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  1. I'm having trouble with plant species being incorrect in a weird 'hangover' / ghost data sort of way. I was looking for rogue plants that were listed in the schedule and turned layers/ classes on / off, moved symbols etc. Nothing there. Changed a species to a new one and it still listed the old one in both the schedule and in the object info when clicking on the 'new' one: listed old name in Botanical and Common name, not the new one. Plant tags and data tags both show incorrect information. Changed it again to a totally random species and recalculated worksheet. New one showed up but old one still listed. Keep trying to change species to new one and the lag / overlap in data keeps happening. Have closed VW and reopened a few times. It works to to 'advance' the overlap of the wrong species data to the next step but never catches up with the actual correct species. I've deleted every instance of the wrong species from the document and it still shows up as data overlaying the correct species. EDIT: I realised that 'set by style' had been turned off for those three items: Latin name, common name and ID. Changing that made it catch up. Weird behaviour nonetheless.
  2. UPDATE: the crashing has stopped but it still freezes now and again. An improvement for sure.
  3. Thanks Domas. I'll turn on error reporting and get the new update immediately.
  4. Just a functional query; When I have VW running with a single document open, Vectorworks appears as 8 sub listings in Task Manager. Each doing their own thing with RAM etc. Only the 'Landmark' listing using the big chunk of RAM. If I close the file, there are 9 instances running. Could someone explain why? Thanks.
  5. Update: I have updated my graphics driver to the latest 'studio version' and (fingers crossed) it seems to have helped so far. I will say something if VW starts crashing again. On a side note; I wrongly assumed that my card/ driver was keeping up with update notifications, but was not. I had to manually go find the latest driver on the website. This may affect other people.
  6. I don't know what it going on, but 2024 freezes and crashes, it seems about once an hour. I'm not doing anything unusual regarding file size etc. This is getting too much. At this point I'm tempted to just go and use ACAD from here on in.
  7. All up to date thanks Bjoerka. 2024 seems unusually slow too. Perhaps I need to dig into it and figure out how to turn off unnecessary options.
  8. I'm having real trouble with 2024 randomly freezing up and shutting. It seems to most often happen when I go form another window of something back to VW. But it also just happens even when staying in VW, after selecting something. No rhyme or reason.
  9. Hi all, I've just been trying to tweak the standard 'X' endpoint for a callout, yet cannot change the angle. I don't want an 'x', I want a '+' for the centre point of a radius. Seems an odd and arbitrary limitation to the customise options. Anyone got any ideas? (Yes I suppose I could just make a little line group / symbol and copy/paste them in place.) Again I'd like to also repeat what a few people have mentioned on previous posts: being able to PROPERLY create your own endpoints would be great. Funny little personal symbols could be cool.
  10. I've just tried copying and pasting into VW from AI and it only gave me a bitmap. I must be doing something wrong.
  11. Wow that IS exciting. I love Illustrator. (still only on CS6 - another story) I wish I could draw as fast and intuitively in VW as I can in AI. The +/- vertices option within the primary tool is so easy and efficient.
  12. THANK YOU!!! Is there a plugin library for this sort of thing?
  13. Thanks Nikolay, I've actually rolled back to SP6 and do not have the time to re-install SP7 and play around to replicate it with a non-commercially sensitive file. Don't know whether it was just the file I was working on (imported.dwg + office template), or actually SP7. I'll be curious to see if anyone else has the issue. Serves me right for jumping into the install as an early victim adaptor.
  14. Awesome thanks!!! I'll come back on here to let you know how that worked. EDIT: YOU DA MAN! The updater is doing its thing now; back to SP6. MANY THANKS!!!
  15. Thanks. Won't that delete all my interface preferences etc? I found it and this was the stuff in it. Do I really want to delete all of that!?!? I don't want to 'reset preferences' just roll back to a previous version.
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