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  1. if you do what Ian above suggested that works. I’ve not had to do it every time I open VW22 but a few times. It’s not a long term fix but it does resolve it for you to carry on and use VW22 in the meantime
  2. Hi Ian, That seems to have worked!! How odd.
  3. Hi all I've spoken with the tech team through my service select and they're looking into it. We tried a couple of things with no luck I will report back if I get any updates.
  4. Ignore the above....BUT after a reinstall the menu bar still isnt working!
  5. I've just uninstalled VW22 as per the above suggestion and now I'm re-installing its saying there isn't enough disk space! I have 80GB free space, the installer says 30GB is needed.... Can anyone help ASAP?
  6. Hi all Just upgraded to VW2022 and I've noticed when I want to change a class colour or line thickness in the viewport nothing changes once I update said viewport. I opened the same file in VW2021 and carries out the same action and it worked fine. Is there something new in VW2022 that doesn't allow this for some reason, or a setting I need to change?
  7. Hi pjjmcc, Whilst the window/door is selected go to your Object info pallet and amend the 'Plan Wall Offset' under the general section. I hope this is what you meant Niki
  8. Just updated my VW2021 to SP2 and the tabs still detach fairly easy.....maybe its me?
  9. is the "dock tabs' option available to you as mentioned above? I notice you are running Catalina too and wondered if thats why my option is greyed out!
  10. The option 'Dock all tabs here' is greyed out on mine so I'm unable to select it, any ideas?
  11. Morning all Every time I insert a door it puts itself on the 'dimension' class. Some of my windows are ok but some not so I've obviously set some up correctly. They are 3D door styles that I once set up to use on all projects. I cant seem to find how to now edit these so that they insert on my chosen class. Any help/advice welcome please.
  12. hi BizGoz Yep I've already tried that and it didn't work.
  13. Hi all, I've read a few topics on the subject and think I have it all covered yet I still cannot see my ID tags on my elevations. I can see them in my plan VP's, they are on a separate class which is turned on for each elevation viewport, I have checked the show 3D option in the OIP for each window/door and I've also checked the display options in the OIP for each viewport.....still can't see the tags. I'm running 2020 SP4 Thanks in advance
  14. Ignore the above please - I've figured it out - my width was set at 0 for the glazing bars!! Sorry But.. How do I get the number of glazing bars to be different in each sash? Say 2no. vertical in on and 1no. vertical in the other?
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