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  1. A preferences setting similar to the File Export Options in the Publish Dialogue box would be a really good addition.
  2. You have probably inadvertently enabled "Zoom Line Thickness" from Vectorworks preferences or from the Quick Preferences in the tool bar.
  3. Try turning off the Braceworks-Loads class. Braceworks is turning up in the oddest of places.....
  4. Do you mean the headings of each fixture type? ie Light, Moving Light, Accessory etc., or something else.....
  5. I saw that very feature being demonstrated in a video from the design summit..... so maybe soon?
  6. Go to the preferences section of the worksheet table. You will be able to increase the dpi of the images there.
  7. If you go to the Spotlight Preferences in the new Loads and Rigging section, you can choose to automatically assign the distributed loads points to another class which you can turn off, or just turn off the Braceworks-Load class. Braceworks bits and pieces seem to have inveigled their way into so much now.....
  8. markdd

    VW 2020 camera

    What scale are you drawing in? If you are drawing 1:1, then the text in the Camera box will be the actual size of the default font.
  9. You need to click OK at the bottom of the palette.
  10. Use the Compose command in the Modify Menu. End vertices must be touching though for a polyline to be formed.
  11. Make sure they are composed together as one object using the compose command. Then convert them to a surface (3D powerpack) Then use the push/pull tool or the shell tool to give the surface the thickness you require. Hope that helps. EDIT: posted simultaneously with Bas!!
  12. It would be helpful. However, if you are concerned about visibility and object class attributes, then it is perfectly possible to class the data tag contents...... That seems to work well for everything I can think of....
  13. The record data won't be pushed to each individual lighting device. This is intended behaviour. However, if you want to do this, then change the record data for lighting symbols via the Lighting Symbol Maintenance command from the Spotlight>Reports menu. You could also very quickly select all instances of the instrument(s) in question by using the Find and Modify command in the Spotlight menu and make a multiple selecton. Hope that answers your question. Mark
  14. You were in the Screen Aligned Woking plane. You can turn these off forever by changing the working plane properties in the interactive settings portion (interactive appearance button) of the Vectorworks preferences dialogue box. I wouldn’t advise this though as you will never be able to see your working planes, but you could reduce the colours to make the square less prominent.


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