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  1. Two suggestions for to modify the site model: are those 3d polys at the same layer of the site model? and place them at the class Site-DTM-Modifier. Concerning textures: Site Modifiers - Texture Bed,the more simple way. Over time, you can integrate it with the Hardscape tool. Section: do all the changes, or it rendering in open gl and see if it improved
  2. Yeah!!! Database - Edit Criteria and change it to the Record presence. Thanks!!
  3. Hey guys, Doubt: I'm making custom worksheets based on records that I made. The only thing that I'm struggling is that it keeps summarizing hardscapes that aren't attached with the record format in question. Can anyone help out a way to exclude from the worksheet the hardscapes without the record attached? Thanks!! PS: If the file would help, I can send.
  4. So that would be a massive increase on productivity, to have these kind of calculation parallelized. Wishlist material, what do you thing? Worth a post on the correspondent forum?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I've done that. I was only wondering if we can increase the CPU usage by the program itself.
  6. Hi guys, Using VW on a complex Site Model, each Update takes more than a minute. I tried to increase the priority to High but it didn't had major impact. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  7. Man... I am embarrassed... You are totally correct!! Thanks!!!
  8. Hi guys, Designing a bench for a project, used the Extrude Along Path tool. In a empty file, result looks ok. When I copy that or try to do the operation on my working file it gets all funky... Any clue about the problem? I usually don't use 3d model tools, so I'm a little bit lost on this chapter. Thanks!!! João Rodrigues
  9. Just leave here the result of the first model that I presented in this post. Certainly a solution to develop!! Thanks for the feedback guys!!
  10. Hi guys, a help, if you can: Sometimes I have to place multiple symbols / objects on multiple plants (for example emitters on hundreds of shrubs, support posts for trees, etc). These plants are usually inside Plant Objects, so each plant doesn't "exist" as a individual entity and the process of Transform into 3d Symbol - Apply the Replace command is difficult to apply. Any suggestions that could help me? Thanks and regards!!!
  11. Thanks, that helps a lot in my planting schemes!!!
  12. Can you help out on this matter? How can I do it? Thanks!!!
  13. To take care of the image Prop: 1 - Edit 3d Graphic of the Plant Object: 2 - Ungroup the Image Prop 3 - Delete one of the two resulting 3d Poly: 4 - Model Ready to be exported (C4D) and, in the import in Twinmotion, select "Keep Hierarchy": Concerning the Replace tool:
  14. Think I found a work-around. Image props are, in fact, two images that, when exported to twinmotion, are assumed as 2 separate objects (and you would have to delete one of them of avoid object duplication). If I ungroup the image prop and delete one of them (in VW, before C4D export), I can then apply the replace tool in Twinmotion!!! Render of images and video: under 3 minutes. Video1.mp4
  15. I tried what you proposed, got no results. I'll post the example, to see if anybody can help out. Export menu: Import menu in Twinmotion: TEST_EXPORT.c4d TEST_EXPORT.vwx


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