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  1. That's exactly how I solved the issue. Maybe try a restart of the program? There is more on the forum about this from late last year.
  2. Make sure that the destination folder isn't write protected. I had this issue last year and that was the cause.
  3. It's normally all about setting the scale of your design layers. Try setting your design layers to something other than 1:1. For example if you output 1:50, then change all the design layers to 1:50. The line weights will scale accordingly and you will be able to see more of what was intended. Alternatively you can use the Zoom line thickness button in the toolbar or go to preferences and toggle the Zoom line thickness option. Come back with any more questions.
  4. You could try opening it with another workspace active. Might be a problem with the current one?
  5. Yes. The ADB fixtures don’t have a lens texture attached (or it’s incorrect) which is a fault with the Vectorworks symbols. You’ll need to edit the symbols then.......
  6. You need to make sure that the custom shape is saved as a symbol within a file. That file needs to be placed as Kevin described above. The path for the file can be found by going to Preferences and under the User folders tab press "reveal in finder". It works fine in my copy of 2018.
  7. Are you absolutely certain you are using the texture I sent over on your cyc surface? Colour: Off white Reflectivity - Backlight: Transparency - Plain: Works fine here. I've added a lighting device instead of using a standard light object. Open GL: Fast Renderworks: Also check your lighting options: If you still have problems then PM your file and I can troubleshoot it for you..... BTW, if you have your transparency set to none, and backlight on Open GL won't understand that whereas Renderworks will. Basically, not as much as one would like is enabled on OpenGL in Vectorworks. Mark
  8. I don't really understand what your two images are. Can you describe each one for me and what you are doing?
  9. The key to it is the reflectivity shader. This should be set to Backlight. You may also want to add an additional surface that contains a see-through glow shader. Light dissipates across a scrim and this is a good way to show it. I've included a file with an example. Scrim.vwx If you want to just show a smoothly lit cyc, then a good and quick way would be to just have a glow shader applied to a Nurbs surface.
  10. I feel that if the ability for OpenGL to understand the "not cast shadows" nature of renderworks textures was implemented, then adjusting shutters and other fine control over focussing fixtures would be much more achievable. (The wireframe beam and shutter projections are a helpful guide but never line up with the actual beam of the light when rendered.)
  11. I really want this functionality in Vectorworks. The current ability to visualise shadows, reflections and bounce with Vectorworks is of paramount importance now if one wants to create renderings that will sell a concept. What is missing is the ability to produce believable volumetric haze, beam-width and lens-flare effects which means that Vectorworks cannot offer the complete package. For this particular functionality to exist in Vision and not in Vectorworks seems retrograde. If one could make the light beam from a fixture with an 18" lens look like its coming from the lens (rather than a pin-hole), or light from a LED strip fixture behave in the way its meant to behave without a huge amount of work tinkering with symbols to get half-decent results, it would be a significant selling point for Vectorworks. The rendering engine in Vectorworks far outstrips the competition in the "events" lighting market and would be a real bonus in terms of new adopters to this way of working if it could be implemented. Lighting design is not just about beams of light through haze which is really what Vision/Capture/WYSIWYG/MA 3d are about. These tools are primarily for pre-programming which they excel at. I use Vectorworks because it offers the ability to really experiment with light and produce believable renders. Although some of these wishes can be created with large amounts of customisation, the time investment is just too much for anybody except the most ardent Vectorworks nut.
  12. @mjmHere is the file. You can take a look at what I did. I customised the rather good symbols that ADB supply to VWX. I gave the reflector a mirror texture and then added a glow texture to bounce off the rear of the spill ring to make the reflector glow. Otherwise this is just me playing around with a few objects while on a long train journey! I wanted to show a director what light curtains looked like and how we might be able to use them for an upcoming project. Svoboda.vwx
  13. @Selin @JimW Sorry, I completely forgot to say thanks. Much appreciated.
  14. I found the drawing I made with the Svoboda battens!