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  1. Yeah, horses for courses. For the current project it purely a representational thing, not interrogative.
  2. I'm sure there have probably been other posts regarding the subject, but as a new (and frustrated) site DTM learner I want to make a post for posterity about a now-obvious solution to problems I had last night, for the benefit of other learners in years to come. Make a new obviously-named class which includes the texture you want. (for Lumion Livesynch the relevance of the actual texture is irrelevant becasue it's only an arbitrary character you can change in Lumion.) Use a SITE MODIFER to get to the TEXTUREBED option, not HARDSCAPE like I did at first, just because that was the first video summation I saw using the terminology. Make sure your texturebed polygon / polyline ATTRIBUTES are set to FILL and COLOUR: BY CLASS, so they pick up the colour / texture fill you assign the new class. Make sure also that all the dropdowns for your site modifier are set to that correct class which has been assigned a texture and colour; Both at the top of OIP and and halfway down in the TEXTUREBED --->TEXTURE FROM CLASS Ensure the SHOW SURFACE IN 3D is ticked. UPDATE your site model. Make sure your site model settings will accept site modifiers from ALL LAYERS or whatever you see fit to limit it to... but be aware of those limits. BREATH SLOWLY. VW's software rationale is "Oh! Don't you know about the obscure tickbox?" It's there somewhere. I'm one to ignore the 'BY CLASS' thing, so it's a revelation to actually use it properly. Thanks!
  3. Benson: Yes georeferencing was why I just left the file alone after importing data, but probably should've changed the UO. It's got to go into another file by a colleague who's done some pointcloud work on an adjacent site.
  4. No idea what the hell that is. Thanks though, good catch.
  5. Thanks all. As I probably explained badly; that this was the file I got from the engineer and I couldn't do much about it. Next time I'll ask for a layer of purely points only. I tried to clean the damn triangles as best as I could but with ACAD LT I have limited options. It's ALL overlapping. I tried everything I could think of to make it NOT like that. What's the equivalent of EXPLODE and OVERKILL in VW to clean it up? And BTW 'EXPLODE' won't do anything with 3d faces even in full ACAD AFAIK. Good video from JP for highlighting garbage under the model. I wonder If I caused that? And yes the last rogue area was me getting something finally lie down and 'drape' even if looking frustratingly ugly. OK lesson learned: Ensure input model data as stripped to bone as possible, clean it every which way but loose, and maybe don't ask for a TIN, points only. Thanks again. Still depressed but at least I've learned a bit about VW.
  6. Edit: I had a similiar problem but used your solution and fixed it. I replaced the species with something else from the 3D library (it indeed showed up in 3D) Deleted the broken species from my file altogether via the resource manager. Replaced the incorrect (but working ) species with the correct one. Bingo.
  7. Thanks TSW! I'll dive back into it and see if I understand. Especially the extended range of site modifiers in your screen shot which I don't think I saw before.. I've been trying all day (a Saturday) to create data for a cleaner site model but failing. CIVIL 3D turns out to be like Autocad but even less fun to deal with. This is why I'm not an engineer or coder. I found a cool LISP routine that will produce x,y,z points from the 3D faces, but it freaked out on the whole site so I tried to run it in sections. Then it mysteriously stopped producing points after 1/3 of the site, not matter what I did. It runs, but doesn't produce points, even in new drawings or after restarts. I dunno. I'm just cursed when it comes to technology. My mind doesn't work in the unexplained restricted corridors the software demands. I've just given up on it and will delete the free trial of C3D altogether, as trying to get it to do the simple task of spitting out XYZ points from the 3d faces is just too much. I'll also just whimp-out and ask for a different file with points (not 3d faces), from the engineer on Monday. I feel like failure for not figuring out a work-around. Sigh... All learning. I keep trying to tell myself that. All learning... EDIT: @tsw I followed your steps including simplifying the hardscape polylines and it finally lay down where it was supposed to. What an obscure set of steps to have to do! Many thanks for that trick, I'll keep in in mind next time. The value of '5' kinda mangled the road cuves, but VW crashed again soon afterwards, so I'll have to retry anyway. I'll see what other number I can get away with. Cheers
  8. Update: I'm downloading a trial of CIVIL3D so I can export XYZ point data from the ACAD TIN I was given. Perhaps cleaner data for the terrain model might help. If that doesn't help I'll look at making the roads individually as generated from single poly lines.
  9. Apologies for last nights exhausted gloom. I have some serious frustration limits when it comes to stuff like this. I've tried several new blank files and simple rectangles to drape. The TIN I import is flagged as 'invalid' because of the overlapping triangles, yet VW still makes a model from it. I've tried making loci from the polys but VW just crashes every time so I gave up on that. I've got ACAD LT also but apart from 'OVERKILL' that can't do much to help. I've tried simplifying the TIN polys in VW but nothing happens. Even when I take a 6th of the TIN to lessen the load. Yeah I'll admit I'm diving straight into it all and expecting to figure it out fast. As I previously said, the file fails to upload. And again this morning. Here's a wetransfer link good for three days. https://we.tl/t-EoZrA18Jg8 Thanks for any help or advice you can give!
  10. ANOTHER 2 HOURS LATER: NOPE. New site models. New polylines. Trying every box and setting under the sun. DOES. NOT. WORK. I'm seriously depressed about life as it is, and software that refuses to do what it's supposed to do makes it even harder. My boss is going to fxxxing kill me for wasting so much time trying to do what is supposed to be simple task. It's 9pm on a Friday night and I've spent all day since 9am trying to get site modelling to work. I guess I'll just eat all those hours because I cannot put them on my timesheet. I'm not sure what the psychological mindset behind VW is, but it is NOT streamlined, remotely intuitive or even vaguely user-oriented. Obscure functions hidden away or perhaps entirely hinging on a tickbox that know one knows about, is not good software. Far out. I've tried to attach the file but even that's failed due to some server error ("-200" it said). it's only 40mb. You may or may not see me on Monday at this rate.
  11. Sounds interesting. Thanks. EDIT: Yes it's set for 'on all layers'. I assume it was set that way on all my previous attempts too because I haven't touched it. Still not working. In hardscape settings: 3D Type: none. Configuration: 'Draped' The other Configuration tab in the settings has 'path' or "Boundary'. I tried 'path' and it REALLY didn't like that. 'Send to Surface' makes it touch the site model on the topmost corner. I also thought while I went out for a walk there, maybe I just need to spend even more time re-drawing the roads one by one using the roadway setting in their various widths using single polylines. Probaby have to forget any flared junctions if a previous post criticising that lack of functionality is still valid.
  12. Poot, Thanks for those suggestions, but none of that seems to work. The thing doesn't drape, no matter what. The pathway or roadway options insist on set widths and then says it recurves back onto itself and refuses to do it anyway. The Texture Bed option just disappears the polyline and it cannot be selected or changed any further except by undoing until it becomes visible again and not a texture bed. Sending to surface as a simple polyline caused VW to crash... again. LIterally the 10th time today at least. So frustrating, unintuitive, limited and poorly explained in the official literature. It seems that if you want a very simple, FLAT, lego-like, boxy modeling in a tiny area, then this is just the job. So much for VW's DTM. Sigh... Back to Sketchup / Lumion / Photoshop.
  13. Thanks Poot! I'll keep trying. Was wondering if my DTM from "Invalid Data / overlapping polys" is also causing issues. That's a whole 'nother headache. Thanks!
  14. Please forgive my newbie questions. I'm trying to learn DTM and it's baking my noodle. 1. Can a complex 2D polyline like this be used to create a hardscape? 2. I say 'hardscape' because it seems that offers the 'draping' functionality. This polyline below was retraced from an engineer's 3D model (including TIN) but I cannot seem to understand the settings to make it sit back into the pre-designed contours where it should be. (this is for a distanced photomontage so it doesn't have to be super accurate) I also have 2 other tracings for 'Verge' and 'Block Interiors'. I'll need to do sidewalks next, God help me. If I can get this one to work. The original ACAD .dwg has the road strings, kerbs etc all following the new shaping of the site, but they are a mess. Unjoined, thousands of unnessary vertices etc. etc. so I thought I'd just retrace the big stuff in 2D. I just haven't understood how to get it back into the landscape. The pink 'road' below in the DTM was generated by VW from the 3D polygons. May I should just attempt to re-colour the pink into black and call it good. In fact maybe I should just forget the whole DTM stuff and do it all in Photoshop... MANY thanks for any advice.
  15. ??? couldn't type into reply above. Fat fingers must've done something. Thanks Ben, for both the link and the invitation.
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