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  1. I have set up a data tag to number sequentially a set of objects. I would like to reverse the order of the numbering using the manage sequence function. In theory this seems relatively intuitive and changing the sequence to -1 will renumber the tags in reverse. Sadly the numbers become 05, 04, 03.... rather than 5, 4, 3... However, when I go to manage the sequence again, the programme crashes - I am sure as a result of the negative sequence I set up. So the question is: Is there a way to reverse a number sequence that avoids renumbering manually? Thanks
  2. You should be able to see transparency in OpenGL without any particular settings that I can think of. Your object will need a texture with Transparency enabled though.
  3. I'm sure there is a better and indeed more accurate way. But I create a line (center mode) at a tangent from the edge of the each circle. Then I use the circle tool in the 4th mode (Circle from 3 lines mode) and select the three lines and choose the appropriate side to place the circle object.
  4. I don't think there is a particular workflow to import and rename classes. However, you can import existing classes (and Layers for that matter) easily enough by using the Import Classes option of the New Class Dialogue. This will import a class or selection of classes with all their associated attributes, tags etc....
  5. Go to the Batch Rename command in the tools menu. Mark
  6. No. They won't. The Command was originally designed to help with the Instrument Summary Tool and the fields are locked down. Are you trying to get a lighting device to preload a particular Label Legend?
  7. If I were you I wouldn’t alter the light info record in any way. if you want to add extra fields to lighting instrument symbols that correspond to the lighting device parameters, then you should investigate the custom fields option in the Spotlight Preferences under “additional default records“
  8. Have you discovered the Lighting Symbol Maintenance command? It’s in the Spotlight toolset under reports (if I remember correctly). It does pretty much what you are suggesting.
  9. The best Workspace hack I have found in the last few years is to add the Properties to the Top of the Context Menu. This will then put all of the object specific context commands at the top of the menu rather than scrolling all the way to the bottom every time.
  10. Not necesarily the whole menu as a lump, but you can edit the workspace and add any command you like to the Document or Context menus. Menu>Tool>Workspace>Edit Work Spaces
  11. Also try turning up your Anti Aliasing. I can’t remember off the top of my head which quality level in the Renderworks styles deals with this type of light object. But I know it’s one of them!
  12. I know you have been looking at the AutoHybrid workflow. Did you know that you can use linetypes and Hatches when modeling the 3D objects and they will show up absolutely fine in the AutoHybrid? This is as long as you use Use 2D Attributes of contained Objects for both the Fill and the Pen. I tend to turn off the Below and Above Cut Plane stuff and ddjust the cut plane till I get what I need. I use this method quite a lot for all sorts stuff where I would normally think of making a 2D/3D hybrid symbol.
  13. Make sure you have set the Quality setting at the bottom of the Object Information Palette to High or Very high. That should help a lot.
  14. How right you are. I've never noticed that behaviour before. Probably because I don't really use those buttons that much. I always use the Open GL keyboard shortcut. shift+cmd+G. Perhaps there is a scripting option?
  15. The only immediate way I know of doing this is to use the Default Render/3D projection buttons in the quick preferences bar. But you are fixed to one setting at a time..... and then use the numeric keypad to get the correct View.


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