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  1. @Marissa Farrell Thanks for the speedy reply. I downloaded this from the forum, for use in v2018. It came to me with "v2017". I'm working on a project in a clean file, not using any nodes outside of the marionette library. I'm not having the issue now, but I did earlier today and had to delete half of the project. I'll be sure to send you a copy when it becomes an issue again.
  2. Sometimes, connections between nodes are not retained when I move the nodes around. It looks as if the nodes were never connected in the first place, even though I snapped an output to an acceptable input. The attached PDF shows nodes from a shared resource on the forum; I've also attached the VWX file. The string input nodes are not connected to anything, but they have wires running to floating circles. I made sure that all classes and layers are visible, so I'm certain that there aren't any hidden nodes. The wires can be unsnapped from the mysterious circles, and reconnected to a proper node. This issue occurs when I copy+paste portions of a marionette network for re-use in another marionette network, or when I relocate portions of a marionette network. The issue reappears, even after connecting to the correct node. marionette_issue_nodes-not-connecting.pdf ODBC_v2017_v2018.vwx
  3. Hi @JimW, Thanks for going dark! The forum looks fantastic. The text in this post is still formatted as black in the dark theme, making it difficult to read. Link: Best,
  4. Check your Class and Layer visibility settings. When you edit symbols, you can still control those settings.
  5. When I attempt to start VWx Remote Server, the application stops working and closes. (Even after a system restart) I'm running Designer 2018 Build 401138 on a Windows machine. Is anyone else having this issue?
  6. Thanks for getting back so quickly. I was able to get my symbol recognized as a lighting instrument, but then I lost the ability to edit the subcomponent records. Looks like a bust. I have a support call scheduled for tomorrow, so if the VWx team has any ideas, I'll pass them on.
  7. I'm still hoping that the Label Legend Manager will be unlocked for use with any symbol + record. @michaelk, have you found a way to circumvent this? I attempted to convert custom symbols to lighting instruments, but that feature won't associate the light info records required to use LLM. I tried to add the same IFC record that Lighting Instruments use, and didn't have any luck with that either--the Shape tab won't update with the lighting instrument fields. Happy President's Day
  8. Dynamic Record Values

    Thanks again, Hippocode. I looked up those functions and marionette tutorials. I tried some different modeling approaches and marionette scripts over the last week and have everything behaving the way I'd like it to. CXS
  9. Dynamic Record Values

    Thanks Hippocode! These are hybrid symbols. I will check out objects and report back.
  10. Hello, I've made some hybrid symbol objects; each object has multiple associated records. There is--what I am considering--a "global record" which contains some global information for the object. In this case, I'm talking about a field that specifies the ID of the object. I looked at the docs but couldn't find anything about calling the ID field value of the global record from within the other ID fields of the rest of the associated records for that object. Here's some info about the records associated with TESTObject: Record called "Global" ID: [text] EQUIP: [number, default 1] POINT: [number, default 1] Record called "SubComponent1" GlobalID: [I want this field to call it's value from TESTObject's 'Global' record's 'ID' field] ... --other fields-- ... Does anyone know if this is a feature of VectorWorks? I'm running the trial license right now, in case that's relevant.


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