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  1. DCLD

    Side arms

    The best way I have found to build booms with boom arms is to use the ladder position function. You can set individual height for horizontal pipes and you can remove one leg from your ladder. Sadly it does not count boom arms but with the time saved ( this boom took about 2 min to make) you can just count them. 6m boom.pdf
  2. Josh having just upgraded from 2020 to 2021 two days ago, the delay in the instrument summary is disconcerting. In VW 2020 it would take about five seconds to load and edit the summary, now it's closer to two minutes with VW 2021. Has there been a change to symbols that I am unaware of? Do I need to upgrade all my heritage symbols? I saw Tom's reference to inadequate lighting records. All my symbols have records. Is there a way to reload the instrument summary plug in like when it used to be your third party plug in? Hoping you can help D Just to add to this feed. Any new instrument summary made in 2021 is super fast. Any 2020 instrument summary is unbelievably slow. I guess I have to re-build my templates.
  3. Thanks Kevin, I run 2 external monitors from my 2018 15" MBP. I would like to know if egpu's may any difference to VW. If anyone has used one let me know. There has been a lot of posts on VW being incredibly slow. This may be a way to fix this issue. best DC
  4. Dear Spotlight users, has anyone used the new 'Blackmagic eGPU' with the 2018 mac book pro? I am keen to know if it helps with graphics. It mentioned it helps speed up openGL. I am sure there is a better place to post this but I do value the input of entertainment designers. Many thanks DC
  5. No have not been using Sams plug ins, however I have just used X coordinates in LW and as most units where 0.001 of a mm off the full number the paperwork started to look fairly ordinary. Easy to clean up but really just a fault of the mirror tool locking onto something ever so close to the centre line. Just need drop down menu to select the mirror reference point on the X or Y. Thanks for your time DC
  6. Hi Mark have you had any progress on this request? I was just about to put in the same one. Thanks DC
  7. Anytime Fabrice. BTW thanks for your comments on spotlights greatly needed improvements. I could not agree more! D
  8. Hi Fabrice, try holding the shift key as you click on the next lamp for repeats of the same ch number.
  9. Hi having had this issue where VW 2017 Sp3 turns off XML communication with LW, I can confirm, that I have no G drive or dropbox etc in my system. This happened to me about a dozen times. Its interesting that you say VW turns off functions when you slow down as during my interaction with VW support I have turned graphics card to 'Good performance and compatibility'. This seems to have fixed the XML issue. Very sad that my 2015 MacBook pro which has the fastest graphics card and ram that you can buy requires this to run smoothly and to allow XML communication.
  10. Dear Mickey, I have the same issue with LW6 and VW 2017. Seems to be an issue with SP3.
  11. Hi, is there a way to lock the ch and colour to the ends of the luminaries so when they rotate the ch stays near the base and the colour follows the nose? I realise I can make multiple label legends but if you could lock into the base of the lamp or the nose it would save so much time. thanks DC
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