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  1. that's practical, thanks filip
  2. Thanks Pat, that's a practical advise. Filip
  3. Is there somewhere in the forum a much more extended list of functions for making records? greetings Filip Bosscher
  4. Dear users, dos anyone know how to make anotations in a tumbnailview, I would like to ad information in a frontview of a window. best regards Filip Bosscher
  5. Dear users, I am creating a view using records for showing the windows of a project, three issues I would like to solve: in the front view of the window I would like to see the width and the height of the window or in the colom height or width I would like to see the actual dimensie of the window and not the sum total (I can't find that specific function) in the colum comment I would like to write some additional comments, now this colum is still part of the database sheet! best regards Filip Bosscher kozijnblad.pdf
  6. Dear users, when opening the anotations in a sectionview I would like for instance use color for an anotation, but the sectionview automaticly makes an anotation black. Does someone knows how the operate the settings? best regards Filip Bosscher
  7. Dear enthusiast, does anyone has a instruction for making a list with images of the windows? regards Filip Bosscher
  8. it looks that the textures are switched off and they can't be switched on, that explains why all the renders are white, but how are those settings be changed? best regards Filip Bosscher
  9. Lately the OpenGL modes 'automatically turns into white and then, at the same time, the open GL menu cannot be opend. Does anyone has an idea whats happening? Best regards Filip Bosscher
  10. Dear people does anyone use an other computer for a rendering job while using VW at the same time? it would be a fine solution for me. best regards Filip Bosscher
  11. Does anyone has a idea for adjusting the shape of a door leaf, for instance a leaf with 6 round wholes in it. Or maybe importing an image of a doorleaf into the window door tool. regards Filip Bosscher
  12. Dear addicts and experts, you showed me the good direction, thanks Filip Bosscher
  13. I made the step from 2012 tot 2017 and I don't see the line devision tool anymore, I use this tool a lot. Can some help Filip Bosscher
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