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  1. Probably the best way is to style the Drawing Label as you would like and save it as a Red Symbol (Plug-in) in your symbol library. Everytime you want to add a drawing label to a clean file, import this Red Symbol. To make sure that all subsequent uses of the tool in this file use the same parameters, I find the easiest way is to use the Create Similar command (Right-click on object and select Create Similar). A new Label object will be created and all subsequent uses of the tool will use the same parameters.
  2. Here is a fresh file which works fine here.... Mark zoom line thickness.vwx Screen Recording 2020-01-14 at 16.41.47.mov
  3. Yes, Im in 2020 witht he latest SP - I really should update my profile......
  4. You can do this if you have symbols in some sort of category folders and then use the Tools > Records > Change all fields command. I'm guessing that what you would like to do is select a buch of symbols and change one or some of the fields in one operation. As far as I know, the Change all Fields command is the closest you can get....
  5. Hi Andy I have just tried this in a section viewport and Line thickness Zooming is working well....
  6. I think the fixture Mode field is designed to be "none" or to look up the data base of fixture modes. In which case using a Record won't work. My fault. The other route you could try is to use the look-up function as intended and then store the Lighting Device as a Red Plug-in Symbol. That will alow you to insert the Lighting Device as normal from your library and the correct mode will be pre-filled. To make a Red Plug-in object Symbol , Select the lighting device will all the information you want to pre-assign filled in. Run the Create Symbol command In the Create Symbol dialogue box, check the box that says Convert to plug-in object. Click OK A Red Symbol will appear in your resource manager. Double-clicking the red symbol in the resource manager will acivate the Lighting Device tool and your Lighting device will be entered into the drawing with all the reevant information filled-in PS. I would caution against changing anything about the Light Info Record as this will mean that you will get an query message every time you bring in new instruments from Vwx libraries.
  7. Check the class assignments in Spotlight Preferences.
  8. The Fixture Mode field has been added to the current version of the Light Info Record. Just import a new lighting device symbol and allow the New Light info record to overwrite your old one. If you don't want to do that then this is the text of a tutorial I wrote a year or so back.... Spotlight Preferences / Additional Default Records This option is extremely useful if you want to start customising how you use the Lighting Device tool. What this offers is a way to pre-fill any of the other fields of the Lighting Device that are not contained in the Light Info Record. For example, there are 16 fields in the Light Info Record, but there are 70 or more fields that you could have pre-filled for any instrument should you wish to. A good example of this would be if you wanted to always use a particular Fixture Mode with a particular Lighting Instrument. The best way to do this would be to create a brand new Record Format. This would hold the correct information that you want to pre-assign. To do this you would need to go to the resource manager and in the dropdown menu select Record Formats. Right-click on a blank part of the main viewer window and select New Record Name the record something relevant like Lighting Device Parameters Create a field with a name that corresponds to the name in the Lighting Device OIP that you want to pre-fill Fill-in the value that you would like the Lighting Instrument to always carry Click OK Once the record is created, you will need to: Go to Spotlight Preferences Click on the Additional Default Records Tab Check the Use column beside the Record Format you would like to use. Once that is done you need to attach that record to the specific Lighting Instrument Symbol you wish to use it with. To do that: Right-click on the Symbol in the Resource Manager Select Attach Record Check the record that you wish to use Click on Edit Values Fill-in the values as required Click OK You can attach the record to multiple devices using the Attach Record command in the Tools > Records Menu. A few caveats You cannot do this retrospectievly and only subsequent Instrument Insertions will take this change. However, you could run the Replace instruments command on each Instrument type and that should work... You should save and re-open the document to make absolutely certain that the new record is aligned with the fields in the OIP. I hope that works for you!
  9. It would be a really helpful enhancement to the "Generate 2D from 3D Component" command (Right-click in the symbol edit window) if it could generate only the level of detail currently being displayed and then assign the result to the appropriate Level of Detail. That way 2D geometry will be aligned to what is being displayed in 3D. Thanks
  10. The Video views differently now and I can see the zooming which was not visible earlier. I agree, there problem exists for me too, however, things sometimes appear better if you disable "Adjust Flipped Text" in Document preferences..... I also see a similar problem if I use the "Levels of details" function in symbols (which sort of makes sense)
  11. Vectorworks Preferences. Session Tab. Turn off "Use Sound"
  12. Andrew, I can't see anything change at all apart from your cursor.....
  13. You could explore the Menu>Tool>Records>Attach Records command. Your symbols will need to be in a particular folder for this to work, but you can attach Record formats to as many symbols as you like in one go. Hope tht helps...


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