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  1. @Paul Nare you viewing this in wireframe? If so, switch to "shaded". You can change your default Vectorworks Preferences for 3D display to always show "shaded". If you just want to toggle between wireframe and shaded, hit the "teapot" on the top bar in between where it says "orthogonal" and the "glasses" on your screen.
  2. Hi @Paul N, If you are in Vectorworks 2022, I would suggest checking out the templates. Select File>New>Landmark(Imperial or Metric). This has some initial design layers you can make use of and you can remove/add where necessary. They are stacked so that they appear how you would expect on a drawing set. Feel free to rearrange the stacking order to fit your needs. For the CAD survey file, since you imported it directly, you should be able to edit any and all geometry and symbols (blocks). Make sure your "classes" are set to "Show/Snap/Modify others". I recommend when importing a .dwg file that you select 2D/3D geometry so that if the contours are already elevated they will import as 3D polygons and you can make use of that to generate a site model. "Survey Input" is used for importing an .xls file (spreadsheet) so I would not use that for what you are doing. Place hardscape objects on the "hardscape" design layer, irrigation on "irrigation" layer, etc.
  3. Looks like your filter is set to <Recently Used Layers>. Switch this filter to <All Layers>.
  4. Hey @jpccrodrigues, try this or this Also attached vwx file. Hope that helps! LANDSCAPE_AREA_WORKSHEET.vwx
  5. Hi @DSmith2300, just want to confirm the 2D linework of your plant. The plant shadow mimics the geometry that's furthest back. If you're using Vectorworks sample plants, they should be organized correctly with a shape either on the Color Fill or Canopy class behind all other geometry. If the class that this geometry sits on, Plants-Component-Color Fill (or Canopy), is off, so will its shadow. To confirm, edit the 2D Graphics and make sure the geometry you want to mimic a plant shadow is sent to back. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi @Ned Daugherty, I'm curious if this just has to do with the resolution of the image. The background will display a preview and because you are zoomed out quite a bit, it might be displaying a lower res image. Once you place a geoimage it will use the default resolution of 1024 pixels which is perhaps higher than the resolution. Try testing out changing the resolution higher or lower and you will notice the image changes, grabbing different images from the server based on your input.
  7. @hchen4If you are referring to 3d Locus points there is a command under Modify>Convert>"Stake Objects from 3D Locus"
  8. @jpccrodrigues -- thank you for discovering this. I have submitted a VE that all types of objects should be able to send to surface. For internal reference (VE-102184)
  9. Hi @Poot, not sure why this would matter but the stake object on the bottom right (+4.55m) is ever so slightly outside the crop or boundary. As soon as I moved the stake to the nearest vertex point (0.0000005mm distance) of the crop the model appeared as it should. Hope this helps.
  10. Hey @hollister design Studio, Looks like you have a tiny 3D poly floating. I deleted it and all is good. site model bulge.vwx
  11. Hi @rafaelmartins.95--when you run the command "create site model" found under the Landmark or AEC dropdown menu (depending on Vectorworks license), you can specify the minor and major contour interval. You always have the ability to change site model settings even after one is created.
  12. Hey @shorter -- have you tried using Data Visualization? I used to use Design Layer Colors as you mentioned but found Data Viz to be quite powerful, including how I distinguish consultant's geometry in my drawing. Within the data visualization tool palette select Function>Layers and apply colors to the desired referenced layers. There's the option to grey everything else or not. The beauty is you can toggle on or off or have multiple data visualizations set up. See examples below for a referenced IFC file: by story (design layer) by element (classes)
  13. @Ben59 One option is to right click>open desired file (Exported Objects - ConnectCAD.vwx) This will open up the Vectorworks file that contains all the resources. Delete the folder and save. Refresh libraries and it should be gone from the workgroup folder. I agree a simple right click > delete folder/resource would be an easier workflow. I'll check if a Vectorworks Enhancement has been submitted.
  14. Find a png of a flame you like and create an image prop. I've attached a sample file if you want to use this. Texture has been given a glow/brightness. Fire image prop.vwx
  15. You can ungroup the mesh. It will convert it to "x" # of 3d polys which can be used as source data for creating a site model.
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