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  1. I don't get it. The Fence Rail tool always draws square corner fences on the 45º angle. I have never seen any builder do this. I mean NEVER EVER!!!!! Corner post are square to all other posts and in line. This is a glitch that needs to be fixed ASAP. It has been driving me crazy for several years now since the tool was released. FIX THIS!!!!!!
  2. Until 2019, Plant Catalog updates were also automatically sent to the Plant Database for updates. Now they are two separate features, and now you must either choose the catalog or the database, and only the feature you chose can be automatically updated. In other words: This is how I use to add a new variety. Open a Plant Definition (now called Style), click on Get Plant Data, choose All Plant Data, in the left field with the long list of plant names - start typing the plant - and a list of plant names begins to show up, choose the plant with the closest name you are looking for and that information migrates to your Plant Definition / Style. Now change the name of the old variety to the name of the new variety, click OK. If the automatic update was checked, the PLANT DATABASE app would open and the database would update that plant. You might even get a message saying "waiting on plant database......Do you want to insert a new record for it". This was brilliant because both the data set and the database would be essentially synchronized. Now they are separate. You can export the whole data set to the database, but not just the one new style to the database. Oh and the feature of having photos in the dataset sucks, since none of the photos in your database are in this 2019 plant data set / plant catalog. If the developers at Vectorworks, or if anyone has a workaround, please let me know. Otherwise, Vectorworks PLEASE allow synchronization between the plant data set / plant catalog, and the plant database
  3. Rails and Fences. I have been playing with this feature for at least 12 hours now and I am finding I need it to do two more functions. 1) many Craftsman style rails have spindles, or bars between the "Top Rail" and the top of the "Frame Panel". So essentially, there are multiple "Frame Panels", and the tool can only make 1 panel with space between the Top Rail. I currently have to created my own 3D solids and place them by hand between the top of the panel and the bottom of the top rail. 2) While you can make a "Fence" look like a rail and with segments force it to follow a slope, however, you cannot force the segments to follow various 3D solids with various heights. In other words, the stair tool cannot create my complex deck steps and deck levels, so no rails. This has to be done by 3d solids. As you can imagine, rails need to follow the edge of these different "Z" values, of these complicated deck platforms. Yes I use DeckWorks, but the rail forms are way too simple compared to the new "Rail/Fence" tool. Also DeckWorks rails only follow stairs, and not the edge of multiple leveled decks. Could you imagine if in a "Side" flat 3d view, the rail tool had a polyline option, and you could draw that line along the edge of the top deck, than down the angle of all the other deck levels, and clicked the check mark, than the rail tool would place the rails along that path. Not only would the tool draw the rails along the flat surface, but also down all the deck levels as one continuous rail. If I am missing how to do this, let me know. THX
  4. How can I remove 2017 SP2 on my Mac. I want to go back to SP1, where everything worked. In short, while in TOP/PLAN View, highlight polyline, convert shape to object, hardscape, in object info click on 3D, choose slab, now try to change from TOP/PLAN view to any 3D view such as TOP or Right Isometric or Fly over tool, VW 2017 SP2 crashes. This happens on both my Lap Top and Desk Top, so it has to be a software issue not a graphics card issue, as both macs are different. This did not occur in 2017 SP1, it was perfect!!!!!!


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