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  1. Hi, good morning, A little help: I'm preparing a worksheet of Landscape Areas: Can we "hide" the zeros (with a pace or "---"? I tried some If/Then functions, but it isn't (definitely) my area.... Can anyone give a help? Attached the file with an example and the worksheet. Thanks!! LANDSCAPE_AREA_WORKSHEET.vwx
  2. Hi Guys, Quick question: how can we dim an arc in a regular poly without the need of drawing over the poly the arc/circles? Send and example file of a shape that I want to dim. Thanks, JR FORUM_DIM_QUESTION.vwx
  3. Can you make a printscreen of the DWG export window with the setup that you use? I always strugle with this procedure. Thanks and regards,
  4. If it isn't too much to ask, What is the software that you use to do it? :)
  5. I identified that approach in the initial post. For free-form modeling is fine, but you loose some precision...
  6. That's precisely it!! What a job!! Congrats. Regarding the Site Modifiers / Grades, as they are now, Version 2021, they are redundant... The difference is that grades only allow lines, working as a network, and Site Modifiers can include curves or complex polylines but work as isolated elements. The creation of a single tool that can receive different shapes and working as a network would be the perfect. In the roadmap the talk about improvements in this area in the 2022 version, but lets wait and see...
  7. Thanks Tony, To evolve in the 3d / BIM / parametric design, we need use the best feature from each software. And the more versatile Vectorworks becomes to receive these "inputs", the more important it becomes at the end of the day (as the main software in the work pipeline). Thanks for your continuous support. JR
  8. Hi Guys, Quick update: doing everything in Rhino, I can import evertything correctly to Vectoworks. Within VW, I wasn't able to deal with it.
  9. Long story short, this is a parametric element done with Grasshopper. What I can do is try different solutions with the import / export from rhino. For example, try to convert the objects in a mesh in rhino and see if vectorworks recognize them... I'll make some tries and post the results here. Thanks!!!
  10. This is my problem: I just made a small sample in the file. In the project, the fence has thousands of geometries. Converting individually all of them is a nightmare. Is there a way to make a "bulk conversion"?
  11. Understood your idea and I got to the same point that I had with the mesh object: individually it works; in a group of objects, in assumes the mid point of the "group" and it doesn't get an individual behavior:
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