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    architect and professor in architecture
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    seewing, patern design for fashion,car mechanic, art, yoga, swimming, golf tai chi
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  1. o ok i look at that thanks for your answer
  2. Dear Tom, in my vw version of 2017 the grafic legend button isn't visiable (yet), do you know a way to download this tool as some sort of patch? Greetings Filip
  3. thanks Tom I'll look at the classes. best regards Filip
  4. Dear enthousiast I am interested in the topic of the blog, because I can use it, but I need a more precise instruction, When I open a worksheet with the window images I can't find the annotation window, as shown in the blog. In my work I now use the annotation tool to draw the dimensions of the windowframes. see attachment. https://blog.vectorworks.net/3-graphic-legend-essentials-for-tidiness-style?_hsenc=p2ANqtz--5JKiWREjnJPwp__bwl11qzG9BBRX_HYyc87wATyev0IS6cTolZwE6KPHW4b9-f5z6YfN8a3LnKfykVfDncCwNMj3C2A&_hsmi=312792160 Best Regards Filip Bosscher Sht 16 kozijnblad.pdf
  5. I am still working with a 2017 version Paul, is it possible to convert the file to vw 2017? sincerly Filip
  6. That would be great Paul, a white model of a male and a female could work fine, can you send me the files, thanks Filip Bosscher
  7. yes, I think it may be practical to project the mesurements but then 3 d, see a image
  8. dear enthousiasts I am also designing fashion and am looking for a 3d human mannequin model, best regards Filip Bosscher
  9. I really like to solve this, two turn and tilt in one windowframe , the sashframes should turn on the left and right side of the windowframe. best regards, Filip
  10. tanks for your answer, I will try to do this. best regards Filip
  11. I am using the 2017 version and I have a question: when using the tilt and turn I see that the sashframe can only be rotating on the left site, is it possible to change the site it is rotating? best regards, Filip Bosscher
  12. I send two screenshots of the popupwindow. and will look at the link, regards Filip Bosscher
  13. dear enthousiast I like to chose the site the frame will turn, now it is programmed on the left site, but sometimes I like to chose the richt site as well. any ideas Regards Filip Bosscher
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