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  1. MartinFahrer

    Bullets - Text

    Quick work around. Copy text into word add bullet points, copy and paste back into VW text box. Still be easier to do in VW directly, at least this way you don't have to memorize the keyboard strokes to get the bullet point.
  2. MartinFahrer

    Publishing Question/ Problem

    Well I found the answer. The problem is the number and name length of sub folders in Drop Box. It was making the save as name length over windows limit of 260 Characters (No I didn't set up the file structure). One work around would be the turn the name length off in Reg Edit. However that might cause bugs./ I am just going to publish to my desktop then copy and paste to the archive folder. Thanks to Dylan and VW for helping me out and not giving up. Always a big fan of VW tech support
  3. MartinFahrer

    Publishing Question/ Problem

    The above does not fix the problem, in fact it exasperates the issues. It goes through the publishing steps but then nothing publishes. Back two steps so I am turning coordination off.
  4. MartinFahrer

    Publishing Question/ Problem

    Thanks, I do have an object as my title block (Symbol). I usually have drawing coordination turned off because I prefer to number and label everything myself. As I tend to use A and B sheets and numbers that I like to have control of. I will try it out and see if that works. M
  5. MartinFahrer

    Publishing Question/ Problem

    I really like using the publishing feature. It's nice only having to type out the sheet name once and publish a packet. Lately I ha noticed something odd happening. 1- I open my blank template with pages set up, start to draft then plate. 2-When I plate I rename my plate to the appropriate name. 3-When the file publishes the name is the old name and not the current 4 I re-publish the exact same way and file name is corrected I did this step by step with support just to make sure I was doing everything correct. Images in order Below, any ideas or thoughts?
  6. MartinFahrer

    Sm red arrows in middle of selected lines after update

    Thank you, I know it was something simple like that that I never use. Your help is greatly appreciated! M
  7. These just appeared after update, how can I get rid of them?? Picture below
  8. MartinFahrer

    Sheet layer navigation drop down alphabetical

    That is a good idea, I know it's on the wish list of features.
  9. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    FYI still happening, Tech support is even stumped. I was on the line with them and they tried publishing through "log me in" and same thing happened. They confirmed what I already knew through experience, it wasn't how I named my files. IF anyone else is having this issue please ppst. This was on a new drawing I was doing, limited sheets etc.
  10. MartinFahrer

    Sheet layer navigation drop down alphabetical

    If anyone is curious I discovered the answer. Well the answer is, there is no way to automatically do it, I guess it's on a wish list. If you are like me and require order, then you have to open the organization window and manually drag the sheets to the order you would like to see them in.
  11. Is there a way to change the drop down list to appear in alphabetical order as apposed to creation order? Thanks
  12. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    Well I sent it to Kevin Lee Allen, ant he could save and publish to his computer with the file using the exact name I did, so it must not be the name or file but maybe Vectorworks on my computer? Also I opened the file on my desktop at home, could publish PDF no problem. Overwrote the bad file on Drop box, and it publishes fine now on my lap top. (The vwx file name, the published folder name and the saved name for the PDF did NOT change). Interesting. HAsn't happened to me before and I always publish. This is like the 5th or 6th show I exclusivly publish to PDF. Hmmmmmm
  13. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    Odd it works fine on my desktop not saving anything different (Opened from Drop Box). It looks like I do have admin permission. is there any Windows Guru out there that would no if a certain saved file would need special permission, it's very strange.
  14. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    That's why I included the actual file name above. the / is common way computers show different folder harkening back to the days of dos. The Folder is : "101_Quater inch Spotting Plan_VWX MDF_06-6-2018" - note no back slashes The file name is: "101_BARBARY LANE_01-1 Spotting Plan_6-6-18-MDF RELEASED.pdf Recently I don't even get invalid it just doesn't save. Going to see what happens with it on my desktop. As I have said before I renamed file folder and publish to test and still have gotten the same results. The file has gone to VW support staff, they even said the file name was fine.
  15. MartinFahrer

    Problems Publishing

    The back slashes are common in showing separate folders. The "date created" is not part of the folder or file name but the computer telling me the date created. The date in the folder and name are all seperated by "-" See image included