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  1. Interesting that it is happening across files. But we'd love to help. I'll open a support case and drop you an email.
  2. Andrew, as you are a UK Service Select customer, please submit the file to our UK tech support team who will be happy to look into it for you. uktech@vectorworks.net.
  3. If the geometry has been centered, you may still have other geometry that is far away from the Internal Origin. This can happen when importing DWG files for example, where the draftsperson may have left geometry scattered far and wide. Create a saved view of your current layer and class visibility. Make all classes and layers visible. In a Top/Plan view, draw a circle over your site with a radius of 5KM. Deselect the circle and click Fit to Objects. Is there anything outside the 5KM circle? If so, this is causing the problem and needs to be removed, or moved within the circle. Once you are happy that everything is within the circle, run Tools > Origin > Center Drawing on Internal Origin. The command will report that the most distant geometry is 5KM from the internal origin. Once complete, delete the circle, and restore the saved view. This should resolve the problem.
  4. Select the Section Viewport. On the Object Info palette, click Advanced Properties - limit the extent to the section line length. That will shorten your coffee break! But you can still fit in some cake, hopefully.
  5. Open a new blank file. and get to the Create Class dialog. Instead of naming your new class, click Import Classes. Select the file which contains your classes and then import them into your new document. If you want to use the same classes regularly, use File > Save as Template with the new file. You can then create new projects from this blank file that contains all your classes.
  6. 1. Marionette is available in Design Series versions of Vectorworks 2019 (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight or Designer. It is not available in Vectorworks Fundamentals. 2. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that. 3. The output from Marionette is Python. 4. The output from Marionette is Python. I hope that helps.
  7. Hi Approval of extension requests is a manual process for us. So, it doesn't happen immediately. However, I have just found your extension request and approved it. You should be good to go now.
  8. Hi James I'm from the UK office, so I can't look up your specific licence, but I think this page on our website is probably the best place to start. It will get your enquiry to the correct place within our US team. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/education
  9. Hi Richard The process for transferring a licence, when you have found a buyer, is to contact the UK Sales team (uksales@vectorworks.net) who will provide you with a licence transfer form. Both parties need to complete this form. There is an administration fee associated with this of £150 plus VAT.
  10. Interesting point Lisa. I guess the issue would be that many customers would not want this, and it could interfere with other workflows. But it might be nice to maybe have an option where you can choose if you want all new layers to be georeferenced?
  11. Hi Michal Yes, this is the same. The button wasn't there in 2012, but was added sometime later. Looking forward to our meeting.
  12. OK, increase Crease Angle to 180 (that's the max).
  13. And try increasing the Crease Angle to a higher number in the OpenGL Options.
  14. To clarify - this discussion started in April this year and was immediately picked up by myself and our development team. An enhancement request in April is too late to be released in September the same year. Our rigorous planning and design process for new features takes place in the autumn, and this post together with feedback from many other sources, is feeding into that discussion.
  15. Hi @Michal Zarzecki Decisions on what will be included in future releases happens at this time of year. Whilst I cannot categorically state what will be in any future release of Vectorworks, I can confirm that there are detailed internal discussions taking place on this right now, and that these forum posts are included in the discussion, as well as feedback from face to face meetings with our customers, and our global distributors.


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