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  1. Same here,... and I am also experiencing that data tags are not reliable on refreshing. I am having issue when source data is changed (in this case it is class description information change) existing data tags in drawing will not update class description change immediately ....?
  2. Absolutely agree. Would be also great and really speed things to be able search across whole database and not only in selected section of database.
  3. It is 2D component to 3D object what you see in top/plan view. It is 2D graphic, linework. Edit 2D component of symbol to your taste. Hope this help.
  4. Thanks Matt, Your file is almost there. What I am after though is bit more complicated. I wish to extract individual components of walls/slabs/roofs objects present in file ...ideally to narrow down to only ones that are seen (on section viewports) on particular sheet. Anyway, but to be able at least call out every single component in drawing would be of huge benefit to me. I just can't to seem find way how point report criteria to select components and show their class attributes (hatch, tile...and class description). Any thought how to dig out these informations? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Benson for question, thanks Stephan for explanation. These are little things that count on when working efficiently with program. Me myself was asking many times what this little icon means but never find time to investigate.
  6. It won't let me open...What version are your files?
  7. drelARCH


    Aha...so editing contours doesn't work for now...? I tried recently edit few site models contour but result never took on desired effect. I was asking myself what I am doing wrong, never get this to work... So we should avoid editing contours..?
  8. Thats great @Matt Panzer! Thanks for sharing. Is there then similar way to call up class fill style image? ...as you can see on attachment. I would like to make automated way to create material key for materials that are present within individual sheet layer page. I might try to tweak script for class description...but I am not familiar with scripting. Thanks for directing me bit.
  9. Thanks for honest answer. Hopefully it can go out very soon.
  10. Hi @Matt Panzeris there a timeline when we might expect fix for this section fill issue? I mean, I would really like to know if issue is going to be fix in matter of days, weeks...even months??? We really need that information. I know, we have your workaround of setting viewports stacks but it is far from favourable as I have many many viewports of ongoing project effected and I am about to create new one for new projects...but not willing to create many many new viewport stacks that at the end will require fix to Regarding late surface hatch fix (is fixed now in SP 2.1) it was supposed to be out soon, very soon but at the end it took at least month to have fix in reality. I do really need to know where I am at and what decision to take as I mentioned above I am about to set up many new viewports... THIS IS VERY FUNDAMENTAL TO WORKING WITH 3D/BIM AND CORRECT PRESENTATION OF THE RESULT AND THIS MUST BE OF HIGHEST PRIORITY! Thanks.
  11. Hope fix will be out this week, I do really need it now!
  12. Hi, Fundamentals is basic version of Vectorworks. I have in offer Vectorworks Fundamentals 2011. Let me know through direct message if you are interested. Pavol
  13. @Gerard JonkerWhat a great tool. Thank you very much for sharing! I see though there is some text overlapping...for some reason not only class name but also hatch name is shown...but covering class name...? Thank again!
  14. Agree, the new icons are so so poor and absolutely unprofessional. To me it looks very amateurish with so little care that went into it. Nothing to do with quality design - graphic design. Not mentioning alignment of icons, some touching each other and so on...just new patches on the old coat Why company that provide Vectorworks promotion videos is not one that take care for this area too? They definitely have very good taste and sense for detail. I like their work a lot.


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