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  1. Just tried in 2018 and yes they work fine!
  2. Go to this post. i just posted the solution from tech support.
  3. I have had it sorted by tech support in London. Here is the routine. It’s a reset of the User folder: Go to your VW preferences. In the user tab click the button that says “reveal in finder”. This will get you to the location of your user folder. Close Vectorworks By default the user folder is called 2018. Drag it to your desktop leaving nothing behind. Vectorworks will rebuild the folder when restarting. Restart VW. You will need to allow it to re register you so you will needs to be online. A “fresh” version of VW will restart and the Truss tool should work now. After that I slowly rebuilt the user folder one folder at a time from the copy on the desktop, starting with the plugins and workspace folders. That pretty much got me back to where I was before. Restart the programme after every file restore. You will need to redo your user preferences again though which is a bit of a bore although there is an XML file for that somewhere which I guess you could also restore. Keep checking that the Truss tool still works though. I don’t know where the “corrupted” file is that caused the problem in the first place.
  4. I seem to have developed a new menu item after re-installing the program. Can anyone tell me why I have it? And how do I get rid of it as I can't see it in the workspace editor. Am I being groomed to be a beta tester?!
  5. There is a fix for this that involved resetting the user folder. I got tech support to run through it for me. Works a treat. If you are brave I could take you through it......
  6. I had that. Tech support sorted me out. Basically you will need to reset your 2018 user preferences folder. Get them to walk you through it. Its easy.
  7. I understand that a new feature should develop, particularly after feedback by users, but the Lighting Position tool has worked well (albeit a bit limited) for years and to break one of it's key functions in order to enable Braceworks is very unhelpful to say the least. Didn't some of the Beta testers notice this problem? I discovered it within an hour of downloading the new version..... BTW I seem to have developed an new menu item since re-installing. Its called de-bug. Looks interesting. I feel sure I shouldn't be seeing that.
  8. Thanks Peter. I can't for the life of me get the hybrid truss symbol to behave the same way as it used to do when converted to a lighting position. I have done a completely fresh install and still no change. Also, a simple hybrid symbol used to work fine and heights would be be transferred from Lighting Position (now Hanging Position) extremely reliably. It is a real drag that no longer works. I am glad the engineers are aware of it, but surprised it hasn't cropped up at all on these forums. Last year's Spotlight bug when VWX crashed if you tried to edit a symbol caused howls of protest here and on the facebook forums for the whole 2017 cycle. Admittedly I am not experiencing a crash, but surely others have noticed the problem. I saw Braceworks demoed in London last week and I think it is going to be impressive. however, there seem to be several oddities that will need to be ironed out with the non-licence version that Spotlight users get, particularly around hanging position loads with regard to Instruments and accessories. The calculations are just not reliable enough without checking, which rather defeats the point of it. Accessories don't add to the load at all which is daft.
  9. Thanks. Out of interest, can you make a 3D hybrid symbol Into a hanging position and give an instrument Z height?
  10. Thanks Will. Are you in 2018? If you are then there must be something wrong with my installation.
  11. Tech support in the UK suggested a reset of my user folder which fixed the problem.
  12. How do I stop instruments automatically snapping to the centre of a truss profile, regardless of the height of the hanging position, the instrument "snaps" to the centre of the truss. Is this intentional. How can I stop it? Truss Hanging Position.vwx
  13. I know. I’ve not seen the rendering problems yet, but I am endlessly frustrated by things not working from one edition to another.
  14. I’ve seen it working well in a demo. I just tried the Truss tool just now and it worked fine for me. Are you on OSX or Windows? Maybe wait for the demo.
  15. I had a similar issue a week or so ago. Have you tried restarting the program? That worked for me.