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  1. Jim Smith

    VW to virtual reality?

    Perhaps some of this is related?
  2. Jim Smith

    Is cardboard still a thing?

    So we can get 3D images and models so if one sits in our office & looks at the model all is great. What I'd like to be able to do is have a public meeting where I can say "here are a bunch of cardboard viewer. Go to this website & download the app. Put your phone in the viewer & take a look at our great project. I think Nomad can do some of this but does this really work and can one moderate at the same time?
  3. A follow-up on this thread. Please make the Door & Window ID's less fussy/constrained/sticky. It seems that I must ZOOM in to almost fill my screen with the ID tag sometimes to shift the Tag without moving the Door attached to it. Combined with the fact that in order to change the Numbering of a set of doors takes at least four clicks to change one number per door, makes a simple mindless operation take many times longer than it rightly should.
  4. Jim Smith

    Is cardboard still a thing?

    @barkest @Alan Woodwell Thanks!
  5. I don't want to take a position in public that I can't support however; I'm not finding much on the Cardboard issue vis a vis VW & would like to know more. It seems that after the Design Summit in 2016 & the cool Cardboard viewers that were handed out, this might be a way forward for sharing a cheep immersive bit to tech for things like public meetings. We are in the earl stages of a public meeting planning & I would really like to explore this to a more fulsome outcome. I just can't find the kind of documentation and pathway that I can sell to the principals & clients. I feel that by using immersive technology we can cut the knees out of a lot of NIMBY BS by showing how designs can work in a positive way for a community. I'm just not seeing the links, so I may be not looking in the right places. My question is: " Is Cardboard a thing or is this a tech dead end?" Any advise?
  6. Funny story. We have friends in Manchester (UK) who when visiting here in Canada a few years back said they were excited about a new job & moving to a new home in Didsbury. As this is also the name of a small rural town in Alberta where my mother in law is from, total confusion reigned until we were all on the same page as to which Didsbury was being referenced. Hey, we're not far from all the hot spots!
  7. Jim Smith

    Flag at Rest

    I wonder if you might try one of the Vexillogial sites out there such as http://nava.org there maybe some links or a message board you can find through these folks. I try to avoid these as I can waste HOURS looking at this stuff!
  8. ohhhh, THAT LONDON, not London Ontario! 😜
  9. Jim Smith

    Flag at Rest

    Rather than model it, would an image prop not work best?
  10. Jim Smith

    Nudging should be single operation

    This also happen when one "undoes" several operations.
  11. I'd really like this to be take seriously by the good folks at VW. If we had one tool that we could either convert 3D polys to or, just draw in 3D or Plan or elevation or whatever it would make drawing so much more efficient and versatile.
  12. Jim Smith

    Gambrel Roof question

    I think the Roof tool needs a little work. It works ok but in the issue of Dormers and Gambrel roofs it's sorely lacking. I get that we have two kinds of Roofs to add some flexibility but here's my issue. To cut a dormer I have to model this rather than use a Roof or a Roof Face. See the attached: If I cut a Roof Face to add a dormer and join it to another roof face only one side is joined Works if I don't cut the roof face. So I have to turn this into a solid and clip. So now if I cut a section, I have to spend time in Annotations fiddling around with fills and junk. In other words BAD DRAFTING! And as my Drafting teacher drummed into my head years ago: "Bad Drafting will always screw things up" But she used more colourful language.
  13. - Allow the arrowheads to match all custom arrowheads in document (Right now they are fat and chunky - Allow this Dimension tool to work like other Dimension tools; ie. change the style after creation (from outside to inside, Diameter to Radius etc.) - Make the leader line more flexible & editable once created
  14. Oh, if you're at it, can you make a description of how dormers actually work? The edit element dialogue box is fun to waste an afternoon on, but doesn't really have a clear function in the real world.
  15. Ok, I give up. I've decided to model my Gambrel Roof rather than try to use Roof Objects or Roof Faces, it's far too much lost time attempting to get my eyebrows right for the web cam to pick up how I'm holding them. In the meantime perhaps a how to video would be nice for the next project that needs one.