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  1. Sky

    Resize Detail-Callout Marker

    Even if I double click on it, there are no resize nodes to available to reshape. I think it is because I used a rounded corner rectangle. I wish they would make rounded rectangles resizeable.
  2. Sky

    Resize Detail-Callout Marker

    I think you misunderstood what a detail-callout marker is. See attachment.
  3. I can't seem to change the box size of the detail-callout marker. When I double click it, it goes to the Reshape Tool but it won't reshape the box.
  4. Sky

    Revit Import Not Working

    Thank you. I'm sending a Support Request Form over VSS now.
  5. Sky

    Revit Import Not Working

    How do I submit something to tech support? Last time I found a bug with dormers in the VW2018 roof PIO just posted here and an employee responded.
  6. Sky

    Revit Import Not Working

    Okay - updated my signature. I'm not sure where you even see the signature anymore. I don't see it on my posts... Including an example file. qf_krowne_kr18-w60a-10.rfa.zip
  7. Sky

    Revit Import Not Working

    I do a lot of restaurant work and importing Revit files of kitchen equipment in VW2017 has been really helpful. When I import that same files into VW2018, I get very poor results. Sometimes I get part of the model, or I get random objects and sometimes I get nothing. I've never gotten it to work. I tried attaching a file but this forum doesn't accept RFA file types. So this is a webpage where you could download an example of an underbar refrigerator: http://truefoodservice.kclcad.com/Mobile/?search=TBB-24-60G-S-HC-LD.
  8. Sky

    Dormer Issues

    I think this may have to do with the way I created this roof shape. To be able to create a gable at the end of another gable, I make a 1" notch in the polygon used to create the roof. The roof face on that side has the problem. If I place a dormer window on the other side, it does it correctly - including making a hole in a roof. I'm including a file with just the roof in it. BTW, another thing I can't do is control the interior finish of the gable walls. If it is stucco on the outside, it shows as stucco on the inside. Very annoying for my renderings. Dormer Test.vwx
  9. Sky

    Dormer Issues

    VW2018 SP2 Designer, Renderworks
  10. Sky

    Dormer Issues

    Two problems I'm having with a dormer. 1. When I place a dormer, half of the roof is missing. 2. Is there a way for the dormer to cut an opening into the roof? Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the first one and accomplish the second one? Sky
  11. When I use VW2018, countertop objects no longer display a solid line for end finish and a dotted line for non-end finish sides. It just shows them with a solid like which is misleading when viewing in plan view. Is this a known issue?
  12. I have a similar issue. I am rendering one project in the background and tried to publish another after making some changes. The publish script won't go past the first page and I can't cancel it. So I guess my only recourse is to force quit Vectorworks.
  13. I'm looking at it more carefully, and I think they are auto rotating. But the cross planes are causing it to cast shadows on itself. I tried unchecking Cross Planes in the image prop, but it is still showing as cross planes in 3D. The other option would be a way to turn of shadows for the plants, but I haven't been able to figure that out either.
  14. I made a simple file with 4 plants and a viewport with a 3D view. Landscape_Test.vwx