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  1. Jim Smith

    sliding glass door not showing up in plan view

    @zoomer So can you edit the symbol to add a 2D element after import?
  2. Jim Smith

    sliding glass door not showing up in plan view

    @minotto Did you get this solved? If not perhaps this is a Class issue, I know my doors are often auto classed into the Sills Class.
  3. Jim Smith

    Multi Floor Buildings

    @zoomer I'm curious if one were to use a Symbol for each floor then explode each Symbol on each floor would the Storey then recognize the walls that now were no longer part of a Symbol? If this were the case, then one could copy the Symbols to each floor, then explode each symbol, to use the storey function. If this works, I'd add a "nested" symbol that would be used and as an outline of each room (say in red) & keep using one floor as a typical floor plan's "parent" symbol until near completion to adjust the rooms as required. One could then add the completed floor plan to the room outline symbol & then explode all the floor symbols again to have the storey function populate. Finally delete the red floor outline symbol from the file. Might work?
  4. Jim Smith

    Ghost Images

    I'm now seeing "Ghost Images" as I scroll. I have no idea how to even clearly describe what I'm seeing. A restart fixes the issue for about an hour or two. A system restart lasts a little longer. Anyone else? Any tips?
  5. Jim Smith

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    I'm seeing the same thing. A restart does resolve the issue. I'm also getting an new buggy thing where the "make all attributes by class" will not work, nor will the eye dropper, or the magic wand. A restart solves the issue, but as a fix this ain't a fix if I'm having to restart at odd intervals. Also by "restart" I mean shut the computron down & restart the whole magilla. (This is take 10-15 minutes BTW) The SP does not fix the "rotated not rotated" ghost image issue where an object that's rotated does not appear to be rotated, but has to me nudged to magically reappear. Sorry @RussU , I kinda walked all over your issue.
  6. @Jim Wilson @Rob Books Thanks for solving the riddle. I knew the 2015 file was a 2015 file as it had the date in the title & I must have seen that in the Text file
  7. @Kevin McAllister @zoomer I just tried a know VW 2015 file & text editor does work, so thanks that's an ok work-a-round in the meantime Update: Opening a VW 2019 file identifies it as VW24 ? ūüėź
  8. Our rule is once a project is out of SD unless there's a good reason, the project is completed in the iteration of VW it was created in. What that iteration is, isn't always obvious. Other than guess, is there not some way that when one uses the "get info" command that the iteration of VW can be shown? Even if one opens try a cold open of the file, can VW not tell me "hey this is a VW 2016 file, do you want to continue?" rather than just telling me what I know, that this isn't a VW2019 file.
  9. Jim Smith

    Overdue Kudos

    Far too often I know that I use this forum as a BMW* sounding board & don't offer Kudos when due. So here goes: The set position command on the OIP (8-10 years old?) is a great time saver. I spent some time today changing some windows & doors on a project. By using the copy & past of existing measurement to quickly find & make the values on either side of a window equal eg: (325 + 455)/2 I was able to accomplish the task a lot faster than I thought going in. So thanks for that VW! * B____ Moan & Whine
  10. Jim Smith

    How to Move Walls.

    Hey @Jonathan Pickup ! I alway just select the wall & choose to Move (Command M) then type in the amount to move the wall by. The other thing that (mostly) works for me is if I have constrained Dimensions (as I often do) I find it super easy (mostly) to edit the values of the chain dimensions & it works really well. We have finished a couple of Dr Offices & the client is often changing the size of the exam rooms (even after construction has started) and using constrained dims makes this pretty bullet proof (as long as you check for PEBDAK's*) * Problem Exists Between Desk And Keyboard
  11. Jim Smith

    stair tool

    All the stair tools to date remind me of the line from Dante's Inferno often shortened to L.O.S. : "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate"
  12. Jim Smith

    Cant open a file

    Have you just tried to open or have you Batch Converted the file?
  13. Jim Smith


    While this is an improvement, I recently found one of my old Drafting workbooks (from the 1980's!). In it I found examples of me practicing break lines & not to be too immodest they are works of art compared to the very mechanical looking lumps we get stuck with using. So I've made a couple of symbols that I now scale based on my student sketches. Still not as nice, but gives me a little more pride in the look of my details
  14. Jim Smith

    Break line trim

    Yeah, this comes up every so often; as I remeber I was reminded of when I posted this about VW 2014 or so.
  15. Jim Smith

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Here you go @dtheory Cheetah Puma (Pete Puma) Jaguar (with John Steed of the Avengers ) Panther Tiger, Tony the Tiger Leopard (Za Za Gabor) Lion (Snagle Puss the cowardly lion) Maverick Yosemite (Sam) El Capitan ( Zoro's foil, pun intended) High Sierra


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