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  1. I use VW on 2 different machines, both PC's, and the font on the menus is different on one to the other... How do I change the font?
  2. I have used cloud services to create panoramas before, but it's been a while... I'm sure I have seen a tutorial somewhere, but if I use Panoramas to search on VW University nothing on how to create them comes up, just how to incorporate them into other presentations... Any pointers..? TIA
  3. I know it's a very basic setting I have wrong but I just can't get the components in one particular wall to show, the wall class settings taking over no matter what I do... I have an internal stud partition wall of plasterboard each side of timber studs. In the resource manager it is showing correctly, but as soon as I put it in the drawing the class properties take over. I'm sure on one of the webinars it says to put the class you want the wall to be in using the Insertion options tab of the wall style, and it will use the class preferences below a certain detail level. All of the other wall types in the same drawing are showing the components, not just the class preference. Any help appreciated...
  4. Is it just me or does the delete leader function on a callout with more than one leader arrow not work....? trying to delete the leader indicated and nothing happens..
  5. I have a section viewport and the wall component fills are stopping at floor slab level, not continuing down to where the foundation will be. The first image is what I see if I go to 'section in place' in the edit viewport box, and the second what I see in the viewport ... Any ideas what I have got set up wrong? TIA
  6. Is it possible to have 2 keynote legends on one sheet? I have a project where the work will be done in 2 phases and want one legend for each phase which I can put in classes to turn on and off..... TIA
  7. If you have more than one drawing file open at the same time, is there a way to force one to quit without having to force the full program to quit? I have 2 files both rendering (one by accident) and want to getrid of one but not the other? TIA
  8. I inserted 2 'points' (2d loci) which has cut the wall correctly, but the other objects (jams and leaf) have now vanished. I assume I just need to draw these in 2d.?...
  9. I have a curved wall which in 2d plan view fills in the area inside the arc which forms the curve. I can make the wall have no fill in the attributes and it disappears, but so does the fill in the wall thickness... Any suggestions?
  10. I have created a symbol for a sliding door which in 3d correctly cuts/breaks the wall, but for the 2d view the wall is cut for the full width of the symbol, even the parts which sit outside the line of the wall. I have tried changing the 'break' in the OIP. Is there way of selecting what is cut out in 2d mode as there is in 3d? Thanks in advance
  11. Can the latest VW import .RCP files..? Our surveyor said it could, but none of the standard 3d import options refer to RCP , and it doesn't recognise the file in the 'import point cloud' option. Do I need the file in one of the other formats?...
  12. I have been using cloud services to render drawings as pdf's and this appears to work fine and free up my machine whilst it's doing it. However, if I try to export as an image file it doesn't seem to do the re-rendering, just create an image from the viewport in whatever state it happens to be in.. Am I missing some setting or can you not the cloud services to produce high quality image files? Attached is sample of what has been generated...
  13. I have recently had a few instances when, despite having just one object highlighted, when I use the 'Scale Odjects' command from the Modify drop down, I get a message saying "Are you sure you want to scale the entire drawing" pop up warning, which I don't so click No, which exits the command.. Any ideas what the issue is? Been on a few different projects so don't think it's related to one file...
  14. I have done it wit 3 seperate flights and created landings out of extrudes, but you lose the stair numbering and above/below break visibilities... I guess the same would apply to your 2 seperate flight suggestion?...
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