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  1. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Cheers for that. Might need to do as woody says and upgrade to win 10 pro.
  2. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Got my PC back today and all seems to be well again. Heres what they said they did: Update MB bios Fixed windows folder which was corrupted by the crashes (but not reinstalled win 10) Updated all win updates Wound the CPU clock back from 4.4ghz to 3.5ghz. This was based on an earlier suggestion but they did this anyway. Im loath to crank it back up now its running OK - but may do a bit further down the track. Its running great - renders might be slightly slower - but I can live with that. They were adamant that there weren't any hardware issues - but seem to think it might have been a windows update. Ive learnt that some apps give false CPU temp readings - I was getting up to around 76° C mid-render with AI Suite. But have been using Ryzen Master which apparently gives much more accurate readings. Final quality renders are taking it up to 61°C max - so within the 68°C max limit. Adding to my woes were issues trying to restore from a "clean" Acronis backup - which ended-up being corrupted. Now that its running well - Ive disabled win updates as I dont want a repeat experience. Im thinking of doing this periodically - so I have more control of this. Is this recommended?
  3. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Hi Art V Cheers for that. Ive sent my PC back to the supplier - so I really hope they nail it. Will reply with any useful info I get.
  4. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    OK - cheers. All makes sense. Will let you know how I get on.
  5. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Hi Zoomer Seems you are right: Im pretty sure it was running at 4.4GHZ. Will try it running at the base clock speed. Is it a known that a PC will completely freeze then break windows when it reboots - when the CPU becomes unstable? Lastly - I see that the max temp is 68 degrees C. Given that mine reached 75 - does this mean I have a cooling issue?? Nice to know there are other with similar setups that are running well.
  6. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Hi Zoomer Im not tricky enough to delve into the overclocking world - pretty sure its stock. I did some CPU load tests and it was fine - got up to around 75 degrees C (I think). Just seems to be VW mid-render that kills it. Really odd - my macbook takes forever to do final renders - but it gets there in the end. Ive boxed the PC back up and sent it to the supplier whilst I go on holiday!
  7. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Many thanks zoomer. Will try a CPU test app next.
  8. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Hi there Things were going swimmingly on my new AMD Ryzen "Threadripper" Win 10 PC - then it started to hang on final/custom renders. It seems to have started doing this after a period of intense rendering - usually on final or custom renders - but occasionally fast renders. Ive ascertained that its not file-specific. Prior to this, the PC would crank through any rendering job I threw at it. Towards the end of the render, after the CPU has been maxed-out on 99% for 10-20 secs, its like the PC just gives up and become completely unresponsive - no mouse movement or anything. The only way out is a hard reboot. The first sign of trouble was a render that ended with all my windows being re-arranged over my 2 screens. After the hangs started happening regularly (within a few hours), I restored the C Drive to an Acronis backup that was done 24hrs earlier. This didnt fix it. The last time the hang happened, I rebooted to find that my desktop had changed and that the Win 10 start menu wasnt working. My next step is a Win 10 Memory Test - which I have started and will take a couple of hours. There were no problems flagged after 1 hour of starting the test. Can anyone suggest the next steps to trying to resolve this? Cheers in advance.
  9. symo

    Spotlight Plot & Model View issue

    Brilliant - all makes sense. Many thanks
  10. symo

    Spotlight Plot & Model View issue

    Also - removing the parts records - is this just editing symbol in 3D, highlighting each part - then unticking base/yoke/body/lens/point?
  11. symo

    Spotlight Plot & Model View issue

    Hi Markdd Many thanks for that - and the file. Re your suggestion of removing the parts record - what negative consequences will this have? I see it fixed the issue I was having perfectly - but wondering what issues I might discover also. Cheers again.
  12. I tried posting this in the Entertainment forum - but its still driving me nuts. Im trying to use the PAMV command to show LED strip lighting symbols on vertical trusses for both lighting plots and renders/section viewports. The problem Im having is that the most of the LED strip lighting symbols I import rotate in the Model viewport after I run the command. Most of the LED strip symbols I import do this - some dont. All Im wanting to do is have the strips remain vertical on the trusses. The LED strip will show perfectly in the Definition layer, even in 3D views but will almost always end-up being rotated in the Model layer. The angle of the LED strip changed when you move the DLVP in the model layer. Ive tried using different truss symbols - but the problem remains. Ive used the PAMV command for conventional lights (profiles & cans) successfully, so Im pretty sure Im not doing anything wrong. VW file attached. Plot_and_model_view_issue.vwx
  13. Brilliant - do you viewport each boom or vertical truss for 3D renders - or show the viewports for the LX plots? Or neither?
  14. symo

    People/Band Symbols

    Wow - impressed
  15. Hi scottmoore. I tried this - but to no avail. Its really odd - the lights can line-up perfectly in the Definition Layer - but spin around to right angles in the DLVPs on the Model layer. Some symbols dont do this and behave exactly as you expect. No amount of meddling in the Definition Layer seems to fix it. Would love to know why this is. Alternatively - is there another way to do this - for LX plot AND renders without doubling-up on lighting symbols?


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