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  1. I see it all now, thanks to your explanations. I was just not finding the formatting items. You both hit the mark with what I was aiming to do. Thanks for the help!
  2. Not sure if this would be a "Vectorscript" type of topic, but my guess is that is would involve it somehow. I'm wondering if there is a possibility of creating custom worksheets. In the attached file, I have a simple symbol for a typical power distribution unit that I use often for work. They come in a variety of sizes and types, this one in particular has 24 circuits. I've created a record format to name each PD, give it a simple reference marker, and then describe what each output is powering. I've then made a report that displays that information. The top report is all the info in one shot, which since I'm not sure how to customize reports, displays in one excessively long left-to-right report. Not ideal. Below that, I tried breaking up the record formats into four segments, but that's not ideal either since it breaks up each PD's information. Ideally I'd like to have the report in a format where the circuit numbers are shown vertically in the report's first column and the main information for each PD (PD name, reference marker) are listed on the top row of the report, with the circuit descriptions below. Anyone know if this is possible, and how it is achieved? Thanks for any help. PD WORKSHEETS.vwx
  3. @Boh Thanks for your input. I feel that my company is similar to yours in that we all have our own ways of organizing our drawings that sometimes doesn't match when one person picks up where another left off. I like your idea of creating a standard set of classes for everyone to align to. One question regarding your custom hatches/line types/gradients, etc... How are those shared over the workgroup? I am aware of the folder structure in the shared workgroup server location, requiring libraries and defaults, etc. Are these shared items saved in the Libraries\Defaults\Attributes - Gradients (or Hatches or Line Types) folders? And if so how do these files need to be formatted? I'm guessing that they just need to be vwx files with the appropriate objects included in the files but is that correct? Thanks again!
  4. @Pat Stanford Thanks for the reply but I noticed that I wrote the wrong word in my thread, "workspace" instead of "workgroup". I'm looking for tips on Resource Browser Workgroup Libraries. Apologies!
  5. Can anyone give some examples of items used in a Workgroups that are useful for your organization or yourself as a user? At my company we are starting to dabble into the benefits of Workgroups but currently we are only sharing files and templates. I'm curious of what other things users have done with either default attribute types, record formats, plug-ins, object types, settings or anything in general. I am new to the scope of the Workgroups and any gems of info anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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