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  1. Is the Class associated with the missing field set to Visible in the Viewport? When you create an extra field after creating a viewport the Class will not be visible unless this function was enabled the last time you opened the Create Class dialog.
  2. The only way that I know how to do this is to go to the Visibility Palette and make a multiple selection there and uncheck them....
  3. Yes please! It’s such a pain when you are making viewport crops in perspective View. Especially now that screen plane is not an immediate option anymore.
  4. Yes, in a Sheet Layer Viewport you can rescale your work to any scale you like. The Design Layer scale setting is just meant to be a guide as more of a heads-up as to what your work will look like when outputted to a particular scale. If you look at the Zoom factor at the top of the screen and change it to 100%, you will get an exact representation of what the viewer will see if you were to print the page out onto paper.
  5. Go to File > Page set up and change it to something more suitable such as A0 or whatever will fit your needs. The Page outline is more of an indication of how the work you are doing will look at a paricualar scale on a printed page and is not intended to be a constraint. It's just a guide. You can turn it off from the Page Set up dialog if you don't want to see it. You can also move it using the Move Page tool which is hidden under the Pan Tool in the Basic Tool palette.
  6. Your question has many possible answers! Can you post an image showing what the problem is?
  7. When you create a new class, click on the Import classes button. This will open this dialog. Choose Import Classes and then click on the Choose button to navigate to the file you want to import the class from. Select the class that you want and all the parameters and attributes shoul be imported into the file in one action.
  8. Personally, I have a workgroup set up in a cloud drive like Dropbox or Google drive. I then add them in using the Workgroup functions in Vectorworks preferences. You can export/update any resource using the resource manager and the changes will be migrated to all machines.
  9. As Kevin suggested, the Container symbols are not centered on their origins. Go to the Containers folder in the Resource manager and edit each container symbol so that the geometry is centered around the insertion point. That instantly solves the problem.
  10. I think it is being revised. It can be enabled from Document preferences under the Legacy Tab.
  11. It’s worth saying that the placement of the containers in the Label Legend symbol is only a guide to help with text spacing. The insertion points of container symbols are always aligned the insertion point of the text block in the final Label legend when it is assigned to a lighting device.
  12. If you put the label legend into a file and post it here I’ll try and troubleshoot it for you…..
  13. Unless I am very much mistaken, then that is the case. I know that when I transferred to a full licence a few years ago, then the Stories Tab appeared in the Organisation dialog.
  14. Do you have a Designer licence? Stories aren’t included with the Spotlight package.
  15. Sorry, I have confused things. My mistake. I meant Set Working Plane rather than Select. (There are too many distractions here at the moment.) The cmd + \ shortcut activates the Set Working Plane menu command which I have in my Working Plane menu Commands list. I use this in conjunction with the Automatic Working Plane functionality as per the video.
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