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  2. I believe if you have VW 2016 the Sketchup files have to be from 2015 or earlier. I'm not positive, but I believe that Sketchup 16 was released a few months after VW 16. So there is usually a 1 year lag. If you'd like to post a skp file here (you'd have to zip it first) or PM it to me, I'd be happy to try the conversion and send you back a VW16 file if it works.
  3. Yesterday
  4. flashbytes

    Vector addition

    Hi halfcouple, just use the "Add" node. It can handle reals, intergers and vectors as well.
  5. Since I changed the computer, I can't import files from SketchUp into Vectorworks. Not even simple objects. It was always difficult to import from SketchUp (in the other computer)but I could manage it. But now...it simply doesn't work! My version of Vectorworks is 2016. I know all the sketchup models need to be from that year or older. My actual computer is a MSi with the following characteristics: Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ; CPU 2,80GHz Memory: 16GB OS: 64Bits (win10) Placa Gráfica: Geforce GTX 1050 Ti I'm getting desperate...and no solution on the horizon. Many thanks in advance for your help. Iúri
  6. michaelk

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    I second @Boh's recommendation. I also bought and use the gutter tool by the same developer. Huge time saver.
  7. The only workarounds I have been able to successfully use is to use a gobo projecting light instrument but of course it mean that you cant simply use a certain lens or projector type to get an idea of what you might reasonably see. It is a LOT of faffing about to do something so simple. It seems to me to be a matter of VW not being bothered about this because not enough people shout about it even though I would have thought that it would be fairly easy for them to actually implement a projector instrument.
  8. Hey line weight. Are you aware if this plugin for downspouts? Quite handy. https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/downspouts-free/
  9. michaelk

    Unable to find object

    There are a couple ways. The quickest is Tools > Custom Selection… > Select Only > Execute Immediately > Name is then click the box on the right of the text field. You will undoubtedly find 191 listed there.
  10. Hi, is this license still available ? If so please DM me your price
  11. markdd

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Select the three objects and make them a solid addition. Menu>Modify>add solids. However the mapping tool really only works on one plane at a time so you will probably find it easier to manually do it from the OIP render tab. That should work for you.
  12. Is this license still available, if so please DM me to discuss
  13. Hi, i may be interested in the license, could you DM me your price please
  14. Hanna D'Elia

    How to keep Vectowrks open?

    Thank you JuanP. My apologies for the delay to give you feedback. I needed a weekend to get back to this. I can see that my laptop does not have an external card, in spite of the hardware requirements being higher than the minimum. I was not told about the graphic card requirements. Could you please let me know what you suggest? Thank you for your help. Kindest regards, Hanna
  15. Hanna D'Elia

    Updating Graphics Drivers

    Hi Jim, My apologies for the delayed feedback. I needed time to get back to the computer on this topic. My PC does not seem to have a graphic card. It has an integrated one. I was not told about the card in the requirements. It has more than the minimum basic requirement but it is still a simple one. Thank you very much for your help. Hanna
  16. JHLD

    People/Band Symbols

    I so need this. Cant wait
  17. Terry Smith

    Rogue lines in 3d Label legend

    Thanks again, Mark!! The 'by class attribute' is what I was missing. I did not import the label legend from a previous file. It was brand new.
  18. qq914218974

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Hi How do I map the same texture to three different object simultaneously using the Attribute Mapping tool? For example Texture three different object Mapped effect
  19. DanJansenson

    Until Next Time

    Thank you for everything you've done, Jim. Best of luck with your next phase, and hope to see you back as soon as possible. Dan J.
  20. markdd

    Rogue lines in 3d Label legend

    I took a look at your file. If you remove the pen from Class: Lighting-Label-3D and set the instruments to "by class attribute" in the Attributes palette, then the lines go away. The 3D Label Legend geometry is in a class that is defined in your Spotlight Preferences dialogue. I remade your label legend and the Leader lines seem less chaotic now. I really don't know why this is the case but all seems to be well now. Did you bring this label legend in from an earlier version? I have had problems like this with some of my stock label legends. Anyway. I uploaded the amended file for you to take a look at. 3d Label Legend Test (Markdd).vwx
  21. wkwiat

    Braceworks Frustration

    Thanks for the reply Scott! Any help would be much welcomed. I uploaded a stripped file of the truss structure I am trying to calculate. Let me know if you need any further information about the structure and thanks again for your time! Decking Structure v1.vwx
  22. Art V

    Ungrouping not working in 2019 (SP1) pc

    It's one of those features that can haunt you later when you have forgotten about making some setting the default. Maybe VW could have an option to show a message in the status bar for such settings that setting X is by default set to Y and therefore cannot perform operation Z on the selection.
  23. It took a little bit of searching as one of my other CAD programs uses RedSDK for its rendering but that is from Redway3D and not Redshift. I briefly hoped that if Maxon acquired the render engine used by the other CAD program that it might also provide a way to improve exchange from those DWG files into VW if/when the Redshift tech stuff trickles down to VW in the future. I know the 3D object generation on the DWG side is handled by the ACIS kernel but it has to be translated in some way like it happens between VW and C4D. I don't know how the translation is exactly done but if they share the same render engine then translating through that render engine into objects that both can handle equally might improve 3D object transfers. Or I might be way off with this assumption. Otoh, if Redshift tech does trickle down to VW eventually it may improver render speeds (and quality?) quite a bit.
  24. SCParker

    Braceworks Frustration

    I’m not at my computer at the moment but it will be helpful if you could post the file. Short of that, post a screenshot of each of the configuration windows for the braceworks objects.
  25. wkwiat

    Braceworks Frustration

    Hi All, Looking for some help and direction. I am trying to estimate the weight of a truss grid with decking. Its a 36' (L) x 12' (W) x 12' (H) grid out of Tyler 12" truss. I am stuck at the first layer with the truss connections. I keep getting a warning "Cross section types do not match". I read a few posts about corner blocks and I have tried to use the correct corner blocks for the drawing and not what I am using in actuality, ie 5-way verses 3-way. I have attached a screen shot of where i am at currently....
  26. Hey guys. I'm working on Spotlight and have a hanging position name 191. The VW automatically changes the name to 191-1, cause I assume there is another object that was already name 191.. I have no idea to find the object in the Resource Mananger name 191 Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  27. Bruce Kieffer

    Stop Camera From Moving?

    How do I stop a camera from moving? When I zoom or rotate, the camera moves. I want to place a camera, and then rotate around from where the camera is set, just like rotating it on a tripod.
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