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  1. what about using new function (in vw 21): ImageByDataVis Might be what you are looking for...
  2. @Mark Aceto maybe this is something that might help you.
  3. Hope soon is really very soon. All work that went into setting up surface hatches for many materials textures in plan view is useless now.
  4. Ok, it is actually not texture mapping that is causing lines of extrudes in autohybrid to disappear but wrong data visualisations settings. I am using materials across all possible objects/components in model, extrudes included and have many data visualisations set-ups based on materials. I havent payed enough attention to attribute values for pen(see attachment). Mine was set to 'none' instead of 'retain original pen'. So section viewport with <none> data visualisation drew everything correct but with data vis. applied visibility of pen line of extrudes went off. Thanks @jeff prince and @Matt Panzer for all your effort to investigate more where might be issue. Although I have found mistake there is still clue to me why all my extrudes in autohybrid have perimeter texture mapping....?
  5. Oh, is that so? @jeff princeWould you mind sharing correct approach. ūüėČ Much appreciated.
  6. Hi community, After upgrade to SP3 (SP3.1 issue persisting) I am seeing that rectangle extrudes wrapped in autohybrid changed their texture mapping from auto-align to perimeter resulting in missing lines in Hidden Line Render. I am using extrudes in autohybrids to fix ill interior/exterior wall detail part in window/door tool. Anybody having this issue? @Matt Panzer you are always around so would be glad to hear some relevant info on this issue from vectorworks side. Thanks for help.
  7. Any idea how to bring back in SP3 slab surface hatches...? Maybe @Matt Panzer might have solution...? Our projects solely use horizontal sections to generate plans, now hatches of floors (or roofs = sloped slab with drainage settings) are all gone. It so frustrating to see again after service pack update that surface hatches have issues. It seem to me that there is lot more issues now than in previous SP. - for some reason i get missing some lines of slab objects (roof flashings) in section viewports - also missing visible lines of extrudes in autohybrid (fixing ill interior/exterior wall component at the door/window openings) - site model take way longer to update with some flickering during update - there is no fix to section viewports randomly converting to regular viewports fo no evident reason - in few hours of work after upadte I saw way to many unwated conversion of section lines styles to unstyled - viewport with clip cube active in opengl viewport...when clip cube plane is changed in elevetion in-place on return to viewport whole sheet layer is covered with some version of top view of model... Files were generated in 2021 version and I am afraid I cant be more clean and very strict with dealing all resources and what comes into files ...WHY, WHY, WHY ???
  8. All surface hatches of slab objects are gone in horizontal sections viewport (only orthogonal projection) in latest update. Across all files...very very bad. Anybody experiencing this issue? Any known fix? Thanks.
  9. Thanks @Matt Panzer for sharing this graphic...i am bit closer to understanding these settings but still some confusions. I somehow still can't grasp what effect has changing 'Hidden Line' to 'Dashed Hidden Line' or visa versa at the top of Object/Hidden Object Display menu under Class name field in section viewport settings. I actually never use Dashed Hidden Line Render only Hidden Line for sections viewport rendering. Will those settings override viewports background render? Another thing that confuse me is when lets say Hidden line is active for given class in Object/Hidden Object Display menu for viewport will settings in same dialogue for dashed hidden line pen attributes have no effect on result ? I hope you can understand my points as it is quite difficult for me to navigate in somehow overlapping terminology. Thanks.
  10. Maybe you can find required material nodes here:
  11. Thanks @Boh @Jonathan Pickup @Andy Broomell. For now custom modification is the way to go when one is not willing to change style itself. Thanks for detailed instructions. Not used custom modification much but this tool has definitely quite important place in toolset i guess. You know it is just matter of consistency. One would expect same dialogue to appear when style is deleted from RM as is case with other resources... @Boh custom scale is field that I use too. Bringing it from pre 2021 release. Nice to know we can connect label with custom records so there are definitely some option.
  12. Hello, From time to time I am experiencing some nasty issue with slabs that have adjusted edges ('Edge Offset') . Order of edge numbers get somehow renumbered and numbers becomes shifted so in effect causing edges offset disorder. I've had just this happened at once with all slabs present in a file with adjusted edges. Sometimes happens to only one particular slab. No idea what trigger this kind of behaviour... anybody experiencing this issue...and have someone find reason what is the cause and what to whatch out. Updating slab style...? File was originally created in vw 2020 and now migrated to 2021. I definitely see this issue across other files too. Or is this a known bug? Thanks for your help.
  13. While there is no doubt it is great improvement and really joy to work with I am missing two things: - way to globally change one style that is present in many instances in drawing ...something sort of replace texture, material dialogue box when you hit delete for that resource ...or am I missing something? - field for custom text for example for subtitle
  14. It seem to work fine when you select 'insertion point' instead of spacing. No need to hide leader line. At least that is what I see in my set up.


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