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  1. markdd

    Human Figures?

    Just use the import sketchup menu command. Nothing fancy.
  2. markdd

    Human Figures?

    This account in 3D warehouse has some good human figures which I used the other day. The import really well into Vectorworks. Heres a render I did the other day...... https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/user/ued9c3d4f-0dfe-4ea9-af4b-3fc48f8e426d/YOGA-BINHAR
  3. markdd

    Label Legend Rotation

    No, the insertion points of the text will always "hug" the instrument they are attached to unless you have set them to non-rotating. If you are rotating your viewports the label legend text will stay relative to the instrument they are assigned to. Sorry to disappoint. Maybe someone else has a workaround for you....
  4. markdd

    Label Legend Rotation

    Can you explain a little more....
  5. Never used this function before. I always just duplicate the symbol. I don't think this is working properly though as according to the help file its meant to duplicate the label legend and offer to rename it for you. Will you submit this as a bug?
  6. markdd

    3d Ganging tool

    because the ganging tool is a 2d/3d hybrid object, the polyline that joins the two lights together will disappear in any 3D view. I will leave the 3D loci though. If you don't mind losing the tool's functionality after it has been placed, then you could ungroup it and convert the resulting polyline to a Nurbs Curve. If your label legend container symbols are also 2d/3D Hybrids as well, then you will get a result that looks like this! (you will also need to change the plane of the text to Layer) That's the best I can think of....
  7. markdd

    Hang Position Data Tags

    It works really well. I don't think the universes will work so well though! Here as an example Hanging Position Data Tag.vwx
  8. markdd

    Symbols Not Scaling with Viewport

    .....possibly. Black symbols are scaleable, Green Symbols are page-based symbols and as a rule of thumb, should only ever be used when drawing at 1:1 on a sheet layer. All green reosources in Vectorworks are non-scaling. This means that what you see on the screen in front of you is what you will see in real life when the object is placed on paper/screen. This means that a green symbol in a scaled viewport will probably look much smaller because it hase been scaled down by the viewport.... Its a bit of a minefield I'm afraid, but when you get the hang of it, it makes perfect sense. Its also all about what scale you draw in on the design layer, which is quite a contentious issue here and elsewhere! There is some info in the help about green symbols and there are quite a few videos online about dealing with symbols. However, what has probably happened in your case is that you have clicked on the Page-based option when you made the symbols.
  9. markdd

    Symbols Not Scaling with Viewport

    Could it be that the symbols are Green page-based symbols? For any symbol to scale correctly it needs to be a black world-based symbol.
  10. markdd

    Dimension visibilty based on axis

    Either turn off the dimension class or seperately class each set of dimeensions. Then can turn them on/off at will. I'm not completely clear from your graphic, but you could also toggle the "Show Planar objects" check box in the Viewport which will turn off planar geometry which would include dimensions. Many people advocate dimensioning in the Annotations portion of the sheet layer viewport. This might be a better route.
  11. markdd

    Rotate truss rig Vectorworks 2018

    You need to assign focus points to the lighting devices. The focus points should be on a seperate design layer to the lighting devices and not be included in the DLVP. That should do it.
  12. Go to SmartCursor settings Menu > Tools > Smartcursor Settings
  13. markdd

    Movement Radius

    No, not yet. I’ll leave it to you if that’s ok Mark
  14. markdd

    Movement Radius

  15. markdd

    Movement Radius

    The problem comes when you have the spotlight preferences set up like this. Modify Lighting Instrument colour now does not allow you to turn off embedded classes Spotlight Problem.vwx


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