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  1. @markddthanks a lot. I need to have correct 2d plan (horizonatal section) and maybe more importantly correct 2D graphic in sections viewports - not only some square (beam type member)with white fill in it (2D default graphic) but preferably some hatching and diagonals going through square. And reason for using structural member is to get at the end correct report for materials quantity and member length.. I am thinking now if this is possible with extrudes too...(to get overall lenght and dimensions for individual extrudes...? maybe yes...Well I would prefer styles for structural member as this is at present state overcomplicated task. Thanks for pointing me to auto hybrid I think this has really strong place to cover some objects and I am now getting back to this tool/option. Year ago or maybe more I had difficulty to make it play nicely with horizontal section. If I recall correctly there was some clash between cut plane level for auto hybrid and cut plane for horizontal section viewport...but might be my mistake of overlooking some settings...
  2. Thanks for answering my query. I dont know neither, never got such alert. Maybe something to do with materials resources...? Have been doing materials referencing back and forth recently ...
  3. Thanks @Hugues for your input into my issues. Aha... I thought that criteria 'visible selection state' is already quite narrow when one single object (this time slab with slab style) is present on current screen...? I was really hoping that it can be that simple. So do I have to add additional criteria to my criteria functions...like on which Layer it is present...and so on? I want to keep it as simple as possible and as universal as possible. How you would add more criteria to image function or componentthickness? Thanks for your time.
  4. Thanks @zoomer for your post. I have tried now edit default story data file and have placed this file firstly to workgroup folder then moved it to application support folder and finally to application folder itself but none of these is working for me. I am talking about one file that i moved from place to place while other folders (Story Support folders) were empty. Whenever I open Stories tab in Organisation dialogue same default level types occur...? Have you got more luck with this thing?
  5. Well it only works when strictly using my own resources...whenever I bring in some external resource (for example symbol that is bound to 'Finish Floor') it will not recognise my custom naming for finish floor. I hope there is a way to map level type names with custom names in application structure....
  6. Thanks Wes, I am aware of organization dialogue and stories tab and renaming there. However I was thinking about renaming (to my native language) level type names deeper in application structure so I can override english naming and it will stay that way for future use...any idea?
  7. Hello, Could someone direct me in which file I can rename default naming for stories/levels structure? Will new names work with symbols/walls/slabs/roof that are bound to stories? That is crucial part. Thanks.
  8. Here is simple file with worksheet (actually two types) and slab with slab style in it. Now in attached file everything works perfectly fine...as intended. Real issue starts whenever I bring - import any of attached worksheet into not blank file but file where content is already build up and there are are many layers, viewports, styles with content in it...(I dont know if there is some connection between content of file and the problem itself, but so far recalculating worksheet never worked properly in such files with more content in it...?) Ultimate goal is to create wall/slab/roof style reports of present structures in those files .... but for some reason recalculating worksheet takes that long. I have suspicion that my formulas might be missing something and it is not written syntax correctly---but I am not sure...I don't know. Thanks for your time it would be of huge help as I spent quite some time to build these worksheet and materials resources and styles and I have no succes with final step... Thanks. spreadsheet__20201018.vwx
  9. Hi vw community, I hit my limits to find reason why my worksheet (spreadsheet setup) is working perfectly fine in blank file (with only one slab style and worksheet itself) but have real struggle to recalculate in file with model - building in it (many layers, viewports ...etc). Takes 10-15 minutes! I attach one screenshot with shown and described formula structure and other with look of desired result. Core criteria is vsel=true, so I basically select any slab that has slab style and while worksheet opened hit 'recalculate active worksheet' and get all information about individual components and result of object as a whole. There must be something ill with formulae...but I dont know what. I have noticed that whenever i import worksheet to any full project file, worksheet for some reason picks up some very high componentthicknessvalue for component no.1...? (3945 mm or similiar). It doesnt happen in blank file.... Would appreciate your time and help as I cant seem to resolve it. I will be willing to share worksheet if needed. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I want to reference newly created slab style (with components with material resources in it) to one of my project file. I am presented with dialogue like this...Is it safe to replace? what is actually doing this format? It is not visible in file ...
  11. Hi guys, I am digging more into 2D components side of symbols/plug-in and wonder about couple of things: - is there a simple way to assign custom(user-provided) 2D component to already laid out framing/structural members structure (they share same 2D component) or do I have to do it one by one...any eye dropper shortcut/copy paste. I know I can make first member to my liking and then duplicate it and built up my members layout from scratch but what if there is already structure placed...any quick solution? - i have found out that I can place as a custom 2D component any symbol (that makes life much easier when situation arise that I have to alter 2D component custom graphic of objects with same 2D component). However is there some limitation to using symbols within 2D component? Something to be aware of? I see that LOD (low, medium, high) viewport settings doesn't pass on the custom 2D component - symbol itself... Also I have noticed that for example when I change pitch/roll angle of structural member with already assigned custom 2D component (Left and Right Cut), custom 2D component will not rotate accordingly and stay untouched with same rotation...is is WAD or a bug Any answer would be much appreciated.
  12. Lovely stuff, would be nice to be able to do it on roof style too. I mean roofing component with slates. Anyway, what a coincidence. I am just about to start to work on a new renovation project - house that its walls are built out of logs and I have been really thinking for last few weeks how to approach it with conventional wall. Texture way wasn't satisfying enough. Now I know ūüėÄ
  13. I've got feeling that framing member was deliberately left out of new material resource. I guess structural member will eventually replace it (judging from virtual summit keynote and mention of improved structural member). While you can apply texture to timber frame its mapping is not correct in rafters and sloped members. I've decided to make transition to structural member because of material ability even though it is quite difficult to model for example rafter member with some slope. I do it now with assistance of framing member that I delete when structural member is properly placed/has correct slope.
  14. Have yout tried Configuration: 'Cased Opening' ?


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