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  1. Great update! For us materials are very important and it will be very welcomed if we can get fill by materials. We've built our workflow around materials together with data visualisations controlling fill in sections viewports + materials textures in 3D views/viewports.
  2. Hello @Jesse Cogswell, Great thanks for all your amazing work you freely share with community. All these wonderful tools cant be for free. Please send me DM message with your paypal acount ;-) Anyway, one question regarding Replace Name Text plugin is Error Message I get. Any idea what might be the issue? It works fine in blank file, not in any other based on my template file with many folders with resources.... Thanks.
  3. Another tip that might be useful in insertion of multiple rows/columns in one step that is different to what @Pat Stanford suggested... Lets say you want to add 5 new rows in one step so to do this you select 5 existing rows and hit 'insert rows' Same applies to columns.
  4. Thanks @Tom W. for you suggestion. Your solution is closest to desired result. Ideally i wish i could achieve this using one wall and only one symbol... Recently I really enjoyed watching video focused on wall closures for custom symbols presented by @Matt Panzer https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/overview/view.php?id=3027
  5. Hello, This is resources/file structure we have developed in office to collect employees (users) working hours for office projects. It is working fine unless we edit record format bind to symbol...after that all already picked values in symbols in users files get all reset to default values... Any idea why might this happen? is it bug? We use record format as a source for project names, project stage, employee name etc, mainly pop-up types. Symbol with text fields linked to record format: Record format with all sorts of data: Much appreciated any help.
  6. Hi, I am looking to find way to set up correct wall closure for custom opening. It is wall opening with stepped edges and am using symbol to cut it out. At the moment finish components of wall style stop where edge is stepped and will not wrap around to the desired place...tried different wall hole and wall closure components for symbol but no success so far... Here is case: view from one side (purple - finish component, gray - core, green - finish component) view from other side This is current state: and this is objective: Is it achievable using one wall style combined with custom symbol with wall hole and wall closure component? Would like to hear your suggestions. Thanks.
  7. try keep your newly created format with default name: Format-1 or so... I just tested it and it worked for me
  8. We prefer to have U-value as a 'Display' for Energos under Units settings. Vectorworks after each program restart revert to R-Value. Will this be fixed for SP3?
  9. Hello, I am experiencing same behaviour for few months already... My workaround is to create new record format (sometimes one, sometimes two...) and then material can pick up new ones allowing to eventually access those formerly intended. HTH.
  10. SITE MODEL criteria: type is 'Site Model' report: ='DTM6'.'Cut Volume' ='DTM6'.'Fill Volume' ... SITE MODIFIER criteria. type is 'Site Modifier' report: ='Site Modifiers'.'Volume (Existing)' ='Site Modifiers'.'Volume (Proposed)' ='Site Modifiers'.'Cut Volume' ='Site Modifiers'.'Fill Volume' ... HTH
  11. What is '3D Conversion Resolution' setting of your section viewports? Under Advanced Section Properties...
  12. Have you tried 'quick search'? You can browse through worksheets in opened files as well...does it help somehow in your situation?
  13. @Matt Panzer is this still relevant information after SP2 update? Shall we continue to control 'wall closure' instance by instance and not control it globally through using plugin options in RM...?
  14. My typical drawing window uses only floating pallets. Snapping options dialogues are all hidden behind floating palletes...see screenshot. Other similar dialogues from attributes pallet (like for local mapping )are OK. It is only ones connected to snapping options. I have recreated user folder by moving out initial one and let program to create new one but with no success. I have even completely reinstall vectorworks but display issue persist. I wonder if other users are experiencing this issue as I havent seen any posts on forum regarding this. I see this issue since first version of 2022 realease.
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