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  1. Some error in the process, bug... The doubt is always in the back of our head... The last error that we found was that the site modifiers done with the sp1 maintain the errors, but creating the same site modifiers with the Sp2, no errors. To figure this out: 2 days... Seems like vectorworks launched the new workflow for the site model in a beta version and now is correcting the errors as they keep appearing. In the same year that perpetual licenses will be discontinued, having to live with a version with bugs, errors and erratic behaviors only creates doubts on our team. Seriously vectorworks, get this workflow cleared and launch some good webinars so we can get back on track with the site model tool. Until then, 2022 and a lot of doubts.
  2. Hi, good morning, @Zsombor thanks for your help. We did our test and worked as well. And the solution creates another problem... putting the drawing close to the origin (the point that solved the problem), we loose the georeferenced features. Either we have site model or georeferenced features... Another point to sign: in medium-complex site models, cut and fill calculations are impossible. 6 hours and nothing. Vectorworks should really look at the stability of the new site model workflow and present webinars ASAP so we can assess if we are facing bugs (and you can identify a lot of them corrected in the last SP2) or if it is only adaptation to a new way to work.
  3. We really need a webinar concerning the new site modifiers. The changes are significant and we find some errors/bugs on it. On our studio, we paused the migration for the 2023 for the time being.
  4. Hi, We've been (trying) to use the new site modifiers from VW 2023. It's a work in progress... It's a new approach, it takes time. In this process, we think that we are facing a bug/error regarding the site modifier transversal profiles. When we add it, it just goes a small portion of the path profile. If someone can take a look at the file attached and verify if there is some error from our part (site model creation, site modifier etc) or if we in fact have a bug, we would be thankful. Regards, SITE_MODIFIER_TRANSVERSE_PROFILE.vwx
  5. "Win" some time with Land Kit and its different parts (plants, pavements and earthworks....
  6. About this matter, I would say: Revit + Plugin: $2,675 + the plugin (at least one...), every year... The cost is substantial. Revit is the standard but Autodesk doesn't look at Landscape Architecture at all and having to use plugins is a heavy cost to support altogether. Rhino: I see something here, the parametric design is much stronger with Grasshopper than Marionette... Vectorworks should look carefully to this or it can loose marker. Blender: No experience with the software.
  7. Really hoping to get improvements for the site model / site modifiers / grades. That would be a real update.
  8. I know it's a lot to ask... But would you be willing to share the file from the image that your shared? Really interesting to see how you assembled those objects. Hoping to count with your good will!!
  9. Hi, good morning, A little help: I'm preparing a worksheet of Landscape Areas: Can we "hide" the zeros (with a pace or "---"? I tried some If/Then functions, but it isn't (definitely) my area.... Can anyone give a help? Attached the file with an example and the worksheet. Thanks!! LANDSCAPE_AREA_WORKSHEET.vwx
  10. Hi Guys, Quick question: how can we dim an arc in a regular poly without the need of drawing over the poly the arc/circles? Send and example file of a shape that I want to dim. Thanks, JR FORUM_DIM_QUESTION.vwx
  11. Can you make a printscreen of the DWG export window with the setup that you use? I always strugle with this procedure. Thanks and regards,
  12. If it isn't too much to ask, What is the software that you use to do it? :)
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