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  1. Tamsin Slatter

    Plant symbol questions!

    Hello I'm afraid it can't be classed. Although, it would be really nice if it could. I will file an enhancement request for this. While looking at this though, I notice that if you do assign the tags to a different class, and hide this class, the polygon display is also hidden, so it looks like these lines are somehow connected to the tag. I will note this in my report, but this might help you in the meantime, should you wish to hide the tags at the same time in different viewports.
  2. Here's a second example file, demonstrating the inclusion of different columns of data (in this case the SKU) in the report. And, please do ensure that when creating your report, you choose Plant Record as the data source, and not the record simply named Plant.
  3. Tamsin Slatter

    Until Next Time

    It has been an honour to work with you Jim.
  4. Tamsin Slatter

    Vectorworks quitting on me

    Does the crashing happen with a specific file?
  5. Tamsin Slatter

    Vectorworks quitting on me

    Interesting. SP3 was released a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Tamsin Slatter

    Vectorworks quitting on me

    Go to the Applications//Vectorworks 2019 folder on your Mac and open the Vectorworks Updater application. This will enable you to update to SP3 which might resolve things for you. In the same application, you could also try running Repair under Advanced Options.
  7. Tamsin Slatter

    Vectorworks quitting on me

    What is the operating system? What hardware are you using? Which version of Vectorworks, and which service pack?
  8. Tamsin Slatter

    Student License Extension Request

    Tommi, Please visit the student portal, (student.myvectorworks.net) and request an extension. When we receive the request, we'll review and extend as appropriate. Requests are handled during office hours and are checked daily, so you won't have to wait too long.
  9. Tamsin Slatter

    Hollowing out hemisphere

    Try using the Shell solid tool in the 3D Modelling toolset.
  10. Tamsin Slatter

    Conversion of wall to black

    If you class the wall, (and/or its components), and set the attributes to be By Class, then you can override the class settings on the Viewport to display whatever colour you like. This is a great way to explore alternatives from a single model.
  11. Tamsin Slatter

    Student License Extension Request

    Uploading the proof of enrolment is the first step. The next step is for a member of our team to verify your student status, which, I'm afraid is a manual process. But it is usually sorted within one business day.
  12. Tamsin Slatter

    Create Report - Plant Quantities not showing up

    I have answered this question in detail here:
  13. Hi Vanessa Worksheets have some additional functionality that was introduced in 2018, which makes them more flexible. In the past, you would have had to drag the tiny SUM icon onto the column header, and then again onto columns that you didn't want to sum. This was confusing to many users, but did not offer the flexibility that could be required in a report. If you open your worksheet (double-click), you'll now see there is a small arrow at the top of each column, on the database header row (the row which contains the instructions on how to select data for the report, and which pieces of data you would like to display in each column). Click on the arrow and you'll see a number of options, including the ability to sort the data, summarise the values (which you might also think of as grouping), and sum the values (add them together). You can read about this in Vectorworks Help here: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FWorksheets%2FDisplaying_Object_Properties_in_a_Database_Column.htm&rhsearch=worksheet&rhsyns= So, in the case of a Plant report, you might want to group together plants by Latin name. Imagine you have many groups of Buxus sempervirens on your plant, but you don't want a separate row for each group. You want all the Buxus sempervirens listed on one row. However, for the price, you then might want to total the price for all the Buxus (in which case you might choose sum values), or you might want to list the price of one Buxus sempervirens, in which case you would choose summarise items. If you create your own report from scratch, you will need to choose the appropriate options for your report. However, Vectorworks does include many preformatted Plant reports in which these options are already set, so you could use those as a starting point for building your own. Once you have set up the report as you want it, it can simple live in your template and then be applied to any drawing, so you don't need to recreate it for each project. I've made a small sample file, in which I've used one of the ready-made reports that comes with your Landmark software (Tools > Reports > Create Report and then choose Preformatted reports). I've deleted columns from this to remove data (right clicking on columns and choosing delete) to remove fields that don't illustrate my answer, but other than that, I have made no changes to this report at all. As you can see, it is grouping all the plants together on one row, because Summarise Items is turned on for the Latin Name. It is also displaying the cost both itemised and totalled. If you double-click the worksheet, and click on the icon at the right of each cell on the database header row , you'll see how this is achieved. You can download my sample file here: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11e95c38bd15fef4b33b0ed66c18f16a/ Good luck!
  14. Tamsin Slatter

    Student License Extension Request

    Donna, the profile page was just asking you to complete a few fields that were blank. I've updated this for you (it wanted the State/Region). You should now be able to request an extension to your licence. The team will then review the request on Monday.
  15. Tamsin Slatter

    Showing plant tags and outlines

    Hi Roger I hope you are well. The tag properties have not been saved within the plant definition since 2013, so I am not surprised you are experiencing some surprises! Instead, they are now what we call a "placement option". So, click the Plant tool, on the toolbar choose your Plant, and then on the Plant Tool Preferences dialog, choose how you want the tags to look, (and the outline and massing options, which will solve your second problem). Then place your plants. The placement options will be whatever is in the Plant Tool Preferences at the time. So, you can have different tags in different drawings, from the same plant "style", should you so desire. Since you are making such a big jump, you'll probably find these Getting Started Guides useful: https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2019/getting-started-guides/site-design All the best T


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