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  1. I think I may have figured out one way this happens. I created a CSG solid consisting of three extruded arcs that touched at the radius center point. Think nuclear radiation symbol with the swept arcs extending all the way to the center. Pie wedges. Then I subtracted that shape from another CSG solid. The resulting shape would not let me chamfer any edges that belonged to the hole left by the 'nuclear' shape. I then rebuilt the 'nuclear' shape shaving off the tip of the pie wedges then subtracted from the CSG solid. Chamfers worked. Then I tried the same thing with three cubes. A big cube and two smaller ones. I positioned the smaller cubes to touch at a corner and then subtracted them from the larger cube. Could not chamfer. So CSG solids containing geometry that touch a point (along an edge in 3D) may not be chamfer-able.
  2. Exact same problem. I have some pretty simple solids and some edges can be chamfered and some can't. Object info palette shows "Solid Subtraction" when my object is selected. When I click on certain edges with the chamfer tool, that changes to "Solid Subtraction - Locked" HOWEVER some edges can still be chamfered while the palette shows "Solid Subtraction - Locked" so I'm not sure the problem is with being locked. I have tried copy & pasting to new file and that has no effect. HELP!
  3. Viewport->Project Screen Objects Checking this box caused door arcs to appear. Never knew they were 'screen objects'. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Sills class is visible in all viewports. Viewport view is Top/Plan, Background render Wireframe, Foreground Render None.
  5. How does one show door swing arc in plan viewport using VW2017?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to live with inaccurate thicknesses of the wall sidings for maintainability and only need the areas, not the volumes. So the clapboards will be thin, the shingles will be thin and the belly band/water table will be thin, but on top. For rake walls (can't use the offset from top!), I'm making walls with only two components (clapboards and water table) and then adding a thin wall above (with the appropriate class(es) & textures). -Geoff
  7. Hi all! If this has been answered, please direct me, but searching the boards has been fruitless. I have a wall with clapboarss, water table and shingles above. I'd like the wall to be accurate in the model and would like to use the wall components for take-off. The problem is wall components stack in the wall thickness direction and are inaccurate in detail renderings. Take a look at my example. I've created a wall by hand with textured extrudes as well as a similar wall using components. My questions are- -Does anyone have a solution or does VW have some method of allowing a wall component directly above another wall component? -Is there a maintainable way of hand-building the wall? -If the wall is hand-built, is there a way to use the COMPONENTAREA and COMPONENTVOLUME functions? Any tips would be appreciated! -Geoff
  8. I have a roof dimensioned on all edges. Then I added a record called Dim to each of these dimensions then created a report of all objects with a Dim record. In my worksheet, all the dimension objects are listed correctly. But how to I get the actual dimension of each dimension into the spreadsheet? =HEIGHT doesn't work. =LENGTH results in 0 =width doesn't work. I don't see any other functions that might work. Anyone?
  9. Can anyone give me a hint at what to check for? I wish to constrain the distance between walls but I can not get any dimensions to associate. In File -> Document Settings-> Document Preferences... -> Dimensions both 'Associate dimensions' and 'Auto associate' are checked. I can not get any green dimensions either from the dimension or constraint tools. Constraints sort of work, but there is not visual indication.
  10. Thank you, the Remove Wall Breaks tool allowed me to pull the walls apart. But the name of the tool would lead one to believe it would do the opposite. Can you explain why SOME of my walls are stuck together while the majority are not. And how do you toggle this? In some cases, I would like to stick the intersections together!
  11. I have some walls that are sticking together no matter what. Any ideas on how to disconnect them without deleting the whole mess. Enable Connected Walls mode is OFF and Modify-Edit constraints says there are no constraints. Seems this happened to me once before but can't remember how I got out of it....
  12. UPDATE: It seems if I copy and paste my walls to a new document and use AEC-Framing->Wall framer... I get both worksheets. So is this a file corruption problem? Any way to rebuild a VW document?
  13. Using VW10 wall framer, I depend on the 'Wall Info' worksheet that is generated. But for some reason at random times, that worksheet comes up with no info on it. The 'TakeOff' worksheet always comes up fine. Can anyone help me on this?


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