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  1. We are all excited to see what we will be using come VW2021sp3
  2. I'm looking for some one who can take a .pdf topo site map for an 8 lot subdivision and create a VW site model that includes onsite light asphalt roads and surrounding darker roads. Then bring that model into Twinmotion and complete an existing conditions site model including existing site trees and proposed landscaping. I will be completing VW2020 house models to try out on the site in the Twinmotion rendering and on the VW model. I'd be interested in discussing ways we could work back and forth.
  3. In a large home, there will be many closets all of slightly different sizes. Very few exact repeats. Symbols wouldn't be efficient. I wish there was an un-styled closets symbol that worked like an un-styled window type.
  4. My closets are almost always 24" deep. There are a multiple, but finite number of combinations of shelves, drawers, single/double hanging etc. A simple tool that inserts a 3d BIM closet in-fill object would be really useful to me.
  5. Twinmotion works on the Mac and it free for a limited time
  6. If you and your clients are regular Apple Messages users, the screen sharing function under the "buddies" menu is also excellent.
  7. Zoom has been my go to lately with one client. They sit in a conference room and I screen share and walk them through the project. Very effective and if you have fast internet (above 200 mps both ends) the lagginess isn't really an issue.
  8. I'm still running Architect SP2 and software update says I'm up to date. Am I missing something?
  9. So amazing what a genius is amongst our community in this Don Seidel. Hey Don, I hope your architecture is better than your conspiracy theorizing, though some how I doubt it.
  10. Thanks Juan. I'll stay tuned. It just seem sometimes VW, which was once a Mac only platform for architects is morphing into primarily a lighting designers tool that can't play too nicely with the many changes that Apple keeps throwing into the mix.
  11. If you're a Mac using architect nothing too exciting here. What happened to the hoped for Twinmotion plug in? I'm starting to feel forgotten by Vectorworks...
  12. I'm working with VW2020 on Catalina with very few problems. I had one strange crash, but I couldn't repeat the problem once I restarted VW. I'm using the most up to date VW 2020 sp2 and macOS 10.15.3. I do find it to be more responsive than VW 2019 when working with 3d models in open GL as well as basic 2d work. I'm not looking back to 2019, its a new year.
  13. I started using Sidecar with VW 2020. It works really well (so far). I keep my Resource mgr on the iPad screen. I keep VW on screen 3 and only when I'm on screen 3 does the resource mgr appear on the iPad. Its very cool. I've tried moving a detachable view to the iPad and it worked perfectly. I found an old iPad and through using Duet I can keep that monitor as a third monitor. The set up is very cool. Yes it all works!
  14. How do I simply make the default dash on every file, Dash style #1 (the shortest dashed line)
  15. I don't have a specific project right now, but I work in Brooklyn on projects in the Hamptons and Manhattan. I will have some projects coming up. I'd love to speak. Please give me a call at 212.620.0044. Andrew
  16. Does this mean it"s now safe to upgrade to 2020 and Catalina?
  17. I'm still waiting to for SP2 before I switch my main machine (at least)
  18. I'm finding that poly lines and polygons extrude, but not lines.
  19. Fine tune camera should be a control in new Animations labor but it isn't. Has this functionality been removed?
  20. Despite the fact that this is a 2012 iMac, I can navigate around the model without any lag. Almost as well as my iMac Pro. Hmmm. No crashes or glitches yet.
  21. I'm testing VW2020 on a Late 2012 iMac 27" with 3.4 intel core 7, macOS 10.14.6. I'm running dark mode and playing with a fairly complex model and I've had no issues so far. I'm not switching the production Macs over just yet but I'm feeling more confident about this release. Also Dark mode of VW rocks. It's the first time I like it.
  22. Is there a clear list of the elements that were addressed (fixed/) in SP 5.2 vs. SP 5.1?
  23. This is big news for those of us doing single family houses on complicated topography.
  24. Unfortunately only open GL lets me move around my model in real time. That feature combined with screen sharing is how I communicate with clients remotely.


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