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  1. Tamsin Slatter

    surface array

    What settings are you using? Have you tried turning the hexagonal sweep into a symbol? What happens when it doesn't work?
  2. Tamsin Slatter

    Does Landmark have any Architectural abilities?

    That was in Fundamentals, Russ. But yes, there are libraries of stuff. You do get much of the architectural stuff in Landmark now.
  3. Tamsin Slatter

    Does Landmark have any Architectural abilities?

    As well as the Slab tool...
  4. Tamsin Slatter

    Site Model Issues

    If you would like to upload an example, and give me screenshots showing where you are making edits, and what's going wrong, I'll be happy to take a look.
  5. Tamsin Slatter

    Vectorworks UK is hiring a Trainer!

    Thanks for posting our vacancy Martina. We are so looking forward to welcoming the right candidates to our happy UK team.
  6. Tamsin Slatter

    Building IFC Model placement in real world location

    No, this method should preserve all coordinates for the site.
  7. Tamsin Slatter

    VW 2019 Student Edition cannot open student drawings

    Hi Alex I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. I'm not sure what's gone wrong here, but I have asked the tech support team to contact you on Monday to look into it. I am sure there will be a resolution which will not involve a redraw.
  8. Tamsin Slatter

    Square Suddenly Appears when Entering Viewport

    When you edit the viewport, choosing to edit a design layer, uncheck the box Add Reference Crop Object.
  9. Tamsin Slatter

    Plant tag text color

    The tags are not stored as part of the plant style. They are generated by instance based on the settings in the Plant Tool Preferences. Click the Plant Tool Preferences and assign a class to the tags that is separate to the main plant class. Edit the chosen class to have the desired lineweight, colour, text style, and ensure it set to Use at Creation. Click OK. The tags will adopt the properties of the class.
  10. Tamsin Slatter

    Building IFC Model placement in real world location

    In your survey file, use a 2D Locus to establish the correct X and Y coordinates for a corner of the building (or other sensible reference point). In your building files, use TOols > Origin > User Origin. Choose Next Mouse Click is and enter the X and Y coordinates established before. Click OK and then click on the relevant point in the IFC model. This will align the user coordinate systems. Good luck!
  11. Tamsin Slatter

    Title block.

    .7 to go down one paper size, e.g. from A1 to A2. .5 to go from A1 to A3 (I think...)
  12. Tamsin Slatter

    Site Model Issues

    Patrick, can you describe the process you are using to move the proposed topo line? i.e. are you editing 2D contours, or applying site modifiers? If the latter, do you have a grade limit enclosing the site modifiers?
  13. Tamsin Slatter

    Smart object

    Existing Tree tool for existing trees. Plant tool for proposed planting. You will find videos on these in the Getting Started Guides, or information in Vectorworks Help. Good luck!
  14. Tamsin Slatter

    Smart object

    The Create Objects from Shapes command will do this for you. Select the 2D object, run the command and choose the object you would like to create.
  15. Hi Sam I think this is intended as a time-saving aid, as many will be publishing the same set over and over again. There isn't a way to restore the 2014 functionality as such (that I am aware of), but you could explore using Saved Sets of different collections of sheets, which you can then rapidly select using the Set to Publish pop-up menu at the top of the dialog.


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