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  1. I tend to think of tripods and baseplates etc as Hanging Positions so do not attach them as accessories. The Accessory geometry that you pre-load into a Lighting Device should be placed above the ground plane (Z is >0) with the Lighting Device geometry below it.
  2. It's currently not possible with the Lighting Device Object. However, there is nothing to stop you making two independent Lighting devices and placing them in the same location. Take a look at these two videos I made a few months back which explain most of what you you need to know when making the Multi-Circuit Lighting Instrument Symbols.
  3. Yes. But you will need to apply the image to an object first. It can then be rescaled using the attributes palette or the attribute mapping tool.
  4. Assuming you are talking about sheet layer viewports…… Have you ever tried making one viewport of a particular working plane and then cutting the sheet layer viewport up with the split tool?
  5. Have you checked out the Numbered sequence settings in the Manage data when you double click on a tab. You should be able to renumber existing data tags using this feature.
  6. What about the arrows in the View bar? They work the same as back/forward arrows on a web browser but with views only.
  7. You can set that up as a Saved View which you could access from a Script Palette. If it were possible to access the script that is created by the saved view, then you could probably change that into a custom command which in turn you could add a keyboard shortcut to. There are other folk here that may be able to help you write a script that will do just.... I just remembered you can create a script using the Custom Tool attribute command. That will generate a script that you could edit and turn into a command.
  8. That's it. I agree, it would be good if you could make a multiple selection. There is actually a right-click attach to Rigging Object command, and I feel sure there used to be a detach from Rigging Object command as well. I may be wrong there though.
  9. Select the lighting devices you want to detach and run the Manage loads tool form the Rigging Palette. The second mode will allow you to select Lighting devices to be detached. You can use the first mode to reattach them when you are done. You can de-activate the automatic attachment to trusses and other rigging positions from the Loads and Rigging section of Spotlight Preferences.
  10. Data tags might fit the bill.
  11. The only way I have found to do this is to edit the hatch. You could use data visualisation to change the hatch colour but sadly not the pen weight as well.
  12. There were driver issues and I had to uninstall and reinstall the new beta driver. All is now working well.
  13. Multi-View Panes. Menu > View > Multiview Panes. You can split the screen into several different panes and you can then tear off a particular pane (Floating View Pane) and put it on another monitor.
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