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  1. This was just an example. I think that what we are trying to get is a set of plant objects from a landscape area. I just used two species with different densities without any specific criteria.
  2. Hi guys, In Portugal, the local entities (responsible for the licensing processes) follow a common procedure where the drawn elements are delivered in dwfx file with digital signature. We always have major problems with these files. The direct publish from VW to dwf never come as expected and I'm never able to add the digital signature to it... What I have to do is to export to dwg file with all the sheets, edit all the layouts pages, export them in autocad, then sign the file. Your can imagine a file with 60 sheets... The time lost with that is crazy!!! Any work around? It's so frustrating...
  3. Didn't try it, but do the following procedure : 1.Landscape area 2. Ungroup (Crtl + U) 3. Select them and Ctrl + K You should get the plant objects isolated. If you want to group them in a single plant object, select with select similar and change plant grouping (right click on the mouse). Give it a try and I'll try it when I can as well
  4. Don't get me wrong, I do my planting schemes by hand as well. That doen't mean that Vectorworks should look to the side when we have other softwares starting to develop this area, that could become a massive help for everyone (I tend to look to Olin LA as a very innovative studio and if they are onto this, maybe we should loose some time to understand its potential). On pavements, it would be great to have "pipelined" a way to transform images to patterns to hardscapes (it can already be done in Marionette:
  5. Three recommendations: 1 - Put all info concerning the site model in the same layer. There are ways to go around this rule, but it's the easiest way. 2 - Include a grade limit for your site model. If you don't do it, you'll always get a strange modelation. 3 . If you use locus points or 3d polys to model, put them in the class Site-DTM-Modifier. It's a special class that can receive non parametric object to model site models. Regards, Cazoña2_v2021_v2019.vwx
  6. Parametric planting workflow: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Plant-Kit-Z1qWftND7c5oATCRVEnXG
  7. That would be great!!! Parametric planting scheme, I just can imagine it
  8. Hi guys, What do you think about this new technological solution for our area? The guy that developed it worked at Olin LA and now released these products. I think it's a huge development for parametric design in LA. We need to start doing some lobbying to allow its usage in VW!!
  9. Hi, You either edit your site model crop or you add some 3d loci in the recreate from site model source tool. It should work out
  10. Problem solved by our local supplier. It was an interference with another local plug in. Thank you very much for your help!!!
  11. Installed new SP2, tried both of your suggestions, no changes...


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