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  1. Check out the visibilities section of the Organisation Palette. That should do most of what you’re asking.
  2. markdd

    Align and Distribute 2020

    The tool has been tweaked and the options are now on the mode bar at the top.
  3. Not that I've noticed, but I'll keep an eye out for it now....!
  4. A year ago I posted a request for some way of locking a face once it has been selected using Automatic Selection. Well. It seems to have been implemented in 2020. When you have a face highlighted by the Automatic selector and before you do your first CLICK with whatever tool you are about to use, just type "cmd\" and the selected face will be held as a Working Plane. Hurrah! Many thanks!
  5. markdd

    Create line-type symbol?

    Vectorworks doesn't have exactly what you want, however, you could great various Symbols that insert themselves as Groups (Blue Symbol Option) You can specify the class that they insert into and all the various class attributes including text styles etc will be brought into the document with the symbol. If you save just one object (Like a Centerline) then it imports as just a single object (no need to ungroup) and then you can reshape it to suit whatever project you are working on. Just a different approach without any more steps needed (I think......?!) You should also look into the Custom Tool/Attribute command in the Tools menu which I find really useful for this kind of thing. Hope that's helpful Mark
  6. You should be able to Double-Click the Auto-Hybrid object and you will be taken to the 3D Geometry. It looks to me from your photo that you are using the clip-cube. That will make the internal geometry of the hybrid object invisible I'm afraid.
  7. I downloaded the service pack last night using the Upadater and it works well. The updater now has a downloadable link to the list of bugs that has been fixed. This is great. Sadly, the bugs I reported are not on it!
  8. There is a new Service Pack available for 2020 as well as whay seems to be the Updater getting a refresh as well.
  9. markdd

    General Forum Observation

    I totally agree. If there is one sure-fire way of holding people back from learning new skills it is belittlement and intolerance. This is the only forum I contribute to and it is because all the contributors here are willing to take time to help. Onwards!
  10. Here it is in 2018 Working Plane and Nurbs curve v2018.vwx
  11. Try offsetting the curve to make a 2nd Rail curve and use the Loft Surface command (3rd mode) instead? I think I've achieved what you are looking for?! Working Plane and Nurbs curve.vwx
  12. Yes, I think so. If you create a working plane that spans the two levels, then draw or edit your nurbs curve vertices using the working plane as your Z=0 reference. Working Plane and Nurbs curve.vwx
  13. markdd

    Best Practice for a Master Library?

    The help files are a bit cursory but the information is just about all there. The key though is to put all your shared content in a folder named libraries. The folder that you reference in the Vectorworks Preferences dialogue must CONTAIN the libraries folder and not BE the libraries folder. Thereafter, you should replicate the folder structure of the User Folder if you want the various Vectorworks tools to reference the resources quickly. Hope that's helpful. I am sure that others will chip-in.....
  14. markdd

    Best Practice for a Master Library?

    I maintain a library of symbols which I reference in to my current project file. Sometimes I will want to improve or update a symbol. If it is referenced into my file, then when the update is made, the source file is updated as well. If you don't want to update the source file, then its easy enough to break the reference for a particular instance of a symbol so that it can be altered without affecting every other instance in other documents. I'm not very good at constantly exporting resources back to the master files once changes are made, and by and large, this workflow has served me well in the past.....
  15. markdd

    Best Practice for a Master Library?

    You can reference in a symbol or selection of symbols from anywhere. For instance, Right-click on a workgroup symbol and select Reference. The symbol will then be linked to the workgroup instance of the object and will show up in your resource manager in italics. If you edit it, then the changes will be pushed to the referenced document and by extension pushed to all other drawings that reference that resource. That's the theory anyway! Hope that helps


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