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  1. Is 'workgroup' folder compatible with icloud drive? In our office projects are stored all in icloud drive and we are about to start to utilise workgroup folder to share standards in office. I have tried to setup for the first time workgroup folder in my icloud drive folder structure (exact copy of user folder) and empty - delete my user libraries folder but had no luck yet of redirecting application not to save files in user folder but save files (for example stair style) to workgroup libraries folder...? For some reason workgroup folder only show under defaults stair folder(type)...but not other already generated user files...? Any thoughts what might cause it?
  2. Roof definitely need to be finish/fixed soon. Please not in next year version! I had really hard and frustrating time recently only to discover, that the tool is not fully coded and it can behave randomly...??? Please see my recent posts: I also think that it would be more than welcome to be able to add/subtract 3d object to/from roof/roof face as is in slab object. That would be really really great help to cover different scenarios of overhang parts of roof and other too. Also full integration with PIO is needed. PLEASE MAKE PRIORITY that all tools vectorworks offer indeed fully work as stated and instructed in Help.
  3. Another project and same situations or even worse. After hitting update button HLSV is taking ages to finish. Memory demand go up to 166GB!!! File migrated from vw2019 into 2020 (file size 450MB) ... Mentioned viewport in attachment. I will greatly appreciate any help or explanations what might cause this issue and how to deal with it. Thanks.
  4. I would love to try and use this tool but I guess it is not available as stand alone plugin...? Using international version vw 2020 architect.
  5. While now we have search field present on probably all important places, I am still missing search option in Layer/Class visibility settings in Edit Saved View dialogue. Is it mistake or intended design approach...? Pavol
  6. While I welcome that clip cube show stair fill I have some small graphical issues when clip cube is active. See attached print screen with marked glitches. It look like it derive from lower and upper floor connections detail...? However you can see these 'stripes' protruding through building in any viewpoint. Do you know a way how to fix it? Thanks.
  7. I have successfully uploaded file through provided upload link. Hope you can replicate issues. Thanks.
  8. Yes, I am having myself some issues with open GL...if I uncheck 'Use Colors' in Render Settings most time it will not take effect after VP update. It seem to me that it behave randomly... Please FIX it soon! Pavol
  9. Changing Keynote Display from dotted one to not dotted crash whole application. I would like to use/convert dotted Keynote legend (from 2019 vw file) to new not dotted one but it is crashing software. Known bug? Pavol
  10. +1 I am definitely with this one.
  11. Hi, I have small tiny residential house project migrated form VW2019 that cause me memory issues. Every time I update any of HL viewports in file new amount of memory is added to demand (looking at activity monitor app). While OpenGL is really fast and cause no memory issues, HL render for me is quite slow (looking at size of project model) and very much memory demanding. When I open this file memory is from hundreds of MB up to few GB. But when I rerender HL viewports it is going up quickly to 50GB and still up even 100GB!!! File size was around 360MB(was 430 in VW 2019), but after I rerendered all my viewports (OpenGL + HL viewports) it jumped to almost 1GB. I have set up 7 sheet layers with A3 size pages with 80 viewports (26 in Hidden Line rest OpenGL ) Is there a way to release ever growing memory demand? Is there a way to stay in 'safe zone' with memory without restating file? When I restart the file everything is ok until i start to render again...memory demand builds up. In fact I am missing button to globally (after high quality rendering is performed and drawings are published) decrease viewports quality...Changing dpi back to 72 on sheet layers will not take effect... Thanks for help.
  12. However I would very much appreciated if someone from you more experienced could help me to get understand how roof object with bounded walls works and how to correctly set it up to achieve desired result. Please see attached section drawing image and other corresponding informations with my set up. Questions: - where can I measure bearing height in section ( i have bearing inset set to 430mm as implied in section...), #4 component of roof style set to datum (bottom of component). - in order to work bounds properly roof object and walls must be on same layer? - top of the bounding wall is set to one same story level (as seen on section)......how to release it so that top of wall components can touch corresponding roof components following edge conditions...? - when I set manual bound offset to other than 0 it take priority over wall associated bound setting...? why? Sorry for dummy questions, but I really tried hard to get my head around for already few days but hit my limits...I guess partially because o english terminology... Thanks for your time. Pavol
  13. OK. VW 2020 seems to fix many things regarding roof...or at least what I can see now jumping to version 2020 and comparing it with vw 2019.
  14. Hi all, I am experiencing unpredictable behaviour from roof object associated with four walls. The moment I change eave overhang... some components shot out and will not stay clipped by walls (as they are meant to be)...I got the feeling that everything is very fragile and not stable at all. ....but it might me learning new subject Please see image with section with arrows pointing to right place where components should finish. I enclose also settings for roof style, roof object OIP. I have to say I spent good two days trying to get understand how roof components can interact with associated wall using edge condition but I am giving up on this... Hope there might be something small that I overlook, or little to change in order to get this working. Very much appreciated all your help. I would be happy to provide file if needed. Pavol


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