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  1. Adding vwx file in attachment. Maybe @Matt Panzer can you have a look at it? Any help much appreciated. Pavol HSVPissue.vwx
  2. Hello, After updating to VW 2019 SP 4 horizontal section viewports with 'hidden line' background render lost some geometry...i see it in 2D/3D symbols Any idea what might cause this issue? Something has changed? Thanks. Pavol
  3. drelARCH

    Framing member overall length

    Hi, How to retrieve or where to look for overall length from framing member object for my worksheet? Not base length (2831,..). See attached print screen. I need to provide this dimension for sawmill. Thanks. Pavol
  4. drelARCH

    Window and Door Tool maturity

    Same here. Thanks Christiaan and Bas for your effort. We NEED this tools to get improved dramatically in order to cover all the different scenarios. It is very very basic now. For the beginning I would be really happy if international version gets belgian/dutch window/door abilities. Pavol
  5. drelARCH

    Framing Member correct texture alignment

    Thanks Steven, In framing member tool in render tab i dont get this options (class texture)...however when using attribute mapping tool (first i get notice, see attachment) hitting OK i get few of mapping options icluding rotation but with no effect to texture alignment when changed. I think i has read recently on this forum that you are not able to correct it in case of framing member object. ..?
  6. Hi Guys, Is there a way to correctly map texture on the framing element that is at angle...in my case rafters. I hope there is, but fear there is not ... Thanks. Pavol
  7. Hi, Am I missing something to fix unwanted text order flip...in data tag layout? This happens when leader/shoulder is on right side... See attached printscreen and vw file. Thanks for help. Pavol datatag text layout.vwx
  8. I want to show only outline (not all components) of the walls above cut plane in horizontal section vieports. Is there a way to hide individual components of that wall styles and rather show only clean outline of the wall? Each component of my wall style is assigned to individual class, but wall as an object is assign to general interior or exterior wall class. Thanks for help in advance.
  9. drelARCH

    File size breakdown

    Hello, Is there a way to show how much each resource in given file contribute to overall file size? (renderworks textures, images, hatches, symbols etc....). Would be helpful to track down ones that are too large in size...and optimise them. Thanks.
  10. drelARCH

    Two way sheet data worksheet

    Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov for quick answear. Aha, Auto Drawing Coordination is the reason...
  11. Hi guys, How to set up worksheet for sheet data that i can edit in two way manner (edit say sheet title within worksheet). Is it possible and how? Thanks.
  12. drelARCH

    WINDOW - Wall detail issues

    @line-weightthanks for your opinion. I read all the complaints and see myself this unfinished state of features or some not working properly . However recently I've made a decision not be too quick to criticise and first dive deep and properly examine functionality in 3D as well (so far been using vectorworks primarily in 2D environment) and as I go write down all the issues... In this forum so far I've mentioned only ones that bother me most as I progress through project. After I am finish I want to write report of all the issues I came across and send it here. I do love vectorworks especially because I think it is build on very logical a rational foundation but I am first to vote for highest quality in every aspect. At the end I strive for excellence in all of my projects and when I see that some areas of software are kind of falling apart it is so so discouraging and frustrating. I wish for my daily software to able in some way to inspire me for what I am doing. Aesthetic and functional quality of highest standard... I write more later.
  13. drelARCH

    WINDOW - Wall detail issues

    Thanks guys for help, @elepp ...hm I was afraid that this i the case...that it is simply just not finished setting in entirety. That's really not good that some tools in vw are not completely finished. To be honest I don't understand the reason why vw is bringing some features that are half way finished or better to say unfinished....and we are not talking about some complex stuff... @Alan Woodwell thanks, your suggestion partially works for me. I have a sheet layer dedicated to present all the wall styles through the worksheet and there is 3D thumbnail for each style showing present components...so my workaround at the moment is publish it with different texture settings
  14. drelARCH

    WORKSHEET questions, + ENERGOS

    Thanks a lot Pat, Scripting is something i haven't started yet, but I think I am getting ready to start with something simple. For me it is unknown realm at the moment...I will definitely give it a try. Regarding referencing worksheet cells I am really happy it is possible in one file, does this work between different files too? Pavol
  15. drelARCH


    Hi Guys, Any idea how to get rid off these dirty lines in windows/doors in the viewport? Foreground: Hidden Line Background: OpenGL - no edges See viewport settings in attachment. Thanks. Pavol


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