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  1. Interesting idea 🙂 Do you envision this working through the settings of the site model or through data visualization @ericjhberg? For internal reference, a VE has been submitted (VE-101778)
  2. I agree it should be easier to get to this point. Make sure to "Save Site Model Settings" so you're really only setting up how Site Models are created once. You can save this to your template so that it automatically creates those classes. You can even save multiple different Site Model settings depending on what's required for the project. I think adding a button to the OIP is a nice wish — I'll submit a Vectorworks Enhancement.
  3. Hey @hollister design Studio, I just did the same test and it works on my end. Did you set the class to "use at creation" and in the site model settings all attributes are "set by class"? Here is a sample fileSite Model-contours off.vwx Turn the visibility of class "contour labels" off. Let me know if you get it working. Best, Tony
  4. Hey @NickLeslie, What are your Advance Section Properties>Attributes set to? Make sure checkbox for Use Attributes of Original Objects is selected. If that does not work, feel free to drop a sample file and I can investigate further.
  5. Hey @Steve Riddle , I played around with your file. Can you share how you created a plant style? That seems to be the culprit and if there is an issue, I'd like to submit a bug on this. Your plants are in fact showing up, just thousands and thousands of meters away. I created a new plant and added it to the existing landscape area with no problem. Tussock-tkostreski.vwx
  6. @Poot here is your file back if you want to take a look at it. Landscape Area 3D Test.vwx
  7. Thanks for sharing the file, @Poot as that helps with determining the issue. I see what the problem is. "Site-DTM-Modifier" class is a special class where geometry that's created on this class will turn it into a site modifier for the proposed site model. This is great when you want to use 3D Polygons, NURBS, and 3D Locus to modify the site model differently than what's possible with other tools (site modifiers, hardscapes, landscape areas). Since your source data on Design Layer "Source Contours copy" is on "DTM-Site-Modifier" class they are acting like a modifier for the proposed site model. In the site model settings you are telling the site model to listen to ALL DESIGN LAYERS. You can either deselect this design layer so the site model does not listen to it or put your source data on any other class than "DTM-Site-Modifier". Hope this helps!
  8. All of your design layers (that relate to each other at least) should be at the same layer scale, otherwise, they simply won't align. Assuming that your file is properly georeferenced & geolocated there is an option within the site model settings to adjust the resolution of the imagery. The number will really depend on the size of the image you're gathering and it's location. My suggestion...place a geoimage and see what resolution works. If it displays with a geoimage it should work with the site model geoimage texture. Hope this helps!
  9. @Poot are the landscape areas set to align with the existing site model or proposed?
  10. One more tip. These site model settings can be saved, so once you get your preferred representation, Save & Save Time
  11. Hi @Rob Norris--welcome to Vectorworks! Attached you'll find a sample file you can investigate. You are right about the Design Layer stacking order...note the stacking order of the design layers in the screenshot below in the Navigation Palette... "Walls" above "Site Model" above "Hardscape". Like that, contours will appear above the hardscape but geometry on the "Walls" design layer will be above the contours on the "site model" layer. In the screenshot above, the site model is selected and the 2d attributes are set not have a fill. Warning though, this will cause the 3d fill to also disappear. Luckily, we have control over this setting in the Site Model Settings>Graphic Properties window—see below. We can specify a new class or simply override these settings. By default, they are set to <Site Model Class>. Apply a fill to "3D triangles", or better yet, set to a new predefined class with a fill. sample site model and hardscape.vwx I hope this helps!
  12. Hmm...Actually you are correct—there appears to be a bug with the class opacity. I'll file the bug but in the meantime, you can control the document settings opacity as you mentioned. The rest of the attributes work fine. For internal reference (VB-177053)
  13. Hey Phillip, Yes, in the Document Preferences>Plan Shadow there is an option to set Fill-Style to class. Create a new class (i.e. plant-shadow) and set the attributes. On specific sheets you do not want to display shadows turn the "plant-shadow class" off. I hope this helps and hope you and the team are doing well 🙂 Tony
  14. Hi @Laura Stone, yes this is a known bug that'll be addressed in 2021 SP3 but for the time being, placing the landscape area on a site model will resolve the issue. Quickest way to create a site model is draw a 2d shape (like a rectangle), and then select "Create Site Model">"Site Model from Boundary".
  15. Hey @Landartma Check to see if your component settings have an offset set to it.


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