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  1. Hi @J. Wallace, I agree that site modeling could be improved upon to be more intuitive. If you haven't tried this already, create a simple 3D polygon or NURBS object and place it on the Site-DTM-Modifier class. It will be recognized as a site modifier object and gives you similar controls to the retaining wall site modifier. Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have further questions. -Tony
  2. Tony Kostreski

    segments in roadways?

    Glad to hear. I agree that the roadway tool palette is currently limited and deserves some love – please suggest this on our wishlist channel 😉 In the meantime, have you tried using Roadway (NURBS) using the following process discussed on Vectorworks 2019 Help? I've found better success when sending this Roadway type to the surface and redistributing the stations as needed.
  3. Tony Kostreski

    segments in roadways?

    Hi J, Objects like the roadway, hardscape, and massing model offer the ability to modify the site. The red lines are site modifiers for that object. Simply turn off the class "Site-DTM-Modifier" when you don't want to see them. Hope this helps! -Tony
  4. @Wesley Burrows Hey Wesley, I haven't used Braceworks but out of curiosity, have you tried using the following settings under Vectorworks Preferences which allow you to see other objects while in editing modes?
  5. Tony Kostreski

    Placing of 2D design on to 3D site model

    @MAnderson10 Glad to hear you are getting started with 3D. A quick tip is using Send to Surface command which you can read more about in the following link Vectorworks 2017 Help: Send to Surface. I see you are using VW 2017 but the command has stayed the same. Depending on your workspace use one of the following: ● Architect workspace: AEC > Terrain > Send to Surface ● Landmark workspace: Landmark > Send to Surface (in landmark, you can also select the desired object, right click>send to surface) The Existing Tree and Plant tool will automatically recognize the site model and place the objects on the surface of the model. For other objects, use the send to surface command. Hope this helps to get you started!
  6. Hi Sophie, Absolutely! Landscape areas can be saved into styles through the Object Info Palette. The saved style can be found in the resource manager for your active file but you can certainly save this to a workgroup library that's shared with your team members. You can also make use of the preconfigured landscape area styles found in the Resource Manager by importing, duplicating, and making edits to them. If you are in Vectorworks Landmark 2019, I suggest starting to use the Data Tags as they are more powerful and you can tag all landscape areas at the same time. This method will automatically tag the middle of the landscape area as you suggested.
  7. Tony Kostreski

    Massing model roof profile

    @Helen Palmer try this...select custom roof profile in the object info palette then right click on the massing model and select edit profile. Here you can select the blue grips to change to gable. Hope this helps!
  8. Tony Kostreski

    Site model settings not working in 2d mode

    Hey J Wallace, can you try inputting 10 without the foot (') sign. If you place the (') it will revert back to zero (0). Since it's a multiplier, the command is asking for however many minor contour intervals do you want a major contour interval (i.e. if you wanted every 5' contours and your minor is 1' then you would simply place 5). Hope this helps!
  9. Tony Kostreski

    Symbols in Rows

    This is exactly what I needed! Thanks for sharing.


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