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  1. You could try the Facebook forums.
  2. Its good that this thread has been revived. It still has never been fixed. Kevin, @klinzey could you show me what you mean and why I am mistaken. It seems to me that what makes it inconsistent is that with other symbol instances, say an embedded Title Block Symbol within a Sheet Border, if you un-check the By Class setting in the attributes Palette, then an object within a title block keeps that property rather than following the overall setting for the class of the Sheet Border. That is the inconsistency and it would be great if it could follow that. Many thanks
  3. To my knowledge, it makes no difference that you are running a trial version. If I were you I would restart your computer and re-open VWX and try again.
  4. I suppose one solution would be to add tags to the symbols and then for the OIP to display the tags. There is certainly plenty of blank space. It would be good though if the OIP could display a summary of the objects contained within a symbol. I mentioned somewhere else that a summary on objects within groups would also be really handy.
  5. As the title suggests, I am having no success at getting embedded Section Viewports on Sheet Layers to display in Open GL. Regular Viewports display fine, but Open GL will not render. Is this normal behaviour or has this been broken with SP4. I am sure I have had it working fine up to now. I've posted a test file as well to help make things clearer. It would be good to know if I am doing anything wrong. Section Viewports.vwx
  6. I've noticed that when I want to draw a planar Rectangle or Circle on a temporary working plane within a symbol the start of the shape always defaults to the centre of the symbol definition. Is this working as intended? It seems very counter intuitive if it is.
  7. I've noticed that when I want to draw a planar Rectangle or Circle on a temporary working plane within a symbol the start of the shape always defaults to the centre of the symbol definition. Is this working as intended? It seems very counter intuitive if it is.
  8. You will need some containers in your drawing. These live in the containers folder of the resource manager. If you are starting a new drawing for the first time, then it might be worth you starting from the Spotlight Template file which has these already loaded. My experience is that they are automatically loaded into the drawing when you activate that label legend menu command, so it may be something wrong with your VW installation.
  9. Are you using it on a sheet layer when it is normally on a design layer?
  10. Sadly not. Its a machine specific customisation. You are right though, although I rarely use this tool, the ability to assign document-wide classing for specific objects would be a great help. As a Spotlight user I have done this on a number of objects in the toolset to as not all the preset settings for tools are how I end up using them. Lighting Position objects and Ganging objects are two for a start-off...... It's great that you can customise the tools this way. I wish you could do a little more.
  11. If you go to the Redlines Object in the Plug-in manager you can give a redline object a default class. This should work on a new drawing or on any drawing where redline objects have yet to be added.
  12. EDIT: Sorry, just read your post again, as @zoomersaid, unified view turned on shows everything up fine!
  13. I would second that. As Renderworks becomes more capable in VW, the ability to be able to render still images of lighting from the light plot is un-matched by any other software package at the moment. However the parametric tools that form the basis of the Spotlight package are in need of updating and those that have been added recently are heavily skewed towards the events industry. Because of the nature of all our work as designers the parametric tools only offer the basic needs. I would suggest that what is needed are more modelling tools along the lines of the subdivision tool so that we can make bespoke objects rather than the more generic items that the parametric tools will allow. VW Spotlight was clearly dreamt up along some of the strict McCandless lighting design guidelines which mean that lights have to adhere to focus points etc. But this method hasn't kept up with some of the advances in rendering technology and also and more importantly modern practice where it would seem alien to a young designer to work in the way that VW training materials suggest. Back to the thread though.... Slowly the ways of documenting production lighting are changing and there is increasingly less need to adhere to the strict 2D Top/Plan approach because we can now model our lighting rigs in 3D views.
  14. Short answer is YES. Before you do that though, go back to the problem workspace and check it's not OK now. If not, then close the attributes palette and reopen it. If that doesn't restore functionality then you can copy the workspace from your other machine. It is in the Vectorworks application folder under Workspaces. Copy it and rename it to something you will easily recognise and put it in the workspace folder of your Vectorworks user folder. You can find that by opening preferences, going to the user folder tab and pressing the Reveal in Finder button. (These are OSX instructions, I believe it varies slightly on PC). Then restart VW and in your Tools, Workspaces dialogue box just select the new workspace that you added. That SHOULD do it!
  15. Try temporarily switching to another workspace. Go to Tools, Workspaces and select an alternative. See how you get on with that. It may be that the workspace you are using has become corrupted.