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  1. No problem, happy to help (at last, its always me asking for help!)
  2. In the OIP change the projection of the Section Viewport to Oblique Cabinet 45 (thats what I have used for the above) I am really loving this option now I've found it.
  3. Ahhh thank you so much! I looked at this a few times but it didn't seem to work (I was doing it wrong obviously) thank you for explaining it.
  4. I've created a section viewport (loving the perspective ability by the way) and now I'd like to change where that section cuts through my building, maybe move it so its through the stairs for example. How do I do this? I've noticed with the interior elevation marker you can amend the 'cut lines' but I cant work out how to do this for the section, do I need to just create another section viewport, and keep doing so until I get the right view? I have attached an image of my section (might not be that useful) Thank you all.
  5. After reseting my default settings I'm now getting the above error message, was this ever resolved?
  6. Thank you JimW, I shall send you a message.
  7. I'm having issues too with my elevations, they are hidden line so not heavy rendered but they seem to be causing my VWs and Mac to freeze! Or sometimes crashing t! I was having issues with the same file being really slow too, its only 51MB so small in comparison to others. Anyone abatable to take a look at the file? Please bear in mind its likely to crash your computer!
  8. Thank you @JimWmuch appreciated
  9. Hello all, I'm trying to edit my camera, to 'fine tune' its view etc but once I've selected 'edit camera' after right clicking on my viewport my OIP is blank....this was a problem on Friday too. Any ideas? Ive attached screen shots. **EDIT** its looks like a wall is selected in the second screen shot but nothing was selected
  10. Thought it looked familiar!
  11. Ok thank you
  12. Can we have a link to service pack 3? Cant seem to find it
  13. Does it happen while you are using the 'Multiple View Panes'? I realised mine hasn't done it for ages and I've also not been using the 'Multiple View Panes'....
  14. Hi Kevin McAllister Yes I wasn't clear in my original message but you are right, I want to use my own scale bar. I have in the past done as you say where we have multiple scale bars and then its down the the drafts person to change this accordingly for each sheet, leaving us open to mistakes. This is why I wanted to add it to my title block template in hope that it could change when I change the scale - or another clever way. I will take a look at the VW scale bar and see if that works for me. Thanks everyone for your input. Helpful as always Sorry I wasnt quite clear in my firs post! Merry Xmas to you all.
  15. No sorry I was just trying out how it would work within the vp. But its not really doing what I want it too. Basically lets say my GA drawing is 1:50 on my first sheet and its within the title block style that I've set up. My next sheet however showing elevations for example might be a bigger or larger scale, but my scale bar is still 1:50 as its set with the title block being used on multiple sheets- how can I do this so that it is changeable? Unless I just have the scale bar not within the title block and I paste it to each sheet and change it accordingly.