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  1. @Eric Mousse thanks for question. I am having same issues since SP0. No way to edit windows/doors style. Will try now number separators suggestion.
  2. Hi while it is possible for some objects with components (slab, wall, roof) to control their materials section fills attribute through data visualizations we can not do it with components in slabs with aligned surface (hardscape type) and new site model components which is strange...see attached screenshot with aligned slab not taking light gray solid fill from data visualizations. I dont write this post in wishlist section as this appear to me as an item that needs to be corrected ... as it is possible to control these components with materials applied using class function or other value but not by material value so only way to achieve same graphic appearance now in section viewports is to have multiple visualizations selected. Please make this process consistent throughout all components with materials. --- Another issue with mentioned objects (aligned hardscape + site model) is that it will not display 'profile line' set in 'advanced properties' in section viewports Can we have a fix for these issues?
  3. Another data tag related question today: I have already placed in annotation space few data tags of same style with one user-defined text field in it. Whenever I do some changes to that data tag style, data tags present in drawing are reset to default value...bug maybe?
  4. Hello, Do we have possibility to have bidirectional workflow when using data tags with worksheets? I want to edit data tag text field from within worksheet and I thought that we can do it using DATATAGFIELD('fieldname')...but content of the text field is locked in worksheet... Is there maybe other option to achieve this?
  5. Hi @line-weight i iust checked it and it works same way for styled objects. Unstyled you control trough context menu. It took me quite some time to understand and navigate through all these settings but really worthy... for instance class assignment is really big one ... great time saver with organization of objects.
  6. You can make it by style. You have to select your styled window/door in RM and then under 'Plug-in Object Options' set to settings you prefer: insertion location, offset, wall closure etc.
  7. OK. OK. I did some quick tests...but I suppose I have to really wait when changes happen (by SP2) to be able correctly test and see fully workflow that we will need to adapt by then...? After some tests would by nice to have control to see slab attribute hatch only on top component area. I mean I have slabs (for ground floor) with many components in them a they can stick out (edge offset) - outside of the building ...but i need that hatch only for interior area...hope this will be somehow addressed....or i will have to cover those parts with hardscapes and other landscpae objects... I see, it indeed does work, but I cant use data visualisations then which is quite essential to my workflow as this is sort of 'viewport styles' available at the moment, quickest way to graphically express results in different way
  8. Yes I am. You are right @Bruce Kieffer. After double checking it indeed recalculate only selected worksheet. I think I was initially confused by fact that 'recalculate' function takes much longer to update than 'update active worksheet' in worksheet menu.
  9. I would be very much interested in that one too. @Bruce Kieffer What I can see 'Recalculate' function update all worksheets not only selected one. And with many worksheet present in file it can take a while to update. Would really welcome quicker way to navigate to recalculate active worksheet function.
  10. Hi Matt, Thanks for coming back with warning in advance. I appreciate it. Does this mean that in initial realese - SP0 of VW 2022 it should still be working as is now...? So I will skip SP2 then...and by SP3 it should work again...? or should I adapt to other workflow down the road...? I am not quite sure I completely understand what you are saying... By applying hatch to slab style do you mean selecting hatch as a fill for 'slab attributes'...? so you mean regular hatch instead of surface hatch?...hatch in that set up will be disconnected from texture so I have to correct mapping of hatch to align with texture (of topmost component) in order to be consistent (when i present same part of building in textures and in hidden line so for example tiles looks same size in both viewports)... Well at the end whatever workflow it takes I wish i could precisely set up size and have perfectly aligned texture with hatch ... Will class attributes and overrides work in section viewports? So far I've had mixed experience with using class attributes and overrides in section viewports...but that may be caused by me not setting up something correctly....
  11. Ahh...I see something really obvious 🙂 Great! We have that covered now. Thank you a lot.
  12. Detailer tool would be welcomed addition too....at least what i can see from tutorial videos. It is only 2D but very useful to build up library of construction details.
  13. Hello, Is there any chance to report in worksheet database length of structural member. Simple column type member or straight horizontal member.... There is for structural m. property: 'lenght'... when added to worksheet it changes to: ='StructuralMember'.'CenterPointLength'...but doesnt report lenght value. I know we dont have lenght field in OIP for structural member ... but one would expect that such a basic property of member can be easily available and reportable. Or am I am missing something obvious? would welcome if there is at least some math calculation alternative to be able report lenght value in worksheet or data tag as well. Since introduction of material resource we abandoned framing member but we feel that this tool is not really fully developed... Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. Hello, Quick search (under F key) is great addition for latest version, you can quickly search for menus, tools even recently opened files and also worksheets present in active file...but it is only searching in those areas within active workspace...so it doesnt qo into all command/tools/menus unless they are present - visible in palettes/menus. Am I missing something really obvious? I cant think of any reason why it should work that way. Because if it does work like this than we cannot hide palletes (and have more working space) with tools and have it available and access through quick search... Thanks for any hints.
  15. OK. I see. So there is no any hidden field for typing in exact values (except origin x + y factor) so indeed we have to do some calculations beforehand. Would be really much easier to have for example dragging handle for exact positioning of array items. Anyway, thanks again for your help to better understand way this tool works.
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