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  1. drelARCH

    WINDOW - Wall detail issues

    @line-weightthanks for your opinion. I read all the complaints and see myself this unfinished state of features or some not working properly . However recently I've made a decision not be too quick to criticise and first dive deep and properly examine functionality in 3D as well (so far been using vectorworks primarily in 2D environment) and as I go write down all the issues... In this forum so far I've mentioned only ones that bother me most as I progress through project. After I am finish I want to write report of all the issues I came across and send it here. I do love vectorworks especially because I think it is build on very logical a rational foundation but I am first to vote for highest quality in every aspect. At the end I strive for excellence in all of my projects and when I see that some areas of software are kind of falling apart it is so so discouraging and frustrating. I wish for my daily software to able in some way to inspire me for what I am doing. Aesthetic and functional quality of highest standard... I write more later.
  2. drelARCH

    WINDOW - Wall detail issues

    Thanks guys for help, @elepp ...hm I was afraid that this i the case...that it is simply just not finished setting in entirety. That's really not good that some tools in vw are not completely finished. To be honest I don't understand the reason why vw is bringing some features that are half way finished or better to say unfinished....and we are not talking about some complex stuff... @Alan Woodwell thanks, your suggestion partially works for me. I have a sheet layer dedicated to present all the wall styles through the worksheet and there is 3D thumbnail for each style showing present components...so my workaround at the moment is publish it with different texture settings
  3. drelARCH

    WORKSHEET questions, + ENERGOS

    Thanks a lot Pat, Scripting is something i haven't started yet, but I think I am getting ready to start with something simple. For me it is unknown realm at the moment...I will definitely give it a try. Regarding referencing worksheet cells I am really happy it is possible in one file, does this work between different files too? Pavol
  4. drelARCH


    Hi Guys, Any idea how to get rid off these dirty lines in windows/doors in the viewport? Foreground: Hidden Line Background: OpenGL - no edges See viewport settings in attachment. Thanks. Pavol
  5. ahh sorry you asked for v2018 Test It v2018.vwx
  6. hope v2017 works for you. Test It v2017.vwx
  7. drelARCH

    DWG export - not exporting space label

    Ive copied space object with style into a clean new file, created VP of it and exported to dwg and it works fine... Sending copy of the file. space label bug.vwx However in original file those spaces sharing same space style which I created in another file... and there i've noticed something odd: If i create VP of that space object and if 'Show 2D Boundary' is on it will not show space label (only text part)...and when I want to 'edit layout ' of the space style I get this: Maybe that is what is causing issues....? Here is link to original thread: Or do I need to create space style from scratch...? Thanks Nina. Pavol
  8. drelARCH

    DWG export - not exporting space label

    File is 800MB...i will try to reproduce in new one and then I send it you. Thanks for help. Pavol
  9. Is it a bug or way it is designed that whenever item is in resource browser renamed it break the link... Simply in my existing worksheet i have listed one particular wall style (using criteria). Now I want to rename that style...and as I do through resource browser link is broken. Is it meant to work that way or is it a bug...? Do I need to refresh something in order to re-pick renamed item by worksheet...?
  10. Anybody having an issue of not fully exporting space label... Here are my export settings exported VP and result. Pavol
  11. drelARCH

    Substracting solids from walls

    Thanks Wes your examples. I didn't know you can auto-bound slab element with only one edge to the wall...really really handy to know. It's great to learn new stuff every day. 🙂 Thanks Phileas for typing all those questions, they are all very much useful topic to me either as I try hard to collect all the techniques using 3D - BIM only approach. Pavol
  12. drelARCH

    SITE MODEL Road/pathway on slope

    Hm...I hope i can achieve this within vectorworks itself. Though I used to produce visualizations from Cinema some time ago I’ ve made the decision to reduce amount of used software to minimum. VW has definetly won. Output from OpenGL is just fine for most of the project I do, however there are lots of areas where VW has to improve.
  13. Hi Guys, What you see on attached 3D view is my trial to model following... I am trying to get much closer to real situation with kind of double T junction road web (solid red line) and at least one pathway to it (dashed red line) from client property side. Pathway can be from either side of road...thats is real situation 1. What would be your way to approach this kind of complex road shape on sloping site? I am not happy with segmented curve with every segment edge drawn... 2. Is there a way to get away or hide these middle segment edges? Thanks for all your time to help, Pavol
  14. drelARCH

    WINDOW - Wall detail issues

    Hi, I have two issues concerning Window/Door object: 1. in Top/plan view wall detail keeps randomly changing from correct one to some weird L-shape. I cant really track what might cause the issue...seems there are few reasons...sometimes I see this happen when I just simply change working device (desktop to laptop and vice versa...) ...see attached print screen of window. Is this bug that we know about? 2. Hidden component through wall detail settings still visible in 3D...this is present in all openings no matter what wall detail they have in top/plan view Again, Is this bug that we know about? Anybody experiencing same issues? Do we know how to solve it...or has somebody come up with workaround...Or just simply BUG..
  15. Hi guys, Working on my first worksheets ever...in one of my first fully 3D drawing...learning BIM...and I love it! I have few questions on the way: 1. Is there a way to retrieve 'orientation' value from energos - building envelope - window/door/roof/slab/wall...for worksheet? I found energos label information available through 'records'...and some others through 'functions'.. but haven find this one yet. 2. Can I call up net area (without window/door..any openings) of facade 'orientation' awar? Lets say facade facing south has this amount of surface area while east etc...and sum opening area for same orientation is ...square meters VW has this information somewhere on background... 3. Can be particular object in one room be aware (through space object) of which space - room it belongs. I would like to show in windows/door (and maybe other) schedule where it belongs to what room...I guess we could apply this to other situation too like what and how much room finish belongs to what space... 4. What would be the easiest and most sustainable way to get this information. I am trying to add some text description to each individual component of my styles...to provide more information than the name of particular component. Do I need to attach some records...? 5. Can I retrieve some data - value from other worksheet within one file...I mean active link to some cell with sum values and use it for calculations in other worksheet? 6. (Not worksheet related one)What is the way to force VW to keep my default lists be my first and really DEFAULT (list like Lambda value, system lists etc...). I see that they will not stick default across whole vw...with some exemption. I miss this especially in energos environment where are many different lists to fill in different systems for building and 'users' will not stick first. 7. Why energos will not use my document custom units (m², m³) but use sq m, cu m etc.... Thanks a lot for reading this long list and for any advice or help. Much appreciated.


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