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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I got it figured out. There was also a Wall Data input area in the OIP Shape tab that wasn't updated. Not sure why there are three different locations where the Mark needs to be updated.
  2. When I apply wall data tags to some of my walls, they incorrectly label the wall type. I've added a mark (in this case W2) in the Data field in the wall style and have ensured that the same Tag (W2) is added in the Data tab of the Object Info Palette when the wall is selected. However when I add a wall tag to the wall it is identified as W1. I've had this problem on several drawings and am wondering if anyone can recommend a solution or if this is a bug in VW2024?
  3. I was wanting to be able to see a simple knob or D-pull. It would be nice if cabinet hardware could be used on the bi-folds, as they don't usually have standard door hardware used on them.
  4. Hi Tom, I'm using the "Door Long Rd" data tag from the Dims/Notes Toolset. I mostly use the VW's Door Tool and Window Tool in the Building Shell Toolset. I only used WinDoor for a couple of storefront doors that I needed to include sidelights and transoms.
  5. Hi @Jonathan Pickup, when I try to use a data tag to label a WinDoor generated door, the data tag isn't able to select the object. Is there a trick to using a VW Data Tag for labeling WinDoor objects?
  6. Just noticed in VW2024 that hardware doesn't show up on bi-fold doors. It appears on regular swing doors, though. Is this a know bug?
  7. @Pat StanfordI think that's what I just figured out. Very frustrating.
  8. I don't know if I've unknowingly changed a setting but I can no longer edit the boundaries on Spaces. Also, the Spaces seem to be now being called up as Data Tags in the Object Info Pallet. So it seems that they have somehow changed from a Space Label to Data Tag and lost the ability to edit the boundaries. Any thoughts on what's going on?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't even know you could do that.
  10. I have an existing commercial building where the parapet steps up and down along the length of the building (see attached photo). These steps occur around the full perimeter of the building. It seems that the "Create Stepped Wall" command handles steps going a single direction but not rising and descending like the parapet does. Is there a standard way of drawing parapets like this? Does drawing wall segments of different heights make sense? Or stack layers of walls representing each step? Thanks for any tips.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I think I've got it figured out in a way that makes sense.
  12. I have a client (government entity) who requires layer naming conventions for their projects. Obviously this convention was developed in AutoCAD and works easily for AutoCAD layer functionality. Unfortunately, AutoCAD doesn't use layers the same way as we do in VW's. We have classes, which I could rename according to my client convention but then still have VW layers to contend with. I suppose the entire drawing could be drawn on a single Layer with classes becoming the AutoCAD "layers". Has anyone else needed to do anything like this? Does it work or create unanticipated headaches? When I convert the VW file to a .dwg file, would my classes appear as AutoCAD layers with the naming conventions intact?
  13. Thanks all, I think I had some class visibility conflicts. Not sure how as prior to the SP 5 update everything was visible.
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