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  1. It may be possible, but I can't find out how to make it work... I'd like it just to return a rectangle using the fill, pen and line styles for the classes visible in the viewport...does anyone know how to do that?! @Marketa Hermova or @Katarina Ollikainen perhaps? Thanks for the prompt anyway @Hans-Olav, it's made me have a play with the landscape area legend, which I do now have working quite nicely, and will be useful in some instances for us!
  2. @Guy Lubroth assuming you'd like to see this too, please can you 'upvote' in top left, I think they pay more attention to that than 'likes'?!
  3. Thanks Marketa - I'll note your user handle for next time!
  4. re. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/109874-defra-survey-data-lidar/&do=findComment&comment=491704 I noticed @Tom W. has had the same issue as us with the linear bands upsetting the site model… we’d already established we don’t think it’s to do with our export settings, the same DXF comes in fine to BricsCAD. Think it must be a bug...
  5. Interested to note this on looking back at this thread - we have had problems with a site model recently that turned out to be this same issue (we didn't know why we had those linear bands, but they were there and causing issues). Had thought it was possibly to do with our DXF export from GIS, but have established that's not it, the same data comes in fine to BricsCAD. @Katarina Ollikainen I can't find Marketa here to tag, I'll email her with this but if you know her handle to tag her, it's she who has been helping us with this. I think we need to make sure whoever is the right person behind the scenes knows that this is not just our issue, please! You can see in the screen shots here, the linear bands cut across everything and cause very weird things in the site model when we created it from the data without realising they were there!
  6. I think you could do this using viewport class properties (and then probably make it into a 'viewport style', but I haven't played with those yet). Click on 'Classes' in your Viewport Object Info palette, check the two tick boxes at the bottom, and then you can edit the class attributes to hatches for that viewport only?
  7. I agree, it would be more intuitive if objects behaved more like 'auto-hybrids' and you only had to set the graphics once for 3D/2D (but with option for them to be different if you so choose would be good!)
  8. Thanks / sounds like a nuisance! Wonder how much difference it really makes if we just leave it...?
  9. Thanks for sharing this. It hasn't worked for the particular file I'm trying to sort out (there seem to be things buried within plug in objects and symbols, maybe that's why?) - but I'll definitely save for trying on other files!
  10. Hi, I've got an old file that won't let me turn off legacy 2D because it says it contains screen plane objects... I wonder if this could be causing some of the issues we're having with the file - but I don't know which objects they are! How do I find out?
  11. Ah, never mind, notice you say you're on Mac! Maybe it's just all of us - thought I'd found the common denominator for a moment...
  12. @serge_01 are you on Mac or PC? I suspect those of us having trouble may be on Windows...
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