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  1. drelARCH

    window/door in horizontal section viewport issues

    @Phileas Thanks, it doesn't seem to work for me...it is door/window standard object with style parameters applied...
  2. In rotated (+90degree) horizontal viewport of a floor plan I get weird behaviour of some doors opening (so far with configuration: Opening and Pocket Bi-Part), these doors gets rotated by 90 degrees. Then same viewport in the same orientation as is drawn in top plan view some windows gets rotated with strange wall detail to it...Both viewports are on sheet layer. It is happening to me on all files, not just this one. See attachments. Any help? Thanks. Pavol
  3. drelARCH

    push/pool tool freeze

    Hi Vectorworks I am experiencing difficulties with push/pool tool. My latest project (but also in all other files) with very simple geometry of one and half storey small house. Whenever I want to use this tool it behaves unpredictable for few seconds it works then for few second spinning ball occur and all over again. Tool seem to be confused ... of basic geometry? File newly created in VW 2019. At the moment It is impossible and useless to use this tool in front of client to show some quick and even very very simple modifications of 3D objects. Beside that there are plenty other places when vw get stuck either for few seconds - in better case or good few minutes...especially in area of 3D - AEC when selecting some objects. Hope this too will be fixed very soon. Thanks in advance for reply. Pavol
  4. drelARCH

    Selecting text box freeze software for few minutes

    Yes indeed 2019 SP1.1 latest build 460795. It's happening on both MacBook Pro and iMac 5K too.
  5. drelARCH

    Selecting text box freeze software for few minutes

    Sorry I forgot to mention software version: VW 2019 on macOS Mojave 10.14.1 (MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 2017).
  6. When selecting text box with some text in it every time vw freeze for few minutes. Same happening when selecting text tool and clicking insertion point in order to start typing in new text box... Anybody else seeing this issue?


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