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    I suspect you have pre-loaded your Accessories in the wrong place. The point where the accessory needs to fix to the lighting device (ie the top of the yoke) needs to be at the insertion point of the Lighting Instrument symbol. The Accessory Symbol needs to sit on top. The Insertion point of the Accessory does not need to align with the insertion point of the symbol it is embedded within. It is a change from how Instrument symbols used to be built, and I suspect this is what is causing the problem.
  2. This is an old one and is definitely a feature request. I have been wanting just this feature for years and as a consequence now have a custom color palette with just 12 or so colours which I stick to for almost everything. This keeps things nice and clean. The extra colors that you are seeing are probably buried in the embedded fills, hatches and tiles that you have once used on objects in the attributes palette or class definitions but have not made active. This is a very useful function and is vital for objects that you want to show as say, Hatched on a Top/Plan view but that you want to see as filled when rendered. The consequence of this is that there are hidden colours that are very hard to eliminate. There is a "purge unused colours" function in the Color Palette which I am sure you know about however, Vectorworks sees the hidden colours as used so these are left behind. It would be great to be able to select a colour in the colour palette and delete it in the same way you can for classes. The command would then ask you what you want to substitute it with or make it Black (pen) or White (fill). I posted about this on the forums some years ago and @Pat Stanford very kindly wrote a script for me to make all classes Black with White fill (and nothing else). The script then made all objects "by class". It was a blunt instrument but it worked and I could purge the unused colours from the file and was left with Black and White only.
  3. 2019 version Frost Worksheet v2019.vwx
  4. I don't think so. The Smart Options Display is just meant to show Tool Palettes. It would be great though if the palettes included could be extended to the View Bar where a button exists for the Clip Cube and buttons for Shaded (OPenGL) and Wireframe could be added. Personally I prefer the Keyboard shortcuts that are available for each of your requests. Why not add this to the Wishlist section of the forums?
  5. There are the two new commands on the context menu which I am finding helpful. Not exactly what you are looking for but welcome additions all the same. Create Class using Object Attributes and update Class Attributes from object…
  6. Check in the left hand side of the search bar that you have “Everywhere” selected and not just the current file. It also looks to me that you will need to sign in to get access to the complete cloud based libraries.
  7. Put them inside a group and then run the offset tool on the Group. This is good for closed shapes. If it is just lines or polys, then select the next object by holding down the command/ctrl key while you make the new selection and then carry on as normal. The Command/ctrl key temporarily suspends the tool while you make a new selection.
  8. It's a bit of an odd one this and it seems like a Snap to Origin function ought to be implemented when in a 3D view. Oddly enough, that functionality exists in a Edit 3D Symbol context which makes perfect sense.
  9. I agree. I would find a repeat last tool option much better the Smart Options Display which I actually find quite annoying! If VectorWorks could take the annoying Animation away and it appeared instantly, I might change my mind……
  10. Tools aren’t thought of as commands. To get to the only recent tool option, you need to use the palette in the new(ish) Smart Options Display.
  11. Probably not what you want to hear, but it works fine with the latest SP for me.
  12. If you un check the Lock Profile and Fix Profile boxes do you get a different result?
  13. Yes. Go to the Advanced Properties button in the Object Information Palette of each viewport. You will see that you can scale the Text and the Marker to whatever you need.
  14. Both Arc and Radial dimension tools work on your object. However, the Arc at the bottom of the shape is made of two arcs so that may be what you are seeing as a problem. I just Decomposed the shape and re-made the arc at the bottom and the Linear Arc Dimension tool works as you would expect. Here is the file back FORUM_DIM_QUESTION.vwx
  15. When objects are mirrored they are flipped. It is this flip action that causes the CSG object to lose its relationship with it’s surroundings. I am not sure that moving it will make any difference to its relationship to the model outside of it, but flipping it will.
  16. Have you looked at the Visibilities section of the Organisation Dialog? You should see a good overview of what Layers and classes are visible in each viewport.
  17. @zoomer I know. But the question related to Solids……
  18. The solid object doesn't go anywhere. Just make sure that Show Other Objects.... is enabled in the Quick Prefs bar or in Vectorworks Preferences and you should see the object in context.
  19. This looks like the perfect candidate for a Tile resource rather than all those Polylines. If you are going to cut out a surface in 3D, then I would suggest you make a Texture instead using the Alpha channel of a png image to drill the hole.
  20. This is an old problem when developing objects that have been imported from DWG's. Sometimes the Simplify Polys command will have some effect, but on the examples such as the one above, I find it easier and less hassle in the long run to redraw using Lines and Arcs. These give much neater results and is the best practice that I know of. Not ideał, I know. Sometimes the Inner or Outer boundary modes of the Polyline tool can reduce the vertex count, but in my experience this is not often then case. It would be really great to hear what others think.
  21. Did you know the you can update all the viewports in one go from the Navigation Palette? Might save you a bit of time while problem gets fixed...... Mark
  22. OK The locus needs to be on the Accessory not in the Lighting Instrument Symbol. You should also make sure that it is offset by the amount you wish the Lighting Symbol to offset when the accessory is placed. I also took the liberty of placing the insertion point of the Accessory at the point where the centre of the pipe would be. BTW this only works on 2022 Here is the file back. Hope that makes sense. Bracket conflict.vwx
  23. I agree. I have often noticed that imported drawings are at very strange locations relative to the User origin by seeing these rulers. It also gets rid of the User Origin button which I often use in any view.
  24. It seems that the rulers disappear when they are considered to no longer give meaningful results. This is in any Perspective View or any view other than the Orthographic views. This actually makes perfect sense (to me at least!).
  25. Yes. There is a workflow to correct this. Add a 3D Locus to the location that you want the Lighting Device insertion point to connect to in the Accessory Symbol and add the Parts Record to it. Check the Point Field. Now the Lighting Device insertion point will displace to the 3D Locus in the Accessory Symbol. Hope that works for you.
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