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  1. HI, I've attach a scroller on a lamp and the accessory doesn't shows in the schematic view. How do I make this to work? Do I need to attach a record to the light? /Bernat
  2. Hi Mark, That was perfect! Many thanks for the video and the file, that was self-explanatory. Now I realise that when I offset the lamps from the hanging position, I have to update the geometry, otherwise the boundaries of the hanging position geometry follows the first offseted lamp and blocks other lamps to offset beside. Maybe is this a bug or is just like it is as it is. I wish I could add an offseted lamp inside the hanging position it makes the plot interpretation easier to understand :). Bernat
  3. HI Mark Thank you for this great video! I have struggled with the offset function the whole day. In my schematic view some lamps will move and take the footprint mark, some of them not. I can't understand what's the reason for that. In the example below you can see that 2 lamps have the footprint mark but the third lamp won't get it. he lamps behave different each time . I have an other question! In the tutorial you're using the accessory removing tool, removing the clamp of a lamp symbol. I tried to make the same but doesn't work for me, regardless of whether I edit the 2d symbol with the accessory information you describe. My question is have do you attach before the clamps and then removing them with the tool? This is the only way tha works for me. I'm using the Niethammer profiles and the symbol have a clamp attach. I have to edit and delete the clamp in the 3d symbol menu in order to hang the lamp properly. /Bernat
  4. I 've placed 2 x lamps in a truss one with address and the other one with the default "0" address and I've pick upp the XYZ coordinates into the worksheet. Test data 2wayy.vwx
  5. That's god to know. The parameters I mention, are picked from the "Record - Lightning - Device" Menu. This is why expected to have feedback from xyz.
  6. Hi, Thank you for your quick answer, this work perfect for me! The x,y,z position data in the worksheets looks like feature request to consider! what do you think about it? /Bernat
  7. Hi, I started to use worksheets in Spotlight and there are a couple of issues that I'm wondering. X, Y , Z Location have just one way feedback from, Object info palette to worksheet, Is there a way to get a 2 way communication between those? What I m doing wrong? When I have an instrument with "0" dmx address, the "address filed don not accept new data, I have to fil the "universe/address" or "absolute address" first. Is this a bug or is there another reason for that. After adding data to the absolute address, or the universe/address the "dmx address" field gets its 2 way communication. /Bernat


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