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  1. @nippaz currently what you are looking for does not yet exist in Vectorworks. This is a much wished for feature that AutoCad has had for years. However you should be able to achieve what you want using Data Visualisation in sheet layers. This feature is much underused and works well at re-colouring different instances of the same symbol according to the different criteria you set for each Plugin object. It is only available within sheet layer viewports which may not work for you, however it is well worth investigating.
  2. Apollo Right Arm

    Will If I were you I would adapt the bundled symbol and add Cantata PC body. I would also give it a moving light Device Type definition. You'll need to alter the Vectorworks Apollo Right Arm Symbol to give you separate base and yoke parts, but that looks relatively straightforward. Hope that works and hope you're well!
  3. snap to 2 objects

    It's not possible to snap to more than one point at a time. As you know the radius, then I think the best way to nearly achieve what you want is to use the Arc tool using the 4th mode (specified radius mode). If you enter a minus value then you can change the direction of the resulting curve. This is not the whole answer though. Ultimately what it seems you want to do is to drag the circle between the rectangle and the other circle until the gap is filled and it will "go no further". I will be interested to see if anyone has got a good way of doing this......
  4. @sdziki‘s request is great. It would be good if a right-click on an existing class could bring up an extra contextual menu item of “add nested class”. All this would do would be to open the existing "create new class" dialogue box but with the class name pre-filled with the “Class-“ of the item you right-clicked on. Simple?
  5. Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    Here are four topics that I would certainly find helpful. Rendering using the new Parallax Shader. The pros and cons. Rendering using the Noise shaders. You did a helpful guide a while back but a really thorough look at some creative uses of these would be very interesting. A tutorial about various techniques to create soft directional light. Adding grunge! It's relatively easy to create photorealistic renders that are pristine, however many of us in the entertainment sector spend a huge amount of time making things look imperfect. In the same way that adding props to a room can bring it to life, what about some tips on adding the age and wear to a scene. Just a few thoughts.
  6. Viewport Filters

    Just to clarify, currently data visualisation works on any parametric/plug-in, or symbol object as well as any item with a record attached. I have made really good use of it in Hidden Line and Dashed Hidden line 3D views as well.
  7. Viewport Filters

    I think what @Jershaun needs to look at is Viewport Data Visualisation. This feature was added a couple of versions back and is really helpful and will almost certainly be able to handle what the video above described. If you haven't spotted it, there is a button on a Sheet Layer Viewport called Data Visualisation. This is only available in Sheet Layers Viewports and not section viewports. Hope that works for you
  8. How do I create a foreshortened dimension?

    The simple answer is no, not as far as I am aware. A good workaround is to dimension the arc as normal and then ungroup it. That will break it up into its basic geometry which you can then edit to be what you want to see.
  9. Auto-Hybrid selection

    I can select it around the centre of the object, but not anywhere else. If I convert the underlying geometry to a generic solid then all works normally. This seems to only be an issue for me when in rotated Top/Plan. Rotated Top seems to work normally. Strange.
  10. Use Josh Benghiat’s tool. It’s the answer to all your needs. https://www.benghiatlighting.com/software/products/ssi1?device=
  11. 3D lines are a real struggle for me

    Not that I'm aware of. If you find the Pink Square off-putting, then you can change its colour and opacity in the Interactive appearance part of the Vectorworks Preferences Interactive tab. This is more of a long-term change though and not really appropriate for toggling on or off.
  12. Engrave a ball?

    OK. Heres my shot at this. Use the text along path tool to create text along the curve that you need. Have the tool create extrudes. Extract a 2D Nurbs curve from each one of the extruded text letters Using the project tool, project the Planar Nurbs onto the surface of the sphere. You will need to do some nifty subtracting of solids to create letters like B, D, A etc (Anything with a hole in it) Make the radius of the sphere a little bigger to overlap the projected text. Select all the text and make into a solid addition. Extract the text from the Sphere. Then scale the ball with the etched text back to the size you need it to be. The text should now Hug the sphere. Phew! File attached. TEXT SPHERE.vwx
  13. Clip cube perspective viewport

    When the viewport is created, a Section class is also created. That is where the section plane properties are initially controlled from. All you need to do is to change the properties there. The range of section cuts available to you can also be displayed in the advanced properties of the viewport.
  14. Space Tool Bugs

    I know how it feels! Glad it’ll make your work a tad easier. (not sure I caught the height issue that you were having problems with though) Mark
  15. Space Tool Bugs

    I think I've found the route of your problem. I'm not particularly familiar with this tool so don't know if this is a new feature in 2018, but you need to set the 3D attributes to by class in the settings dialogue of the tool. Then I think the functionality that you wish for is restored?


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