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  1. LMorga

    Braceworks Frustration

    I called Tyler Truss about a week ago, they sent me the information I requested thru email, promptly.
  2. LMorga

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    @JustinVH please send me the files also.. I made my my own but I would like to review yours. Thank you
  3. LMorga

    Vectorworks 2019 Structure Member Tool

    That looks like you may have found the issue, I am using Spotlight & Braceworks
  4. I just updated the software. While trying the new system, I noticed I couldn’t draw steel beams, with the structure member tool. I contacted VSS support, they were able to recreate the issue. They said they are working on a solution. I hope they fix it quickly the new features look awesome, in the release videos..
  5. LMorga

    Creating Hoist Layout Stickers

    Josh, did you figure out how to do what you were looking for?


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