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  1. Yep you are right, my apologies - I'm rushing things! You would think I would have spotted it with how big the screenshot was, must be home time Thanks, its all ok now.
  2. wow that image came out quite big, sorry!
  3. I don't get those settings in 2018...
  4. Again thanks for looking into this Jim
  5. Hi JimW Thanks for the quick response. I just had a look and the 'show other objects while in editing modes' is already checked? (I've tried unchecking and re-checking with no luck)
  6. First of all sorry for my rubbish title, could think what to write!! So in VW2017 when editing your viewport crop you could see (in grey) what was outside of your crop, I find this useful. I have noticed however that in VW2018 this doest seem to happen? Is it a feature that just needs to be turned back on? I have (hopefully) attached two images to show what I mean. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Chih-Pin Yes of course I can elaborate. I do mean like you say that its not showing real-time feedback in other panes while I'm moving/adjusting items of the build. It was mainly when I was showing off to my boss how great the multi view panes were that I noticed the wall I was moving on my plan wasn't being reflected in the 3D view in the other pane. I'm also running on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  8. I also love it! There have been times though where I have moved a wall on my plan in one view pane and its not moved on my other view pane, any ideas?
  9. Yes thats a great idea. At present I change the opacity but obviously that affects the whole document not just the background. There is also the issue that if the PDF is on say on 'Ground Floor' Layer which is then set to grey visibility while I work on the layer above/below the document then becomes a box with a cross through it...
  10. Thanks DLDINYC Spoke to UK tech support who have logged the issue and also had me delete the 2017 preferences/library from my machine. They said not to delete VW 2017 though incase I need to revert back to using it if this issue carries on.
  11. Aaaaah this just happened to me I was using the offset a fair bit before it happened if that makes any difference! This is not what I need on a Friday at nearly 4:30pm!!
  12. UK design summit would be great
  13. Thanks for all the info on the 2018 update, much appreciated. And I would just like to say that I LOVE the MultiView Pane editing, I feel this is going to make a huge impact on the way I work and the speed. Looking forward to exploring 2018 further and finding more exciting features.
  14. Thank you, really appreciate your time on this. I will take a look and a get to grips with it. Converting to 3D for me is proving hard work so far. I'm used to 2D Vectorworks and a bit of sketch up here and there. I'm still detailing in 2D until I'm fully understanding 3D Vectorworks Thanks again
  15. 212DR -Roof alone.vwx Attached is the file Matt. The smaller dormer actually wants to be part of the dormer its closest too (see elevations) and then I'm trying to add another to the hip end but as soon as I do that the others disappear. You should also notice the blue grips on current dormers have also disappeared.