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  1. markdd

    Trouble drawing shapes

    Looks to me like you have Snap to Angle turned on. Take a look at this video if you are not familiar with this palette. Hope that helps...
  2. markdd

    Trouble drawing shapes

    Try another video to show the problem?
  3. markdd

    Trouble drawing shapes

    The top left box should be light grey
  4. markdd

    Trouble drawing shapes

    Do you have grid snaps turned on?
  5. markdd

    Trouble drawing shapes

    Could you post a short video of what you are experiencing?
  6. markdd

    VW19 - Slow activation on certain object types

    I've noticed this on a number of plug-in objects. What is particularly troublesome for me is the Lighting Device PIO whose OIP most of the time takes ages to populate properly. However, I have noticed that performance does vary and sometimes from machine to machine and sometimes from one drawing to another. There seems to be no discernible pattern. I'm hoping that this is going to be fixed in an upcoming service pack.... Does anyone know if this is being addressed at all or should I bug submit it?
  7. markdd

    Trouble drawing shapes

    With lines, have you inadvertently changed the scale setting?
  8. markdd

    text on isometric

    You should investigate the new Data Tag tool. This will travel with any object it is assigned to in 2d and 3D. You can set it to take record information assigned to an object, manually accept info or do both together.
  9. markdd

    Dynamic / On-Demand UI Display

    Like you, I grew up with software like this and prefer to see menu items greyed out as opposed to being totally contextual. Vectorworks is really my only serious software package apart from AutoCad and some of the more esoteric lighting software packages whose UI's are not much to learn from. In general I find the little inconsistencies of the VWX UI rather hard to deal with. The protractor/deform/Subdivision widgets make the tools look and feel ill-considered when in fact I know they are far from that. It is inconsistency that makes software hard to learn and I would say that in order to retain new users, the ability to iron-out inconsistencies with the UI is fundamental to locking-in users for years to come. I would love to see the current mode bar options appear along side the cursor. This would seriously speed up my workflow and also cut out mistakes. ("move by points" tool anyone?!) Context menu choices specific to a tool could also be displayed along side a "floating" mode bar rather than having to scroll down to the very bottom of the contextual menu where they always appear. The ability to tear off menu items. This would be very useful for when a tool or set of related tools is getting heavy use. This would save the arduous scroll through nested menus to get to a certain tool time and time again. Tool dialogue boxes "remembering" their size and position on screen as part of a user/document preference. And your suggestion of collapsable OIP sections of all plugin tools. These would also remember their behaviour as a document preference. Personally, I find the yearning for a "dark mode" is low on my list of priorities as it won't fundamentally change how we work or make us more efficient, however I am sure that its development will keep a lot of folks happy! NB. Recently I have had the need to use Screenflow for a project and was rather dreading having to learn it. Different discipline of course but the UI is really neat, intuitive and above all ,super-fast. I am enjoying using it. Just a few thoughts.....
  10. markdd

    Elliptical Sweep

    The other tool you could try is the Deform tool in the Bulge Mode. Make a seeep and then apply the bulge........
  11. Check your units Preferences. Make sure that volume is not set to Metres.
  12. markdd

    Vectorworks 19 Font List

    As far as I understand it all fonts are installed on the machine and Vwx does not install any of its own (unlike AutoCad) Take a look at this article as it describes a way to do what you did (which must have taken an enormous amount of time and patience) in a few seconds. I just tried it and it works great. https://www.cultofmac.com/138767/generate-samples-of-your-macs-fonts-os-x-tips/
  13. Uncheck Mouse-wheel zooms in Vectorworks Preferences. That should give you something near to what you are looking for.....
  14. markdd

    Data Tags Not Updating At Export

    You can always use the old Data Stamp tool which should still be in the Dims/Notes toolset. If its not then you can add it to your workspace using the Tools>Workspaces menu command. This should update fine when you run the publish command. (at least it used to!)
  15. markdd

    Texture image change

    Right click on the texture in the resource manager and select “extract image”


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