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  1. just updated to service pack 4 and now some things aren't displaying properly, for example hidden line rendering, Laubwerk trees disappear when editing! also VW crashing after editing texture beds
  2. Am i missing something, door opening seems to be the problem window openings are OK lines missing.pdf
  3. is there VW an addon for vehicle turning circles?
  4. that may be a problem as its a very big file 232,976KB also I have a very slow internet connection 😒 just tried again and it seems to work on the existing contours if I delete them totally and some parts of the proposed but if I just change a position of a contour the alterations get ignored!
  5. am I missing something, when I edit proposed contours nothing happens, the alterations I made are ignored when I exit proposed site contours.
  6. I'm using VW2023 SP1 there doesn't seem to be a crash log, I had to use the task manager to end process, I've had to do this on quite a few occasions
  7. another thing that annoys me is why change things that work for example the attributes palette, now when I select make all attributes by class I get arrow heads appearing, I now have to go and select none in the arrow drop down menu. This wasn't a problem in version 2020 also why shove the snaps palette down in the bottom righthand corner. The new section and elevation markers have become over complicated, why!
  8. VW just totally crashed while trying to zoom out in a sheet layer, why is it that whenever a new version of VW comes out there are so many bugs, I'm sick of being one of the many guinea pigs that are used to test new versions of VW which none of us have signed up for.
  9. in viewport annotation when I when I autofill a shape using the 2D polygon tool the stake objects are picked up even though they are not displayed in the viewport, another glitch?
  10. why is it so complicated to edit the section elevation line what was wrong with the old way, please dont make things complicated just for the sake of it 😒😒
  11. Is there an easy way to update aligned site modifiers, its a pain having to select them and re-align them individually
  12. beanus

    stair tool

    thank you so much for that, I've been struggling with the new stair tool for a long time
  13. you can add a vertex when you edit the surface of the site model but can you delete a vertex?
  14. beanus

    stair tool

    still can't make the new stair tool give me the result I've shown below, had to revert to the custom stair tool (easy and simple to use). Is this layout possible in the new stair tool?
  15. beanus


    how do you remove a swale/berm if it's in the incorrect position
  16. do you still need to add a texture bed to site modifiers or do the modifiers display the texture directly?
  17. what's happened to the drawing label tool, its become complicated what was wrong with the way it used to work, this tool did not need updated it worked fine as it was, spend time on more important things 😒
  18. is it possible to get the snap palette back as it was in version 2020, putting it down in the bottom right corner is a bit inconvenient, is it possible to move it?
  19. can't get version 2023 evaluation to open? the initial screen appears and then closes and that's it!
  20. Hi, I'm looking to buy a suitable laptop to run Vectorworks Architect 2020 can anyone make any recommendations?
  21. I know this topic has been discussed before but I can't find it. I'm getting these diagonal lines appearing when I zoom in, this has only started since updating the Nvidia graphics driver, anyone else getting this and is there a solution?
  22. I've referenced a file which is a house but the roof objects dont show in 3d, they show in top plan though. I've had this happen previously but the problem went but now its back again, anyone have a solution?
  23. is windoor available for vectorworks2020?
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