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  1. MartinFahrer

    VW2019/ Switching between drawing windows/ tabs - a VW bug?

    Same issue, on the phone with Tech support and they say it isn't a known issue. Sporadic and can't always re create the problem. Good to know I am no the only one. Just curious is this a Windows 10 problem? That is what I am running. Following this and showing it to Tech support.
  2. MartinFahrer

    Default viewport scale

    I figured it out, might not be of help though. YOu have to set the scale in the design layer and your viewport will default to that scale. I have been going back and forth. I used to draft 1:1 because exporting and importing various files handled 1:1 better. However recently it was presented to me that you will see the Hatches correctly if you work in a scale in the design layer. It also helps when labeling furniture. I used to do furniture in annotation layer to move with annotations. Now I do that in a design layer as a class I turn on or off. Mostly because directors plans are not something that are independent but being referenced from the original design file, as well as referencing stage plans for the ground plans. This way revisions will track across all drawing and only revising one. Finally on a Dept that is all vectorworks and it is working fantastic, we even use workgroups as way to do a drawing with multiple designers~!. Hope that makes sense.
  3. MartinFahrer

    Default viewport scale

    Yes it does, however there is a way to change the default to whatever scale you want. On my laptop I have it defaulting to 1/2" scale when the view port window pops up. It saves an extra step,. Unfortunately it is something I don't do a lot so I forgot how ūüėě
  4. MartinFahrer

    Default viewport scale

    How do I change it from 1:1 to say 1/2" scale. and have that be my default without messing with stories. I am not an architect and Stories is a level more complicated than I need. I have done it before but forgot how and I am on a new computer settign up my defaults. Thanks
  5. Opening more than one tab and not being able to copy and paste between tabs. One always stops responding. It's killing my productivity and work flow. This has been an issue since you introduced tabs on Windows machines. I think I speak for the majority of subscribers. WE NEED THESE BASIC BUGS FIXED before we want a new version with more features. Please Please Please fix issues that have been long running.
  6. Yet another glitch that is slowing my productivity down. The orientation box! I cannot select the right hand dots to orient a resize to the right. Known glitch I have called about it and it's recorded as one. My colleague called and same. It's not fixed yet. I really want to know when it will be fixed, not interested in a work around, not just affecting me but frustrating others at work. I would rather, for my subscription, have a product released when it's ready, rather than a product rushed to release some arbitrary date to satisfy the need to subscribe. This is the problem with the subscriber system having to have a release every year.
  7. MartinFahrer

    Flipped Text not working in PDF

    I only publish batch PDFs Exporting is simply not an option for me, same is printing. I publish the PDF in a batch then send them off to a coordinator to print and distribute. I To much time would be wasted exporting and naming 20 differnt plates. I need to be able to set up and name my sheets before hand and then publish them all at once. typical name of a file would be "000_Set Name_00 what the drawing is_xx-xx-2019" Where I change the date each new day I draw on it. However yes, text rasterize is enabled. I will double check it next time I publish though turn it on and off. Thanks Also it doesn't matter how I get to the PDF this was NOT an issue in 2018 and now clearly an issue in 2019, so obviously a bug that needs fixed.
  8. MartinFahrer

    Flipped Text not working in PDF

    Personally I would rather wait two years for a less buggy program than deal with a version seemingly rushed out to yearly to satisfy subscribers. Anyhow, I am running PC up to date service pack on everything. I turned off "adjust flipped text. (Personal preference so please no solutions about turning it back on). I have noticed if I flip a text horizontal, occasionally by mistake some times on purpose. The text looks correct on screen (like flip text was adjusted) but not on the PDF print out. (Again work flow, I must output in PDF so the coordinator can print out quantities of drafting, they don't pay me to print)
  9. MartinFahrer

    Possible PC issue with Numeric Keyboard

    Not sure why would I do that, defeats the purpose. That's like saying "if it doesn't work why fix it just don't use it" I use numbers keypad for imputing numbers. all in one place, and if you are good you can use it one handed like typing a-s-d-f on a regular keyboard without looking.
  10. MartinFahrer

    Possible PC issue with Numeric Keyboard

    That is a good work around!! However not for me, with the 3D mouse and a Graphics Display and separate keyboard from my lap top I have to many side peripherals as it is. Solid advice though. I wonder why some change views but others don't. I know tha Mac version has a way to turn it off, the PC version should as well. Hoping it gets added to the request. The PC space bar bug should be fixed first. Both slow down my workflow by not being intuitive to how a person drafts.
  11. MartinFahrer

    For the love of everything sacred - space bar for pan tool ONLY!!

    Yes IT has been an issue for some time. When will it be fixed?
  12. Please fix or help me if you know a fix. My Mac friends have the option of turning off having the numeric key pad changing the current view, for some reason I don't have that option on the PC. I have lost count of the hours wasted using the numeric key pad thinking I am editing a number, only to have my current view change, then having to go and change it back. A very boring time suck. An yes I have allowed Numeric keypad for instant data board entry turned on. Great when you are drawing a line etc. I am talking about using the kepad to enter offsets and other numbers. Any way to disable the numeric keypad from changing views on a PC? thanks
  13. MartinFahrer

    For the love of everything sacred - space bar for pan tool ONLY!!

    Note when typing text, that is just silly. I'm talking when I am doing things like changing fraction in the dimension tool and want to pan. I am not talking about zooming in and out i use the mouse tool for that I use the space bar a lot to move left and right on the plate. For example it I have a certain tool picked (not the text tool) and want to do a quick pan right instead of going to the pan tool panning then re selecting the tool being used I simple press space, pan, let go and I am back in the tool Line square etc. Huge time saver extremely efficient, As far as "Not aware of any changes being made I am in 2019. I just opened VW 2018 and just did the same action and instead of the space bar switching the fractions in Dimension, it brought up a temporary pan tool, just like I have been used to since 2019. SO it's not a bug, a patch, or a problem, it is a feature in 2019. Try it yourself. do the following Open a page, select the dimension tool. After drawing a dimension, change the fraction from 1/8 to 1/2. Then hold the space bar down to temporarily pan. In 2018 the little hand comes up and I can move around the drawing, something I have done since 2014. Do the same thing in 2019 and the fraction will change to t next one down.
  14. I can't count the number of times I am noting up a drawing or making a label or doing anything other than making a shape in the info bar, I go to use the space bar to bring up the pan tool to pan in the drawing and I change the font size, or something equally annoying that I have to undo. This is an added distraction, time suck (aka feature) of 2019. What engineering genius (sarcasm) thought of using the space pare for anything else but bringing up the move tool. I have wasted hours going back and resizing fonts. If I wanted to access those features I would be using the TAB key. Please please please change it back so the only thing the space bar does while in the drawing is the MOVE tool. I can't be alone hear can I??? Anyone else find this annoying, is there a fix??
  15. You guys are FANTASTIC! so many options. I did consider the symbol and just might do that but no time with my schedule of drafting. I feel so silly I didn't look for the tool prefereances (To be fair neither did VW support person either. So obvious, I use it in other tools and must remember that it works in all tools. Works perfectly for automatically creating a label it's fast and easy! Adding it to my Template document!


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