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  1. hi BizGoz Yep I've already tried that and it didn't work.
  2. Hi all, I've read a few topics on the subject and think I have it all covered yet I still cannot see my ID tags on my elevations. I can see them in my plan VP's, they are on a separate class which is turned on for each elevation viewport, I have checked the show 3D option in the OIP for each window/door and I've also checked the display options in the OIP for each viewport.....still can't see the tags. I'm running 2020 SP4 Thanks in advance
  3. Ignore the above please - I've figured it out - my width was set at 0 for the glazing bars!! Sorry But.. How do I get the number of glazing bars to be different in each sash? Say 2no. vertical in on and 1no. vertical in the other?
  4. Hello all, I've recently installed VW2020 and have noticed with the custom sash dialog box in the window settings the tick box for 'include muntins' is gone so therefore I cannot get my glazing bars to show, any ideas?
  5. Anyone from Bristol (or South West) going to the Vectorworks Roadshow in Manchester 5th November? Be good to either car share or just meet up there and say hi ūüôā I would consider going up the day before and staying the night
  6. Hi all, I've created a drawing where I've used the 'Room Name Simple' tool to name rooms give their floor levels. This file was fin while inserting these and was fine when I used the file yesterday but today as soon as I click on the room name tag to either edit it, move it or delete it my VW19 crashes - the laptop also sounds quite loud (the fan) while its crashing. I'm unfortunately using Mojave as its a new laptop and that's what it came with - stupid me forgot to check first (although I shouldn't have too really!!) Any tips on how to get around this, and will this be solved with the new service pack when its available? (I really hope SP3 is coming soon!) NOTE - while typing this my Vectorworks has come back to life.....but that took sometime - usually I would force quit it and start again but seems if I just leave its ok - but for how long that took I can't do that every time. Many thanks Here is my computer stats (updated my profile but signature has stayed the same) Vectorworks 2019 (SP2) MacBook Pro 15" 2018 MacOS Majove 10.14.3, 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 32GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
  7. Yes it was solved as above. What are you having an issue with specifically? Sorry for the late reply.
  8. I kind of gave up to be honest. It was a busy period when I first raised the issue so I have been continuing with using excel to create my drawing registers. (luckily we're a small office; only me producing drawings!) But now there are some more answers here I shall have a read through and try again.
  9. I believe there are issues between the Mojave & VW19. Maybe call tech support - they're always helpful.
  10. Hi Tim Sorry I've been meaning to update my post. I have spoken with technical support UK and George has sorted it out; fresh install I think. Do you still want to take a look at the file incase?
  11. Hi all More often than not when I update a viewport or all viewports my VW 2019 SP1 crashes. Its getting very frustrating now. Finding myself saving my work before I update viewports just incase but occasionally I do forget! (my autosave is set at every 5 minutes but that doesnt always seem to happen!) Hoping for an easy fix. Its not a large or complicated file either. (52.2mb)
  12. Yes now I have done more research you're right Bristol to Paddington is very simple. I just need to convince my employer that its a good idea now. Bristol would make a fantastic venue for the South West yes. As you say it will be expensive, hopefully be worth it. Be good to meet you all if we all do go.
  13. Ah I love Bristol, nothing scary here. I've been to London a couple of times but with others. Just wondered about getting lost! My partner goes all the time and says its so easy to get around. Just thought if anyone was driving (which I imagine would be a silly thing to do) a lift share makes sense


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