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  1. Great that you can move forward with the download. As requested by email, if you can now send me a couple of crash logs we can look further. We also suggested changing the Navigation Graphics option on the Display tab of Vectorworks Preferences.
  2. Tamsin Slatter

    Hardscapes for gravel, hoggin, no-dig construction

    Hi Helen No, I don't think there is anything standard in the library, so this is a great opportunity to practice the new way to create a style. Start with one that has some components already and modify it. Click Hardscape and on the Tool Bar, click the Resource Selector, and choose one. Draw a small area on your drawing area. (This will import a copy of the selected style into your drawing.) With that area selected, on the Object Info palette, next to Style, choose Edit Style from the pop-up menu. You can then rename it, and select each component and edit it as you wish. The newly named version of this style is now present in your drawing and available to be used. If you want to add it to the library, just right-click on its definition on the Resource Manager, and choose Export. Export it to your User Folder > Object Styles > Hardscapes. That will make it available to you in the future, from any project. Good luck!
  3. Hi Stuart I received your email earlier and have responded, as well as passed this to our tech support team. I also requested some process profile information from you, and when we receive that, we will be able to diagnose the problem further. At no point have I asked you to pay for anything.
  4. Tamsin Slatter

    Worksheet Column Total

    You may need to stop the cell from grouping the results though. So, click on the arrow beside A2 and change how it reports the results so that you don't get any summary on the rows below.
  5. Tamsin Slatter

    Worksheet Column Total

    Hi Mark Just put =A2 in the total cell (for your example). That will always return the sum of the values in that column.
  6. Tamsin Slatter

    How to render a slab with different texture on the sides

    Ah, OK, sorry, I misunderstood your question. No, there is no way to pick specific sides within the Slab itself. So, I would probably generate some geometry to cover the side you wish to render differently as follows: Use the Extract tool to extract a surface, and click on the face of the slab that you wish to change. Press Enter. This will create a new NURBS surface to cover the slab.You can apply any texture you like to this surface. Hope that helps.
  7. Tamsin Slatter

    How to render a slab with different texture on the sides

    Did you draw it with the Slab tool? If so, select it, and on the Object Info palette, click the Render tab. Ensure that Mode is set to By Object (instead of By Component). Now, use the Part field to choose which part of the Slab you would like to texture, and select your desired. texture. Repeat for other parts.
  8. Tamsin Slatter

    Laser cut metal panels

    Hi Christiaan Yes, it's really easy to make your own textures for Renderworks. To learn how to get the most out of Renderworks, I recommend this series of videos from "RenderMaester" Stephan Monninghoff: Of the Renderworks Getting Started Guides on vectorworks.net. Or, or course, anything you can find from the very talented Daniel Janenson. (And, we do run a 1 day course on Renderworks, here at Vectorworks UK!)
  9. Tamsin Slatter

    VW2019 Titleblock, date

    This series of videos will help. Sheet data will only update on the current sheet. If you want information to update on all sheets, it will need to be Project Data.
  10. Tamsin Slatter

    Driving curve tool

    You're welcome!
  11. Tamsin Slatter

    Connect/combine tool

    Very nice David. We missed you yesterday.
  12. Tamsin Slatter

    Vectorworks Design Day—London

    We're so glad you enjoyed the session. It was great to meet you all.
  13. Tamsin Slatter

    augmented reality

    Hi Michael Great to meet you yesterday. Thank you for making the journey. The AR functionality is built into Vectorworks Nomad, which is available for Apple and Android. You can download it from the relevant appstore. You'll find more information on the Cloud Services site: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/products/
  14. Tamsin Slatter

    Driving curve tool

    2019 includes access to the Autoturn online tool. You'll find a video about it here: https://www.vectorworks.net/en/2019
  15. Tamsin Slatter

    Connect/combine tool

    Oh yes... a very handy addition!


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