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  1. markdd

    Skewed 3D Surfaces into Solid?

    It's really easy to do. Draw the triangles on whatever planes you need Convert to Nurbs curves. (I tend to ungroup the result) Loft Surface tool from the 3D tools set (first mode) Select each triangle in turn Press the Check mark or Return Check the option to Create Solid. If you have problems with this then it is worth checking that both your triangles have the same direction ((Check mark in the OIP). All should be well. Come back if you have any questions.
  2. markdd

    light inside a sign

    As far as render styles go, it is a bit of trial and error. It completely depends on what kind of scene you are creating. If its an exterior then choose exterior indirect lighting because Renderworks won't look for a ceiling to bounce off. Otherwise, build up on the renderworks style I made in the file. Tick the various options as you need them. You will notice that I set the curved geometry to high so the curves on your sign render smoothly, and I put indirect lighting at medium so that the light from the sign renders smoothly on the surrounding box. It can become "splotchy" if the settings for this aren't high enough (however there seems to be a very welcome improvement with this over the last few service packs). Its all very subjective, and there is a really good video playlist that@Jim Wilsonmade on the youtube channel. The video below is about Renderworks Styles, but the whole series is well worth a look. This playlist is also very good. Also this video might be helpful for what you want to achieve.
  3. markdd

    light inside a sign

    Here you go. File attached. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with... Glowing Sign.vwx
  4. markdd

    light inside a sign

    yeah, that as well!
  5. markdd

    light inside a sign

    The best and quickest way to do this is to apply a texture to the "Red" Geometry. In the transparency shader of the texture, set it to glow. Set it to emit light if you want to see some light from it on other objects and also, to give it the appearance of being solid as well, you could add matt reflectivity. In the colour shader you can either set it to "Object attribute" which will inherit the fill colour or pick another colour that you prefer. You may want the default lighting to be off in order to see it properly. If so, then you need to add a light object to the scene. It can be turned off, it just needs to be there in order to tell the default lighting to turn off. You may need to apply a much higher value than 100% in order to see your glow. You need to render in a renderworks setting, Custom renderworks with the settings down at low is best to see it quickly. Hope that works ok for you Mark
  6. markdd

    light inside a sign

    There are lots of ways - have you got an image you can post?
  7. markdd

    PDF Files imported into VW Slow Down Screen

    Normally, I get the raw geometry along with the bitmap. I have no idea why its distorted though. Maybe someone has processed it elsewhere...
  8. markdd

    Hide fixture label legend by fixture type?

    This is a really helpful function and I really hope they develop it even further. It means that by simply attaching the smallest record to something you can make an object take on all sorts of different attributes. This has really helped me with complex lighting layouts.
  9. markdd

    PDF Files imported into VW Slow Down Screen

    Some pdf files, especially those that have come from AutoCAD and other Vector based software actually do have the geometry within the pdf. So yes, vwx does seem to process these. It can slow things down quite a bit. A neat trick is to "ungroup" the pdf. You should be able to get to the underlying geometry that way. It certainly speeds things up if all you need to get to is the geometry....
  10. markdd

    Focus Points Can't be Renamed (spotlight)

    Do you have other objects named using those definitions? Vectorworks only allows one instance of an object name within the whole file. Maybe your positions are using the same name? Or have you named the lighting pipes within your hanging positions? It could be a multitude of variables, but all coming back to the same thing. The name of any object is exclusive. Hope that helps...
  11. markdd

    This kind of transparency

    Are they not in your image above? The problem that I don't think VWX is going to solve is that the foreground dashed hidden line in my image above is going to apply to everything and not to just the stuff with the translucency.
  12. markdd

    This kind of transparency

    You could use a dashed hidden line foreground and make the hidden line solid if you like...
  13. markdd

    Interior T&G depiction

    A while back I made a T& G texture. It will take the object fill colour attributes. I've put a wall in the drawing so you can see how the components might work. T & G.vwx
  14. Create a Nurbs Surface from the white strip that you want to glow. Delete the strip leaving the nurbs surface Convert the Surface into an Area Light Make sure Render Geometry is turned off. Brightness value, say: 5000 lumens, Quality: high That should do it. Works here. The light source is in between the red panel and the mesh
  15. markdd

    This kind of transparency

    The only way I managed to do this was in a viewport. Create a texture and assign some transparency to it. Then using class overrides, add that texture to all the classes that you want to be transparent.


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