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  1. I tried to make urinal stalls using the Toilet Stalls PIO, but the dividing partitions do not display as expected. Even though the "Show Door In" is set to none, it produces a T-shape as if there is supposed to be a door in the front partition. I had to make each individual stall and use a left or right partition to generate the correct layout.
  2. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    @Mark Aceto and @willofmaine I think this is all the information. I included a screen shot of the model so you could see the lighting I'm using. Any advice to make my renders better or less time consuming would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I upgraded to Sonoma on my M1 MacBook Pro and didn't see any problem. Then I did it on my M2 Mac Studio, and Quickbooks Desktop for Mac 2021 didn't work (even though it worked on the MacBook Pro). OMG - I had to erase my Mac Studio and reinstall Ventura which was an overnight process. As far as Vectorworks goes, I actually haven't encountered any issued with Sonoma.
  4. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    @Mark Aceto Thank you for all your advice. I bought an M2 Ultra Mac Studio and the rendering speeds are phenomenal. These 4 renderings went from 4 hours to 1 hour and 20 minutes. I still have a problem with doing multiple complex renderings at a time. It'll do the first one and the remaining ones go completely white when each is done. I need to start each one after the last one is completed. Any idea what the issue might be?
  5. That was AMAZING! I hope I remember this trick next time I need a table cloth. LOL Thank you very much!
  6. That did the trick! I've never gone in those setting before. Is it checked by default?
  7. I have a Wall Closure button in the Window PIO. When I click on it, it has 3 tabs. All of them are set to Use Wall Settings.
  8. That was a great work around. Thank you.
  9. None of it is good. This is preventing me from doing the perspectives for my client. 😞
  10. That is amazing - thank you! Looking forward to the tutorial!
  11. If I make a hung window any smaller than 30"w x 38"h, it punches an opening in the wall larger than the window. The window on the left is the smallest I can make it before it looks like the window on the right. I'm in VW 2023. Victoria v4.vwx
  12. OMG How did you do that?!? I need a table cloth for a 6' round table with a 12" drop so it doesn't drape lower than the chair. Could you make one for me and if you have time, sort of explain how you did it so I can do them in the future. Thanks!
  13. Does this have an option for a tablecloth?
  14. How can I model 10-seat banquet tables with table clothes and seats? Any suggestions?
  15. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    Oh that's interesting. I didn't realize there were no microphones. I was considering getting a new monitor, because I'd like to VESA mount it to a wall to free up desk space. I should really consider getting a new one that has a camera and microphone built in. I have HomePod minis and AirPods Pro as options for sound as well.
  16. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    I haven't used Unreal Engine or Twinmotion and don't have any plans to. Even though Redshift is faster at rendering, I don't find the results to be as easy to control so I find myself using Hidden Line with Shading for quick renders and Renderworks for final presentations (including an example). I'm pretty sure I'm going to order the Apple Studio M2 Ultra with 60-core GPU and 128GB unified memory now. Thank you for all your help @Mark Aceto! A-900-Perspectives.pdf
  17. Sky

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    Thanks you @Mark Aceto! Your insight has been really helpful!
  18. I bought a MacBook Pro M1 Max (32-core GPU) which is used both in the office and on the move, with the eventual goal of getting a faster office computer as the M processors progressed. The Mac Studio M2 Ultra was just released with a 60-core or 72-core GPU. Will VW be able to take advantage of these extra GPU cores? Will I see a significant reduction in rendering times?
  19. I had 3-drawers selected. Based on your advice, I changed it to Standard, clicked Draw Drawer, changed Mid Reveal and then went back to 3-Drawer. It worked, but until recently, I never had to do this. Seems buggy.
  20. Mid Reveal option stays greyed out no matter what type of Base Cabinet you specify. There's no way to change the default 2".
  21. I do not think VectorDepot exists anymore.
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