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  1. LeeElston

    Push/pull: Sub face mode

    In order to activate(highlight) the face which is to be sub-divided, I have to open the push/pull:subface mode, then select the line and hit delete ( I found this out by chance) before the face becomes active.. I don't think the delete key should be involved in any of the 'Getting Started' guides or webinars I have seen so I have changed a setting somewhere... Any ideas how to revert to normal mode? On the back of this, is there not a way to draw the line as a ridge and just drag it up to give a block model. The only way I have found is by using the Taper face tool.... Seems very basic not to be a tool for this if I am missing it.
  2. LeeElston

    Class list confusion...

    Sometimes (I know occassional problems are the worst!) when I have more than one drawing file open at the same time, the class list doesn't update if I go from one file to the other. As can be seen in the enclosed screenshot, the list of classes available in the OIP class dropdown box is different to that in the Navigation list of the file I'm working in.... I have to keep closing the files and reopening to reset. Is this just me?....
  3. LeeElston

    Scale Bar

    On the Title Block Settings Manager, we now have the 'North Point facility. Could we also have an automatic Scale Bar tool, related to the scale of the viewport on the sheet layer.. In the UK every planning application needs scale bars on the drawings so this would be useful...
  4. LeeElston

    Wall bounding

    Many thanks
  5. LeeElston

    Wall bounding

    Hi Christiaan I have worked out that although the wall insertion options were set to the story levels, the component was still on layer elevation/layer wall height, so in this instance I have sorted the problem.. however it does beg the question 'What settings take preference?' as there seems to be little point setting the wall insertion options if they are immediately overridden by the component. It would still be good to have an 'unbound' wall, where the height, top level and bottom level are just set from the OIP. I'm sure I have done this in the past but doesn't work with this file/wall types.... I'm sure it's user error but very frustrating 1172 Template.vwx
  6. LeeElston

    Wall bounding

    I'm really struggling with walls tying themselves to design levels and the associated wall heights when in some cases I don't want the wall to do this.... Is there a way a wall can be 'unbound'? In the insertion options of the wall type it seems to have to be either layer elevation or layer wall height (for top bounding only), unless I go down the story route. And even then, the top bound seems to still be story height rather than 'top of footing'' as I have set it to. I have read the 'Model set up' tutorial and seen the 'walls and level types' webinar but still don't find it easy or intuitive...Any pointers to the particular issue or a good beginner guide would be appreciated..In the instance shown I am trying to get a strip foundation, drawn as a wall, to go from 600mm below the top of footing story level to the top of footing story level but it is just going to the top of the design layer wall height, making it 4200mm high, and it can't be overridden in the object info pallette..
  7. LeeElston

    SP5 update

    Have tried updating to the latest SP but it fails at the last minute.... Anyone else having a problem or is my ageing MacBook not up to the latest version....? "Removing Screenshot with serial#" Juan P.
  8. LeeElston

    Keynote Legends

    Thats great, many thanks
  9. LeeElston

    Keynote Legends

    If I have a keynote which I later don't need to use, in the legend it appears as 'N/A'. I can send this to the bottom of the list, but the only way I have found to remove it is to use the 'sort' button, which then re-orders the full list which loses any logic of numbering items consecutively in the viewport. Is there a way around this? thanks in advance
  10. Can the Batt Insulation tool be improved so the ends can be tapered to suit roof detailing, see drawing. insulation.pdf
  11. LeeElston

    Batt Insulation tool

    Cheers Wes... It might go on the wishlist for upgrades...
  12. LeeElston

    Batt Insulation tool

    Is there a way of tapering the ends of the insulation, to better represent the junction between horizontal and raking insulation in a roof ? Cheers insulation.pdf
  13. LeeElston

    Displaying light objects in Open GL

    Thanks. Makes sense now....
  14. I have created an site model of a long driveway with lighting columns as symbols spaced along it, but when I view in open GL, only 2 of the lights are fully on 'on' at a time, with a third showing reduced lighting... All of the symbols are the same and the light objects within are switched on. To Make a different light 'come on' I have to increase the brightness slightly, but then another light goes off somewhere else.... I enclose a couple of screenshots to demonstrate. There is also a heliodon object but this is turned down so you can see the layout and the light spread better. Is this a setting or a limitation of my graphics? Thanks in advance.
  15. LeeElston

    Extrude along path

    Thanks Jonathan


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