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  1. Dang, I haven't tried Viewer for couple of years and it's still not great for clients and consultants to use to get a good idea of the spaces I've designed. Was hoping this would be fixed. Is there something in pipeline? Measuring works well - it's a tantalising taste of a future where builders build from models, not drawings. Specifically: Textures need to be enabled - without them the building model becomes too abstract for lots of people who aren't building designers to understand Visualisation - lights need to be enabled (eg: for looking at how sunny or shady a space might be throughout the year). Navigation - users need to be able to at least turn layers and classes on and off. VW, please make this work better for users!
  2. Sadly yes, but thank you for the suggestion!
  3. Hi, does anyone have this issue with stairs in 2020? I can't seem to find right things to turn off these overhanging lines at the top of my stairs (see inside green scribble). I've played with graphic settings to no avail. They are now in all my stairs. They weren't there in 2019.
  4. Thank you! Good to know it won't corrupt my whole file! New stair extra whinge (user feedback) - in case VW is reading this: I want to be able to make 1 tread stairs (eg: for a floor level change) for starters. It's really annoying that you can't mass edit the graphic attributes, and that you can't mass open and close the sub-attributes - it should work like classes. It would be good to know an intended timeline for the overhaul of this awkward tool...
  5. I miss the flexibility of the old stair tool. It's crazy that the current stair tool makes fewer stair configurations than the old one. When will this be fixed, I wonder?
  6. I have to send comprehensible 2D DWG files of my BIM projects to most of my consultants. (And probably will continue to do so for the next 10 years or so until everyone is sending IFCs - also it's really useful to look and think in 2D sometimes) In my sheets, I use Layer and Class Overrides quite a lot to change hatches from "section" hatches to "surface" hatches depending on the drawing view. Ideally I'd send a DWG version of my published PDFs. The closet thing I can find in VW is exporting selected sheets using "Export Viewports as 2D graphics in Model space". Unfortunately according to the export warning notification, class and layer overrides are NOT exported. WISH 1 CLASS AND LAYER OVERRIDES CAN BE EXPORTED WITH DWG SHEET EXPORTS. to export the right hatches and layer order so my consultants can get a clean 2D file of each of my Viewports. WISH 2 ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF VIEWPORT CROP IS NOT EXPORTED. Ideally, this would be the default option - gives more comprehensible files and saves me from sending any "notes to self" ("fix this!!!!") in my Design Layers. WISH 3 IMPROVE LAYER NOMENCLATURE Also, I don't have ACAD to check this, so I can only go by importing DWGs back into VW, but would also be great if each layer crop took its name from the original VW layer name. Eg: "ARC-0F ROOFING" instead of "_Layer_Crop-10". Maybe this happens already? Here's hoping these wishlist items aren't judged as redundant and too hard to fulfil!?!
  7. Add to that: - MASS SELECT AND EDIT WINDOOR SETTINGS (especially classes) - rather than one at a time.
  8. Woah, the Dutch versions looks amazing! The Australian version has WinDoor by OzCAD (maybe that's standard?), which has lots of options but is becoming quite arduous to use. As it has developed, it's become maze-like and overloaded with lists inside lists inside lists. It can take a while to navigate a pathway through these to make a WinDoor object do what you want it to do. I find WinDoor a bit temperamental, too: - You can't seem to select all your windows and edit their settings (eg: classes) all together, but have to do it window at a time, or else go via the rather cumbersome "copy and apply" dialogue box. - They're not very stable (for me), but give themselves new classes rather a lot, and other new settings such as id symbols sometimes, which makes for tedious reassigning of these. - If I edit or delete an unwanted WD class, the redundant class seems to keep reappearing and popping up in random WinDoor objects. Some features I really appreciate are: - Level of of class control - good 2D and 3D representation - editing some schedule info from inside Schedule Worksheet This aside, some of my WinDoor design wishlist items are: - EDIT WINDOOR ID FROM ANNOTATION (numbers, position) from inside a viewport annotation (like section markers) so I can see how they sit in relation to my notes and dimensions. - EDIT WINDOOR ID NUMBER AND CLASSES FROM OBJECT INFO, instead of going into Settings. - COMBINE FORM AND SETTINGS dialogue boxes (the distinction is not obvious, and it slows the flow to have to click in and out of each one) - ALLOW ASYMETRICAL HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL FORM so it's more like a window joiner's schedule - eg: a door and sidelight with one highlight window over the lot (ie X windows above Y windows) instead of having to have two over two or 3 over 3 etc (X windows over X windows). The only way workaround I have found, whilst exploring the WinDoor maze is have separate windows for these, which can make my schedules a bit confusing, plus necessitate mucking around with sill settings for the uppermost window. But maybe I've missed something? - EDIT ALL SCHEDULE INFO FROM INSIDE WINDOW SCHEDULE WORKSHEET, not just User 1, User 2 etc settings. And then have it magically update all your windows! - VECTOR REPRESENTATION IN WINDOW SCHEDULE WORKSHEET, ideally dimesionable, instead of having an "image" - the resolution of the images is pretty bad. I'm not sure how this is possible, but it would be cool.
  9. Fingers crossed! If you have some time to enumerate, what are the advantages of VW over ArchiCAD?
  10. Good to hear that 2019 and Catalina are compatible. I've been too scared to lose time troubleshooting to give Catalina a go.
  11. Agreed that real world (or user experience) is not always very well designed for. Good to know ArchiCAD is an option, I've not used it yet.
  12. I've got this "memory leak" problem too. I'm on a 2017 iMac with 8GB ram, 8GB graphics, and Mojave. Working in Design Layers is OK, but annotating in or drawings on Sheet Layers, I get badly stuck. Simple, frequent things are much too slow - particularly moving or editing text, and updating viewports. These are things I have to do a lot of, so the wait times really add up. I can no longer reliably estimate how long it will take me to get a drawing ready for presentation. It seems to be worse if anything after the Service Pack 2.1 I also find that having VW open for hours slows things down. In general, I'd much rather VW new releases came out less often (every two years?) and were more thoroughly tested and stable. I'd like fewer, better designed new features. And the dysfunctional bits of "old" features to be fixed. I also find it really annoying when my "old" files (last year's, for example) have a whole lot of things that need fixing when I open them in a new release. I don't want the appearance of my drawings changing without my permission. I don't want to have to go hunting for the new button to click deep in the settings for every single window in a file to get my sill lines to reappear. Are we supposed to redraw every file from scratch to optimise it for every new release? Seriously! I'm losing too much time working on software workarounds instead of getting actual architecture done. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking of jumping ship to something more reliable - is ArchiCAD? Or is a real fix coming soon?
  13. Thanks Tamsin, Cool, thought it might be non-mac, cos I was... whaaat?, but good to know! I updated my signature, please let me know if it hasn't stuck. The disappearing objects and textures seemed to start happening for me with the combination of a new mac, VW2019 and mojave... I've tried local tech support. Not using objects from older files (not super old, 2015 - 2018 mostly) and deleting user library file seems to help for a while, but not forever, and regular VW cleansing is a bit of a productivity killer... have to draw from scratch, redo preferences and shortcuts etc,. Just hoping for silver bullet.
  14. Hi @Tamsin Slatter I checked my file, origin is close to page centre, and there are no objects kilometres away. I'm getting a lot of disappearing floors still, and textures are buggy - ie: they revert to the current class type, or untextured wireframe instead of keeping the texture of their assigned class. A typical buggy process is objects will be correctly textured, then modify spontaneously when I edit their geometry. The group/ungroup action seems to work sometimes. Could it be a graphics card issue for me? Thanks!
  15. Thanks! I'll try checking origin - I updated my profile - I'm on 2019 SP4.
  16. @Tamsin Slatter I've got this with floors too! I'm not sure if it's related, but floors don't behave as expected with textures either. Please post a quick fix/workaround if there is one
  17. This seems to be totally fixed with VW 2019, SP3.
  18. I haven't had this problem since service pack 3. Phew! Thanks VW - this is a much more stable release for me.
  19. I just found in the Render pane for Roof Faces at least if you make texture mode "by object", then select class texture (assuming you have set the roof face components up with desired classes with textures set as "use as creation"), you can rotate the roof face texture at will. Not a bad workaround. Hopefully I can avoid vertical & horizontal versions of textures thus.
  20. It would be good if the rotate and scale options actually did work the way they seem they should tho. It's tedious creating H(horizontal) and V(vertical) versions for each texture... I keep feeling like there's some checkbox buried somewhere I can click to make it work...?
  21. Agreed, I'm sending BIM files to a builder to help them with take-off calculations, and with no textures showing up in viewer, they can't easily see what's brick, what's timber etc, etc. Is this due to be fixed anytime soon?
  22. There was a lot to read through in this thread! Did anyone ask for the tool to allow for a 1 tread stair? This would be great for split level rooms, and a single tread between or at the end of a landing.
  23. It seems Mojave is complicated to downgrade from, so probs a good idea to have a time machine backup or something you can revert to if you don't like it. Also, if your display is not "retina", you may find slightly pixellated text annoying (it's for everything, not limited to VW) ... there are semi-effective terminal commands online to reduce pixellation... search for "fix fuzzy text mojave"... I used some of these on my 2013 imac: https://www.howtogeek.com/358596/how-to-fix-blurry-fonts-on-macos-mojave-with-subpixel-antialiasing/
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