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  1. Has anyone done a worksheet that shows part numbers for Ikea cabinets and fronts? Is that even possible?
  2. It's nice to have everything pre-done but that fact that you can't change the finishes makes it useless if you need renderings.
  3. I think I had my cursor hovering on the existing window, but you can see the blue handles for the selected window. The Object Info also clearly shows Configuration: Opening. I worked with that windows for 10 minutes trying to get it to display so it definitely isn't a selection issue.
  4. I guess that'll mean I'll only be annoyed 36 times a year... lol (2021, 2022 and 2023 projects)
  5. Nevermind - I figured it out. I was duplicating a window that was created in VW2023 before I imported this project into VW 2024. I had to create a completely new window in VW2024 to get it to display properly.
  6. That makes sense but then I won't know if there is an actual update for that version of VW... I guess I have to live the the annoying pop up...
  7. I'm putting a new wall in front of an existing window with an arched opening. When the window configuration is "Opening" or "Cased Opening", it doesn't show the opening. If I set it for any other configuration, it is visible. Is there a setting to make an "Opening" show in the wall in 2D?
  8. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    I unchecked Denoising, but if I try to render all four at the same time, they all turn up white. I still need to manually render them one by one.
  9. Is there a way to disable to pop up box letting me know 2024 is now available. I know it is; I have it. But if I project is near completion, I don't import it into the new Vectoworks version because I don't want to deal with possible compatibility issues. The pop up is annoying.
  10. Sky

    VW23 Toilet Stalls

    Front partition is not selected. This is in VW2023.
  11. I tried to make urinal stalls using the Toilet Stalls PIO, but the dividing partitions do not display as expected. Even though the "Show Door In" is set to none, it produces a T-shape as if there is supposed to be a door in the front partition. I had to make each individual stall and use a left or right partition to generate the correct layout.
  12. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    @Mark Aceto and @willofmaine I think this is all the information. I included a screen shot of the model so you could see the lighting I'm using. Any advice to make my renders better or less time consuming would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I upgraded to Sonoma on my M1 MacBook Pro and didn't see any problem. Then I did it on my M2 Mac Studio, and Quickbooks Desktop for Mac 2021 didn't work (even though it worked on the MacBook Pro). OMG - I had to erase my Mac Studio and reinstall Ventura which was an overnight process. As far as Vectorworks goes, I actually haven't encountered any issued with Sonoma.
  14. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    @Mark Aceto Thank you for all your advice. I bought an M2 Ultra Mac Studio and the rendering speeds are phenomenal. These 4 renderings went from 4 hours to 1 hour and 20 minutes. I still have a problem with doing multiple complex renderings at a time. It'll do the first one and the remaining ones go completely white when each is done. I need to start each one after the last one is completed. Any idea what the issue might be?
  15. That was AMAZING! I hope I remember this trick next time I need a table cloth. LOL Thank you very much!
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