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  1. Just sitting here wasting time while I'm waiting for my viewports to update. I am really sick of having to wait so long for hidden line viewports to update. I have a deadline. I have a monster of a computer (my signature might not be up to date). Yet, here I am waiting. While I'm waiting. Here's a pic of my total core usage. 7.7%. The single core VW is using isn't even maxed out.
  2. I still use the Floor command mainly because when modifying a Slab using add and/or clip surface (which I LOVE to do while designing) it breaks the reshape functionality of the slab. Attached example shows a slab with normal reshape handles and one where I've used "add surface" to add a small chunk in the middle. The reshape handles in that one are messed up. I would really love to switch to using the Slab tool exclusively, and I'm generally in favor of changing it's name. I just REALLY want it to play nice with add/clip surface.
  3. Thank you for the thorough explanation. It seems the best solution, which I have since seen suggested in other threads, is to have the ability to define attributes for above and below the cut of a wall within the materials.
  4. So, if I'm hearing you right, the same would be true for walls you wish to show below the cut, such as a short pony wall. There is no way to give that a solid fill and still have components/materials be the same as a wall that is part of the cut?
  5. I was really hoping this would be resolved in 2021 given that Rubina directly talked about it in her design summit video. Hoping maybe it will make it into a service pack. It's really difficult to make models look good without being able to wrap finish components into the windows and doors.
  6. I agree that nearly all dimensions and notes should be on annotations. Only notes that appear on multiple sheets should be on the design layer (which is almost nothing ideally). It makes for a cleaner file, less classes, and the scale of the text is never an issue. I'd add that sometimes I will draw dimensions temporarily in the design layer as a design aid for myself. Once I get to a certain point, I will cut/paste those dimensions into the annotation of the proper viewport.
  7. How do you use the new displacement mapping feature in 2014? Also, are there new manual pdfs to download somewhere?


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