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  1. What you are reading here may be skewed towards people having problems, as people who are not having issues, don't go to the forums. I have a new 14" MacBook M1 Max and I use it with one external display simultaneously with the notebook display. I am fortunate and not seeing the issues other people are. It's going to really depend on your setup and comfort level with upgrading. Those who play it the safest wait a year before upgrading (when macOS 13 comes out, you upgrade to macOS 12).
  2. I'm using VW2022 on a 14" MacBook Pro M1 Max with an external monitor and haven't had any issued since I transitioned 10 days ago. Others may have different experiences. The largest project I am working on is a 3-story community center (17,000sf) with an almost 700 mb file size.
  3. I had a Mac Pro (Late-2013) 6 core with 64 gb ram. Yesterday, I got a MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) M1 Max with 32 GPU and 64 gb ram and wasted no time in setting it up. I ran the same rendering on the Mac Pro and the MacBook Pro. It rendered 2.7x faster. Amazing to see such speed from a notebook computer. Now you don't have to choose between power and mobility. One computer can do it all!
  4. @Dave Donley Here you go. Wellington.vwx
  5. Does no one else have this issue?
  6. I have a class for existing walls where the fill is set to white and a separate class for new walls where the fill is set to grey. In both Shading and RW, the new walls are rendering darker than existing walls. All walls are set to render By Object and Overall set to the texture Paint-White (with all faces set to From Overall). Wall type is the same for both walls. Is this a bug or is there something else I should be looking at?
  7. There will definitely be a high end Mac mini to replace the high end Intel Mac mini which is still for sale. But I would expect a high end iMac to appear first. You may be waiting until next summer to see it... And if that is the case, it might just be an M2 and not an M1 Pro or Max.
  8. @jwp You can check out this comparison for GPU performance. https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/10/19/m1-pro-and-m1-max-gpu-performance-versus-nvidia-and-amd I included the table for quick reference.
  9. Sky

    Nomad Measuring

    Hi @inikolova While I appreciate the concept behind Nomad, this solution is still half-baked and user unfriendly. I would really like to see drastic improvements with this platform because it holds a lot of potential. 1. I have sheet layers that were used in schematic design or for presentations that I don't want as part of the PDF generated, but have no control over that if the Publish command can not produce snap points and measurement data. This function produces all sheets into PDFs! 2. I am only using the Cloud Services desktop app on one computer. But that folder is also part of iCloud Drive. I'm not sure if this caused the problem. To avoid issues in the future, I will make a separate folder and duplicate a copy of the file to make a PDF. A tedious workaround, but I can't have my files compromised by VW Cloud Services. 3. Is there a technical reason that Dropbox and Google Drive are integrated, but iCloud Drive is not? 4. I think I read somewhere that I can't do any editing of the PDF or all the snap points and measurement data will be lost - including renaming the file, moving the file location or deleting pages in the file. Is that correct?
  10. Sky

    Nomad Measuring

    Things get worse. I made a project folder 'Cloud Projects' and designated that as my sync folder for VW Cloud Services. It is on my iCloud Drive. I moved over one project folder 'MHCC' into this. About 5 or 6 hours later, it was replaced with a folder 'MHCC (selective sync conflict)' and most of the files were gone! Luckily I use Time Machine backup and restored everything to the original folder. Now I am worried about even using Nomad and cloud services from VW. Seem like a total disaster.
  11. I would like to ditch brining my laptop to construction meetings and just use my 12.9" iPad Pro. It's been such a time consuming pain to try to figure out Nomad. I finally got Cloud Publish working, but I still can not measure on the PDF. It also does not include any snapping points. I get the error message: Measuring data is unavailable. The measuring will be reported in sheet layer space. What does that mean?
  12. Thank you @Dave Donley. I ordered the 14" MacBook Pro with the top of the line M1 Max and 64 GB of RAM today. I will put it on a stand, connect it to an external 34" monitor and put my 12.9" iPad Pro on a stand on the other side. With Universal Control (coming later this Fall), I will have 3 monitors of different sizes working together!
  13. I like that I can replace my desktop and my laptop with one computer! You used to have to chose between power and portability - but that no longer seems to be the case (at least until the new Mac Pro comes out). The new MBP seems to have plenty of power for VW and RW.
  14. I'm running a Mac Pro (2013) and looking to upgrade to the new MacBook Pro. Is it still true that Renderworks is dependent on CPU and not GPU? Is a basic M1 Max with 10-core CPU and 24-core GPU the way to go? Or is it worth the $200 to get 32-core GPU?
  15. As far as benchmarks, the Mac Pro is about as fast as the M1 Mac mini. But perhaps VW new features are optimized for the M1 chip? I plan to get a new computer but I was waiting to see the next version of the chip, which was announced today. I will be getting the new 14-inch MacBook Pro. I just have to decide how tricked out I need the processor to be. Thanks again for your help (as always)!
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