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  1. It may be a problem with the user folder. I will ask the UK tech support team to email over instructions on how to reset it.
  2. Have you tried restarting Vectorworks?
  3. At the top of the Resource Manager, click the cog icon and choose the option to Refresh Libraries. Hopefully this will resolve it.
  4. You can also save combinations of layer and class visibility as Saved Views, making it easy to recall the particular combinations you need.
  5. @Michal Zarzecki Please post a file with a few example plants and your worksheet. I'll take a look and talk you through it tomorrow.
  6. Hi Tom Thanks for the credit... did I really make that symbol? If so, I'm glad you like it! But I am also sorry it is giving you some issues. I've not come across this before, but here's a suggestion: Edit the symbol, and select the text. Choose Text > Convert Text to Polylines on the menu. Exit the symbol. This stops the text being perceived as text in the PDF, and might solve the problem...
  7. Hi Lisa I, too, have a terror of pivot tables, but our UK team accountant assures me they are really not that scary! https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-a-pivottable-to-analyze-worksheet-data-a9a84538-bfe9-40a9-a8e9-f99134456576 When you've sussed it, perhaps you could teach me???
  8. Type =SUM() in a blank cell at the bottom of the column.
  9. I wouldn't recommend hunting down a copy of my old books, as the software has changed a lot since the last edition and it could create confusion. Far better to work through the stuff on Vectorworks University as @jeff prince suggests, but also, Vectorworks Help is a great manual too!
  10. Hi Flavio Yes - in the olden days, I would have recommended the use of the ID Tag tool, which could also check that box for you. But, now, I would most definitely recommend the use of the Data Tag tool. Here's a link to some valuable resources to help you: https://university.vectorworks.net/course/index.php?mycourses=0&tagfilter[category]=0&tagfilter[type]=0&tagfilter[difficulty]=0&categorysort=default&mycourses=0&search=data+tag
  11. Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences and then click the User Folder tab. There is a button there that will take you straight to your user folder. I think it says Explore on a PC, but I'm a Mac girl...
  12. But, of course, when I say "any computer", that can't be Google Drive.
  13. Any computer can act as the "server". It doesn't need to be a scary machine running server-ish functions. It just needs to be a machine that the team can all see on the network.
  14. We were scared at first... be brave... give it a try!
  15. Could it be that you have migrated an old workspace where the key is mapped to something else? The F key brings up the search for me, and the spacebar brings up the floating palettes. I don't have a mouse so I can't check the middle mouse button functionality.


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