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  1. Hi, I've been trying to figure out ways to improve VW performance recently, and noticed that my GPU suddenly is supporting Cineware.exe when VW starts up. I am not doing any 3D rendering as such, so is this really needed? Is there a way to disable it until I need it? I'm currently still using VW 2021, as I'm wasn't happy with the way 2022 was performing for me. Mind you, 2021 is throwing up all sorts of weirdness too, on this new PC. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks Pat. I found another post which older, which went through the various app-specific settings for an Nvidia card. It was not a perfect match but I did what I could. Performance seems a bit better. And yes I think there was something about making it always use the discrete GPU.
  3. Hi all, After my GPU died, I was issued with a new HP z1 G5 +Nvidia 3060. I've been trying to figure out the best settings for performance, no 3D rendering required yet. Still on 2021. The old machine was form 2015, and the new one seems surprisingly sluggish for VW compared to the old one. I wonder what setting may be different that I was not aware of. The main oddity is the way hatches are handled during panning and zooming. There's a very noticeable lag as it renders the hatch again once still. Clearly it's not going to affect the output, but it seems symptomatic of a larger problem which may get worse as I load more hatches into the plan. I had a look at this and changed a few settings, but it still does this. Perhaps the 2016 advice is no longer valid. I've tried dialing the Nvidia card back to pure performance over quality and it's still there. Can anyone suggest a couple of other back-end setting on the card or VW which may allow it to seem less crunchy / laggy? Many thanks!
  4. Welp... as it happened, my big GPU died a couple of days later. "POP!" it said!....and everything went black for a couple seconds before the onboard GPU took over and displayed on a single monitor in potato-resolution. New PC on the way.
  5. As title. Cannot find a way to stop the little arrow buttons in the landscape area style palette / plug-in object style option palette, to stop flickering when I mouse on / off over them. The rest of the program seems fine in this regard. No other flickers. Screen grab below taken fortuitously as flicker happened. (highlighted) Never seen this before. Luckily I'm not constantly in those palettes.
  6. OK, I've found out from other sources that the text file is "merely a record" and not importable to change current workspace. I should've grabbed the the whole .vww file before losing the PC. Oh well.
  7. Hi All, I am on a borrowed PC and need to import my workspace settings, which I managed to export from my original PC. It seems to merely be a text file. How do I re-import it into VW? (If I still had access to that PC, I'd go and grab the VWW file from C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2021\Workspaces... but It's across town now.)
  8. Thanks Pat : Strangely enough those two polylines are happy to 'compose' in a fresh blank file. I do have "compose" but not "combine". And I really don't know what "join" is meant to do if not at the very least join two lines as one. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Still in Version 2021. Two polylines are refusing to join. I cannot see a "combine" function that everyone refers to. Only a "compose" command. The "join" command only shouts "DING" at me doesn't give a reason. The 'compose' command merely says nothing audible but does nothing either. I've copy and paint-bucketed 'all attributes' from one to the other to make sure that they are not having conflicts. They're on the same plane etc. Any advice??? Thanks
  10. Yes. I did go watch a few videos, perhaps not enough however as I still don't entirely understand what it's doing. Notably: Overlapping percentages of coverage able to equal more than 100% Getting multiple planting rates to play nicely together Trying to set up an object style that will stay constantly like I set it: distribution rates keep resetting themselves back to 'custom rate / fixed percentage' every time I look away / breathe. Not seeing a correct graphical interpretation of filling the area when selecting 'show 2d plants'
  11. Hello, I seem to have having a mystery issue with landscape areas not filling with plants. See attached screengrab. This blank areas varies as to plant spacing. If I show plants in 2D and hit 'random plant placement' then it fills up. But what If I don't want to show the graphics? And how can I be sure that the count is correct? OK Well two things. The other is I do not seem to understand the logic of how the plant numbers are calculated within landscape areas. For instance if I want 2 species at 5pm2 then they spread out ok and evenly. If I wish a third larger species to be placed within that mix at say .25pm2 (1 per 4m2 ) then it decides that there's no room and I'll only get 2 plants of that third species even though there's 182m2 to play with. I guess that I could just overlay loose plant symbols onto the landscape area, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the system. Currently reviewing VW university videos to try and understand spacing logic. Thanks for any help.
  13. I'm having this trouble currently... a year later and you still haven't gotten a reply. Why do these things always have to happen when a deadline is like, 5 minutes away!
  14. It would be helpful when exiting a plant symbol (or other symbol) edit, instead of taking a user back to the layout sheet view, it merely exited the symbol as the dialogue says.
  15. Gosh! Thanks SO much for all the answers and ideas flooding in. I'm really overwhelmed with the generosity.
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