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macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

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Here you go @dtheory 





Puma (Pete Puma)



Jaguar (with John Steed of the Avengers )






Tiger, Tony the Tiger



Leopard (Za Za Gabor)



Lion (Snagle Puss the cowardly lion)






 Yosemite (Sam)




El Capitan ( Zoro's foil, pun intended)



High Sierra


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Some users in our office seem to be having trouble with the batt insulation tool since updating to Mohave 10.14.3. The users who are experiencing problems have VW 2019. Whenever the batt insulation tool is used, or an existing batt insulation object is moved the whole program freezes and needs to be shut down. I use VW2018 and haven't updated. I'm a little gun shy about updating my OS since we had so many issues last year with the Mohave update.


Has anyone run into this? Just want to make VW aware so we can resolve this. We use the tool quite a bit.

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20 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

@Jim Wilson , did SP3 remove the 4-core limit?

It has not yet. I haven't had a chance to ask Engineering why, I will do so. However ( a personal hunch) it might be something they reserved for a full version release because of the level of testing required for it.

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I am genuinely happy to hear things are working better for folks especially on Mojave. After the feedback I've gotten from Sp3 I am now personally comfortable with advising users to update as well. It's going very smoothly. 

Now to work on making it even smooooother. 


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5 hours ago, Sky said:

@SVA Architects I have the old late-2013 Mac Pro with AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB, 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 and 64 GB 1866 MHz DDR3. Do you think these specs are still sufficient? This thing is 5-years old but still seems to work great...


I am running on a similar machine but with the dual d700s. I ran my 2008 Mac Pro until I got a used 2013 one earlier this year. They are tanks. If you need to you can take it up to 128g ram and there’s a 10 core processor upgrade. Sure a maxed out iMac pro might do better but unless you’re pushing the boundaries of 3D biz you’ll likely be fine for a year or two. Just doing basic BIM I’d say you’re likely good until 2022. 

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I don't buy the comments about VW warning not to upgrade.  As others have said, I don't spend my time pourimg over the VW forum.  They could have sent a note to all license holders - they can send an automatic update notice, can't they?


But there is a bigger problem. VW/Nemestchek has gotten very greedy.  They want to force you to spend $1500/year for trivial upgrades.  I have been using their CAD programs since about 1990 and they have gotten progressively worse about forcing upgrades.  


This year I have opted out. Then I found out from a support tech that VW doesn't intend to do any more Mojave compatibility fixes to VW18.  Feature upgrades is one thing, but fundamental usability fixes are another.  VW has become very user unfriendly.  I can make VW18 do what I need on Mojave with many workarounds I developed over the years, but I don't think they will ever see any more of my money.

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@ptoner i must say, BenG is right. our office is planning to change to one of the big and really reliable cad software houses.

VW is getting worse and worse. and more expensive without any real improving - if so, then only a very delayed adaptation to new operating systems.

you cant use any so called update before service pack 3 - better 5

what a company philosophy is that?


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