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  1. Hi guys, I am closely following your conversation, hoping to get correct answer to hardscape texture issues too. 😉 Thanks @Michal Zarzecki for bringing in this subject and @jeff prince for great effort to help. I spent good chunk of time (some days if not weeek) early this year to figure out new hardscape object (new at least for VW Architect 2020) and learn sufficiently when and which variation of hardscape settings is suitable...with focus on correct texture mapping. Even though english is not my native language and this fact is causing me some difficulties in terms of terminology I've tried every combination possible to achieve correct texture (having same issues as you @Michal Zarzecki) mapping mainly on aligned slab types (and their modification) of hardscape. I am too using styles, so I was wishing to achieve results using styles and their components attributes controlled by classes. But no success et the end. Eventually for final presentation I ended up 'Unstyling' Slab styled hardscape objects which was quick fix for textures but far far from satisfying as I broke control of my components attributes using classes. Following bug fixes that occured in SP4, there were few for hardscape i have a hope that it is all fixed by now. File that I created and produce before SP and play with it little after upgrade unfortunately wasn't showing any correction. But maybe I have to recreate those hardscape objects in order to fully take effect of latest. That is my experience with other objects in vw, that it wont heal itself automatically. I will soon do another round of hardscaping lesson soon so I look forward to positive outcome. Will be happy to share new information with you. Good luck anyway, hope you can find answer soon.
  2. @Pat StanfordIs this still active procedure in order to clear watermark stamp? I have accidentally imported few hatches from watermarked file into my commercial files and now have unwanted two file watermarked. It is matter of few hatch resources that I have deleted from file but it will not take away watermark stamp...? Thanks.
  3. @gester you are right with default electric source. I did a simple test of disabling 'include heating system' for Heating and in Detailed Result tab I see Heating set to: Default Electrical. Thanks again, this was of great help for me.
  4. Hi @gester Thanks for your input. I am not sure I understand what you mean. What you mean by installation system? I cant find that in energos settings.. You mean 'include primary system'?
  5. Ok. Thanks for clarification. I have another question regarding Energos record. Looking at 'Energos Heating Direct Electric' I only have primary heating system to use direct electric heating energos record. Energos label show heating value of 3,00 kW. From where this number arrives? There are only few parameters to choose from and I dont see any values there...How this works?
  6. Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I dont think I understand fully your first suggestion...I cant see 'edit list...' option in main heating system categories. I only see this option in the list of specific systems... Is there a way to create my own custom category and build my own list of specific system types? Or am I constrained to only use default system categories? Second solution is working for me, but I would prefer the first approach.
  7. Hi community, In order to correctly set up my building heating system i need to add electrical heating as my primary system (floor electric heating) ...but there is no option for that. Hot water heating has electric system but not heating. Is this error?...or am I missing something? I see that in RM among energos records there is one record called 'energos heating direct electric'...can I somehow include it and add to my heating system. Will energos take effect after attaching this some object in drawing? Can somenone help me to solve this question. Maybe @Luka Stefanovicor @Nikolay Zhelyazkov might have answer. Thanks.
  8. @Pat Stanford any thought on this matter...? I have successfully created one worksheet with database criteria set to only one criteria: Visible Selection State > is selected. This make process much much simpler and I am free to name style as I wish. Of course I have to go through individual wall/slab/roof style to select them and then recalculate given worksheet...but this is definitely much easier workflow. Anyway, I would be curious to know what was your thought and solution how to simplify this process with one cell where I can define criteria style name. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for sharing this very useful script. Would be possible to modify script to be able to select only one image or selected images instead of whole content of folder? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Pat. Your suggestion is something I was thinking of kind of...to have one place where I could control name of style and it will affect whole worksheet all database sections criteria. Please see attached my setup. Normally I dont need that much database sections (components), maybe 5 - 7max. But still I wanted to have few rows in case some style Primary focus is to provide list of components and their attributes (thickness, lambda, R-value...) and have overall thickness and U value. I have been following this forum for over year very closely but I havent come to other solution and approach than the one I am using.... I would greatly appreciate your help in simplifying process. database criteria.vwx
  11. Hello community, I wonder is there a way to rename multiple database row criteria (using same object style name) in same worksheet in one action? As you can see in attachment, I have a structure of wall (can be slab, roof..) with 10 components, but each component is directed to the same style name OP02. If i want to list all components for lets say different wall style with name OP03 I have to go to change it 10 times in database criteria...and thats tedious. Also I dont want to have preformatted worksheet for 10 - 20 different wall/slab/roof style in one building. So any thought or put it other way is there a better criteria approach for calling components with simpler criteria setup? Maybe script would do it? Thanks for help.
  12. Ok. 1. What type of object are you missing, is it slab, floor...or something else? 2. Have you checked visibility for 'Layers... and Classes...' for missing object (including components) in viewport settings? Hope this helps.
  13. set viewport to 'Top' view
  14. Hi @RichPiano Change view to ‘Top’ will display texture. Regarding slab: in Render tab of OIP under Mode you can choose from by object or by component. Try these settings.
  15. Talking about shown units, is it possible to tweak metric units (set in units)? Result in energos label (for area) is in format sq m, cu m instead of my preferred way m², m³ ... etc. My dimension units in document are set that way... I know it is very subtle change but I prefer to be consistent throughout project document. Thanks.


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