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  1. I added it to the first post I wrote. Here it is again Data Tags.vwx
  2. You will need to create your own data tag (unless there is a stock one). This is relatively easy to do. I have added a file with 200+ polylines with a data tag attached to each one. Take a look at the data tag attached and hopefully you will see what I mean.
  3. Have you tried a data tag and use the Perimeter as the Data Source. You can use the 3rd mode of the tool to place tags on all the objects with one click. Data Tags.vwx
  4. Is this in the schematic view or the actual lighting device object? Can you lost an image?
  5. I can never remember the exact order but I think the Instrument summary will first look for Model Name, then Device Type and then will resort to Symbol Name if none of the others exist. Check in Lighting Instrument Maintenance to make sure that you have all the requisite names in place. Lighting Symbol Maintenance can be found under Menu > Spotlight > Reports
  6. Thanks Tamsin. I’ve managed to do that which is going to be fine. However, I was hoping for a magic bullet like “merge worksheet headers Into one worksheet” command that I haven’t found yet. Maybe copy/paste is the magic bullet! Mark
  7. Many thanks Pat. I understand the thinking. I managed to get the Space tool to report a location for the objects which is fine but have actually discovered a good workflow for what I need based on Tamsin's Location idea. One quick question. Is there a way to merge different Workheet Database headers into one Worksheet or is copying a Database row and pasting to a new blank spreadsheet the best solution? Thanks again Mark
  8. Would I be right in saying that Space objects cannot discern objects within plug-ins? I'm trying to use the GETSPACENUMFOROBJ worksheet function, but it will not see through a plug-in (Hanging Position) to see the symbols within. I have "include components of plugin objects" selected. Thanks
  9. Good point! I had not noticed that. It may not be a problem for me just now though...
  10. The location works in 3D as I have just found!. What I really need though is a way getting the location data to report to a worksheet column! Thanks Tamsin
  11. Thanks Tamsin. You are right. I'm looking for a way to list items within a specific area. The Space tool will do it, but I don't need anything like the other functionality the tool gives. I have a working solution with the Space tool, but would like to find a simpler solution if possible. If I could specify "within the bounding box of a 3D object" then that would be perfect!
  12. @Tamsin Slatter OK. So now I want to show a worksheet of Items over multiple locations. I guess what I am looking for is a Location Function a bit like the GetSpaceNameForObj. Does anything like that exist? Thanks!
  13. I feel sure that I have seen this done before, but I cannot for the life of me remember what the procedure is. I have a load of symbols within the perimeter of a polygon. I want to be able to show the symbol count on a worksheet. Can anyone remind me of the function I should be using? I want to be able to do this without using the Space tool (if possible). Many thanks


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