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  1. There is a duplicate setting within Preferences which solved the issue. Another complication which is unneeded.
  2. Thank you for your time _C_, As I said, I think there are a few issues to sort out with V2021, because only the tab slider seems to do anything. There is some rudimentary control from within the Object Info box, but no absolutely no handles / rotation etc. I can move the text box. That's it. Perhaps there is another control option buried in Preferences, which I have not yet found to enable. Nevermind. I look forward to future improvements.
  3. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/VW2021_Guide/Text/Modifying_text.htm But that is not what happens. I use the selection tool, double click to activate (single click just highlights), and this happens: I believe this is probably a 2021 bug.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your response. Generally I would like to see better control over text and text boxes. The lack of control handles on text boxes was a bit of a shock for a start! Kerning, paragraph controls, columns, re-flow. etc. As a usability tip, how about actually showing the actual font as a representation, within the font selection window? A full text / paragraph palette to drag out and use while editing. The callouts should have better, intuitive controls / handles. Hope to see these improvements soon, as my office is forcing me onto VW.
  5. As a newby, I am appalled by the lack of control to text. VW was touted to me as an all-singing/dancing replacement to several other workflow packages. I've explore all the options that I can see in VW 2021, and I feel I'll need to go back to Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or even ACAD LT to get any reasonable level of graphic control over text. Even the help pages are blatantly untrue in regards to the control points on text boxes. Really unimpressed.
  6. Hi, I will never want to use imperial scales, and it would be preferable not to have them dominate the top of the drop down list. A way to edit the list as a user workspace option would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks. I will seek the appropriate forum location.
  8. I have just consulted with a seasoned VW user here in the office, and she is scratching her head also. I am trying to reference a rectangle drawn onto paperspace (not sure if term is correct in VW) while re-cropping a re-scaled VP, to ensure that the size is the same. The rectangle is not showing while in the 'edit / crop VP' mode. A crop marker has been created through the current VP. The 'Display VP outside Crop / Gray outside Crop' is checked. All the classes / layers have been double checked. I have checked this issue with a new fresh document created entirely within VW, inheriting no potential issues from older templates etc. While I admit I am a complete newby, this issue has puzzled the best VW minds in our office. Many thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, I find it inconvenient to have to scroll past a list of imperial scale units to get to the ones I actually use. Is there a way to remove these permanently from the dropdown list? Many thanks
  10. Many thanks all. I'll work through those tips!
  11. Hi, I'm new to VW and my knowledgeable colleague is away on holiday. I have imported a .DWG with the lines retained as colour, but now regret this. Is there a magic setting to make that whole design layer black and white, or grey scale? I can see in the 'Organization' pallet that one can set the default colours of a design layer to ... anything. but this does not seem to change the data as it exists. I am loath to re-import it as it would mean lots of fiddling / scaling / rotating (which was not as easy as it should be). Thanks for indulging my naivete.


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