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  1. I may be old & too tied to VW, but I find the whole SU interface to be mindnumpingly counter intuitive. I have never been able to really get the hang of it. I know one needs "time on tools" & lots of folks love it, but I just find it so frustrating to use.
  2. Thanks Jonathan, BTW, missed you at the VW Design Summit
  3. I'll echo @Archidoc's sentiment as well!
  4. Very good event this year! Congrats to the entire team of folks who put the summit on. Not only is it worthwhile to get the up to date info on how VW has improved, but it's really great to meet other users in other fields.
  5. I generally default to doing this in the Annotation Layer.
  6. I think I know the answer is "sort of". Can data be shared between worksheets in the same file? The only way I can see doing this is to copy the formula from one to the other Worksheet. I would like to be able to take the SUM from one Worksheet & use it in another worksheet. Is there some way to reference the data from the cell of one worksheet into another?
  7. I ran into a situation again today where having the ability to "Lock" an object but allow for it to move around the drawing would have been a very useful tool.
  8. I was about to ask this question. Jim says that one may change this, but I don't think one may change the SIZE or STYLE of the 3D Hinger Direction Marker. This is an issue on large Elevations. I'd like to be able to change the SIZE or STYLE of the 3D Hinger Direction Marker for all windows.
  9. While this may be an option for some design software, this is not the case for many Vectorworks users as most of our work is B&W. Having colours in the interface allows one to quickly focus & separate tools, resources & functions when working in a B&W world. From my perceptive I would like the opposite choice; i.e. to highlight certain resources, tools, and functions in the colour of my choosing. So if one had the ability to set the colours of stuff this would also serve your POV as one could turn everything bland or day glow as the sprit moves the user.
  10. Andy: I have all imported classes from DWG so they have the suffix: "IMPORTED" I find that a big help especially with Imported Surveys & Site Servicing Plans, I also add a suffix to the IMPORT such as IMPORT-S for Structure, IMPORT-SS for Site Service & IMPORT-SRY for Survey. Do you ever find that useful?
  11. Right, but that's my point this is a two step process. Either Selecting the walls & creating polygons or with the paint bucket you are creating Polygons from walls. Then you are producing Objects from Shapes. I want to go directly from walls to Objects & skip the middle step. Here's what you get when you select the walls & want to make a Ceiling Grid:
  12. I'm surprised that I can't find a thread for this. Presently to create say a reflected ceiling plan from Walls one must choose the walls, the Create a Polygons from the Walls, then with these Polygons chosen Create Objects from Polygons. Don't get me wrong, this extra process can be a helper, but generally this is an extra step. My Wish is to skip the intermediate step of having to create a polygon(s) & go directly from Walls to Creating Objects.
  13. You are welcome!
  14. There are some baked brick hatches, but I don't know of one with the mortar joint width illustrated, you may want to check the interweb as I find most ACAD hatches import pretty good. Do you use the Attribute Mapping Tool? It allows one to resize an existing hatch & to save the amended hatch as a new hatch. I use this often as it's lot more easy than the mental gymnastics required to make a new hatch.
  15. Not sure what you're asking. If you mean issue dates, our Title block has a list of dates & issues as per the attached. It can get full if one has a lot of consultation as you can see from the attached. "DATE" next to the project number refers to the date the Set was created. (The project was started in 2014, but was revised, so rather than create a new project number, we started a Revised set in 2016) As this was a revised project that had been issued for permit, all the Drawing numbers had an R following to keep them straight. As well as a Date Printed label.