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  1. Tamsin Slatter

    creating a sloping garden

    Take a look at the Getting Started Guide for Vectorworks Landmark...it has plenty of information on the basic tools in Landmark, but the slope information starts with the Introduction to Site Modelling, about half way down the page. Good luck. https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2018/getting-started-guides/site-design
  2. Tamsin Slatter

    Export Site Model IFC ?? Crashing, freezing...

    If you would like to post a link to the file, I will be happy to take a look.
  3. Tamsin Slatter

    Planting plan problems

    Have you turned off the None class? This can cause Plants to become invisible, even if they are not members of the None class.
  4. Tamsin Slatter

    3D contour files into landscapes

  5. Tamsin Slatter

    need help with odd roadway texture

    Are you able to post a test Vectorworks file? This has to be a classing issue, but a quick look at the file will help us determine the problem.
  6. Tamsin Slatter

    Export Site Model IFC ?? Crashing, freezing...

    To export the Vectorworks Site Model to IFC, it has to be on a design layer that is mapped to the story 'Site' on the Export IFC Project dialogue. Hope that helps.
  7. Tamsin Slatter

    3D contour files into landscapes

    Once you have switched to the architect workspace, you will be able to select the contours and use the Create Site Model command.
  8. Tamsin Slatter

    "Read only" vwx files on windows server

    Hi all Just to confirm, I have received the latest set of log files and screenshots, created today, and passed them to the US team for analysis. Thanks
  9. Tamsin Slatter

    Project Sharing - Shared Folder Configuration - macOS Server

    Thanks for this. Is it possible to see the setup for Windows Server users?
  10. Tamsin Slatter

    Cannot extrude simple polygon.

    This sounds to me like a problem with the geometry being too far from the internal origin. I suggest you run Tools > Origin > Center Drawing on Internal Origin. This will move the geometry (along with the user coordinates) close to internal zero. When importing DWG files, on the Location tab, choose the default option to center geometry on the internal origin to avoid this problem. Don't worry... the coordinates that you see and interact with will be preserved, so you will still be able to line up geometry with any third party's geometry.
  11. Tamsin Slatter

    Grade tool information missing when viewport moved

    Hi Helen I would advise using the Grade tool on the Design Layer as it needs to interact with the site model, unless you are using it purely as a 2D graphic.
  12. Tamsin Slatter

    Site Model 2D Cut & Fill Display Not Working in VW 2018

    I just tested this in SP3, and it is working fine for me. You do need to set the 3D Style to Cut and Fill. The Cut and Fill display is a 3D option, not a 2D option.
  13. Tamsin Slatter

    VW 2012 to 2018. Excellent!

    It's our pleasure!
  14. Tamsin Slatter

    VW 2012 to 2018. Excellent!

    No need for shame David. You produce some beautiful models.
  15. Tamsin Slatter

    Vectorworks UK team

    Hi all Thanks for your kind comments Barkest and David S. We are very excited to be part of the Vectorworks family and are looking forward to working with you all in the UK. Just to clarify, the conference on 3rd October 2017 was originally being organised by Exertis, but following the transition, is now being run by the new Vectorworks office in the UK. If you would like to join us, please register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bim-and-digital-practices-tickets-36396951261 We are also running events at our Newbury office on 5th October 2017: Architects and Interior Designers: http://bit.ly/2gDsxcS Landscape Designers: http://bit.ly/2eJTIWK As David S mentioned, Vectorworks Inc has acquired one of its former resellers (Design Software Solutions Ltd), to form its first office outside the US. Vectorworks UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vectorworks, Inc and is now providing Vectorworks Service Select in the UK. Customers in the UK can continue to deal with their current chosen reseller.