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  1. Ok. Post the file or do a quick screen recording of your workflow and I’ll see if I can help.
  2. You should investigate the Rigging loads tool and the subsequent point load object. You can add symbols to this giving you the load indicated along with the clamp geometry. The resulting object can be saved as a plug-in symbol which you can add to your library.
  3. The only I know how to do this is to name the object in the Object Information Palette in the Name Field at the bottom or to name the object using the Notes field. However, as of release 2024, there is now a statutory EntEquipUniversal (catchy title!) record that is attached to all entertainment objects by default. I believe the idea is that you can add fields to this record as per your particular needs and use that to populate a worksheet.
  4. there is a similar feature called coincident selection. If objects are coincident, then an asterisk appears at the cursor. Press the J key and click and a menu will open with a list you can choose from. This also has a right-click command as well.
  5. This is possible from the Layers dropdown menu in the Object Information Palette.
  6. The answer is no. But it’s a great idea. I’ll put in an enhancement request tomorrow and see what comes back.
  7. If you have worked with it before, then I see no reason not to. All they are checking for is that you know what you are getting in to. Make Sure you save the file before doing so. Then you can always go back with no harm done.
  8. These are Parametric Constraint indicators and are meant to be there. You can make them invisible by going to Menu > View > Show > Show/Hide constraints. If you want to learn about constraints then you should take a look at the help file here. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Basic3/Concept_Parametric_constraints.htm?rhmapfs=true#CSH_456 Hope that helps.
  9. Hi There used to be a filter in the old Instrument Summary that would allow you to do this and if I remember correctly there was an option to filter by viewport. In the new Equipment Summary, you can filter by design and sheet Layers instead, but at the moment, no viewport filtering capability exists. If you can get into Graphic Legends, then Viewport filtering is a synch.
  10. I for one am delighted that the tooltips are not working - I have long asked for a way to turn them off.......!
  11. Check the Insertion point modes when the Insertion tool is activated. You need to have it on the fourth "Insertion Point" mode.
  12. Probably the best built-in way is to automatically Class them. This can be done automatically by using Spotlight Preferences and Classing By Instrument Type. I am sure other folk will have other ideas. Data Visualization could be another route if you set it up carefully.
  13. Now I understand better. Have you tried tabbing into the angle field of the Data Bar when drawing a Line (or wall) and pressing enter? The angle will be held until you click to complete the line.
  14. The press on the T key works fine for me. Can you be more specific about what you are looking for then? Are you trying to emulate something that another CAD program has that you are missing? Are you needing to hold a snap at any angle or just the 90° X and Y axes?
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