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  1. I'm also having this issue, panic/crash doors have the hardware on the outside. Now if there its a fire, no one will be able to escape the room.
  2. Great, just updated and checked VW messages when I relaunched and found this.
  3. We have the same issue except our files are on Dropbox rather than Google Drive, but they are all sync'ed to be available locally. I had hoped VW24 would help but it seems to make the files take even longer to open.
  4. We had the same issue with a Project File and multiple users. File would eventually open but would take 30 or more minutes.
  5. I downloaded the 23 viewer but it appears to just be the VW23 installer. Is this correct? I already have VW23 installed and want to test out the viewer before I give it to some of my coworkers. I wanted to check that it works with a Project File.
  6. Using VW2021 and having this issue, 3 days before I fly and this project starts becoming reality. None of the work arounds suggested work. I am the lead designer and admin on the project and running out of time on a project that cannot be delayed. I spent a long time yesterday and traced the error to resizing a rectangle. But now I'm in completely different layers and none of them will commit. Very disappointing that no one from VW has commented here. VW doesn't really seem to be ready for Project Sharing, always have big issues. I'll probably move us to using referencing more in the future and rely a lot less on Project Sharing, just don't need the headaches when facing deadlines.
  7. Did you get this straightened out?
  8. I had this problem in VW2020 and now I have it again in VW2021. I'm on a Mac.
  9. My floor is just an extruded rectangle. But, I just tried selecting from below and it works! Also tried selecting the drape from the backside and that works. I checked and "two-sided" is on.
  10. I'm having a problem with exporting using the Datasmith plug in, I can't select some of the objects in TM, usually the floor. I click on it and it selects the starting ground, which is below my floor, also click on it with the eyedropper and it picks up the starting ground. I can select other objects in my scene. I can't drag textures to the floor either. I have pipe and drape, I can select the pipe but not the drape. This has happened on multiple files. If I export/import in C4D format, I don't have this issue. I have service pack 3.1 on a Mac. VW says there is an update but all I get is a message saying the updater needs to be refreshed so I hit "update", it runs through a progress bar and then disappears. Trying again to update just runs through the same thing again and again.
  11. I'm curious how you have the lighting set-up. I think you have some spots pointing straight up at your circular light fixtures due to the shadows and round light spots. But how are you preventing the sunlight that falls where the walls meeting the ceiling and what are you using for overall lighting in the room? It looks like you do have a few windows but not enough to light the room (?)
  12. I'm really on the fence about continuing with TM or not due to the changes in interior lighting in TM2020. I would like to stick with TM but if they have no intention of fixing interior lighting, it is a dead end for me. It is really frustrating, I still get much better results out of 2019, I've tried all kinds of things in 20 but with mostly unacceptable results and a lot of wasted time. This is a much bigger concern for me than a direct link with VW at this point. I'm starting to learn C4D, which is what a couple of our other designers use. But regardless, I really need a new computer and pretty sure I'll go PC for the first time in 32 years. It may not be the best time to be asking for an expensive new computer but I am past due with our company policy and my Macbook Pro just doesn't cut it on these programs.
  13. What advantages are you gaining in terms of modifying in TM? Are you just talking about being better organized in the Scenegraph? Have you found advantages of using FBX instead of C4D?
  14. I just export C4D Sort by Textures, no need to do a lot of extra work in classes. And then import into TM as Collapse by material. The import update button works fine.
  15. Sadly, I blame Apple with their on again off again approach to the pro market. I'm leaning toward switching to a PC after 32 years being Mac only.
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