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  1. Yeah, in fact following your indications it gave me the 24.000 m3 of volume. Thank you very much for the help everbody!!
  2. Hi Guys!! Followed the procedure that @Benson Shaw presented and then consulted "Model- Volumetric Properties" So, I think I got 19.640 m3, value that seems realistic. Thank you for the help!!!
  3. Hi Pat, When I try to do the subtraction operation it gives me an error stating "You have tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this condition and try again". I send a file with the two objects so you can take a look. Thanks for your support. 2020_03_26_MODEL_DAM.vwx
  4. Hi guys, I'm developing a small dam for agriculture use. I have the site model done, the place for the dam and its height. Is there a simple way to get the flooded area? And its volume (I'm pushing it!!)? (the water plan in the image has change) Thanks!!!
  5. One procedure that I saw in a webinar is to create 3d loci or stakes with the heights of the contours and then distribute those elements in the lines that you imported using the "Duplicate along path" (https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/VW2018_Guide/Objects_edit1/Duplicating_Objects_Along_a_Path.htm). In that way you reduce the vertex number to be included in the new site model, making it much more lighter to work with. With the Existing Site Model created, you'll include the Site Modifiers to get to the final grading that you desire and you'll get the values.
  6. Yes, just changed the height of the wall with 1900m to 3,048m and the result is like this:
  7. @sbarrett thanks for your reply. Indeed we have several months without rain, so almost certainly the error is overthere. Thank you and I'll follow your contributes closely.
  8. Hi guys, Excellent resource, already on my drawing standarts!! Just one situation to report: the precipitation chart doesn't work for my location. I attach the file so you can see if it is something from my location (absense of data?) or not. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!! PrecipitationChart_180523_v2020.vwx
  9. Hi guys, I've been using Vectoworks Landmark since 2017 and, at this moment, I use it as my exclusive software. Each project that I develop with Vectorworks I try to enhance the BIM capabilities of the software (IFC import, water budget, plant schedule, etc.). After seeing the webinar with Eric Berg, I saw that I have a long path to walk... The questions that I would like present are: Do you reccomend a specific online course? Last year I did one about Sustainable Site Design / Analysis and helped me a lot. Do get to a "smart design", I saw a lot of custom spreadsheets. Are they done with the normal spreadsheets or are you using other resources? Can you give your feedback to "step up the game" and use all the resources that VW offers? Thanks!!
  10. This is something that I had already struggled and still didn't had a solution. How do I do several copies from an original object without knowing the number of copies? What I would like to do is to copy an object giving a base point and then just click where I want my copied object layed out. Can someone help me?
  11. I contacted the VW support team a month or so ago about this. The website is down due to some legal problem but they should come back. I'm willing to buy the whole package as well... If someone gets some feedback from other source, please share it!
  12. Hi guys, I'm struggling with a custom folding measures. I'm trying to prepare my layout with the following folding measurements: I place the measures but I never get that specific layout. I attach a sample file so you can take a look and possibly sort this question. Best regards, João Rodrigues TEST_FOLD.vwx
  13. Hi Jonathan. True, I forgot to tell to use site modifiers (pad or contours) on the top and base of the stairs (creating a steeper slope in the exact area of the stairs in order to be seen). If you don´t do it the stairs will be hidden by the site model. Thanks
  14. They can touch, you might have a struggle if you have a side wall, it will tend to make a corner on the first or last tread. But it's a matter of trial and error.


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