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  1. Hi everyone, Experiencing 2 problems when I am simply changing the 'name' element of some landscape area styles I have saved. You can see the model as it appears below, before trying to change things. Problem 1: Although I only have 2-3 objects created in each style, and it is a simple file, just changing the naming convention for the style causes my computer to hang for several minutes. Problem 2: After changing the naming option in the styles, the landscape areas behave differently (see bottom picture), and change their alignment. I have changed nothing else. This is not a HUGE problem, because if I delete these landscape areas, and recreate them from the original geometry, they align just perfectly. So this is more a weird issue that might warrant some checking into.
  2. Hi everyone, I am having a problem where the proposed site model contours are behaving badly inside a hole within a hardscape. You can see the existing contours below, and the shape of the paved area which will take an elevation of 44m. When I create the hardscape (slab modifier), the contours continue to pop up in the cutout area...which means you have geometry spiking up 1-2m from the hardscape I would obviously prefer if this did not happen, since I cant seem to change this even if I put another slab inside that area. Is the only alternative to modify the existing contours so that they do not pass through that hole? Even when I adjust existing contours out of the way, the terrain comes up above the landscape area I have placed within the hardscape... Much thanks.... Test.vwx
  3. WOW. A huge thanks for multiple approaches to this @jeff prince @Benson Shaw @Tom W. ! I will try them out!
  4. Poot

    Geoimage error

    I also have this problem when I am trying to use some of ESRI's available maps from its living atlas (firefly/clarity imagery services) which I know are some of the better quality functional imagery services. It seems like we should be able to get access to decent quality aerial imagery without problems. However, I cannot get these to work at all in VW. no matter how low in resolution (50, 150, 500,etc) , how large i zoom out, or small I zoom in. Seems like there is some kind of bug here, as this functionality appears to be set up, but not functional. Maybe @Tamsin Slatter has a better idea about these issues?
  5. Yes, I just thought there was a way to subtract from that surface as you can in programs like Rhino. The two half method will be a way to do it....but it does seem simple to make the dtm with a pad. I was hoping to avoid a mess underneath the surface, in the case it was ever exported for IFC or something down the line.
  6. Did that work to have a clean, empty hole inside the site model?
  7. Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has a routine for clipping out a shape (hole) from a site model. I don't mean using a site modifier to shape a lowered flat area, but as if cutting a hole directly from the site model which will remain empty. The purpose is to have a larger site model of the context, with a space for the site model of the project to fit into. Is this possible?
  8. @Lisar Try switching to your site model layer and selecting the site model itself in plan view. The yellow triangles should then show up.
  9. This would be good to have/fix. As @Pat Stanford mentioned, it might be the bug is caused by the naming protocol in the eyedropper where it copies the name which interrupts the process. Its definitely easier to have the eyedropper tool also copy the plants rather than create styles.
  10. I think there is an issue with the plant styles you have created - as the landscape area seems to display the predefined plants just fine. I tried also copying the 2d symbol attributes in style settings, but this did not fix the issue.
  11. Thank you @Tony Kostreski! I had realized that something was happening, since the proposed site model was changing and I couldn't figure out why. Works like a charm now!
  12. I still have this issue....and there doesn't seem to be any geometry issues that I can tell...but maybe someone else has a better idea of the root cause? I've attached a copy of a file with the site model, and the geometry of the areas which can be converted to landscape areas. Maybe someone can see if they get the same results? This is what seems to happen with the contours when I try with just one of the landscape areas: EXISTING PROPOSED I understood that landscape areas should more or less follow the surface of the site model, and not work as major site modifiers as seems to be the case here. Maybe I am doing something wrong along the way? Landscape Area 3D Test.vwx
  13. I have figured out a workaround for this issue: select the plant(s) --> go into the OIP --> edit plant style --> in the visualisation tab under 3D graphics select 'edit current graphics'. Once you are taken into the editing viewport, click the Exit button and the plants should magically pop up to the surface. Suffice to say this only works on a single plant species at a time, but on any number of that same plant in your drawing. This would be a great issue to fix, especially if we have many plant objects that are not going to the surface....
  14. Thanks @zoomer! Both editing the display options in preferences, and the quick menu work!
  15. Using VW2021, and the site model itself displays just fine otherwise....so that part goes fairly smoothly. Just seems like it should be fairly straightforward to apply the landscape areas to the site model (as advertised for VW functionality....). This is just a test file, so its also not very complicated, and there are no other elements I'm working with so was hoping it would go pretty smoothly. Doing planting plans with quantities was what I was hoping to start rolling out across my office - so doing simple landscape areas is pretty key for that since lawn/grass areas are a part of that. Can do it completely 2D of course, but seems like this issue should have been ironed out.


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