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  1. Hi all Ive been working on a site plan that requires marquees on a graded (sloped) surface. I originally built the plan on a flat ground as the grade wasnt known. Ive know been given some dimensions for the site grade and Im wanting to know if there is a way to show all site objects (marquees, seating, etc) correctly placed on the site - that is in the correct 3D rotation. I know that I generally need to delete any 2D geometry in hybrid symbols to get the to rotate freely - but thought I would ask before I replace all my symbols, walls, roof, etc with just 3D geometry. Cheers Symo
  2. Happy to say - I got it to work! Many thanks for that
  3. Cheers stayathomedad. Will give it a crack. Love the name of the class too - will happily do the same.
  4. I had forgotten about this thread but was reminded again when the stupid truss cross objects started harassing me again. I like the sound of your script idea - but have no experience with them. Can you shed any light on how to do this?
  5. Just upgraded to 2022 and cant see the hoist symbol key any longer. How is this now done? Keen to show symbol, hoist type and quantity for each. Cheers in advance
  6. Im finding myself constantly at odds with the Truss Cross objects & constantly deleting them - sometimes layers of them after a single action (adding or deleting truss, lights, etc). Theres absolutely no use for them in my current workflow. Can these be disabled? Cheers
  7. Why on earth does the dispersion hatch now look like this? Untitled5.pdf I know how to replace the default hatches with the horrible new hatch, I just take the old hatches and replace the new ones, keeping the hatch names intact. Can you force VW to default to specific hatches for audio dispersion? Would be tedious to have to do this every time.
  8. I think I figured it out - something to do with my workspace and legacy hoist tools.
  9. Hi Sam VW2021 SP4 on windows. Cheers Symo
  10. Hi All When I select Spotlight>Hoists, i get a msg that says "SelectHoistsVW not in plug-ins folder". Ive tried to uninstall/install VW and the problem persists. How can I get my hoists menu back? Cheers Symo
  11. Hi Tom Copy that and thanks for the helpful hint re rendering.
  12. Hi Tom Here it is: Light_Render_Issue.vwx I populated the pipe with some fittings, created a couple of sheet layer view ports, re-opened the file - and the issue presented.
  13. Im having an issue with light symbols distorting after hidden-line renders, as seen here: LX Fixture Issue.pdf It only affects the 3D part of the symbol. The issue was first noticed in V2020 and may have been present before this. The work-around is to use the Refresh Lighting Devices command. Has anyone else come across this?
  14. Hi there Im having an issue trying to get VW to show barndoors in my schematic views in VW2021 SP2. I can insert barn doors to the fresnel symbol as an accessory - this shows correctly in 2D and 3D views. But I when I update the schematic view it doesnt show. Ive also tried generating a new schematic view for the fresnel w/ barndoors - but to no avail. Is there a secret to this? Cheers
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