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  1. Yes. In a nutshell. in my opinion, this would be considered good working practice, especially if you have used many Boolean commands to get to the end result. On complex objects that I think I might need to be changed, then I often make a copy and either put them on a hidden layer or export them to a different file for safe keeping. it’s all about being strategic!
  2. Hi mark, I really enjoyed your videos on multi part fixtures. One question, I see you have the cells as a drop down in your object info pallet. Mine are in edit fixture and I cant seem to get them to display elsewhere.

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    Thanks Andy.
  5. They started to add collapsing widgets on some plugin tools which are helpful. A search bar would be a good solution in the same way they have added it to the render tab.
  6. Apart from @Andy Broomell’s excellent idea, respectfully, these suggestions are all workarounds to functionality that existed and worked extremely well before screen plane was deprecated. I hope that before screen plane is deprecated completely, that elegant solutions are found by the engineers to all the various workflows that have been adopted by users of all levels of knowledge and experience.
  7. Shaded View will only show eight light objects at a time. Try a quick Fast Renderworks rendering. Hopefully you will see all the lights that are meant to be on showing up as you intend.
  8. All the tools can access Workgroup libraries but you need to have the same folder structure in place that exists pre-made in your user library. When they are set up correctly can forget about the User folder completely and use Workgroup folders from cloud drives and have the same resources everywhere you have Vectorworks installed.
  9. When you are taken to the original file, what is the name of the folder that it is in?
  10. You could navigate to the favourites folder in the User file and make sure that there are only the correct amount of shortcuts/aliases in the folder. Its worth checking all the Favourites folder locations (User, Application and possibly Workgroup libraries as well) so you may have duplicated shortcuts.
  11. Have you ever thought of making a quick blue symbol? If it’s a single object then there will be no group to edit either.
  12. It’s been around for about 3 years. I was delighted when I discovered it.
  13. You can enable the screen plane again from Document Preferences under the Legacy 2D tab
  14. I’m afraid you can’t. You will need to turn on screen plane to do this. It is my understanding that Vectorworks intend to address all these workflow issues in the next release. I believe this is why it is legacy for now while they find solutions to all of the various hiccoughs that deprecating it causes.
  15. You can add a glow texture to the lens part of the lighting device using a combination of Spotlight preferences (modify lighting device colour) and Data visualisation. The key to this is to get data vis to put an object attribute colour glow texture into any object with the lens parts record field checked. Works a treat.
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