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  1. Jim Wilson

    Autoturn Command missing

    Not at the moment. Ideally this is what we Migration Assistant would do, but it became such an ordeal to try and preemptively map new commands to user menus that may or may not share the same placement/name/sorting that the default workspaces do, that it had to be added and left to the user to put where they want it.
  2. Jim Wilson

    Graphics glitch?

    It looks like you have three monitors, and all of them are using your Intel 630 integrated card rather than your dedicated Nvidia Quadro. First: Make sure your monitors are ALL plugged in ONLY to the dedicated graphics card's ports on the rear of your machine. Do not use any ports for video up near the USB among the rest of the ports along the back of the machine. Second: Perform the following, reboot, then see if the issue recurs:
  3. Jim Wilson

    Autoturn Command missing

    Tools > Workspaces >Edit the Current Workspace, then you should be able to add it to your workspace. Should be under All Menus on the left. It's likely there was an issue during migration if you performed one and don't see the command.
  4. Jim Wilson

    2019 Crash

    Close Vectorworks, then disconnect the smaller display entirely from the back of your machine. Download and install the following driver update: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/137614/en-us Reboot your machine completely, then relaunch Vectorworks and let me know if the problem recurs. If it seems fine for a while, reconnect the monitor and see if it happens again only after reconnecting it.
  5. Jim Wilson

    2019 Crash

    Reply back with the following from your machine please:
  6. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks 2019 Launch Time (vs. 2018)

    There were MANY issues related to overall startup speed, the large majority of them involving resource libraries, that were cleared up for 2019. Users (If you have an SSD) should expect around 20-30 second load times from desktop to a new blank document if everything is working as expected. We hope to bring this down even further.
  7. Jim Wilson

    Nasty Crash 2019

    Confirmed the issue but I was soundly beaten to the punch, its already slated for a fix in 2019 SP1. VB-154360
  8. Jim Wilson

    Nasty Crash 2019

    This is a solid guess, testing on a machine with Spotlight only, as on my Designer license I wasn't able to replicate.
  9. Jim Wilson

    VW 2019 Crash when attempting to "Replace" Symbol?

    This issue can normally be resolved by going to Resource Manager > Gear > Refresh Libraries, then restarting Vectorworks, then it should never happen again. This will no longer occur after 2019 SP1.
  10. Jim Wilson

    Align and Distribute and Update

    More Info will take you to the appropriate download page: https://www.vectorworks.net/downloads/ServicePack?major=2018&servicepack=4
  11. Jim Wilson

    1 8-core CPU or two 4 core cpu's

    One isn't inherently better than the other, the easiest way to pick the best choice would be to get a cinebench score for both CPUs and simply go with the higher one.
  12. Jim Wilson

    Slower Screen Redraw in 2019 - Seating Sections

    Well, in poking harder at this I think I found the problem. The geometry we are generating inside seating sections is incredibly inefficient. The stock chair symbol, when ungrouped and decomposed, is over 450 vertices. When I manually edit the symbol and add three simple rectangles for the backrest and arms, and a rounded rectangle for the seat, the speed is right back to where it should be. He's out today, but I'll meet with the spotlight features manager to discuss this on Monday. EDIT: Also split this out into its own thread for easier tracking
  13. Correct! I just need to, you know, read ALL the words in other people's posts before replying next time 😉
  14. Jim Wilson

    Navigation should not be tools

    The last few posts I think actually drive home the importance of the original spirit of this wish. If we detach (or at least, allow users to control the attachment) of navigational abilities to keys or combos of their choosing, and remove or at least allow the dual-mapping of commands to other key/mouse combinations, we can address the multitude of workflows and user preferences by allowing full customization and not imposing one method or the other on anyone who prefers the opposite.