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  1. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    I kind of gave up to be honest. It was a busy period when I first raised the issue so I have been continuing with using excel to create my drawing registers. (luckily we're a small office; only me producing drawings!) But now there are some more answers here I shall have a read through and try again.
  2. nikihoops

    VW 2019 crashing

    I believe there are issues between the Mojave & VW19. Maybe call tech support - they're always helpful.
  3. nikihoops

    viewport update crashes VW19

    Hi Tim Sorry I've been meaning to update my post. I have spoken with technical support UK and George has sorted it out; fresh install I think. Do you still want to take a look at the file incase?
  4. nikihoops

    viewport update crashes VW19

    Hi all More often than not when I update a viewport or all viewports my VW 2019 SP1 crashes. Its getting very frustrating now. Finding myself saving my work before I update viewports just incase but occasionally I do forget! (my autosave is set at every 5 minutes but that doesnt always seem to happen!) Hoping for an easy fix. Its not a large or complicated file either. (52.2mb)
  5. nikihoops

    Snaps and Clip Cube

    I was hoping this would be in 2019 also :(
  6. nikihoops

    Vectorworks Design Day—London

    Yes now I have done more research you're right Bristol to Paddington is very simple. I just need to convince my employer that its a good idea now. Bristol would make a fantastic venue for the South West yes. As you say it will be expensive, hopefully be worth it. Be good to meet you all if we all do go.
  7. nikihoops

    Vectorworks Design Day—London

    Ah I love Bristol, nothing scary here. I've been to London a couple of times but with others. Just wondered about getting lost! My partner goes all the time and says its so easy to get around. Just thought if anyone was driving (which I imagine would be a silly thing to do) a lift share makes sense
  8. Hi Is any one from South West England going to the Design Day in London 2nd October? I'm considering it and thought it was worth checking and sharing a lift with someone - or even just getting the train there together. (I haven't been to London on my own before nor travelled by train alone!)
  9. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    I cant actually insert the formula into the required box (see attached screenshot) as the box to type in wont let me type. So maybe your example might be helpful!
  10. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    Ok thank you. I will take a look and have a go myself first. Thank you for all your help and time.
  11. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    So I've created a new title block following Jonathan's youtube video (as mentioned above) and have added some revisions to see if it works and then created the Sheet revision log worksheet instead. This works fine but I much prefer the layout of the revision history sheet - this looks like a drawing register as I'm used to seeing them but it won't update with my revisions. I've uploaded my test file. Test.vwx
  12. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    I've just had a play with a standard one and cant quite get it to work 100% - I'm watching your video on youtube about the VW 2018 title block and am editing the standard sheet border to suit and still cant get the revisions to come up on the sheet. There is nothing in the formula box - what should be there?
  13. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    Um I'm not sure? The title block was half set up when I started with this company and I've been adding to it and amending. There is a file attached to my original post which has the title block in.
  14. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    Well that seems pretty pointless! Might as well create the register in excel. I thought the idea would be that the register would update as I add revisions/issues to each sheet - or least update when the sheet name changes. Will wait and see what others say too. Thank you for your response Line-weight
  15. nikihoops

    Drawing registers

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a 'clever' drawing register. I've created a worksheet data object and its on a sheet; looks great etc. However when I change the name of a sheet for example it doesn't update on the worksheet - I have tried recalculating it. This is also the same with adding revisions. I have my own sheets set up with title blocks that all seem to work fine. I've looked online for videos/explanations with no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction/give me some pointers? Example.vwx


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