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  1. The nearest you can use is one of the Oblique Projections from the View menu. I think the Oblique Cavalier 45 is the best for what you need. These work best in a Hidden Line View in a Viewport. Hope that helps.
  2. It seems to be a problem with an extrude. If the extrudes are converted to generic solids, then the tool works as it should. I'll report the bug tomorrow.
  3. I don’t think that this can be done. However, you could create a Viewport style with your custom scale as the only “by style” option. That would at least save you from constantly having to choose your custom scale every time.
  4. For some reason, Schematic Views never inherited ALL the 2D capabilities of their parent devices. I am afraid I don't know why........ (sigh emoji!)
  5. Check Spotlight Preferences. Make sure that this is not the active preference.
  6. Selection tool first mode? I have noticed that it defaults to that mode from time to time despite the fact that I never use it.
  7. I think the question is about the “Edit Class/Layer” buttons in the Object Information Palette of viewports. So often one needs to switch between the Edit Class/Layer dialogs to change visibilities in viewports. Currently, you need to click OK and then click on the other’s button to open the next dialog. Having an extra “Edit Class/Layers” button (perhaps next to the “preview” button) would save a click. A small wish but a helpful one.
  8. Have you looked in the resource manager? The symbols should all be there.
  9. They shouldn’t do that when inside lighting devices but occasionally it happens. You can get rid of them by going to the quick prefences bar and setting light objects to be only visible in wireframe or not visible at all.
  10. Yes please. This has been requested on and off for a long time.
  11. This is probably a scale issue. If you activate Zoom Line Thickness from Vectorworks preferences or from the button in the Quick Preferences bar (you may have to enable it there), you will probably see the result you see in the final PDF. The solution is to change your design Layer scales or your pen thicknesses. However, that is something you should do early on in the process. If you are too far down the road and have laid out your viewports already, you can scale the pen thicknesses in the viewports by selecting the Advanced button and scaling them there. Come back if you need more info.
  12. I only know how to use the Records menu commands in the Tools Palette. They work best all your symbols are neatly foldered-up and you can change the values for multiple symbols at the same time. But they are still a bit of a blunt instrument and nowhere near as good as the Lighting Symbol Maintenance command which is definitely due an update.
  13. The Circle symbol in the Label Legend layout window acts as a guide only. Because it is attached to the User field, then the User Field needs to be sent to the Back using the Send Command. This will then reveal the other two fields above it. A common misconception about the Containers in the Label Legend layout is that what you do with them here will affect how they look when attached to a lighting device. It will have no effect at all. They are only there to help you space your Text Fields. Many users try to add lines and other 2D geometry to no avail. Here is your file back with the problem solved. I hope that makes sense. Label Legend.vwx
  14. Can you share the Label Legend in a file and post it here?
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