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  1. It maybe that you don't have a spotlight license. What options do you have in the Workspace chooser?
  2. Do you have the Spotlight Workspace active. To check, go to the Menu > Tools > Workspaces and select the Spotlight workspace there
  3. You can make multiple duplicates of the same referenced viewport and then assign different design layers to each viewport as you wish. Use the Layers and Classes buttons in the Object Information Palette of individual Design Layer Viewports to choose which layers go in which Viewports. You can be very specific about what content goes in each viewport using this method. Any of the Referenced viewports can be assigned to any design layer, so it's up to you as to how you manage the distribution of ACAD Layers (classes) around the Vectorworks Design Layers. All this can be centrally organised using the Visibilities radio button in the top right-hand corner of the Organisation Dialog as well.
  4. If you are referencing geometry using viewports, then you can add a crop to the Viewport to clip the area displayed. Double click on the viewport and choose edit crop. Draw a closed shape such as a rectangle or polygon and when you exit the edit crop window, the viewport geometry will be cropped.
  5. It indicates the centre of the bounding box that encloses the object. Actually, that is wrong. My first answer was the correct one.
  6. It indicates the geometric centre of an object. It wi be shown when smart cursor settings are set to pick up the centre of objects.
  7. I think this could be useful. Maybe the saved view listing in the Navigation palette could remain highlighted to indicate that it was the last view that was recalled.
  8. This is what I have in Top/Plan in a Sheet Layer Viewport This is Top View in a Sheet Layer Viewport.
  9. Data Visualisation works within Hanging positions as well. You just need to enable Plug-in objects in the Criteria portion of Data Visualisation. Here is the adjusted file Truss and Data Visualization.vwx
  10. Here is a Top/Plan View and a Top View. Each uses the same visualisation setting. File attached Truss and Data Visualization.vwx
  11. For us lighting people its easy..... Red Green Blue - RGB - X Y Z Plus or minus is denoted by a thicker Axis line. What would be really good is when the Rotate 3D command is running, the Axes (and labels) appear. This could happen whether they have been enabled or not for the rest of the time.....
  12. Have you tried these mode bar buttons?
  13. This is probably because you used the Symbol Name as the Data Vis criteria.? When a truss is changed from non-horizontal, it generates a new symbol with only 3D geometry inside. (check your resource manager) If you pick another criteria such as Truss and Type then you should get consistent results.


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