at output at 1:5000 draw at 1:5000. If on the other hand you may have one plan at 1:5000 but the majority of your plans at 1:100 you may want to draw at 1:100 or even split the difference & draw at 1:500 and customize your lines & hatches of each viewport in the OIP. As the others have said, once you "get" how Layers & their scale works in VW it will go a long way in understanding the fundamental difference between the two pieces of software.
  3. That's essentially it, & we only really do this for Larger projects. There are 2 Classes for Grid Lines (Grid/Line/Plan & Grid/Line/Elev). For a garden centre project we did last year I also had Sets of Grid Bubbles that were in classes called: GRID/ID/PLAN/1:500 (& /1:100, 1:50, 1:20, 1:10 as well as sets of classed for Elevations). The reason was each of these grid bubbles are scaled so they look correct at the relevant scale. This didn't work too badly but we still needed to add additional viewports for details as the Grid Bubbles were often too far from the detail.
  4. Jim Smith

    Objects from walls - a Bug?

    I use the Create Polygons from walls a great deal, but found a frustrating thing that I think is a Bug. I select the walls I want to create polygons from & I kept getting an error message telling me the walls don't create an enclosed space. Several times I ensured the walls were in fact joined & kept getting the same error message. That is until I rotated the design layer to its original rotation (to fit on a sheet it's rotated 90º) & BINGO! it works! So is this a bug or a "feature"?
  5. Jim Smith

    cable fence for decking

    Sorry my comment is in regards to The Ontario Building Code (OBC 2015) here in Canada that does not allow for this kind of railing system. I have seen it in use throughout American states.
  6. Jim Smith

    Surface-Sliding Door

    ahhh! I wish I had seen this 2 weeks ago! My solution was two parts, a Cased Opening Door with a Symbol of the track door that doesn't cut the wall. This is so much more elegant a solution.
  7. Jim Smith

    cable fence for decking

    You should be able to do this using the settings button. (BTW, Our code does not allow this style of railing)
  8. Jim Smith

    Cut Plane Design Layers

    This really should be fixed I don't how many hours we spend blobbing paint buckets full of fill to cover door openings for Reflected Ceiling Plans in the Annotation Layer. Even when we don't complete the RCP until near the end, there are ALWAYS changes & if we miss something on the Annotation Layer we look foolish if we miss it as a random polygon or 3. Even if we could just choose between 2 or 3 standard heights say 1220 (4') & 2285 (7'-6") to start with, that would save HOURS.
  9. For some reason many items, Door & Window objects especial, seem to be more "STICKY" than they were in past interactions of VW. This is very time consuming when numbering doors or windows as one must click several time on a blank part of a floor plan to release the door then select another door repeating this just to renumber doors. It seems the X key used to release an object now I often make a mistake with numbering as I think I've released an object only to find I've renumbered an already renumbered door. To quote the old song That ol dark rum: "I feel I've got a dog wrapped round my leg! "
  10. I love how walls that have constrained dimension may be altered by altering the Dim's value. Another big help would be to be able to adjust a walls length relative to other objects. Imagine it being similar to the way a door or window may be moved with the SET POSITION button.
  11. Jim Smith

    To full scale or not to full scale?

    I would say this is one of the great things about VW there isn't "ONE WAY" to do things. I had a client who was in manufacturing & imported a lot of ACAD files to fit his stainless steel features into. He needed to not only share shop drawings with his client, but also to export files to his CAM system. As a result his Design Layers were all 1:1 but we were able to produce details at 1:10 and drawings at 1:25 or 1:50 and CAM files liked the 1:1. This simplified the import of ACad drawings. Having the ability to customize the viewport's line weight scale allowed us to produce not bad looking drawings none the less. Not ideal, & generally as Neil suggest, Layer Scale is generally at what our output is on all other projects.
  12. I thought I had wish listed this some time ago. Anywho you're 100% correct in your suggestions. Here in Canada the AODA (2005!) has made L shaped Grab Bars mandatory. I add a circle to the plan & I have a symbol that I use for the elevation details so I only rely on the PIO for the plan.
  13. Jim Smith

    scale lineweights

    As Robert says part of this is understanding the advantage of VW's "Layer Scale" and using Scaling in individual viewports that makes VW very, very flexible. From the coaching I've done for new users it's mostly a question of "Time On Tools" to understand the advantages and different approach of this software over others. No two softwares accomplish the same task the same way. That's why a LA I know continues to use Illustrator rather than ACad; however having seen what we can do she is interested in trying VW. To put it another way, so called "Scaled Line Weight" imported from ACad users drives me nuts. So it really depends on your point of view & expectations.
  14. Jim Smith

    Change font in entire file

    Yeah, that would be helpful as well. Perhaps a choice something like three Radio Buttons that one chooses to: 1) Include / Exempt : Title Blocks 2) Include / Exempt : Symbols 3) Include / Exempt : Worksheets
  15. This happens from time to time where a consultant doesn't feel there's a need to adhere to a graphic standard as it relates to fonts. I'm not pointing any fingers at my friends with iron rings, but.... Anywho is it possible that a file could be mandated to just have one font? As our standard is to have 90% of text in the Annotation Layer, it means someone (me generally) has to open many viewports & select all change fonts to what they should be. It would be great if I could have a preference to mandate fonts on one.