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  1. markdd

    3D trouble shooting

    A long shot, but is the geometry far from the internal origin? This can sometimes produce unpredictable results.
  2. markdd

    Import template content

    I guess the workflow could look like this. Update the old drawing to the current vwx version. Do a Layer import of all the layers you want from the old drawing and make sure you check import layer objects. Not tried this, but if you want the sheet layer viewports as well, then go to the old drawing and group all the sheet layer viewports on each sheet together and copy/paste them into new sheet layers in the new drawing. That should work for you and now you will have the old drawing in your new template!
  3. markdd

    Sketch up to Vectorworks

    Vectorworks always seems to be one year behind. Something to do with release cycles? Save your Sketchup file as a 2017 version and vectorworks should import it without any problems
  4. markdd

    Web Link Tool...?!

    Great idea. Do away with the slightly clunky hyperlink tool and maybe have a pane in the data tab of the OIP which will give you the same functionality.
  5. It would be a real time saver for me if you could recall Viewport Class and Layer visibilities from existing Saved Views. The opposite would also be very helpful - to be able to recall class and layer visibilities in design layers from a named viewport's settings.
  6. markdd

    Instrument tool (?) broken

    What has probably happened is that the Light Info record has been deleted from your file. It is the presence of this record attached to your lighting instrument symbols that enables the double-click functionality. if you reimport the instrument symbols from where you got them, then hopefully the light info record will be restored. come back if you need any more help....
  7. markdd

    Surface could not be created from curve network

    The reason why you can't make the create surface command work is that the nurbs are not co-planar. To get the result I think you are looking for you should try the loft surface tool on the 3rd mode. click the tool select the 3rd mode select the arc curve select the two longest sides You should get the results in the screen shot.
  8. markdd

    Odd Clip/Intersect Surface Behavior

    An arc object is essentially 1 side of a 3-sided closed polyline, so the behaviour you are seeing makes sense although is quite frustrating. For what you want to do, you would be better to use the Trim command in the Modify Menu, which will give you exactly the results you are after. Select all the arcs and one of the rectangles. Run the command and select the rectangle to make the cut. What you will be left with is the rectangle and the arcs trimmed. Just delete the trimmed portions that you don't need. I don't remember this being possible in earlier versions but I could be mistaken..... Hope that helps
  9. markdd

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Select the three objects and make them a solid addition. Menu>Modify>add solids. However the mapping tool really only works on one plane at a time so you will probably find it easier to manually do it from the OIP render tab. That should work for you.
  10. markdd

    Rogue lines in 3d Label legend

    I took a look at your file. If you remove the pen from Class: Lighting-Label-3D and set the instruments to "by class attribute" in the Attributes palette, then the lines go away. The 3D Label Legend geometry is in a class that is defined in your Spotlight Preferences dialogue. I remade your label legend and the Leader lines seem less chaotic now. I really don't know why this is the case but all seems to be well now. Did you bring this label legend in from an earlier version? I have had problems like this with some of my stock label legends. Anyway. I uploaded the amended file for you to take a look at. 3d Label Legend Test (Markdd).vwx
  11. markdd

    Rogue lines in 3d Label legend

    Those look like the much disliked lines that connect the text field to the origin of the instrument. However yours seem to be behaving very weirdly indeed. To get them to disappear, find out what class your 3D label is assigned to and then change the pen setting in the class to none. Keep the pen colour though. That should make them disappear. Could you post the whole file or one with just the label Legend so I could work out what’s going on? Hope that works for you.
  12. markdd

    2019 sp3 viewports pixelated

    Have you tried remaking the viewport? Is it from a camera? Might the definition from the camera object be way to low? Just a few thoughts/guesses!
  13. markdd

    Until Next Time

    I second that. Good luck with everything you want to do. Mark
  14. markdd

    2019 sp3 viewports pixelated

    Do you have your sheet layer dpi on a very low setting?
  15. Yes. Just click on the database row header to the left and select "Edit Criteria" or to get back to the Create Report dialogue, select "Edit Report."


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