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  1. Thank you both for your quick response! The texture tool worked, although the process was tedious and took a lot longer because of all the beach balling. I run a decent speed Mac Pro, but wow... couldn't believe I spent so much time just on this one thing.
  2. In previous versions of VW, I could covert text to polylines, extrude and apply a different texture to the front, back and sides. This allowed me to easily create channel letter signage on buildings. VW2022 only allows on texture for the entire extrude, making it impossible to to create this same effect.
  3. I doubt you’ll see a Mac Pro this year. My guess is that it’ll be unveiled at WWDC in 2022. We’ll probably see a MacBook Pro with 4 nm M2 processor late this year, and if we are lucky, an iMac Pro to go with it.
  4. The M1 Macs are just slightly faster than my Late-2013 Mac Pro (trash can), so I'm waiting until they release a 4 nm M2 Mac before I buy a new computer. Its good that my 7-year old Mac still runs great, but I'm looking forward to a Late-2021 iMac Pro or a Mid-2022 Mac Pro.
  5. I'm using Vectorworks 2021 on Mac OS Big Sur. I'm imported a Kohler sink and an American Standard faucet from the Vectorworks Library, but the symbol is invisible in 3D. I can see it in wireframe and hidden line, but it can't be seen in OpenGL or Renderworks. The faucet is even stranger, because some parts are visible and some aren't. All of them are generic solids. These are the symbols I've had a problem with so far. Sanitary Fixt Am Standard Faucets 4332.001 Sanitary Fixt Kohler Sink K-3943 Sanitary Fixt Kohler Sink K-3936 Sanitary Fixt Kohler Sink K-3821
  6. Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments/excitement about the new Apple Silicon Macs. I’m running a trash can late -2013 Mac Pro that is almost 7-years old. I too am anxious to upgrade my computer to these super fast Apple Silicon Macs. I am also excited to hear that VW2022 will run natively on the Apple Silicon processor. I expect an M2 and M1X processor next year along with all computers (except Mac Pro) to be updated. I hope I can last until 2022 when I expect a Mac Pro with M3 processor to be released. My computer will be 9-years old at that point but I think the Mac Pro will be really fast and worth the wait.
  7. @zoomer I'm not running MacOS Big Sur. I'm running MacOS 10.15.x Catalina which is over a year old. I'll look to see how I can note that in the bug report. Thanks.
  8. @Oliver Hauser I'm sorry, I don't know anything about Windows. I think this was a common problem when upgrading to MacOS Catalina because the OS was over zealous in removing things.
  9. When I submit a bug, it asks for my current OS, but the most current listed is MacOS 10.14.x. MacOS 10.15 was released over a year ago, but not listed. How do I submit a bug for the Bug Submit form?
  10. @Oliver Hauser @BenG The solution was posted by @Jeremy Best on March 3, 2019. I am reposting here for your reference: 1. Quit Vectorworks 2019 2. Go to: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks 2019 3. Select and copy these three folders: ⁃ Gobos ⁃ Library ⁃ textures 4. Go to: Macintosh HD/Applications/Vectorworks 2019/Vision and paste them in. 5. Reopen Vectorworks.
  11. The text of the section line is at an angle, but when I reverse direction, it is displayed correctly. It is displaying like this for some, but not for others. Very annoying. Can we get a fix to this?
  12. @Matt Overton This tip helped me soooooo much!
  13. Agreed! I can't believe such a commonly used tool has not been upgraded to a more flexible tool yet!
  14. Still not fixed?!? There are so many things wrong with this, I can't even...
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