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  1. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    Well I sent it to Kevin Lee Allen, ant he could save and publish to his computer with the file using the exact name I did, so it must not be the name or file but maybe Vectorworks on my computer? Also I opened the file on my desktop at home, could publish PDF no problem. Overwrote the bad file on Drop box, and it publishes fine now on my lap top. (The vwx file name, the published folder name and the saved name for the PDF did NOT change). Interesting. HAsn't happened to me before and I always publish. This is like the 5th or 6th show I exclusivly publish to PDF. Hmmmmmm
  2. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    Odd it works fine on my desktop not saving anything different (Opened from Drop Box). It looks like I do have admin permission. is there any Windows Guru out there that would no if a certain saved file would need special permission, it's very strange.
  3. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    That's why I included the actual file name above. the / is common way computers show different folder harkening back to the days of dos. The Folder is : "101_Quater inch Spotting Plan_VWX MDF_06-6-2018" - note no back slashes The file name is: "101_BARBARY LANE_01-1 Spotting Plan_6-6-18-MDF RELEASED.pdf Recently I don't even get invalid it just doesn't save. Going to see what happens with it on my desktop. As I have said before I renamed file folder and publish to test and still have gotten the same results. The file has gone to VW support staff, they even said the file name was fine.
  4. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    The back slashes are common in showing separate folders. The "date created" is not part of the folder or file name but the computer telling me the date created. The date in the folder and name are all seperated by "-" See image included
  5. MartinFahrer

    Anyone else having random publishing issues?

    All fantastic ideas. Yes I restarted the program, the computer. tried saving the file in different locations. The file name is a common naming convention I have used on countless projects before. I even renamed the PDF file to "Test" and came up with the same issue as to eliminate the name being the problem all of the sudden. It is a real head scratcher.
  6. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    Anyone else come across this problem in VWorks 2018? When I published from a file to PDF (No not exporting to PDF, don't have the tiem and already have a naming set up for multiple sheets) I get an error I can't access the folder created, and can't even delete the folder or file (see image provided). Then yesterday it says x sheets published but when the folder opened it was blank. It's not every VWorks drawing just a particular one. I had one that was a problem then it mysteriously started working. I have contacted tech support and they are working on it. I just thouhgt I would reach out t the hive mind and see if I am alone. Thanks (See sig for computer specs, I'm on the laptop)
  7. MartinFahrer

    Snap to midpoint question

    I think so I Will have to look
  8. MartinFahrer

    Snap to midpoint question

    Great Idea I adjusted the selection and snap to size, seeing if that helps. Thanks!!!
  9. Windows PC Publishing to Desktop and having odd folder problems opening the folder or anything in the folder created by publishing. Here is the error I am getting and I can't figure it out. Tech support is looking too. If I get an answer I will post it here. See Image. Publishing PDF from VW 2018 to Desktop in Windows.
  10. MartinFahrer

    Right Click - Convert to group

    I know this is old, but how do you remove something you don't use from "Object Context" re "right click".
  11. MartinFahrer

    Snap to midpoint question

    I use a display tablet, Huion to be specific, but I also had the issue with using a mouse or a Wacom tablet. Anytime I have two corner points and a center point close together its a fight snap to the center point. It feels like the default setting is snap to a corner than the center. I do a lot of center point snapping. Is there any way to adjust the snapping sensitivity to default to center before other points. The only way I have found to work around this is to zoom in really close, and that waste motion and time. No sure if I am the only one finding this frustrating or not, so I thought I would put it out there to the hive mind. Thanks Martin
  12. MartinFahrer

    To full scale or not to full scale?

    OK this would be what I refer to as "Design Layer" correct?
  13. MartinFahrer

    To full scale or not to full scale?

    Yeah I just figured that out and feel really silly - I am blaming doing taxes at the same time.
  14. MartinFahrer

    To full scale or not to full scale?

    Ok I admit I must not be up on my lingo, a little help with what the following are: DLVP - Doh Design Layer View Port SLVP - double Doh Sheet Layer View Port DL - Doh! Design Layer (doing taxes here LOL) Line Weight, do you use the 3Dconnexion? I do like the idea of a drop down "show in scale x" That way you can see without changing anything.
  15. MartinFahrer

    To full scale or not to full scale?

    Yes that was the other discussion I had with a co worker. Do annotations in dimensions and font size translate to different scales in view ports? I usually do all my annotation in the annotation layer in the Viewport. The majority I use 1/4" to 1/2" scale for the majority of my drawing, usually 1" scale on one plate for door and window layout and 3" to full scale for detail drawings. I have grown used to drawing in 1:1 and porting it to desired scales in sheet layers, this way I know my full scale details will look the way I want them to. I guess it really does depend on your work flow and what helps you draw fast and accurate, there is no correct way. I do like learning about why people choose one way over another and see which will work best for me. Keep those comments coming!!