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  1. is windoor available for vectorworks2020?
  2. beanus

    callout tool

    just another thought, is not possible to make a tool that runs a macro that changes the current class to "notes" and then runs the callout tool?
  3. beanus

    callout tool

    Thanks to you both, I'll give both a try and see how it goes.
  4. beanus

    callout tool

    is it possible to create a script so that when I use the callout tool it's automatically inserted into a class called "notes" if so can someone do this for me, I've tried looking at the Marionette tool just can't get my head around the way it works. 😱
  5. can't seem to save palette positions again, annoying, this problem seems to come and go, anyone any ideas?
  6. I can't seem to be able to snap to symbols I've created myself, is there some setting I've missed?
  7. is it possible to have spot heights (levels) in meters and dimensions in mm in the same drawing?
  8. beanus


    I used to be able to create a wall report which showed the individual element areas but I can't remember how I did this now, can anyone help my failing memory, I think my one bran cell has abandoned ship!!!
  9. there's a free 2d cad package called libreCAD this does tangents circles to circles very easily, can then be imported to Vectorworks. Vectorworks has never been that good a drawing tangents
  10. anyone else having problems with callout tool, the callout shows up in a completely different place than position by mouse. The blue selection squares are showing in a different position than the callout and very large.
  11. still can't get the object info palette to stay the size I leave it when I close and then open VW
  12. How's version 2020 behaving are there still problems, is it worth me downloading and using it yet or should I wait until bugs are ironed out?
  13. yep totally agree, after the fiasco of problems with version 2019 I've decided not to download version 2020 until version 2021 comes out the problems should have been sorted by then. It seems we have all become Beta testers so Vectorworks don't have to spend time and money sorting problems out before releasing the new version.
  14. I think I'll wait to download the 2020 version, 2019 was very unstable will 2020 be the same. I agree the stair tool is not flexible I tend to used a combination of the "custom stair" and "simple stair" tools to model my own, in fact the custom stair tool is more user friendly its a shame a revamp of the stair tool wasn't done.
  15. Thanks Paulo, I always thought the better the Graphics card the quicker the Final quality rendering would be, never mind I'll have to save up for a faster CPU.
  16. Hi Paulo, just been rendering a drawing in the design layers and it still seems like the graphics card still does very little its still the CPU thats doing all the work, have I missed a setting somewhere, also my motherboard has a built in graphics card but this doesn't show up in the device manager or in Nvidia manager, should I see both graphics cards. I have a laptop with an Nvidia graphics card and an inbuilt one and these show upon the device manager and Nvidia manager. Regards
  17. Hi Paulo, I've set the graphic card settings to what you suggest but doesn't seem to make much of a difference, in fact when rendering views in sheet layers the graphics card doesn't seem to be doing a lot, its the CPU and RAM that's doing all the work, any other suggestions? I have installed the latest update, computer spec below.
  18. this is another problem I get when an item is selected the object info palette show no selection, switching between sheet layers seems to fix the problem
  19. Hi Paulo, will these settings apply to a Nvidia Quadro K1200, my PC has only the one graphics card.
  20. I tried Good Performance and Compatibility and Vectorworks became very slow so back to best performance, haven't noticed display not refreshing yet, it seemed to happen when I've been working on a drawing for a while.
  21. I've got it set to "best performance"
  22. Is anyone else getting a problem with the drawing not refreshing to show what you've just drawn, for example when I draw a new wall it doesn't appear until i zoom in or out
  23. I've just started a new drawing in version 2019, it consists of two design layers with 14 simple walls on each layer and already there's problems and as for changing views the refresh rate its so slow. I've loaded the drawing into version 2018 and everything is instant when changing from plan view to isometric view. Version 2019 is f******g useless, thank god I'm retiring this year VW is wasting too much of my time. I too am sick and tired of VW using us paying customers as beta testers. PS sorry for the inferred swear word but that's how I feel.
  24. the files I was working on were all created in version 2019, I was only changing the reference to load a different drawing also created in version 2019.
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