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  1. drelARCH

    2 points perspective

    After using sketchUP myself for many years and using parallel/two point perspective to get vertical lines perpendicular in my views I was missing exactly the same in vw. Then found that there is some hidden workaround that works for me. Whenever you set up some custom 3D view you you are happy with select from 'current view' drop down menu closest directional view (front, back, right left...) to your view. Though it will not stay in same position afterwards and view get slightly shifted you get perpendicular lines and you can correct it with hand tool back to view you are after. Your view must always be modification one of standard views. Hope this helps. Pavol
  2. Hi guys, I would like to data tag roof faces in section viewports extracting 'reference' or 'mark' value from roof style. I see though that there are two ifc informations crossing: Roof face is styled with roof style that has 'mark' value SS31and is mapped with IfcRoof...., however same roof face has attached data (in data tab in OIP) IfcSlab with reference RF-1. How to approach this mixture of informations....? Thank in advance for any advice. Pavol
  3. Any idea? Do you have same issues?
  4. @rDesignnot working, tried that few times before writing here. Thanks anyway. I see that in different projects and their files where i have those sections VP already setup the moment i reopen these files negative change take immediate effect....
  5. I have just noticed that in all my files where i have set up horizontal section VP with framing members cutting trough i only get their 2D representations....what??? It was working OK so far... Do you have same issue? Do we know about this? Is it some knew bug? In attachment i enclose correct drawing from some time ago (my guess is before SP4) and today opened same file...
  6. Hi, When either row height or column width is set to some custom dimension...for instance 5,0 mm height of row it will not stay fixed to 5mm. Everytime I check later value is lower by small amount...I see it in both row and column dimensions.... See attachment. Is this a bug? Pavol
  7. drelARCH

    ROOF OBJECT ungroup result issues

    UPDATE when roof faces recreated i get strange behaviour going on...when newly created roof faces is placed exactly at previous position edge conditions are lost...? ...explained more in attached screenshots It is so frustrating to spend time on writing these error reports and not be able to progress with work smoothly on projects that needs to be done. Pavol
  8. Hi all, I come across new issue, when ungrouping roof object to roof faces roof looses edge conditions from roof object(roof styled). To be clear it show correctly in roof style dialogue window but 3D model not. See attached screen shots. ...? Pavol
  9. drelARCH

    WINDOW - Wall detail issues

    VW please fix this wall detail issues!!! 1. correct components in top plan so they stay in place after modification. Even if I repeatedly correct them in plan, they seem to jump back to previous incorrect state when wall element is updated or reconnected or something like that...It seem to me that behaviour is unpredictable 2. correct texture so in 3D view so external finish is visible all around window/door opening right to the frame of window/door Thanks. Pavol
  10. drelARCH

    Skylight 2D component from 3D

    Thanks a lot Wes, Any idea on workaround...? Pavol
  11. drelARCH

    Skylight 2D component from 3D

    Hi vw community, I have a questions regarding generation of 2D component from 3D geometry. I have built my roof faces (30 degrees slope) and inserted velux skylight 3D symbol, now I want to generate 2D component from that 3D geometry of velux skylight (3D symbol) as is seen in top/plan view with 30 degrees rotation...result is not what i wish. Command 'Generate 2D from 3d Component' produce 2D component of 3D geometry as is set up in symbol (at 90 degrees standing)...OK...maybe thats how this suppose to work... However when I duplicate 3d symbol of skylight and ungroup it and rotate geometry to 30 degress angle (my roof angle) create new 3D symbol and generate correct 2D component from it... i see strange behaviour happening when I want to paste this 2D component into my origin velux 3D symbol in my roof. Origin 3d geometry gets rotated and 2d component as well (see result in attachment)... Any idea what cause such behaviour or how to correctly approach this task in this particular situation? Thank for any advice. Pavol f
  12. drelARCH

    Not matching paper size

    Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, Thanks for answer, i never get back to you as I was dealing with other more important bugs and issues in vw. However I am still having the same issues across all my files...never found any solutions. Can I send you one file to look at it? Using latest vw and latest macOS. Pavol
  13. drelARCH

    Windows - Offset Sash and Jamb Separation

    Hi Christiaan, Thanks for sharing window file with forum. I really like your window setup, it looks really like proper modern window. Nice job. I have some questions though: - how did you manage to bring brick texture right to the edge of window frame? Using exterior wall detial components and external finish texture set to object/component and all wall sides...doesnt work for me....And generally i have lot of issues using wall detail feature. Its really mess... - is there same way to control precisely which edges are on which not? I mean, in your file with openGL on and with edges on only some of edges are visible(at least what i see on my screen)...I like that especially with window frame that it makes some edges 'soft' (ones without edge) and some hard (ones on). Is there some settings to selectively set that? Thanks for any advice and your time. Pavol
  14. drelARCH

    dragging and dropping in 3D

    Yes I am familiar with sketchup way of locking. It is much simpler. I dont know about option in vw to set it in advance like su. Do you have smart edge under smart cursor settings enabled? Be careful to gain axis outside of potential overlapping other geometry ... You have to first drag it out of other objects region. Hope this is clear for you...
  15. drelARCH

    dragging and dropping in 3D

    Start to drag object along desired axes and when dashed axis line occur hit T key to lock direction. Hope this helps.


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