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  1. in the last time, even this isnt possible anymore - the checkbox "show elevation" is not clickable... : (
  2. but this doesnt solve the problem that it is not possible anymore to import a csv-file and convert it to an xml via VW, right? what a mess...
  3. cant believe: i have this eternally spinning beach ball again... just clicking an object makes my VW 2019 spinning. each jump into a new view lasts forever
  4. SP 5.1 and 5.2 really slowed down my vectorworks 2019 in comparison to sp 5.0 on my imac 27'' / 2014 it's like slow motion and is trapping my nerves. can i downgrade it in a way? it's so bad
  5. Unfortunately I use my mac not only as a system for my cad software but the whole system with its wonderful possibilities for layouting and interaction with other devices. How can the seller of software afford to deny me this access with such an incredibly long waiting period? Should I buy two macs? One with a current operating system and the other with an operating system that is as outdated as possible. Because the bad mac programmers have so incredibly stupid new ideas? Maybe I'm expecting too much from a quite cost-intensive software. But I imagine that if this software is offered as running on a mac, it should also run on a mac. I am conservative on this point. The annual refreshment of Mac OS hasn't only been done since last year. Increase your team of programmers if it doesn't work like this. VW 2019 on Catalina is my last test - if I have to wait another year here or have to buy 2020, then I say vectorworks good bye
  6. Compatibility with macOS 10.15 ??? cant believe... great job... because i want catalina for better using with ipad: handsoff/ sidecar function - using even more apps with pencil. meanwhile an indispensable part of my workflow. good to hear. : )
  7. Dream on... : ) they will tell you a half a year: "don't update... bla bla bla not supporting... bla... vw 2019 has even 32 bit engines wich won't work for catalina... how retro is that? mojave often tells me: some components of VW are not compatible in the future. here we only can pray to whatever, that VW finally does his homework... i have no hope anymore.
  8. of course: imac 21'' 2014 fusion drive - running vectorworks 2019 on mojave - on synology in menu fileservices i deactivated afp and activated smb with maximum opportunity to smb3 in menu options. i followed a german blog about serverconnections synology to mac for mac os higher than high sierra. before i had the problem that mounting under afp always were very slow and time was passing by by waiting for files being displayed. since changing to smb in general, even using project sharing is much faster - and the connection to the server got a boost. for me it worked. try it. for me it worked well. small office with 4 clients.
  9. i've had fabulous experiences with switching from mac AFP to the (reworked, new) SMB: mounting the server and accessing files is much faster. on my synology station, just setting to only offer SMB and the same in vectorworks.
  10. @ptoner i must say, BenG is right. our office is planning to change to one of the big and really reliable cad software houses. VW is getting worse and worse. and more expensive without any real improving - if so, then only a very delayed adaptation to new operating systems. you cant use any so called update before service pack 3 - better 5 what a company philosophy is that?
  11. @ptoner attribute mapping tool crashes whenever i wanna modify a hatch. since vw 2019 sp2 (not before)
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