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  1. markdd

    OpenGL Low quality

    If this is in a sheet Layer Viewport, then you need to increase the sheet layer Viewport DPI. Go to Tools>Organisation and click on the Sheet Layers Tab. There you will find your sheet layers. Double-click the Sheet layer you are working on and change the DPI to something above 300 to get a good clear result.
  2. markdd

    "Dirty rendering"

    It would be really helpful to get some clarification from the engineers about this....
  3. markdd

    Displaying FPS in Vision

    thanks! Not an expression you hear very often on this forum.
  4. markdd

    Assigning Classes

    That’s how it works. When you make a new group, it is assigned to the active class. The objects contained within the group should not change class. In my work, it is not uncommon for a group to contain many objects that are assigned to different classes.
  5. markdd

    Custom Line style difficulty :/

    I'm not really sure. Maybe you are creating your resources whilst currently in one of your saved views? That might be doing it....?
  6. markdd

    Custom Line style difficulty :/

    You can put the text on a separate class, but in practice that doesn't seem to do anything with regard to visbility as the text is bound up with the attributes of the overall linetype when it is applied to a line. It's a great idea though. Maybe an enhancement request?
  7. markdd

    Custom Line style difficulty :/

    For the linetype to always show 12pt text, you need to make it a green page-based symbol. When you edit the linetype geometry you need to be in either a 1:1 layer scale or a sheet layer. Then you will see an accurate reading in the OIP of what the text size is. If you edit from a scaled design layer, then you will see a scaled size reading of the text in the OIP which is not particularly helpful. I hope that helps.....
  8. markdd

    Rotating 2D plan

    Yes. I'm afraid so. @RussUidea of creating a design layer viewport of the Plan geometry you are working around is great. You may need to make several, one for each view, but that seems easy enough. Once you have made the elevations you can group the geometry of each elevation together and then rotate the results.
  9. markdd

    Rotating 2D plan

    I have a niggling feeling that it may not be included in the stripped down Fundamentals package. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FViews%2FRotating_the_Plan.htm&rhsearch=rotate plan&rhhlterm=rotate plan&rhsyns=
  10. markdd

    Rotating 2D plan

    Click this button. You have it in the earlier screen shot you posted. That will rotate the plan. @RussUis right to be cautious though as for a while it could be disruptive to the file when used over and over and some items got missed off the rotation. I think it is pretty stable now. However make sure you are keeping a couple of backups just in case.
  11. markdd

    Rotating 2D plan

    Then the Rotate Plan button is going to be the answer. I don't really understand why you have a problem with it....
  12. markdd

    Rotating 2D plan

    The rotate plan button does no set a centre rotation point. Rather, it rotates the whole drawing from Top or Top/Plan. If you are working on a 3D side view as you suggest, then it would probably be better to create a working Plane which you can then rotate at will. Once the Working Plane is rotated, you can set that to be Active and then the quickest way to look at the working plane you have created is by clicking the "Look at Working Plane" button.
  13. markdd

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    Yes please.
  14. It appears that you have some lineweight differences as well. Make sure that you don't have "Modify Lighting Instrument Colour" set to Lighting Instrument with all your instruments set to inherit class style. There are two B/W settings, one in the Viewport (in the advanced tab) and one in Document preferences. Make sure that both are set to colour. If you are still stuck, share the file in a private message and I could take a look.


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