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  3. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    I have tried so many different things including all above. I even reinstalled Vw again. as soon as I try to copy paste from any layer to 3D layer things go wrong and I am able to draw any 3D using any layers.
  4. Cadplan Architecture

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    See attached Wes, as you can see the window elevations are not correct either. Is there a good tutorial on windows and doors and setting up a basic building shell? windows.vwx
  5. markdd

    3D trouble shooting

    A long shot, but is the geometry far from the internal origin? This can sometimes produce unpredictable results.
  6. Brilliant - do you viewport each boom or vertical truss for 3D renders - or show the viewports for the LX plots? Or neither?
  7. EAlexander

    3D trouble shooting

    I know this sounds simple, but have you moved your navigation after you hit render? Lots of times I will do a function - solid subtract, for example, and the render will glitch until I orbit or pan and the scene refreshes the geometry. A longshot I know. Also - does all your 2d geometry have fill turned on? EDIT: I just reread your posts and you say it was working fine until you copied and pasted. That is odd.
  8. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    the only solution i found is to close the VW and open again then by moving from one layer to other again same issue happens
  9. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    Thanks for your reply, all steps you mentioned are done but still when i draw a basic rectangular shape or even the 3D shapes that I previously draw turn to look like empty boxes. the images above is an object I previously draw i 3D and it was fine but when I try to duplicate or any other actions in 3D it shows empty boxes.
  10. Yesterday
  11. EAlexander

    3D trouble shooting

    Looks to me like you are extruding polygons that are not closed all the way. Double click an extrude. Select the 2d geometry you originally drew. In the Object info Palette, make sure Closed is checked. Exit the extrude. If you mean something else, you'll need to explain more. e.
  12. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    Hi I m using VW 19. When I try to create 3D object in middle of the work it changes the rendering. pls see below screenshot Thanks
  13. aheimann

    Site model on parking lot

    That sounds like a good idea, thanks! Could you describe me how I extrude contours as solids?
  14. CipesDesign

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Just a guess, but probably the inner mind of VW's uses a symbol's settings as the zero point. For example, when I place a new Sink from the libraries, zero is equal to the bottom of the flange which would sit on a counter top, or about an inch below the sink's highest point. Therefore, if I want the sink to sit on a 30" vanity all I need to do is move up Z=30" and the flange will align as expected. And, if I Edit 3d for the sink I find the Z=0 locus right at that same level. Try it and see what you think.
  15. Hi, If anyone is selling a copy of the above ideally E series please contact me.
  16. I'm on VW2019 SP3, and this is still a problem. Help?
  17. scottmoore

    Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

    I use Design Layer viewports as, to me, I can utilize that seamlessly in my workflow.
  18. Bruce Kieffer

    Bot Z of symbol?

    I set my symbol's Bot Z to 1/2". I place the symbol, it is 1/2" up from zero, yet the OIP says it's at 0. Why is this? Wouldn't it make more sense for the OIP to say it's at 1/2" when it actually is at 1/2"?
  19. jeff prince

    Printing VW Site Model

    How would one go about 3D printing a vectorworks site model created with the native site model object? Are there any best practices?
  20. symo

    People/Band Symbols

    Wow - impressed
  21. Hi scottmoore. I tried this - but to no avail. Its really odd - the lights can line-up perfectly in the Definition Layer - but spin around to right angles in the DLVPs on the Model layer. Some symbols dont do this and behave exactly as you expect. No amount of meddling in the Definition Layer seems to fix it. Would love to know why this is. Alternatively - is there another way to do this - for LX plot AND renders without doubling-up on lighting symbols?
  22. jeff prince

    Site model on parking lot

    Perhaps the site model tool is not the right one for the job for the entire process in this case. I’m no expert on VW, but here is the a variation on the process I used to use in AutoCAD or Rhino when faced with such problems. Before those tools, we just studied the problem in sectional drawings. At the end of the, everything will probably change when it gets built, so don’t kill yourself on the technical means of production 🙂 Solid Modeling for Soil Volume Estimations & Clash Detection on Green Roofs 1. Make your proposed topographical surface using your preferred topography tool capable of generating contours, ignoring the supporting structure’s levels. 2. Keep the topographical model intact for other uses, but export contours to be extruded in the next step. 3. Extrude the site model contours as solids, making sure to create an outline of the supporting structure’s roof boundary as well , and extrude it to at least as deep as the lowest point on your roof. Join/union into a single solid. 4. turn the boundary of the supporting structure into a solid by simply extruding it downward, at least as deep as your lowest point on the site model. 5. Subtract the roof from the topography. The resulting solid will give you: accurate volume easy means of calculating loads at a given point on the model visual means to check for clashes Hope it helps, Jeff
  23. aheimann

    Site model on parking lot

    My problem is not to to constrain the topography on the sides. I want that the lower base lines of the site model matches the heights of the ceiling of the parking lot. So that at any given point I can see the depth of soil I have and therefore know where I can plant trees. I basically need a cut-and-fill model, which shows me the depth of fill on the roof.
  24. MullinRJ

    Learning Vector Work.

    Josue, The script @Pat Stanford showed you does not work when you are editing inside a Viewport's Annotation Space, nor inside any other container objects, i.e., Symbols, Groups, Profile space of 3D objects, etc. This is because of limitations of the FSActLayer function which only returns handles from selected objects on Design Layers and Sheet Layers. Do a search on "Waldo" in the Vectorscript Forum. You will get several hits that will show you a few lines that will return a handle to a selected object inside a container, like the Viewport's Annotation Space. Waldo is the nickname given to this kind of code that gets you a handle when you are not on a Design or Sheet Layer. Reference "Where's Waldo" to see where the name came from. Have fun and good luck, Raymond
  25. bhorowitz

    Vision installer

    Never mind....
  26. bhorowitz

    Vision installer

    Where can I find the latest versions of Vision for a Mac and a PC? I think that my install is corrupted and I can't find installers anywhere.
  27. Last week
  28. Kevin Allen

    Animation Issue

    I am attempting to create a number of Linear Animations. I'm seeing an odd cropping issue between saved views and the overall compositions. What I see in the animations has been cropped down from the saved views. Hoping this isn't a bug, but user error.
  29. cberg

    Ceiling grid to IFC

    @ida I found a way to export. Take your grids and copy them to a blank model (making sure layer elevations are all coordinated). Select everything and convert to Mesh. Convert again to generic Solids. Attach IFC data to the resultant group. I use the tag called IFC Covering. And then export the IFC or bring the generic solid back into the IFC Export Model. But this doesn't mean the tool needs to be updated and fixed. It's not smart BIM!!! Or even dumb BIM.
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