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  1. @JuanP Is there any news on this rendering bug? I've got renderings to create, and I'm at a loss as to what to do. It's happening on all my files now. It seems to happen on windows and sidelites, but not doors yet.
  2. @Andrew Pollock No, you're not, but it's driving ME crazy. I've never seen this bug before.
  3. I have the same issue, but doors with glass seem OK (so far), but windows are solid. I just started happening recently.
  4. I am having the same "shards" problem. I keep having to exit and reboot VW. I noticed that after it happens and I reboot, the most recent active layer is in a different scale. Please can we have this fixed for Christmas? I've been good.
  5. @jeff prince Thank you for the clear advice. I'd love a step by step tutorial, but I also think your suggestion to hire someone from the Forum is a great idea. I'm willing to do that, but I'd also be willing to pay them to teach me too. This goes off topic from this thread, but it's related. If you recall from another post by other forum user, importing from Revit into Vectorworks and getting native walls, doors, and other elements still proves to be unsuccessful for me. It is the same going from Vectorworks to Revit. All I get is a 'Revit Object' that remains as a thing, an object, or a solid/mesh. That conversation didn't yield a result for me past "figure it out." As a VW user since 1995, I still cannot figure it out. I've watched the videos for IFC as well, but it seems something is missing. I don't have or know Revit, so I cannot determine from my MEP engineers what is actually happening on their side during importation of files. Once I know how to do something in VW, I am clear going forward. Going to Export > Export IFC Project or even Export > Revit (3D Geometry Only) doesn't work for me. As an experiment, I just tried to import a Revit Door Object (from CADdetails) to test importing a simple object like a door. It comes in as a solid object or mesh. VW doesn't give me the choice to import it as a parametric object. I'm lost and frustrated unless I stay safely within the world of Vectorworks.
  6. Does anyone (in the USA) work with anyone who can deliver a native Vectorworks model from laser scanning? I've read many of you who do your own, but I'm looking for a third-party or consultant that offers to Vectorworks users with a true VW model (walls, doors, windows). @LudovicChoquette If so, who are they, have you used them, what were the results? I just got off the phone from a company making cold call sales, but they offer to larger firms with that "other" BIM software. (https://www.roboticimaging.com/) What about us in small or solo-practitioner firms (like me)?
  7. @zoomerThanks for your comments - I think you're right about IFC. I'd be eager to learn about other methods if you hear of them.
  8. @lisagravyThat is a great idea - that seems so simple. For now, I need to make flat CAD work, but getting to where we can share Revit / VW models back and forth would make one more thing in my world easier.
  9. @Jack2022As long as I see the notification, I'm always happy to share what I know - in this case Vectorworks. Otherwise, as an architect, I'm always happy to share too. I don't keep the forum open, so time could go by before I see a response. I wish you the best on finding your solution.
  10. @Jack2022 Thank you for responding. I am an experienced Vectorworks user - but I haven't had to IMPORT Revit files (other than an occasional piece of furniture). My coordination (as a small firm of one) with my MEP engineers is typically one way - me to them. Since 1995 I've only used the 2D DWG conversion giving them flat CAD floor plans. It works, it keeps the project moving, it's effective. Vectorworks doesn't seem to be able to import and export back and forth (as they brag) that I can export a wall and it shows up as a wall in Revit. I can import a wall from Revit, and it shows up as a wall in Vectorworks. That's all I ask.
  11. @Jack2022I offer my apologies for high-jacking your thread. We did stray from your question, but I agree with you 100% - I come to the forum for advice. I can search YouTube and Vectorworks University all day long. I'll try to start a different thread with my question. I hope you find answers to yours. Cheers,
  12. @shorter - I appreciate the suggestion, and that makes sense. However, for a small office and small projects, I'm not sure how to develop a plan with consultants. I can't even speak to how well they use Revit on their end. I see from a recent YouTube video that VW should be IMPORTING Revit files easier. That's all well and good, but I need to know that I can EXPORT easily to consultants. Typically I only need their PDF drawings as a deliverable, but I want to be able to support them and their process beyond 2D CAD backgrounds. Do you have any other suggestions? Is there a reason why a simple File > Export > Export IFC Project is inadequate (or the analog > Export Revit (3D Geometry only)? This shouldn't be so difficult. @Jack2022Any thoughts or suggestions?
  13. @JHangstoerfer - YES! I've been testing it and so far so good. Let's hope we can end this thread! Many thanks,
  14. @lisagravyI'm following as a long time VW user (since 1995) who has engineers using Revit. I haven't figured out a good way to transfer yet - with no way to check it before I send it. I still use DWG (flat CAD) methods for my engineers - export to them. I'll model some ductwork and other items to show in my sections for coordination, but it would be so cool to go back and forth. What am I missing? My engineers tell me that exporting to Revit doesn't give them anything useful. IFC hasn't been too successful either.
  15. @Jack2022- I'm sorry to bomb your thread, but I'm a long time VW user, but exporting (and importing) from Revit is a skill I need to master in the next few months. I don't have Revit or have ever used it, so I have no idea of what comes out when I export to IFC or to Revit. My engineers tell me they can use what I send (in terms of conversions for walls to walls, windows to windows, doors to doors). I have to rely on DWG (flat CAD) transfers for them to create my MEP engineering drawings. Is there a way I could pick your brain or consult with you?
  16. @Dave DonleyThank you. I have no problem with Vectorworks wanting us to use Renderworks, but no one can deny that high quality, on-demand, instant renderings that packages like Enscape, Twin Motion, and Lumion are hard to beat. Even with Cloud Services, getting a quality Renderworks view is hard to hold up to a decent Enscape view. Some prefer the style difference - I used Renderworks for years and years until 2020 when I discovered Enscape. Otherwise, I'm a big Vectorworks fan.
  17. @Dave Donleynow that SP1 is out, I'm told by an Enscape forum member that SP1 did not fix the inclusion of Enscape. What do you know? https://forum.enscape3d.com/index.php?thread/21777-vectorworks-2023/ Please help, I need to be able to use both these programs and things were great in v2022. I still cannot understand the incompatibility.
  18. I never knew images could be exported from AutoCAD and imported into VW. Recently, I had to place images into a drawing (viewports) independently because the symbols (blocks) didn't contain the image, but the author sent me all the images. It was only a few images, so not as much of a pain as @arquitextonica describes. Also, I had to reduce the resolution of the original user's images due to ridiculous file size. So the exercise for me made some sense. I would still like to see better translation - and for me it needs to be in 3D between VW and Revit. I suppose that's another thread.
  19. After unsuccessfully trying to install Enscape in VW 2023, I found on Enscape's forum that the two don't work together yet. Is this true? https://forum.enscape3d.com/index.php?thread/21777-vectorworks-2023/&postID=77782#post78128 How can this be? Who changed the coding to let this happen? They worked so well together. Is there something going on here? These are the things that drive users crazy @Wes Gardner@Matt Panzer @KPrice. Does anybody have any answers. The Enscape forum said wait for SP1. What? SP0 just came out. Sorry, I'm so frustrated: I have a new thing and I want to use it.
  20. Here is how I often use "thicker walls" to create piers instead of using a wall projection. It works for me. Set the Render Texture to "Use world Z for origin" in OIP to get textures to blend smoothly.
  21. I'm wondering with the methodology of "Materials", Data Tags, and other smart tools, if having more classes will dimish to where we have less classes. I've used classes to manipulate textures, Sheet VP information, and other features. If more information is not class based, then we can have less classes. But, will that be easier? I haven't committed to materials yet - still used to classes with assigned textures.
  22. My "workaround" has always been to use a thicker wall at the corner and join them. It works best when the walls do not require materials or textures, but I've gotten that to work. Wall projections have often annoyed me. Recesses can be OK.
  23. I'm with @Kevin Allen. I have a template (Default in the VW Template folder) that has all my standards, including classes. I'm not bothered by unused classes - I can clean those up later with the purge command. The template has drawing sheets and other routine elements. It gets updated frequently, but it saves hours of time.
  24. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov - That may have worked. Each time, it seems to remember the sheets that I published the last time (not saved sets), but when I send all of them back << to the left side, they appear in the correct order. I'll keep you posted. Thank you. It would help if there was a way to sort them using the order in the Sheet Layer #.
  25. I thought it was working in 2021 after a certain service pack was issued. So, I tested it in 2021 SP5 - (saved a file backwards) and it works fine.
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