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  1. Does this mean it"s now safe to upgrade to 2020 and Catalina?
  2. I'm still waiting to for SP2 before I switch my main machine (at least)
  3. I'm finding that poly lines and polygons extrude, but not lines.
  4. Fine tune camera should be a control in new Animations labor but it isn't. Has this functionality been removed?
  5. Despite the fact that this is a 2012 iMac, I can navigate around the model without any lag. Almost as well as my iMac Pro. Hmmm. No crashes or glitches yet.
  6. I'm testing VW2020 on a Late 2012 iMac 27" with 3.4 intel core 7, macOS 10.14.6. I'm running dark mode and playing with a fairly complex model and I've had no issues so far. I'm not switching the production Macs over just yet but I'm feeling more confident about this release. Also Dark mode of VW rocks. It's the first time I like it.
  7. Is there a clear list of the elements that were addressed (fixed/) in SP 5.2 vs. SP 5.1?
  8. This is big news for those of us doing single family houses on complicated topography.
  9. Unfortunately only open GL lets me move around my model in real time. That feature combined with screen sharing is how I communicate with clients remotely.
  10. I'm working on an office interior and I want to have up to 24 individual light sources in the project. I am showing the work in Open GL. I understand that this will exceed the maximum number of light objects. Is there a work around? Maybe making lights symbols?
  11. until

    Is there still a New York City VW users group? If so is a meeting being planned in the near future?
  12. I really needed to see this written down. Thank you Wes.
  13. My balls never stop spinning, its what gets me up in the morning. The best thing about the iMac pro is that I can jump between so many apps without a performance hit. This spinning ball in VW was new when I upgraded to Mojave. Frustrating but not a deal breaker at this point. The funny thing about VW is I understand it, many of the processes are still single core CPU. Therefor the New iMac would be a better value then a iMac Pro since it has better single core speeds and its less $$$$
  14. I'm running an iMac Pro 64 gigs RAM with the pro vega 64. It better not be the GPU card. As a sole practitioner, I need to be able to keep multiple programs open at the same time as I jump between many apps. Your suggestion doesn't make sense nor should a software require more then the top of the line machine.
  15. Yes I upgraded to Mojave. I'll try the undocking and let you know.
  16. Since the 2019 SP3.1 update I have the beachball with every dimension I add or subtract. Sometime it lasts for a second sometimes a minute. It's rendering the program useless. I'm running an iMac pro with plenty of free memory and I have restarted the program and the Mac. What is my best next move to remedy this situation?
  17. I have been running 2019sp3.1 on Mojave for a few weeks. Lately Im getting a lot of beach balls when I'm in the annotation layers on files that have used a lot of transparent objects. This did not happen on the same files before I updated. Has anybody else noticed an issue?
  18. So sorry to see you go. I've been following your posts every day and they have really helped my VW experience. Best of luck to you and your family.
  19. Make the image bigger and put it further away
  20. Lumion looks like a great fast rendering program and the live sync plugin seems to integrate it well into VW, unfortunatly it is a PC only program. Is a live sync plug-in in the works for twinmotion? Is there any kind of time line for that?
  21. I find the SP3 noticeably smoother and quicker. Thank you for the great work. I might make the jump to Mojave this week.
  22. I heard a rumor from a reliable source that Twinmotion is working on a VW plug in
  23. Apple just released a 10.14.2. Maybe we'r ready now.....
  24. I'm interested in combining a site model with point clouding order to draw the trees on the site Has anybody tried this?
  25. Sadly I could not make the summit this year. I really wanted to. Will there be any rebroadcasts of key notes or other means to join the fun after the fact?


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