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  1. If I understand your question, you are referring to the referencing capabilities of Vectorworks. Both Dropbox and Google drive are able to support files that are referenced between one another.
  2. You should investigate the Loft Surface tool which will allow you to create a terrain using successive NURBS curves as contours in order to build up a solid shape. The Subdivision tool is also a good tool for this kind of work and is a more interactive way of achieving a terrain. However, it has quite a steep learning curve which it doesn’t sound like you need for now.
  3. There is a command Unrotate 3D Objects in the Modify Menu, but that might be closing the door after the horse has bolted...... (and is also only useful on the 3D Symbols.) The only way that makes it totally obvious is when you go to edit it. If you have Show Other objects while in Edit mode enabled, then when you go to edit a flipped symbol, you will get a alert to tell you if it has been flipped and therefore no geometry will be visible outside of the symbol. I have a dim memory that there used to be some sort of indication in the Object Information Palette once upon a time, but that may be just wishful thinking. It would certainly be very helpful.
  4. What version are you working in? Make sure that Unified view is turned on. If it is 22 then this can be accessed from Document preferences or you can enable a button for this in the View bar.
  5. Check the classes and layers buttons in the viewport Object Information Palette.
  6. Looks like you have the classes or layers set to grey?
  7. Have you tried "Add to Current Selection". Works for me as it used to.
  8. There are a few ways you can leverage a sphere to create geometry. To directly answer your question though, take look at this quick video. You should also consider exploring the Analysis Tool as well. Hemisphere.mov
  9. Have the Title Blocks been set to Active?
  10. The quick way to do this is to use the Extract tool. Just run the tool Set the tool options to Create Planar Objects using the 4th mode (extract surface mode) Hover over the Solid Shape you have made and select the face that you want to extract Press the check box in the mode bar or press return and a 2D Polyline will be made. That is the best way to do it. Screen Recording 2021-12-14 at 16.34.11.mov
  11. I reported this a few weeks ago. I believe it is a OSX Monterey issue and there should be a fix soon.
  12. My understanding is that if a symbol attaches itself as part of a wall (ie, the wall highlights and the symbol becomes a Symbol in Wall then the wall will break around the symbol as you can see above. The addition of a Wall hole component allows the Wall to behave differently with the symbol and just wrap around the Wall hole component geometry and ignore the geometry of the main part of the symbol completely.
  13. Insert in Walls was enabled in the Symbol options. That's the only explanation I can find....
  14. When you activate the rotate tool in a 3D view, this option will be available from the view bar at the top of the workspace.
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