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  1. Stick with VW 2019 and Mojave for at least 6 months if you want to be productive into next year.
  2. Mojave and VW 2019 are reasonably OK now. I would wait a while for Catalina bearing in mind our experience this time last year.
  3. I wasn't only quoting you Mark - just acknowledging that your post got me thinking again. I think we are all swaying from a love of Mac and VW and memories of rock solid stability and security to persistent and increasingly recent reality checks. Most ( me for sure) bought into Apple many years ago as Windows 3.1 was such a poor Mac clone and a wind up and Autocad just was not intuitive for architects. We bought into VW as it was a Mac program back in the 80s and Apple was great. What we had and still want is fading into the past. We have such a legacy of VW CAD files that we just have to somehow make it work rather than be switchers into the unknown...
  4. Wow. How blessed and competent you are... Could you tell us your hardware setup? Are all your users on iMac Pro 2017 3,0 Ghz Intel Xeon W - Radeon Pro Vega 64?
  5. So having read most of the posts now on this subject - what most are saying amounts to the fact that a Service Select subscription is a bad idea for Mac users. Having paid for another year, the temptation is to download the latest version of Vectorworks right away. The advice seems to be not to do so but rather to wait until it works well with the latest version of OSX (which based on 2019 and Mojave takes almost one year.) Otherwise we are paying for an upgrade which is not yet compatible with the Mac OS of a similar period of time. Having chosen this year not to renew Service Select I am looking longingly at the email links VW have sent me extolling the virtues of VW 2020. However does it work with Mojave as well as the latest version of VW 2019? How long will it be before either work with Catalina?
  6. I reluctantly cancelled my annual subscription renewal last month. When I see on this forum that 2020 is working with Catalina or whatever version combination of either I may resubscribe. I know it costs more to jump a couple of years before upgrading but maybe things will work out at some point. I have grown to find beachballs somewhat hypnotic and reassuring...like an old car that misfires at the same point after it warms up every day.
  7. My post was May 24th. Have your balls been spinning ever since? Well, then there really is no hope. Top of the line Mac and all is still not good for you. We should really give up all hope. Thanks for saving me 4 grand on a new Mac meanwhile. I honestly thought that would be the answer.
  8. MAC compatibility ‘coming soon’.
  9. Intriguing post but can you please explain what you are running, on what and how???...
  10. VW 2019 and Mojave need better graphics and CPU. Beach ball is mainly graphics card related. Close all other windows including Safari, Preview and Mail. Try running no other apps at all apart from VW and it will be somewhat better until you upgrade the Mac
  11. Just a reminder (to me included) that this thread is about Mojave compatibility....
  12. I had a look at your website - www.cad.ch. Truly excellent. Well done indeed!! I must admit - Using OSX Mojave took me to the edge of tolerance with Vectorworks and caused me weeks of lost production time. However, whenever I dip into Windows, as I have on and off for 30 years, it takes me over the edge within an hour. So... as long as VW supports Mac, I will stick with what I have used for over 25 years. I have tested Autocad and Revit often and run out of patience in a short time. I just love the option of a 'drawing board' feel in Vectorworks when a quick 2d plan is needed and then working up into 3d with ease not far short of Sketchup for usability. From day one the choice was Archicad or VW on Mac and the vote went for VW. As for Revit, I remember the day when Autodesk bought out the developers and then gradually persuaded architects to wean away from Autocad. Just like DWG, they have tried to make RVT a file standard to squeeze out opposition. They would have succeeded but have not, which says a lot for the quality of alternatives that have so far prevented them from doing so. As for BIM. Well MiniCad had very good 3d and object modelling from early on. Then Sketchup arrived with its outstanding ease of use. Autocad bought Revit as they could see strong opposition from easier 3d modellers. BIM is very late compared to auto manufacturers adoption of object modelling. Vectorworks have gradually added BIM capability but these additions have added power while reducing usability to some degree. However the basic ease of MiniCad is still buried in there when needed.
  13. SP3 for OSX Mojave rocks. Go for it. Worth the wait... (read my other posts to see how significant this acknowledgement is.)


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