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  1. markdd

    VW 2019 viewports drop down

    @Ethan R. How do you get your classes to drop down Non-hierarchically. I much prefer the list view that you show above. Is that just a Windows thing?
  2. They work fine in Top/Plan viewports (wireframe). Just tried it on a project. What they don't seem to work on is any symbols used within a plug-in (Spotlight Lighting device and seating tool are the ones I've tried so far.....)
  3. markdd

    VW 2019 viewports drop down

    You may not have realised yet, but one of the improvements with 2019 is that you can expand the drop-downs for both classes and layers. I think its a huge improvement as it is remembers the last size you made.
  4. Rendering Planar Geometry in Section Viewports (Hidden Line) is broken on both my machines in 2019. Is anyone else seeing this problem? I am also experiencing frequent crashes as well when attempting to do this.
  5. markdd

    What is the Set Up Best Procedure for 2019

    Obviously, if you have linetypes, hatches etc. set up as part of your class structure, then they will need to be in the template. I suppose my point is that one should try and keep the template as empty as possible.....
  6. markdd

    What is the Set Up Best Procedure for 2019

    The "Best Practice" that is baked-in to Vwx is to keep all resources OUT of the template file and access them either from favourites files; using the workgroup function of the Resource Manager or by adding them to the User Library folders that are created when the program is installed. That way you will always have clean templates for every new version of the software. All the templates will store is class and layer structures, document preferences and basic geometry that you ALWAYS use. That way you can mitigate problems as you will only be bringing in resources when you need them. It also keeps the file size down to only what you need.
  7. markdd

    What is the Set Up Best Procedure for 2019

    It would be impossible to remake most resources such as symbols. However, it is worth spending time reviewing your resource files and tidying up/deleting old symbols, linetypes, hatches etc to bring them up to date with the way you currently work. It’s surprising how much clutter accumulates. I find it really helpful to look again at symbols I’ve been using for ages and how I might make them better/more efficient. All our CAD skills are evolving and it’s good to look through old stuff once in a while. I find that long train journeys are very good for this kind of thing!
  8. I made tis video for someone a while back. It should cover what you need.
  9. In 2019, the OIP is progressively sluggish to display parameters when selecting Spotlight Lighting Devices. This was fixed really well by the end of 2018 SP4. Could this be fixed again please? Many thanks Mark
  10. markdd

    2D details library with text

    There is alot of material about design layer scale on this forum and it is a common "misunderstanding" that AutoCad users have about what they actually mean. Here is what I wrote a couple of weeks ago!
  11. markdd

    Printing Black & White with color

    If you are using the Publish command then you can choose to publish it to B&W by clicking in the Colour column.
  12. markdd

    BUG -Auto-Pan No Longer Working

    If I drag hard to the left then the Auto-Pan will work, hard to the right, then it won't. However, if I hover about 3-4mm away from the edge, (where my OIP is located) then it works fine(-ish) Could this be an issue with the OIP. When I replace the OIP with the navigation Palette it all works as expected.
  13. markdd

    Mac Incompatibility

    Could you take a look at mine as well as I have had a lot of crashes with this new release Mac Pro.spx
  14. markdd

    BUG -Auto-Pan No Longer Working

    Same here. Been trying to think of a good way to describe it. Auto-pan seems to do the trick!
  15. markdd

    2D details library with text

    You should investigate the concept of Page-Based Symbols. If you need a piece of text or any other resource to be constantly the same size, regardless of the layer scale that it is being drawn in, then Page-based Symbols are the way to go. That means that a piece of 12pt text will always display at 12pts, regardless of where you put it in your drawing. Hatches, Fills and Linetypes are also examples of resources that can be made to not scale in this way. Markers and dimensions are also page-based resources and will always be a consistent size regardless of the layer scale you are drawing in. Page based symbols are indicated by Green labels in the resource manager. They can be made by clicking the Page-based radio button in the Create Symbol Dialogue box when you make it, or can be converted to page based symbols by Right-clicking on the item in the resource manager, clicking Symbol Options and defining it there. Come back with any questions!