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  1. I have a drawing which must contain some objects drawn in screen plane rather than layer plane. Is there an easy way of finding which they are? I have viewed in axonometric view and nothing seems to be still appearing in screen plane, but when I try to disable the screen plane in the 'legacy 2d features' tick box I get the attached message which I don't understand.. 'unified view' must already be enabled as there is a tick in the box to turn it off.... TIA
  2. Sorted... The roof class was still on and it couldn't see beyond that...
  3. In one of my files, when I try to insert a door into a wall, not only does the wall not get highlighted, a strange message as per the attached image appears. I have restarted VW but to no avail... I can drop the door outside of the building but it will not associate with a wall... Any suggestions? TIA
  4. Many thanks - worked a treat!!
  5. I have a slab with a hole in the middle. I can control the component offsets to the outer perimeter edges but not to the internal edges around the hole.. Is there a way of addressing this or do I need to make 4 seperate slabs to get this level of control? TIA
  6. sorry being dense.. where is the images tab?
  7. I've created a door schedule and added an image column, but the doors are showing in plan view rather than an Isometric or elevation view I want... How do I change the view? TIA
  8. I have noticed in VW23 the fencing tool freezes a loth when adjusting the post centres - as s0on as I have typed in the first digit the whole app freezes and I have to do a forced quit.. Also when using the eyedropper tool, not all attributes of the source fence are copied, including infill bar settings and 3d attributes which have to be manually adjusted
  9. When I'm using hidden line rendering in section viewports, it seems to take ages to re render everytime even when I only want a simple view whilst adding annotations etc. In the old versions I thought there was a wireframe type view you could use until you were ready to do a final render, but now it seems that a 'quick' option is no lontger available... Am I missing something obvious? TIA
  10. I'm sending a drawing to publish on cloud services, and despite having it set to update out of date viewports, it isn't doing this... Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? (Tried uploading images but error message appeared, screenshot instead) Any suggestions? TIA
  11. Despite the 'draw wall lines' option being turned off in the door settings, on one drawing I have I can't seem to get rid of the wall lines... Sure it's a simple setting but I can't find it.. TIA
  12. Hi Does anyone know how I get the massing model tool to put a duo pitched roof on a building rather than it having hipped ends
  13. Cheers... I was looking in VW Preferences>3D expecting it to be there....
  14. I can see my 3d loci when in a 2d view, but as soon as I go to a 3d view they disappear.. I assume it is a setting similar to light object visibility options but I cant seem to find it... Any clues? TIA
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