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  1. drelARCH

    Incorrect object rotation in VP

    Hi all, House and barn project... All drawn perpendicular to each other then barn was rotated. Its position to the house is slightly at angle. Since then all column object of rotated portion of drawing (barn) are keeping previous rotation angle (occurring only in horizontal section viewport). Funny enough when editing section in place through viewport dialogue each column has correct selection highlight.... Any idea what my cause this issue or is it bug we know... Thanks.
  2. I am very frustrated to report that every time I create/select framing member in a file software gets unresponsive for 5 - 10 minutes. I have no idea what i've done wrong...It started with placing first item in the file using framing member tool. Earlier I have copied into the file few rafters (framing members) from recently drawn file. File is quite small with not many objects in it.... FILE JUST SIMPLE DOESN'T ACCEPT FRAMING MEMBER - have reset vw preferences - NO SUCCESS - have created brand new file and imported in it all the objects through import layers - NO SUCCESS - have changed display settings from 'Best performance' to other but it only once it allowed to do few steps forward and then same behaviour ocurred - NO SUCCESS This is worst time for me for something like this as tomorrow I am suppose to present final design to client. I havent had issues like this since SP2... Pavol
  3. Hello, I wonder if there is an option to get vertical piece - support for roof structure using framing member tool....? My goal is to show (using data visualization in viewport) new addition to existing roof in red. Since vertical piece in my roof structure is column object it doesnt fall in category for framing member and is left out of data visaualization criteria and not coloured in red. Thanks for help. Pavol
  4. drelARCH

    wall styles in kind of gray in the resource browser

    I've had similar issue and if I remember correctly it happened because wall style was created on class or actual pen attribute settings with opacity lower then 100%...In my case that was causing same result. However i cant remember fully how I fix it...i think it was done through resetting thumbnail view in resource browser...
  5. Hi guys, I want to ask you what would be your preferred settings in order to export 3D stuff like walls, slabs, roof, windows/doors etc. into 2D AutoCAD - dwg format? My typical task is to design building - architecture side of a project and then send its 2D set of drawings (plans, sections, elevations...) to specialist to incorporate their part. In my country Vectorworks is absolutely unknown and not used at all, offices uses predominantly AutoCAD software for drafting so I am trying to get as accurate as possible 2D results for them. I know there is option to tick 'Export as flatten 2D graphics' ... but still I only recently move from 2D environment to 3D and would like to know instructions from more experienced users among us. Any help welcome and thanks! Pavol
  6. drelARCH

    Not matching paper size

    I am about to start implement title block border into my workflow and come across this basic but still important issue. My paper size typically come from 'custom pages' with non-printable area set to 0 from each side of a page..In case of A4 paper size reads 210 x 297mm. However in 'Pages Setup' dialog box it translate to 210 x 296,9mm and strangely when I draw rectangle over printable area (with snapping to page enabled) on corresponding sheet layer it show final 209,97 x 296,93 paper size...? My typical sheet layer set-up would consist of multiple pages (mainly A4, A3, A2...)...then this error gets multiplied...and all title blocks with correct A4 size get slightly moved. So far I refused to set up my new title block border to follow that strange dimensions. Am I missing something..? Do I need just to accept it the way it is.... Thanks for your help. Pavol
  7. drelARCH

    Site model section fill

    Hi, 1. Is there a way to show fill of site model when model is clip cubed? see attachments 2. Similarly, can be attached certain hatch to side model in section VP? Graphic attributes..? which attribute? Thanks for help.
  8. Wow...this is the way they are meant to be used...I didn't think of that. Still would be nice to have them on design layer and control them from there... Somehow I am still neglecting annotation 'layer' as a full part of creating of drawings with very good reason to use and fully incorporate in workflow. I have to change this attitude. Thanks Benson, your help is much appreciated!
  9. drelARCH

    Missing 3D geometry in viewport

    I am having issues with disappearing 3D geometry (wall and slab) in viewport. For some reason its happening just for a view set to 'Right' or very similar direction to right...all other view directions are OK. Viewport is created from saved view and saved view comes from camera...but final viewport is not connected to camera... Any idea what would be reason for that...? Thanks for any advice.
  10. drelARCH

    Elevation benchmark autoupdate issue

    Thanks Marissa for advice, it saved me some time to search for haven't updates ones.
  11. Thanks Benson for your time, I did it through creation of 'fake' section viewports and it worked as proposed by you. However I think I use this marker tool for things that its probably not intended for...or the tool is not fully developed yet... The reason is that while I am happy it is shown on VPs as desired, there is no way to control individual floor plan VP and make small changes - move section marker (due to different drawing extent) on one plan but leave it in same position on other. I would love to have control on section marks in individual viewports. At the moment it is same in all VPs. But thats feature maybe for wishlist. I did consider to do it second way, but had hope i don't have to place individual section markers and draw every section lines to it... I know you could create new section marker with line and then just pair every two together to get desired result...
  12. When 'user origin' is changed existing elevation benchmarks (in my case with Elevation Display set to: Y value relative to reference elevation) that are bound to it will not autoupdate.
  13. Hi, I think it is hybrid...But used it for mac. Original price was something around 1500€ incl. VAT. Please write me privately bout your proposal. Thanks for interest.
  14. I am trying to show section marker in solely 2D environment. Just to be clear what is my goal...english is not my first language.
  15. no luck so far, see newly created file. Thanks a lot Benson! section marker.vwx


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